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Chapter 203 - Yulin Dragon Girl

Zhong Yue opened the scroll presented by the four young girls. The scroll recorded every little detail about his territory: the production of ores, numbers of livestock, golds, medicinal pellets, and the others; even the human populations were included under the category of personal wealth, the number of newborns, the deaths of the elderly, the available manpower, and the number of women. Everything was as detailed as he could ever ask for. 

Also, there was a list of items exchanged between the nearby territories, and the offerings tributed to the City Lord of Gu Xia City, Gu Hong Zi.

Under the governing of these four young ladies, the management of his territory had continued smoothly. Every fine detail was precisely recorded, even matters like sending wedding gifts to congratulate the nearby monster lords were perfectly handled by the four ladies. It was clear that he would not need to worry too much about this aspect. 

As the saying goes, a lady in the home is a treasure, while I have four ladies. Zhong Yue was filled with content as he thought to himself.

Soon, a cold and frigid voice came into his ears, “Master Long, your face is indeed big like a plate and your manner is huge like a mountain. It’s so difficult to even ask for a meeting with you!”

Zhong Yue laughed in ridicule, he said, “Xia’er, you are right, this senior martial sister from the dragon race is indeed quite a sharp tongue.”

Chun’er led a young lady who carried herself like a valiant heroine over, being about the same height as Zhong Yue, her tall stature towered over ordinary girls. However, unlike the normal dragons, there were no dragon horns on her forehead, rather, she looked like an ordinary human girl. 

Her elegant jet black hair streamed down to her waist with a hair band at the end; when she moved, her hair would gracefully billow like the ocean waves, dazzling the eyes of anyone who saw it. 

An armored waistband wrapped across her waistline, glimmering with metallic l.u.s.ter. It was a soft armor made of dragon scales, made to perfectly compliment the shape of hourgla.s.s body.

There was a saber sheathed on her waist; every move she made carried a sharp and shrill air that was incredibly stunning, clearly, she was unlike those girls that were like beautiful but vacuous vases. Instead, she was a deadly rose. 

“Long Yue of the Eastern Sea, how should I address senior martial sister?” Zhong Yue stood up and greeted the newcomer with a smile. 

The dragon girl returned the formality and answered, “Yuchi Li of the Yuchi Clan, greets the East Barren Lord.”

Yuchi Clan? So they should be the descendants of the fish dragon and Chi Dragon, that’s why they are called the Yuchi Clan? No wonder she is so pretty, both Chi Dragon and Fish dragon doesn’t have dragon horns, they are more aesthetically pleasing to the humans. Zhong Yue thought to himself.

The Yuchi Clan adopted the Yuchi surname, but it was not one of the surnames that denoted n.o.bility in the dragon race.Hence, they would be a clan of mixed blood, probably a va.s.sal clan to the Ao dragon clan. Zhong Yue lifted his hand and said, “Please, sit. It is still too heavy for me to be addressed with the appellation of East Barren Lord.”

Yuchi Li raised her brows, “To us in the Eastern Sea, you are the East Barren Lord. After all, the Eastern Sea has been spending years finding a place to stand in the East Barren; and you are to first to be able to do it. It’s not excessive at all to address you as the East Barren Lord. With the our help from the Eastern Sea, it wouldn’t be a problem for you to become an overlord that rules over East Barren in the near future.”

Zhong Yue frowned, he knew that the dragon race had their eyes on the land for a very long time, however, he did not expect that Yuchi Li would say it out so bluntly in public. 

If he were to become the overlord of the East Barren, then with the forty percent of East Barren under the jurisdiction of the dragon race, they could easily chase him out with their strong and powerful armies.

And when they have their hands on the East Barren, they attention would then be directed towards the Great Wilderness. 

The only reason he cooperated with the dragon race was to fight fire with fire against the monster race; however, the last thing he would like to see was the encroachment of the dragon race onto land to become a new threat to the Great Wilderness. 

Rays flashed in Yuchi Li’s eyes, she said, “I hear that the lord’s prowess is incredibly strong — the b.l.o.o.d.y street of Xian Kong City, the death of Heavenly Monster Li Jun, the million miles narrow escape — all these incidents have served to build your considerable reputation.

However, what the lord probably didn’t expect was that there was another man that had overtaken you during your days spent in the closed-door training. A human from the Swords Gate, a man that goes by the name of Zhong Yue. This human appeared out of nowhere, and fought a notable battle in the Xiao Mang celestial temple. His skills are impressive, and that was when he stood on par with you, so you should make sure that you don’t idly rest on your laurels or you would be left far behind by that human!”

Zhong Yue was between laughter and tears. Lately, he had always been hearing people comparing the two Yue’s, it had reached a point where he was starting to get irked by it.

“Lord, the two of you were once named as the Twin Yue’s, but that was history. Ever since that human has reverse opened the five Yuan Shen Realms into the level of Awakening, his reputation and fame has surely overshadowed your own.”

Yuchi Li smiled warmly, and she continued, “This human Zhong Yue is already an Awakening Qi Pract.i.tioner who has opened the five wheels. The celestials of the West Barren hunted for him and fought countless bone-rattling battles in the Lian Yun Mountain Ridges. Over dozens of Awakening celestials were killed by him, none of two could survived a single blow from him, and he had also escaped from the pursuits of Atman Body cultivator experts! What’s more, one of the top three Awakening Qi Pract.i.tioner of the West Barren, Zhu Jushan, also lost against him, running away like a coward.”

Zhong Yue listened as the dragon girl unknowingly praised him in front of himself. He did not know how to react, whether if he should laugh or to remain stoic. 

Rays flashed in her eyes as Yuchi Li continued on, “All these days that you’ve been in a closed-door training has resulted in your name starting to fade to obscurity. I, as your subordinate, am very concerned of your prowess and whether if it is worthy of your status as a ruler of a territory.”

Her words were quite blunt as she had no intentions of hiding her thoughts, so how could Zhong Yue not know what she was talking about.

The young lady’s pride made her unwilling to be a subordinate of someone weaker than her. Hence, she had questioned his ability to lead and challenged his superiority; forcing Zhong Yue to duel with her so that she could usurp his position!

If Yuchi Li defeated Zhong Yue, she would undoubtedly not deign to listen to his commands anymore in the future. Even more, she would threaten him to hand over the power of his territory into her hands, making him nothing more than just a figurehead! 

Even though she was not officially addressed, but she would in fact, be the true lord of Zhong Yue’s territory!

Only by possessing an overbearing and domineering strength could one command the proud and arrogant subordinates, and be the lord of a land!

Zhong Yue smiled in reply, “Zhong Yue of the human race? Hehe … merely just a human Qi Pract.i.tioner, how could he be of my match? This Zhong Yue, we’ll meet one day, and by then, he will know that he is simply just a frog in a well. However, since you are doubting my qualification to be your lord, then I shall make you willingly bend. You are also an Awakening Qi Pract.i.tioner right? What a coincidence, after the closed-door training, I’ve also opened the five Yuan Shen secret realms and advanced into the level of Awakening.”

Yuchi Li was exactly waiting for him to accept her challenge, as soon as she heard him, her will to battle erupted and her imposing aura suffused the air. She placed her palm on the hilt of the saber on her waist, waiting for the right time to strike.

She was a dragon, when she releases her aura, the imposing manner of the dragon race suffused the whole mountain and the four young ladies, Chun, Xia, Qiu and Dong were nearly rendered unconscious from the pressure. Their beautiful and rosy countenances blanched as they gasped heavily for breath.

Zhong Yue released his aura, in stark contrast, his was like a warm and gentle breeze that bathed the young ladies in an inexplicable comfort, s.h.i.+elding them like an isolated island amidst a raging tempest. The four young ladies were then feeling much better, their hearts were still thumping in fear as they hid themselves behind Zhong Yue.

“Yuchi, there is no need for so much troubles.”

Zhong Yue smiled, “You and I, we are after all from the same race, there is no need for us to fight in a life and death situation. It’ll be better if we can settle this in a more peaceful and calm way. Let’s settle this in one strike, by then it should be clear to the both of us who should really be in command here.”

Yuchi Li eased her hand that was clenching on the saber and answered smilingly, “Your subordinate will be gentle, just so that my lord’s face isn’t too badly hurt.”

“We shall see, we shall see.”

Zhong Yue raised and placed his hand up in front of him, he smiled and said, “You can give me your best shot. If you can still stand still after striking at my palm, then I’ll concede defeat, you can be the uncrowned lord and I’ll be yours to command.”

“Hmph, I’ll send you flying in one strike, and let’s see how can you still be this by then!”

Rays flashed in Yuchi Li’s eyes, her aura was increasingly getting stronger —Zheng Zheng Zheng— she cast her Yuan Shen secret realm and readied to go all out!

Sounds of dragon whistling screamed through the air as she launched out her palm. Dragon totem patterns covered her whole palm and creeped up her arm to her shoulder and neck; it was as if there were little multicolored dragons soaring beneath her skins!

The strength imbued in her palm was incredibly terrifying, the strength of the dragon race was exploited to its maximum potential. The howling wind that she instigated at the moment she launched her strike immediately blew Zhong Yue’s monastery into the air and tore it into bits and pieces!

The dragon race was naturally predisposed to aspects of strengths and their arcane energy was also abundant. Yuchi Li’s palm strike was powered from her immense mortal body strength and the skill casted by her abundant arcane energy – it’s terrifying might could be imagined!

Even so, Zhong Yue remained steadfast, not moving an inch at all; the next second, Yuchi Li’s palm struck onto his palm.

When their palms collided, Yuchi Li’s beautiful countenance changed drastically, she could feel the incredibly strong strength in Zhong Yue’s palm, even though his palm remained unmoved, there were five surges of strengths bursting out — the Wu Xing Secret Realm!

Not only that, she also felt the almighty strength of myriads from the Wan Xiang Wheel and the strength of tne Jiao Dragon!


The young lady was sent flying like a meteor, her figure that flew like a broken kite looked like an indistinguishable blur that the naked eye wouldn’t be able to see at all!

Chun’er, Xia’er and the other ladies only saw her blasting onto Zhong Yue’s palm before suddenly disappearing in a split second. While they were curious and puzzled, Yuchi Li knew how terribly strong the strength behind Zhong Yue’s palm was!

She was as powerless as a petty bug in front of Zhong Yue, sent flying into the air by the incredibly strong strength in his palm!

It all happened in a split second right when their palms collided!

A loud boom came from afar, following by a mushroom-shaped dust clouds, Yuchi Li crashed into a mountain a few miles away, she was unmoving. 

Chun’er, Xia’er and the other young ladies were agaped, their hearts were filled with shock. 

Zhong Yue then said, “Many of her bones are broken and she’s unable to move. Go and bring her back here.”

Even when the four young ladies were still in a state of shockness, they followed his command and flew over with their flying skills to the mountain that Yuchi Li was embedded in. There was smoke and dust billowing out from the deep cavern that was formed from her meteoric crash. A seventy feet little dragon was lying in it panting heavily in short breaths. 

They quickly entered the cave while the little dragon morphed back to her human form, Yuchi Li gritted her teeth and said, “I don’t need you four to carry me, I’m still capable of walking on my own.”

But the ladies ignored her as they proceeded to carry her on their shoulders before flying back to the Falcon Ridge. They placed her down in front of Zhong Yue’s seat. Yuchi Li was making sounds of hissing in pain, however, she gritted her teeth and managed to refrain herself from releasing any moans of pain. 

“So … would you say that I’m qualified enough to be your lord?” Zhong Yue smiled gently as he asked languidly.

Yuchi Li conceded defeat willingly, she summoned her Yuan Shen and opened one of the Yuan Shen secret realms, meticulously taking out a letter before pa.s.sing it over to Zhong Yue, “I came with a letter for you, it’s from Young Master Fenglou, he instructed me to personally hand it over to you.”

Zhong Yue opened the letter, in it, Fenglou a.s.sured that Zhong Yue’s dragon race ident.i.ty was settled, his name was officially in the books of the dragons, his ancestry was traceable and every little detail about him was perfectly fabricated so he would not need to worry about being suspected of his origin anymore.

Zhong Yue heaved a breath of relief, and as he read on, the letter said that he would need to take a trip back to get a clearer picture of the dragon race, so that he would not be exposed easily. The elders of the Ao Clan also intended to meet with him.

Zhong Yue flicked his fingers and watched as the letter burned into ashes in his hands, he thought, To the Eastern Sea? Just nice that I also intend to head to the Eastern Sea to find some high grade spirits for Chun’er and the other girls for their advancement into Qi Pract.i.tioner. However, before this, I’ll have to meet with Gu Hongzi and ask him to look over my territory.

Yuchi Li endured the pain and furtively glanced at the ‘dragon boy’ who lowered his head as he pondered earnestly, she thought to herself, He is still young, but his reputation is well known across the lands, and also a brave and courageous dragon that dares to enter the East Barren alone and became the monster overlord’s closed door disciple….

However, what she did not know was that Zhong Yue was not a dragon but a human, she still thought that he was a dragon boy, and her heart had unknowingly began to warm towards him.

Just when the young dragon girl was furtively glancing at him, Zhong Yue suddenly raised his head up and glanced over. Quickly, she s.h.i.+fted her sights while her countenance blushed red, she thought, He is so strong ... really really strong, the Ao Clan commands over dozens of clans beneath it, and yet, not a single dragon from the same generation would be able to beat him….

Will she be another one of his concubines?!? A dragon girl, hmmm ... interesting   


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