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Chapter 206 - Ruthless Reputation

“Who doesn't know how to warm beds?”

Long Chun’er and the other three girls immediately regained their senses and became incensed as they recalled how Qing He used her【Voice of Succubus】to toy with their minds. Then, they all said at once, “Any girl would know how to warm beds, what is there to be proud of?”

“Every time before Master sleeps, we would lie on his bed naked and use our body temperature to warm up his sheets and blankets so he would not feel cold when he sleeps.”

“That’s right! And after we lit up the perfumed incense and the fireplace, the room would be very warm and cozy.”


Qing He was shocked and she was speechless after she was insulted by these girls. Then, she turned around and looked at Zhong Yue angrily as she thought, What a perverted dragon! No wonder they said that the dragons are all naturally perverted!

Zhong Yue felt slightly awkward and his face returned to the normal as he occupied a very high position among the monsters and felt that ‘warming beds’ was nothing at all. After all, he once stayed at Xian Kong Sainty City for a period of time and his courtyard, there were quite a few beautiful female monsters that had served him in the nude whenever he took a bath.

Compared to that, warming beds was nothing at all.

Of course, Long Chun’er, Long Xia’er and the other girls only did it for a few times as Zhong Yue did not stay in his territory for long.

Zhong Yue only felt that the blankets and sheets were warm and there was a nice scent that belonged only to girls, thus, he did not think much at all.

“If Sister Qing He wants to learn more about warming beds, each and every one of them are better than you.”

Zhong Yue then said kindly, “If the sister has no other skills, you can actually pick a better death as I make it quick.”

Qing He s.h.i.+vered as Zhong Yue was too strong right now. More than half of the Qi Pract.i.tioners that came after Zhong Yue were all stronger than her but they all died in just a blink of an eye. She was definitely not his opponent at all!

But it wouldn't work out if she wanted to escape as well as Zhong Yue obviously did his research on the skills and techniques of Shu Qianqiu and his disciples, which was why he managed to kill King Teng when he was still at Rebirth. Just with that, it was obvious that there were no possibilities of escape for her.

“Big Brother Long, is there a way that I don’t need to die?” Qing He immediately changed her way of addressing Zhong Yue as she said this delicately and charmingly.

Zhong Yue thought and he said, “Do you eat humans?”

Qing He quickly replied, “I am a lotus that became a monster so I am a vegetarian.”

Zhong Yue then laughed and said, “Then I can make you my maidservant. My territory will still expand and I lack talented candidates, with you at my side, you can help me manage my territory.”


Qing He’s face turned dark and she replied, “I am an Awakening level Qi Pract.i.tioner and you make me to be your maidservant?”

“You wish to be my wife then?” 

Qing He started sweating bullets on her forehead and she stammered, “Are you not afraid that my teacher, Shu Qianqiu will come looking trouble from you? Besides, I too, have senior martial brothers and senior martial sisters. For the sake of the reputation of my school, how would they allow you to capture me and make me your maidservant?”

Zhong Yue turned his head and said, “If Shu Qianqiu and your senior martial sisters brothers are so strong, I guess I’ll have to send you to an eternal sleep then.”

Qing He had a scare and she quickly replied, “I will become your maidservant and do as you bid of my free will, master. Please don’t kill me!”    

Zhong Yu was very pleased and he replied with a smile, “If that’s so, please pack everything you need and we shall depart for Xian Kong Saint City right now. By the way, how is the strength of Shu Qianqiu compared to Gu Hongzi?”

The lotuses floating on the lake then suddenly had their roots and leaves curled up and rolled back before sinking deep into the water. Then, countless roads under the boat swarmed towards the bottom of the boat and they surged back into Qing He’s body.

Qing He then thought for a moment and said, “I think they are about the same, both of them had managed to become the lord of Xuan Keep and Gu Xia City so their strength must be about the same.”

Zhong Yue felt relieved and he said, “I never thought that Gu Hongzi would be that strong. With him present, Shu Qianqiu will not be able to act as he wishes whereas for your senior martial sisters and senior martial brothers, I will capture them and make them my servants. If I can’t capture then, then I will kill just them.”

Qing He humped and said, “My senior martial sisters and senior martial brothers are all Atman Body and Inner Core level Qi Pract.i.tioners. With their strength, killing you will be as easy as killing a chicken! By the way, you are heading towards Xian Kong Saint City? To be honest, news about you has already spread throughout the barren. This includes your previous locations and other information. All of this news had come from Xian Kong Saint City. If I hadn’t received news about you, I wouldn't have set up an ambush here waiting for you. Right now, Xian Kong Saint City is incredibly dangerous for you and G.o.d knows how many Qi Pract.i.tioners are waiting for you on your journey to the city!”

”Zhong Yue replied calmly, “But I will be safe if I arrive at Xian Kong Saint City. After all, who dares to harm me as I am the Saint City Lord’s disciple.”

Qing He couldn't help but to say, “Long Yue, do you not understand? The one that wants to kill you the most is s.h.i.+ Buyi, not the other factions! Why do you think the news about you was so accurate? s.h.i.+ Buyi wants to kill you but you just run to him? Are you looking for death?”

Zhong Yue laughed and said, “Because of his pride and for the sake of his reputation, he would not deal with me personally and not only that, he would have to protect me in the city. If I was killed in his city under his attention, where would his face go in the future?”

Long Dong’er quickly said, “Don't’ worry, Sister Qing, our master has always been very strong. If he says that something can work out, then he can definitely work something out. As his maidservants, we do not need to worry too much and all we have to do is listen to his orders and execute them obediently.”

“Our master….”

Qing He was speechless and she thought to herself, Now, I am degraded to the same position as the human maidservants. If news about me becoming his maidservant spreads then how would I be able to face other monster Qi Pract.i.tioners in the future? This is so frustrating, he is just way too strong and I will not be able to run away easily. That’s right! There would be countless of battles awaiting him ahead and I will be able to escape in these chaotic situations….

She looked around sneakily and when she saw Zhong Yue sitting on the boat and taking out a piece of metal to cultivate a soul weapon that looked like a lantern, she thought, What kind of soul weapon is he trying to make?

Qing He felt confused and suddenly her face changed and she thought, Could it be the soul lantern? This is bad! Wait a minute, how can he be able to make a soul lantern? In order to make a soul lantern, one must be able to understand a certain degree of knowledge in the aspects of soul, s.p.a.ce, life, death and other esoteric subjects. Making soul weapons is incredibly difficult because of these requirements. How could he be able to make a real soul weapon, it must be just an average soul weapon….

After a moment, after Zhong Yue completed what he was doing, he said with a smile, “Qing He, I made a soul lantern for you so that I could know your location wherever you go. Come, infuse use your Yuan Shen into it so that it can be activated.”

Qing He reluctantly did so as she thought nervously, Calm down, calm down… He is just an Awakening level Qi Pract.i.tioner and it must be just an average lantern as he can’t cultivate a real soul lantern….


The soul lantern suddenly lit up and Qing He felt like crying and her mind went blank. The soul lantern lit up in the end, which meant that it really was indeed a true soul lantern!

And with that soul lantern, Zhong Yue could precisely get a grip on her location, situation and status. No matter where she went, she will not be able to hide it from Zhong Yue!

“So it really did light up, I never thought that my first time making a soul lantern would be a success!” said Zhong Yue happily.

Qing He’s face darkened even more as she never thought that it would even be the first time that this brat tried to make a soul lantern, not to mention the fact that he succeeded as well! Even those elders and huge figures might not have even managed to successfully make a soul lantern on their first try!

It was just completely absurd and illogical!

“What so impressive about making a soul lantern? The【Heavenly Demonic Soul Planting Art】is the big deal.”  

In Zhong Yue’s psyche ocean, Xin Huo said slowly, “Brat Yue, the 【Heavenly Demonic Soul Planting Art】of the demons plants a seed in the soul of a certain someone, with that, that seed’s owner would not only be able to control the movements of the one who has a seed planted in them, they could also control their victims’ mind. The most crucial point is that the seed planter would only need a simple thought to kill his victim through the seed. Too bad that I have little knowledge on the demons’ skills and techniques or I would have taught that art to you so you gain complete control over this little monster girl.”

Previously, it was Xin Huo that taught Zhong Yue how to make a soul lantern. The making of a soul lantern may require a wide range of knowledge but to an old existence like Xin Huo, it would be as easy as breathing. With Xin Huo’s guidance, Zhong Yue faced little to no difficulties in making the soul lantern.

【Heavenly Demonic Soul Planting Art】? The demons indeed have some very insidious and arts, quite befitting the nature of their existence. However, this art is really useful in controlling the others. 

Zhong Yue thought for a moment and then he continued thinking, But it is just too evil. If the soul is being controlled by someone, his soul could die anytime. This would only make the victim be in a constant worry about their death. This would only distract them from focusing on their actions. Thus, it is unsuitable for cultivating new generations. Unlike【Heavenly Demonic Soul Planting Art】, the soul lantern is more lenient as it may work as a surveillance device to monitor someone, but it can also provide a layer of protection for the person under the surveillance of the soul lantern by allowing the elders to understand the situation of their disciples.  

Qing He after all, was an Awakening level Qi Pract.i.tioner with incredible power who was very good at controlling water. She made her boat float in the air and she created a huge river with her psyche and allowed the water current to push the boat towards Xian Kong Saint City at a speed much faster than Zhong Yue and the others could have.

Boats, s.h.i.+ps, clouds and the similar types of soul weapons that are good for traveling are very essential but what a shame, I do not know how to make one. If I managed to get the way to craft a traveling type soul weapon, it will be very convenient if I need to travel with someone weaker than me that will slow down my speed. Thought Zhong Yue to himself.

Suddenly, Qing He became very nervous and she said, “There are Qi Pract.i.tioners ambus.h.i.+ng us at the front….”

As soon as she finished talking, countless ferocious Jiao Dragons plunged down from the mountains in front of them. Then, battle cries could be heard as one after another Qi Pract.i.tioners appeared, casting out skills and unsheathing their soul weapons before they fought together against the Jiao Dragons.

In the air, the little boat traveled slowly and when looking back, Qing He saw a volley of draconic Qi flying towards them and the many Qi Pract.i.tioners that had tried ambushed them were soon dead after being slaughtered by the Jiao Dragons!

This guy… He is improving every time and he’s already undefeatable in the Awakening level even if barring the use of his strongest technique, the【Monster G.o.d Ming King’s Art】... No, he may not be undefeatable, there are still many talented Awakening level Qi Pract.i.tioners among our monster race but I just don't know that if they could compete with him.

As Qing He thought of this, she asked again, “Master Yue, the human’s Zhong Shan Clan’s member is also a strong Awakening level Qi Pract.i.tioners and rumors claim that this man is incredibly strong and ruthless. In your opinion, how do you compare to him?”

Zhong Yue smirked and he said as the Dragon Qi swarmed back towards him, “What is he? Why are people always comparing the two of us. I will meet this Zhong Yue one day and see if he lives up to his name or not.”

Long Xia’er and the other three girls got curious and they asked, “Sister He, is this Zhong Yue really very strong? Can we humans be as strong as master?”

Qing He turned serious and she said, “Not only that! I have not even seen this Zhong Yue in person yet but the rumors say that he was at least eight feet tall with eight heads and eight limbs. He can swallow down a celestial race’s member with just a bite and when he fought his way out of the Western Barren, he kept devouring the celestial races’ people and the path he walked was filled with bones of the eaten celestial races’ members! At least that is how the East Barren had described this Zhong Yue!” 

Eight feet tall with eight heads and eight limbs. He can swallow down a celestial race’s member with just a bite and when he fought his way out of the Western Barren, he kept devouring the celestial races’ people and the path he walked was filled with bones of the eaten celestial races’ members! 

I cannot, this is just too funny to imagine, is he like a rectangular shape or whatsoever?   Oh G.o.d, the description for Zhong Yue by the East Barren is just too hilarious.


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