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Chapter 212 - The Pink Curtained Hammock

Outside of Xian Kong saint city, the Jiao Dragons carried Zhong Yue as they marched towards the east at great speed away from the saint city, he thought, Qing He and the ladies had packed up and moved first, I wonder if the monster cultivators will capture them to threaten me? But Qing He is proficient in escape arts. Without one hundred percent preparation, it’d be incredibly difficult to pin them down. Moreover, I’m the nail in their eyes, the major forces wouldn't stir more troubles messing with Shu Qianqiu’s disciple….

He sped up and he soon traversed a hundred miles; Zhong Yue kept maintained his vigilance, closely observing the surroundings and scanning his surroundings with his psyche. He visualized the Jiao Dragons treading underground to cover his bases – all to prevent himself from getting ambushed. 

Right now, we are about a hundred miles away from the saint city, it’s about time for you all to come out.

Zhong Yue marched forward while closely watching his flank. However, he had strode forward for another eight miles without encountering any troubles.

Are you all waiting for me to go further away from saint city?

He was puzzled; logically speaking, this distance was already far beyond the reach of the saint city, it would be safe for the monster experts to ambush him already. And yet, the journey he thought that would be perilous was in fact, peaceful and smooth like a walk in the park – it was utterly bewildering.

Zhong Yue continued going forward, through the rivers and across the mountains, a full eight hundred miles of distance, and there still wasn’t a single ambush, his heart grew even more puzzled. 

For the next two hours, he had traipsed over a distance of a thousand miles, and there was still nothing at all. Zhong Yue’s face turned dark and solemn, he thought, Could all of them be gathering in front, joining forces to give me their final and fullest blow? If it’s really what I think it is, then I’m in great danger!

With so many experts gathering together, even if Zhong Yue had opened his Yuan Shen third form, holding the Eight Extreme Weapons and the Fang Blade, he would still be unable to escape from death!

In addition to the soul lamp he had lit up constantly notifying the monsters of his position, it would be impossible for him to run away from them!

Zhong Yue regained his composure, he continued moving while he prepared himself for the worst case scenario. In the next four hours, he had traversed another three thousand miles of land. Although the journey was long and arduous, he had finely controlled his energy expenditure, ensuring to constantly replenish his arcane energy and psyche reserves so as to maintain his peak condition for the battle to come.

Soon, Zhong Yue slowed down his advance as he detected a strong and formidable air in front. Clearly, his enemies had no intentions of hiding themselves and had just waited for him to come to them!

All these expert cultivators really did gather together! But don’t think that you all can kill me so easily!

Zhong Yue swayed his body and morphed into the eight-armed Ming King while his 200-foot Star Toad Yuan Shen emerged on his back; its six eyes were half-opened, s.h.i.+ning with rays moonlight as he marched forward, I’ll fight with my life for a way out, as long as I’ve entered the territorial land of the Jade Dragon Keep, I’ll be safe!

The Keep Lord of the Jade Dragon Keep died in the hands of s.h.i.+ Buyi, while Yu Xuanji was the Jade Dragon Keep Lord’s disciple. He had also attained the【Monster G.o.d Ming King Art】and Zhong Yue had saved his life before. Hence, once Zhong Yue was able to enter the territorial land of the Jade Dragon Keep, Yu Xuanji would command the Jade Dragon Keep to protect him!

Right now, he wasn’t alone in the monster race like when he first ventured out of the safety of the Great Wilderness. He had made friends and established his own forces and affiliates — Gu Xia City, Jade Dragon Keep, Luo Ying City – these were all forces that he could take refuge in! 

In front of him, the air of the expert cultivators was getting stronger and he drew closer to them, Zhong Yue’s face stiffened up as he clenched the Fang Blade in his hands. All of a sudden, a strand of light muslin fluttered in the air and brushed through the tip of his nose. He raised his head to cast his gaze at the light muslin, and he was stunned. 

A ficus tree of a few miles in circ.u.mference came into his vision; there were two strands of light muslins drooping down from the tree crown while a human-bodied boar was wreathed in the middle, hanging on the tree. 

One of the fangs of the human-bodied boar Qi Pract.i.tioner was broken away, he was the monster boar Xi Qiao! His heavily swollen face suggested that someone had brutally battered him, curbed his limbs with the light muslins, and tucked his own pants into his mouth.

Xi Qiao’s swollen face reduced his eyes to two thin lines, his little eyes were rolling around. As Zhong Yue approached, he twisted and squirmed his body in an attempt to extricate himself from the hold of the light muslins but to no avail. Huge beads of sweat rained down from the mid-air down to the ground.

“What is this, is brother in an auction of selling your meat?”

Zhong Yue laughed in joy, he poked the monster boar with his Fang Blade and made two huge b.l.o.o.d.y holes on the Xi Qiao’s back, “So, how much is one kilogram of your meat worth?”

Xi Qiao was enraged, his wrath burned like fire in his eyes, but the light muslins rendered him powerless to retaliate against Zhong Yue. 

Zhong Yue chuckled, and he continued moving forward. Suddenly, another strand of light muslins [a][b]dropped down, revealing a huge eagle whose feathers were all plucked away, hanging in mid-air like a chicken awaiting slaughter — he was the Ying family cultivator that was chasing after Zhong Yue previously!

The Ying family cultivator had succ.u.mbed to unconsciousness due to either his heavy wounds or the embarra.s.sment that befell him from being toyed around with by Zhong Yue, or maybe it was a combination of both. 

Continuing walking forward, he saw another familiar face — Tu s.h.i.+shan of the Tu family was hanging on the tree with his limbs fully extended out, soul weapons pierced through and stuffed in his mouth. 

Some of the expert cultivators were not dead yet, they were still lucky enough to hold onto their lives. While there was a huge banner across one side of the cliff to the other with the words of “Dragon Slaughtering Convention”, clearly, these cultivators were having a convention to kill ‘Long Yue’ right here!

Judging from what’s left behind, it seems like these expert cultivators didn’t put up much a fight before they were all severely beaten and hung up on the tree.

Zhong Yue squinted his eyes and his heart skipped a beat, Chi Liannu! All these light muslins must be Senior Martial Sister Chi Liannu’s soul weapon! Only this female monster could’ve taken down these cultivators so easily like blowing dust off the table! She must be here for me, that’s why she has taken down all these cultivators!

The young man was shocked, his heart thumped in fear; if Chi Liannu was able to take down these cultivators so easily, then it would be an effortless task for her to do the same for him.!

Walking further, countless strands of pink muslins could be seen dangling down from the tree crowns, and huge hammock held up by pink clouds was gently swaying in rhythm with the breeze. As the wind blew over the pink muslins, he could vaguely see the figure of a beauty lying on the hammock.

As expected, she is here to suck my essence, she has even prepared the bed….

Zhong Yue’s scalps tingled, while melodious peals of laughter rung in his ears as Chi Liannu chortled on the bed, “Little brother Yue, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Look, this big sister has already cleared out all these disturbing fellas for you. If you are grateful for what I’ve done for you then you should come up now and ease my loneliness….”

“You can’t outrun her at all!”

In Zhong Yue’s psyche ocean, Xin Huo suddenly said ruthlessly, “Brat Yue, I’ll teach you a cultivation technique, with it, not only that she can’t suck away your essences, but instead, her essences will be sucked away by you! Let’s go, we’ll go around with this monster lady!”

Zhong Yue was shocked, “Xin Huo, how do you even know such cultivation techniques?”

“Of course I would!”

The little flame was proud of himself as he said, “Not a single inheritor of Xin Huo didn’t have dozens of wives and concubines, without such cultivation techniques, their essences would long have been sucked dry by their wives! Now, let’s take the risk and a.s.sume that her dual cultivation technique is no match for the one I’m going to teach you, we’ll suck away her essences instead!”

Just when Zhong Yue was hesitating, two strands of pink muslins billowed over and curled towards him. Immediately, he wielded the Fang Blade and slashed down, but even with the immense sharpness of the Fang Blade, the pink muslins were left unscathed. 

One of the pink muslin wreathed tightly around the Fang Blade while Zhong Yue retreated back rapidly, but it was too late as the second strand of pink muslin curled around him and brought him towards the hammock!

Even when he was still in mid-air, a strand of light muslin had already crept into his arms and started to unclothe him!

While on the bed, Chi Liannu chortled and took off her clothes, revealing her naked hourgla.s.s-shaped body in the air.

“Time’s running out!”

Xin Huo said, “I’ll teach you the【G.o.ds Coition Art】now, and you’ll suck this alluring woman into a mummy!”


A loud boom erupted in his mind as countless images that didn’t belong to him rushed into his head, flooding his thoughts with all sorts of different and inventive postures and methods of s.e.x — it was truly an abstruse dual cultivation art.

Guess like I’ve no choice then…. Zhong Yue resigned himself to the fact.

Before he could even comprehend the abstrusity of the art, he was already on the soft and warm bed, while Chi Liannu chuckled merrily and was about to lunge over to him. All of a sudden, a dignified and fury voice blasted in their ears, “PRESUMPTUOUS! How dare you intend to murder your own junior martial brother, when martial siblings are supposed to help one another. Chi Lian, you’ve disappointed me!”


Chi Liannu was shocked, she rolled on the bed and reached for her clothes that were scattered on the bed to cover the nether regions her alluring body. She knelt down on her knees and said with her voice that was shuddering in terror, “Teacher, I beg you to spare my life!”

s.h.i.+ Buyi? Zhong Yue startled, the voice was exactly from s.h.i.+ Buyi; he was puzzled at the emergence of s.h.i.+ Buyi’s voices at such a moment of crisis.

s.h.i.+ Buyi has been trying to eliminate him through the borrowed hands of the others so that the【Monster G.o.d Ming King Art】would not be divulged to the others; what was his reasoning of saving Zhong Yue now?


A tempest blew on the light muslins and hammock, tearing them into individual threads; Zhong Yue cast his gaze into the sky to see a patch of white cloud that was in the shape of a huge face that was staring frigidly down at Chi Liannu. It was the s.h.i.+ Buyi’s face, filled with an imposing manner. 

Chi Liannu kneel down on her knees and kowtowed incessantly as she pled loudly, “Forgive me teacher! I dare not do it anymore!”


The face formed from the clouds was furious, his voice trembled the air and struck on Chi Liannu, causing blood to trickle out of her apertures. He said gravely, “If you dare to act recklessly again, I’ll not give you any second chances! Put on your clothes, and disappear!”

Chi Liannu was relieved as she quickly donned on her clothes and left. 

The clouds that formed s.h.i.+ Buyi’s countenance slowly dispersed away, Zhong Yue also heaved a breath of relief and quickly wore on his clothes, he was bewildered, Why did s.h.i.+ Buyi save me? There must be some sort of conspiracy behind all of this ….

He recollected his thoughts and searched for his Fang Blade, he glanced around and saw the monster cultivators shuddering in fear, some even having peed their pants. 

It seems like there wouldn’t be any monsters that would come for me anymore, at least, not in the area where s.h.i.+ Buyi’s prowess can still reach.

Zhong Yue settled down his heart, the twin dragons emerged beneath his feet and carried him towards the Jade Dragon Keep. He had traveled a thousand miles when suddenly, a chill was sent down his spine as he saw the light muslins coming into his vicinity. A lady donned in exposing clothes was standing on the tree branches, gazing at him with a smile and said, “Junior martial brother, I’ve been waiting for a long time!”

“Senior Martial Sister Chi Lian….” Zhong Yue’s scalps tingled again.

The lady chortled with the two alluring b.r.e.a.s.t.s of hers bouncing along, “Don’t worry, senior martial sister is not here to suck away your essences. I’m here planning to go to the dragon race with you, you wouldn’t know, I might just find myself a handsome husband who rides on the dragons there!”


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