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Chapter 213 - Coquettish Charm

“Together with me to the dragon race and find a handsome husband who rides on the dragons?” Zhong Yue startled, he looked down and saw himself exactly riding on the dragons.

Has this monster lady not given up yet, is she still planning on stealing my yang essence?

Chi Liannu then chortled and continued, “Don’t you worry, I still remember our teacher’s warnings, how could I still dare to look for trouble with you? I’m only seeking for an opportunity to enter the dragon race, and you, are the perfect gateway for me to do so.”

Upon hearing her words, Zhong Yue eased his unsettled heart and thought to himself, s.h.i.+ Buyi warned her that he would take her life if she took mine. Is she really purely wanting to go to the dragon race with me? En, it’s none of my business anyway, as long as her target is not me. On the other hand, with her tagging along with me, the other monsters would probably want to reevaluate the strength they gathered and reconsider their decision to ambush me!

Chi Liannu was extremely strong, she was the monster equivalent to Jun Sixie in the human race, probably only the elder cultivators would be able to put up a fight against her!

Although the lady harbored malicious intentions, under the deterrence of s.h.i.+ Buyi’s repudiation, she would no longer entertain any thoughts of touching him anymore. 

“Since senior martial sister is willing to tag along, I’d be more than willing to comply.”

Zhong Yue said smilingly, “However, by the time when we reach the dragon race, you and I shall walk our separate paths.”

Chi Liannu was overjoyed, she alighted down beside him and sat on the Jiao Dragon and she said merrily, “Don’t you worry, this sister wouldn’t bring you anymore trouble. The dragon race is a few times stronger than our monster race. There are countless experts there, if I dare to act recklessly there, I would surely come to a bad end. I’m being dead serious about finding a strong and handsome husband.”

Zhong Yue thought for a moment and said, “Senior martial sister is planning to transcend your snake form into the dragon?”

Chi Liannu was shocked, then it all dawned on her, she said coquettishly, “It seems like you’ve realized it, no wonder you’ve been keeping a distance away from me. Yes, to speak the truth, I’ve been stuck in the level of Heavenly Dharma for too long, not only has our elder senior martial brother gotten stronger than me, but even Qiu Qingshan and Lian Xin are also catching up to me. They aren’t far away from surpa.s.sing me.”

She sighed and her face wrinkled with consternation, “My position as the second senior martial sister is now in jeopardy, if they surpa.s.s me in prowess, I might then be demoted to your fourth senior martial sister. It is hard for the snake monster race to become a magnate grade cultivator, the quickest path for us is to transcend our snake form into the Jiao Dragons, then the bloodline barrier that stops us from advancing forward would be broken through.”

Zhong Yue nodded, the snake race held an awkward position among the monster race, their snake form had limited their talents in advancing to the grade of the magnates; Chi Liannu had spent years at the level of Heavenly Dharma, and upon seeing that her junior martial siblings were about to surpa.s.s her, how could she not be anxious?

However, if she could rely on herself and breakthrough the level of Heavenly Dharma and become a magnate cultivator, then her prowess would be terrifyingly strong. She would not be any inferior to those of the Jiao Dragon race, if not stronger!

In the history of the monster race, there was once a snake monster who managed to cultivate to the level of a magnate, eventually, he transcended into a different path other than the Jiao Dragon — a Heaven Swallowing t.i.tanic Snake. He was the symbol of fear for his generation! However, although Chi Liannu’s talent was incredible, she knew herself better than anyone else, she did not possess such nature-defying talent like her ancestor; hence, transcending into a Jiao Dragon was her only option.

“Transcending to a dragon is immensely hard to me, hence, I’ve had my eyes on you. But since our teacher doesn’t allow it, I had no choice but to remove you from my list of partners.”

Chi Liannu was fretful, she said pitifully, “Right now, my only option is to go to the dragon race and find a Jiao Dragon expert, be one of his concubines and steal some dragon Qi from him while we mate in the bed.”

Zhong Yue spared her zero sympathy as he was cognizant that this monster lady was not the pitiful maiden she presented herself to be. She was in fact, a source of calamity, she would bring disaster everywhere she goes. Just a second before, she was trying to suck his essence away! Someone who not long ago held such insidious intentions was unworthy of his compa.s.sion.

Chi Liannu’s lips were bright red, her eyes s.h.i.+mmered flirtatiously and she struck the figure of an alluring and helpless damsel lost against an unrelenting current of hards.h.i.+p. She clenched her arms around Zhong Yue’s leg, rubbing her glamorous b.r.e.a.s.t.s around while saying, “Can junior martial brother teach me the【Monster G.o.d Ming King Art】? Our teacher is very stingy, although he has taught me some arts, he has never imparted me with the【Monster G.o.d Ming King Art】.”

“I can’t,” Zhong Yue was steadfast. 

“Then can you teach me the ways of the Jiao Dragon? The Jiao Dragon and snake were families hundreds of years ago; if you can teach me, then I might not need to marry myself to the dragon race anymore!”

“No, I will not.”

“Please don’t be so stingy, I can … please you however you want?”

“No means no.”


Chi Liannu was bold and vigorous, she had virtually no sense of shame or embarra.s.sment and had been flirting with Zhong Yue along the way, trying to seduce Zhong Yue while he ignored her completely and focused on his ‘arduous’ journey to the dragon race. Every time someone would come into his detection, Chi Liannu would then lash out her sleeves.

Her blouse was made of chiffons, painted in red. Her long sleeves would billow tens of miles away and lash out towards the intruders. Sudden hollers and roars would first ring in their ears following by whinings and groans of pain. 

“Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d is a.s.saulting me? Let me down! If you have guts, let me down and show yourself, I’ll have a battle of three hundred bouts with you!” Oftentimes, indignant shouts like these could be heard.

Then Chi Liannu would merrily ask Zhong Yue to continue on his journey while she turned back to the intruders that she hung on the trees. She would strip them of their clothes and tuck their underclothes and shoes into their mouths before hopping away jubilently. 

Even Zhong Yue went speechless after knowing of her impish actions. However, it was thanks to her that the supposedly difficult journey turned out peaceful and smooth.

After two days, Zhong Yue lifted his head up and cast his gaze over, there was a little skiff sailing in the clouds heading towards the east. Beneath the skiff was a river that billowed forward incessantly. He raised his hand and clenched it in the air as if he was gripping the skiff in his eyes.

Suddenly, a huge surge of draconic Qi blasted out into the sky, morphing into five Jiao Dragons of a thousand feet long in mid-air. The dragons reached out their claws and pinned down the skiff, dragging it down from the sky.

Qing He and the other four ladies were piqued and yelled out in anger, skills were on the verge of blasting out but all of a sudden, they realized that it was Zhong Yue. They quickly dispersed their skills and alighted down the skiff willingly. 

The crowd was once again gathered together, they were all shocked when they saw Chi Liannu hugging on his leg like a little bird relying on him and her spa.r.s.e clothes almost nude; Qing He stammered and said, “Long Yue … master, you two?”

Zhong Yue faked a cough and right when he was about to speak, Chi Liannu got up with her eyes glaring glamorously, she glanced around and perceived the expressions on the ladies’ countenances, then said indifferently, “A bunch of maidservants, why aren’t you all greeting your madam?”

The five ladies gazed at one another, their hearts undulating with all kinds of emotions, while Long Xia’er mumbled, “Has our master really fallen into her evil hands?”

Chi Liannu was between laughter and tears, she glared at her and said, “What do you mean by your master falling into my evil hands? It’s your master that forced me, I was resisting all the way and I was the one that fell into his evil hands.”

But Qing He did not buy her words, sneering frigidly and refuted, “Hmph! Our master’s arms together are even smaller than your thick thighs, how could he be able to defeat you? It must be you that forced him! You are a Heavenly Dharma Qi Pract.i.tioner while master is only at the level of Awakening, how could he defeat you?”

“My thick thighs?”

Chi Liannu was enraged, she was on the brink of losing her temper at the insult; suddenly, Zhong Yue coughed and stopped them, he said, “Stop fooling around. Senior Martial Sister Chi Liannu is also going to the dragon race, that’s why we are together, and also, nothing has happened between the two of us.”

Chi Liannu’s eyes turned red and tears started to acc.u.mulate, she sobbed, “Are you going to deny what you’ve done to me? Junior martial brother, you are so cruel! I’ve conceived your child, we shall see how will you deny it when our child is born….”

Zhong Yue was annoyed, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to beat in this verbal fencing either, so he could only let her speak as she wanted. He then smirked and said in an attempt to stop her, “Senior martial sister, I hope you are daring enough to utter such words when we’ve arrived at the dragon race, I’d very much like to see which dragon expert would marry you by then!”

It was then Chi Liannu turned quiet and became more obedient.

As a direct result of her sudden silence, a surge of unease struck Zhong Yue who had been suffering her flirtatious words. He thought to himself, It seems like she is really concerned about her transcendence into the Jiao Dragon, or otherwise, how would she contain her impishness so willingly?

Qing He kept the skiff and the ladies all stood on the Jiao Dragons head. Mountains rippled like stationary sea waves while the dragons were the marching on the outlines of the waves. After traipsing towards the Jade Dragon Keep for over dozens of days, their destination was coming into their view.

The Jade Dragon Keep, the most spectacular and magnificent fortress that guarded over the coastline of East Barren; built atop a steep precipice that faced the vast ocean, the waters beneath it was the Eastern Sea where its tidal waves could reach up to hundreds of feet tall as they rammed incessantly into the indomitable precipice. The precipice was composed of no ordinary rock. It was covered with blood-drawn totem patterns, complex and abstruse, the totem patterns formed a bigger pattern of a coiling colossal dragon — The Jade Dragon Art, to fend off the mighty power of the vast ocean. 

While in the middle of the Jade Dragon Keep was a surging river that flowed through the middle of the majestic precipice and cascaded down into the ocean. The Barren Water was its name, it flowed from the West Barren through the Lian Yun Ridges, across the Savanna Wasteland into the East Barren and then through the Jade Dragon Keep into the ocean.

There were many aquatic monsters living in the river. They built their cave dwellings in the waters and established their forces there. Yu Xuanji was one of the many cultivated little monsters in the Barren Water when his teacher, the Jade Dragon Keep Keep Lord found him. 

Zhong Yue and the others came to this legendary keep atop of the Jiao Dragons. They gazed at it; the walls around the Jade Dragon Keep were tens of thousands of feet tall. The monstrous clouds paved the sky and in the keep, the monstrous air was even thicker and stronger.

Within the clouds, there was a jade colored colossal dragon, it was enormously huge, with its head raising up high staring at the Eastern Sea. 

Countless aquatic monsters lowered their heads and went down on their knees, offering their wors.h.i.+p to the legendary creature, giving the dragon an imposing manner of a G.o.d, like a saintly being. This dragon was the totem spirit of the Jade Dragon Keep — the Azure Dragon!

Zhong Yue was puzzled upon seeing it. However, before he could say anything else, Long Xia’er had already blurted out his doubts, “Why would the Jade Dragon Keep use the Azure Dragon as their totem spirit? Isn’t the Jade Dragon Keep the defense line against the dragon race? Why would the Azure Dragon spirit help the monster race fight against its own race?”

Qing He smiled and answered, “You all wouldn’t know it. But the totem spirit of the Jade Dragon Keep was just like Master Long, a dragon-monster hybrid. He was given unfair treatment in the dragon race due to his impure dragon bloodline, and eventually, he left his homeland and arrived at the East Barren. Here, he became a magnate cultivator and at the end of the day, ascended to the level of G.o.ds. He fought off the invasions of the celestial and dragon race, battled in and waged countless wars, and finally established the Jade Dragon Keep. The dragon art that is in the keep was painted with his own blood. Even after his death, the monsters along the Barren Water venerated him as their G.o.d and not a single day went by where they stopped their wors.h.i.+p.”

Chi Liannu nodded and continued, “My teacher is afraid that the【Monster G.o.d Ming King Art】would leak out, hence he hunted for Yu Xuanji and Hu Qimei in the middle of the night. However, despite his success in killing the Jade Dragon Keep Lord, Yu Xuanji had managed to escape from the Barren Water. It was the Azure Dragon spirit that stopped my teacher from continuing his pursuit, as he was also afraid of it.”

Zhong Yue was enlightened, s.h.i.+ Buyi had hidden flaws in his cultivation technique. He could not afford to engage in a protracted battle of that level; hence, he had no choice but to let Yu Xuanji go. 

The Jade Dragon Keep was heavily garrisoned, there were aquatic monsters everywhere and from far, they spotted Zhong Yue and the others.

“Chi Liannu! She’s one of the disciples of s.h.i.+ Buyi, Chi Liannu!”

“And Long Yue, he is also that evil brat s.h.i.+ Buyi’s disciple!”

“Their lives shall not be spared!”

Shouts came from the top of the keep wall as strong and formidable experts stirred the calm clouds into a raging storm. The peaceful water erupted into large tidal waves. One after another, the experts stood on top of the keep, there were even Heavenly Dharma level cultivators! The monstrous clouds pressed down as if the gloomy sky itself was falling down. Lightning struck incessantly in the midst of clouds — clearly, they had raised their killing intent towards the intruders!

It was right at this moment when a familiar voice came from the top of the keep wall into Zhong Yue’s ears, the voice was loud and dominating, “Dear martial uncles, I owe a great deal to Brother Long Yue, he saved my life not once, not twice, but thrice! We must not lose our decorum with him.”

As Yu Xuanji appeared among the Jade Dragon Keep cultivators, the cultivators all bowed and said in unison, “We greet the Young Keep Lord!”

Yu Xuanji then said sonorously, “Dear martial uncles, the gates of the Jade Dragon Keep will open wide for Senior Martial Brother Long Yue!”


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