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Chapter 216 - Greed

“Of course there is.”

Rays flashed in the eyes of the young man from the Jiao Dragon Race. He sneered frigidly and said, “The East Barren is an enormously vast land, how could it be simply managed by a Xiang Dragon? There are more dragons with higher n.o.ble bloodlines than you and an even greater number of dragons that surpa.s.s you in terms of strength! The Xiang Dragon Race only holds a minor position that is only a fine line above ordinary sea races. How dare you ever think of becoming the overlord that rules over the East Barren. How should I describe your wild ambition? A completely absurd delusion or a gross overestimation of your capabilities?”

Zhong Yue shook his head as he strode away and left, “It is true the East Barren is enormously vast; which means that there is plenty of unclaimed land for you and me to take for our own. If you are truly as talented and gifted as you proclaim yourself to be, you are more than welcome to establish your own territory in the East Barren. Build your own city or seize one, then you can slowly work your way through, one step after the last, until one day you become the overlord of the East Barren. However, if you can’t do it … then you might as well shut your mouth and just watch me.”

The East Barren was the land of the monster race. All these years, Zhong Yue would be the only one who had established his own territory other than the traitor of the dragon race who was also the founder the Jade Dragon Keep – the Azure Dragon.

The dragon-monster hybrid being that founded the Jade Dragon Keep held a great enmity against the dragon race. He had forged the Jade Dragon Keep into an impregnable fortress, a line of defense that stopped the dragon race from encroaching on the land. He, the legendary Azure Dragon, was the dragon race’s greatest humiliation.

In the past, there would have been other dragons that tried to claim the land as their own, building a dragon territory; but they had never succeed as the monster experts would ambush and obliterate them. In so many years, Zhong Yue had been the only one to successfully establish and maintain a territory in the East Barren. This was why Zhong Yue held such an important position in the hearts of the dragon elders, even granting him the appellation of the East Barren Lord.

However, Zhong Yue was indifferent to all these accolades, the Ao Clan of the dragon race was merely leveraging and taking advantage of him, stripping forty percent of his territory away for themselves. Even this trip to the dragon race was at the behest of the elders of the Ao Clan, as they intended to express their goodwill and win his loyalty over.

While Zhong Yue also harbored his own intentions, and that was, to pressure the monster race with the potential invasion of the dragon race, keeping the monster race preoccupied so that they would postpone their actions on the Great Wilderness. He was planning to let the tigers fight one another, borrowing the strength of the dragon to protect the humans of the Great Wilderness.

Otherwise, why would he risk himself by venturing deep into the land of monsters into the sea of dragons? Traipsing a long and arduous journey only to be met with the provocation of a young Jiao Dragon. Surely enough, he would not be happy with this sort of welcome from the dragon race.


That young Jiao Dragon’s face was experiencing a comical medley of expressions. If he dared to leave for the East Barren, the monster race would surely regard him as an intruder and exterminate him callously!

He was an Awakening Qi Pract.i.tioner, the dragon blood flowed within him granted him an inherently stronger prowess than his peers. But even so, it was impossible for him, a dragon Awakening Qi Pract.i.tioner, to carve a foothold for himself by himself in the East Barren. The only ending for him would in all likelihood be a horrible death!

“Long Yue, you are only from the Xiang Dragon Race, a dragon race that is only slightly superior to the sea race. You, a little dragon-monster creature dare to think of taking down the whole East Barren to become its overlord?”

A young girl from the Chi Dragon Race stepped forward and said, “Don’t you think that you’re asking too much? How vast and huge is the East Barren, how can it be handed over to just merely one Xiang Dragon? Without the Ao Clan, you are nothing! If you can do it, then surely we also can!”

Another young man from the Fish Dragon Race nodded and said insouciantly, “Senior martial sister is right, her words ring true. The East Barren relates to whether if we could successfully conquer the land. Long Yue, the Ao Clan is just using you, they need you now and that is why, you are the East Barren Lord. But as long as you’ve conquered more land, the Ao Clan will clear you out of the way and claim the land for themselves! At that point in time, you … will be nothing!”

The Po Dragon girl smiled and continued, “The Ao Clan is planning to claim the East Barren in their own hands, but how can we possibly just sit by and watch as they do it? The East Barren, will also be ours!”

The young Jiao Dragon nodded, “The East Barren will be divided into five for the clans — Ao, Jiao, Chi, Yu, Po.”

“And this is the perfect opportunity for us to become the East Barren Lord!”

Rays of intelligence flashed in the eyes of the Fish Dragon young man, he was thrilled, “If we can settle it perfectly, the dragon race will reevaluate us as a greater existence; we don’t have to stay in this Earth Courtyard anymore, and instead, we will be the East Barren Lords!”

The other dragon younglings were aroused, the East Barren was enormously vast, even if it was divided into five pieces, they would still be large pieces of land with an uncountable number of monsters and human slaves. The wealth that the land could bring is unimaginable!

The Chi Dragon girl cast her gaze over at Zhong Yue’s face and said smilingly, “As for you, although the Xiang Dragons are a low and humble race, you have contributed greatly to our success. Hence, you will be remunerated with a substantial amount of wealth. All you need to do now is to sign an agreement with us, that you will divide the land into five pieces to the five of us!”

Qing He’s heart thumped in fear as the conversation continued, her eyes were filled with terror as she gazed at Zhong Yue, He is really a dragon spy that is sent to the East Barren, trying to be the mighty ruler of the East Barren and bringing in the dragon race to enslave the monsters! What to do, what should I do? Teacher has already gifted me to him as a maidservant, should I still expose his secrets?

The young lady’s mind was stirring in chaos, she had heard so many secrets and she feared that Zhong Yue would kill her in order to conceal his secret. She was now deep within the territory of the dragon race, there was no way for her to run or hide.

“Four idiots, no wonder you all would be tossed to the Earth Courtyard for training.”

Zhong Yue shook his head and left with Qing He, he summoned a sea race seneschal and instructed, “Bring us to our room.”

The seneschal said humbly, “Young master, this way please.”

Suddenly, blurred figures emerged a few steps before him, the four dragons stopped his path while the young Jiao Dragon said smilingly, “Don’t leave yet, or was it that you thought you could run away from this? The Ao Clan will not be the only one to claim the East Barren, the other four clans must also be included. You can rely on the Ao Clan, and you can also rely on us of the other four clans. Today, we’ll stamp and set down the agreement on the distribution of our territories in the East Barren, then the clan elders will further discuss into the details!”

The Fish Dragon young man said smilingly, “You are too greedy, you don’t even know what the true meaning of being the East Barren Lord is. The East Barren is far too vast for the Ao Clan to secure themselves, they would inevitably distribute some to us of the other four clans.”

The Chi Dragon girl said, “If you only work with the Ao Clan, they will s.n.a.t.c.h over everything you’ve worked for! But if you work with the other four clans, you can still benefit from it!”

Zhong Yue, however, remained placid and replied, “Get lost.”

The dragons were piqued, they yelled in unison, “What did you just say?”

Zhong Yue’s tone was nowhere near as friendly as when they first greeted each other as he shed all pretenses of decorum, “Who are you, and what position do you hold that gave you the audacity to think you can negotiate about distribution the East Barren? Even the elders of your clans can only talk to me if they position themselves as the same status as me. Even the Ao Clan elders have to be careful of the way they treat me, requesting me to come over and offering me wealth. So, just exactly who are you all? I’ve already shown my courtesy by asking you lot to get lost.”

The young Jiao Dragon laughed out loud as greed continued to engulf his heart. He took a step forward as he said, “One needs to have the strength to match their status! If you want to talk to the elders, then I shall teach you the ways on how to have a proper conversation with the n.o.ble dragons!”


Five light wheels emerged on his back, spinning rapidly while he erupts his draconic aura. Casting his five Yuan Shen realms, he directed their pressure onto Zhong Yue while he sneered coldly, “Xiang Dragon is only one of the many low-level dragon races. You could only enter the East Barren because of the impure monster blood in you! How dare you, a low-level dragon with an impure bloodline, being so presumptuous in front of a n.o.ble dragon!?”

He blasted out all of his prowess, the totem patterns that formed his skills stirred and morphed into a ferocious Jiao Dragon, blasting over at Zhong Yue!

Casting the Jiao Dragon skill to its fullest potential, the air became flooded with an imposing and dignified aura that suppressed Qing He and the other sea races around them!

This was the inherent bloodline suppression that flowed in their blood. The other low-leveled races could only lower their heads in front of this pure and dominating draconic aura, always subject to the will of their superiors without the slightest modic.u.m of resistance!

Zhong Yue raised his hand and lashed out his palm, the palm mark that was half a mu in size slammed down, crus.h.i.+ng the totem patterned Jiao Dragon into ash. Meanwhile, a loud boom suddenly came from the middle of the palm mark as it slammed over towards the young Jiao Dragon.

The young dragon was shocked, he raised his hand in an attempt to block down the palm. Boom—— a loud din trembled the air, and it was as if he was a nail that was being hammered into the stone slabs.

The stone slabs were covered in totem patterns that augmented their hardness and durability; this was, after all, the Earth Courtyard where Ao Fenglou stayed in, a heavily guarded place of the Ao Clan; everything in here including the stone slabs, pillars or even the lamps were all enhanced with the totem patterns so that they would not be broken during combat.

And yet, Zhong Yue could nail him down into the stone slabs with just one strike, one could only infer how strong the palm strike that he released before was!

The young Jiao Dragon spout out a mouthful of blood, his visions blurred and his head spun. The dragon fangs in his mouth were broken and shattered. Shocked and humiliated, he struggled to get out but all his efforts were in vain as the stone slabs that contained him were so st.u.r.dy that it made all efforts futile!

Zhong Yue heavily stomped on his head, completely nailing him into the stone slabs with only his dragon horns in the air that looked like little saplings.

“When I was still an Awakening Qi Pract.i.tioner in the land of monsters, I was the strongest; and when I advanced into the level of Awakening, I am still the strongest. All this allowed me to be highly valued by the monster race, while at the same time being the object of their envy and jealousy. Do you really think that I am the East Barren Lord because of the Ao Clan?”

Glancing around at the other three dragons, Zhong Yue remained placid and said, “My dominion in East Barren isn’t backed by the Ao Clan or anyone else, but the blood of those that I’ve killed! You lot are so naive to the point that you can be said to be idiots. Today, allow me to teach you.”

Is he really that strong?

The other three dragons were shocked, they knew things had taken a turn for the worse and they were planning to retreat, It seems like it's impossible to force him to hand over the East Barren, we’d better tell the elders first….

Just when the Chi Dragon girl was trying to run away, Zhong Yue opened his palm, and his fingers, morphed into five Jiao Dragons, wreathed around her. As she was tightly clenched in his hands, he then slammed her down onto the ground, also nailing her into the stone slabs.

“Don’t you dare!”

The Fish Dragon young man quickly turned and ran, he shouted out loud, “You are only a half-blood dragon, your status and ident.i.ty is no match for mine, you….”


Zhong Yue slammed down, nailing him to the stone slabs. Meanwhile, another dragon girl had flown into the air as she made her way out of the courtyard. But the next second, she was trapped in the jaws of the Jiao Dragons and dragged back.

Zhong Yue slammed down again, and the dragon girl ended up just like her comrades, with only her head exposed above the ground.

She yelled, “Xiang Dragon, you are too presumptuous … En!”

Zhong Yue stomped down and hammered her completely into the stone slabs. Zhong Yue strode forward, the Po Dragon young girl and the Fish Dragon young man were also completely nailed to the ground.

While on the side, Qing He and the sea race seneschal were stunned, how n.o.ble were the members of the four clans Their ident.i.ties alone were higher than the Xiang Dragons; and yet, Zhong Yue had just humiliated them publicly; this would definitely stir up a storm in the dragon race!


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