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Chapter 219 - I Have Other Matters To Attend To

“Let me talk about it?”

Zhong Yue said in disbelief, “Brother Ao Chuan, are you really going to let me talk about this?”

He felt unbelievable as he was a human and he was surrounded by dragons, yet they were actually asking him to share and talk about his understanding of the dragons’ techniques!

Such request was just utterly incomprehensible such that no one would be able to bring themselves to believe it!

Ao Chuan then laughed and said, “You heard me, everyone has their very own weaknesses and strengths, I may be stronger than you now but my understanding on the【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】is nowhere close to yours. Perhaps even the elders of we Ao Clan would only be able to barely outperform you in terms of the【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】. These little brothers and sisters have yet to acquire a deep knowledge and understanding about【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】. With you sharing your knowledge and experience, you could potentially save them a huge amount of time in fully comprehending the art.”

Zhong Yue was indeed very outstanding as the【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】contained a hundred and forty-four images that depicted the movements of Jiao Dragons, which formed the foundation of the【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】art. But most dragons only knew how to practice the Jiao Dragons’ movement by strictly abiding by the guidelines of these pictures. Thus, their level of mastery would undoubtedly leave much to be desired. Among the many pract.i.tioners of the【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】, only a few including Zhong Yue had managed to grasp the crux of the art. This crux lied in the word ‘transformation’ – understanding this point would allow to freely use【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】to emulate a true Jiao Dragon.

Zhong Yue looked around, only to find the young dragons around him looking at him with eyes glazed in hope and expectation. This made it difficult for him to reject Ao Chuan’s request and so he ultimately acquiesced and said, “Alright, but I beg your pardons if I say something inaccurate.”

Ao Chaun laughed and said, “Even if you are wrong, I would be unable to tell and so would still continue to listen as if you were entirely right.”

Zhong Yue thought for a moment and started explaining his understanding and experiences of【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】to the young dragons while all of them looked and listened to Zhong Yue in silence.

As he continued talking and when the content of his discourse grew increasingly complicated, Zhong Yue even demonstrated the way he used【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】and formed the movements of the Jiao Dragons with his psyche, causing the dragons around him to listen quietly and intently focus on his teachings.

“Big Brother Qingtu, you are the strongest Awakening level Qi Pract.i.tioners in our Jiao Dragon race and that Long Yue may be able to defeat us but he definitely could not beat you.”

Then, a Jiao Dragon young man could be seen walking behind a dragon general and that young man was the Jiao Dragon young man that got trampled mercilessly by Zhong Yue back in the Earth Courtyard.

The Jiao Dragon young man then said, “He is a Xiang Dragon under the Ao Clan right now and he is now the lord of East Barren a.s.signed by the Ao Clan. Other than that, he has managed to build up his own power there and he is s.h.i.+ Buyi’s last disciple, the head of all monsters living in East Barren. The Ao Clan tried to conceal all of these as they want to have the entire East Barren for themselves, but now, this is our chance to become the lord of East Barren and even steal some of the Ao Clan’s profits!”

“The Lord of East Barren?”

The other young dragon named Jiao Qingtu who had quite a handsome face and was dressed in a general’s attire frowned and said, “The Ao Clan managed to have their power seep into the East Barren and they even succeeded? The lord of East Barren sounds very amazing but it is useless if he cannot survive. There are simply too many unpredictable events that could happen anytime in the East Barren. Even if this Long Yue managed to survive, he may not be able to become a magnate Qi Pract.i.tioner and the monsters may not necessarily deign to obey his orders either. I wonder if this thought has crossed your mind?”

The young Jiao Dragon man was stunned as just as Jiao Qingtu said, he indeed hadn’t thought of this point at all.

Jiao Qingtu then said again, “It is incredibly difficult to become the lord of all monsters. One mustn’t lack wisdom, intelligence, power, luck, talent, and people to become the lord of all monsters. There are also many strong individuals who would actively strive to deprive him of any chance to thrive. Therefore, the so-called Lord of East Barren is nothing but just a joke.”

The young Jiao Dragon man ]tensed up and pleaded, “Big Brother Qingtu, I got beaten up and even trampled into the ground by this b.l.o.o.d.y Xiang Dragon! How dare such a lowly race humiliate a n.o.ble like me. How can I let this matter go just like that! You are my dearest brother! If you don’t help me then who will?”

“And that is why I am here, to meet this Long Yue.”

Jiao Qingtu laughed and replied, “There are not many Awakening level Qi Pract.i.tioners that could slap you into the ground without any effort just like that and including me, there are only fewer than ten people among the five great clans our dragon race who could do so. But now, I am very interested and intrigued about this Long Yue who has seemingly appeared from nowhere and manage to do all of this … En?”

He sensed something and he quickly walked towards the center of the Dragon City while the young Jiao Dragon man followed behind him and shouted, “Big Brother Qingtu, the Earth Courtyard, where that Long Yue is staying is right over there….”

Jiao Qingtu ignored his words and he continued to walk forward quickly and that was when he heard a voice talking about the ways of how to use【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】and he saw many Ao Clan’s disciples sitting in a circle in the center of the Dragon City.

And in the middle of the circle, someone was demonstrating the【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】, the unique technique that belonged to the Jiao Dragons!

Jiao Dragons are extremely proficient in combat and they possess incredibly high combat power, and the【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】was one of their strongest techniques that were very well-known among the other dragon races.

There were many dragons in the Dragon City that cultivated this technique but they were always no match for the Jiao Dragons due to the difficulty in understanding the more esoteric aspects of the art.

But now, when Jiao Qingtu heard the voice explaining the【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】, he was greatly shaken as he felt that the person explaining possessed an exceptional understanding of the【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】technique, even almost on par with himself, if not even stronger.

In regards to some aspects of the art, Jiao Qingtu was unable to compete with that person and he was enlightened on things that he never would’ve fathomed until he heard the voice explaining【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】 – this fact greatly amazed him.

No wonder there are so many disciples listening to him. His understanding on the【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】is far superior to almost anyone in the Ao Clan, I’m afraid he has already mastered the【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】.

Jiao Qingtu’s vision then brushed through the many disciples listening to Zhong Yue before landing on the Zhong Yue himself. Jiao Qingtu then thought, So young! I thought it was an elder from the Ao Clan that was expounding on the【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】! Being able to acquire such deep understanding on this technique, his talent must be very good and perhaps no weaker than mine. Could it be that he is a young dragon cultivated by the Ao Clan secretly and currently preparing to demonstrate his strengths in the Ancestral Dragon Ritual?  

The young Jiao Dragon man squeezed forward and when he saw Zhong Yue who was explaining the【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】, his face changed and he quickly said, “Big Brother Qingtu….”

Out of his expectation, Jiao Qingtu raised his hand and said, “Stay quiet, listen to his sharing carefully as it is incredibly beneficial to you.”

The face of the young Jiao Dragon man turned red and when he wanted to say something, Jiao Qingtu waved his hand and sent out an invisible Qi that sealed his mouth, robbing him of his ability to speak.

Jiao Qingtu then continued listening to Zhong Yue’s lecture on the【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】and tried to corroborate Zhong Yue’s understanding on the technique with his own. He then thought in shock, Such a deep and thorough comprehension! He must be a young and genius secretly cultivated by the Ao Clan. His understanding on the【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】is nearly unparalleled among those his age! Maybe the elders are not even as good as him!

After a very long time when Zhong Yue explained fully about his knowledge on the【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】, the dragons around him still remained quiet as they were still absorbing the knowledge shared by Zhong Yue. Then, Ao Chuan first stood up and clapped as he said, “Wonderful, truly wonderful! Brother, your understanding of the【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】are far superior to the Jiao Dragons and maybe none of the Jiao Dragons would be able to compete with you in terms of knowledge on the【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】!”

Ao Chuan was greatly amazed by Zhong Yue as Zhong Yue was really sharing his understanding on the【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】selflessly without holding anything back.

However, the benefits that the dragon disciples would be able to glean from this fortuitous opportunity would ultimately depend on their own talent and comprehension.


Jiao Qingtu walked out and said, “This brother’s knowledge in【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】is truly marvelous but I think the saying that none from the Jiao Clan could compete with him is slightly exaggerating as many of our Jiao Clan’s members have also managed to reach the same level as this brother. Greetings brother, I am Jiao Qingtu from the Jiao Clan and may I know how should I address you, brother.”

Zhong Yue greeted back and he said, “I am Long Yue from the Xiang Dragon Race.”

“Long Yue? Which Long Yue?”

Jiao Qingtu’s face changed slightly and when he looked at the young Jiao Dragon man, the young man whispered to him, “I was trying to tell you that this man here is that Long Yue that beat me up….”

Jiao Qingtu’s expression returned to normal and a strong battle intent started to rise within him as he said with a smile, “The Lord of East Barren, Long Yue? Your talent is indeed very high as there are fewer than ten of us that could put up a match with you! Right now, I wish to challenge you. What do you say?”

Zhong Yue looked at the Jiao Dragon young man beside him and he frowned.

Upon seeing this, Jiao Qingtu laughed and said, “This is my incompetent brother, you beat him up and he came to me when I returned from the suppression of the rebels to complain about you. Originally, I wanted to teach you a lesson for beating him up but I have changed my mind now!”

Jiao Qingtu then said as his unleashed his aura, “To be able to fight with someone as strong as you and to compete in our understanding of the【Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms】is very fortuitous opportunity!”

Zhong Yue’s interest was also piqued by his proposition and he replied, “If that’s the case then Brother Qingtu can just tell me where and when and I will show up at the appointed time and place.”

As soon as Jiao Qingtu wanted to say something, an old man approached them quickly and shouted with a thunderous voice, “Which one of you is Long Yue?”

Behind that old man was a girl, which was the Chi Dragon girl that was slammed into the ground by Zhong Yue and the girl pointed at Zhong Yue as she said, “That’s him!”

Zhong Yue frowned as this old man was an elder level and even if he was not, he was a Heavenly Dharma level Qi Pract.i.tioner that possessed a deep cultivation base. The old man then reached out his hand and grabbed towards Zhong Yue!

At the same time, another hand flew in from the other side and slapped the old man’s hand away. Then, another old man could be seen and he said, “Chi Jun, Long Yue does not only belong to your Chi Clan, our Yu Clan also own part of him!”

“Yu Clan? What about our Po Clan?”

“And our Jiao Clan!”

One after another, strong individuals entered the scene and they forced away the many dragon disciples around, trapping Zhong Yue in the middle.

The old man from Li Clan smirked and said, “This Long Yue beat up my disciple and I have come to retaliate. Are you going to stop me?”

“He also beat up my grandson, I am here teach him a lesson!” said the old man from Yu Clan with a smile.

The Po Clan’s old lady laughed and said, “A mere Xiang Dragon Race’s disciple that dares to humiliate a disciple of a higher bloodline needs to be educated properly before he strays even further from the righteous path.”

The Jiao Clan’s old man replied, “And some reimburs.e.m.e.nt for the damage he has done to our Jiao Clan.”

Around them, the many dragon disciples felt curious as to why these people were surrounding Zhong Yue while Jiao Qingtu’s face changed slightly and he whispered to a Jiao Dragon Clan’s disciple, “You reported this to the clan?”

The Jiao Dragon Clan’s disciple nodded, causing Jiao Qingtu to sigh as he thought, Are the higher ups dumb? Why are they taking the t.i.tle of Lord of East Barren so seriously? It is just way too difficult to become the conqueror of the entire East Barren!”

The four old people looked at each other and they laughed and said at the same time, “Then let the four of us represent our clans and together, we will seize this brat and ask for reimburs.e.m.e.nt from him!”

Then they all grabbed towards Zhong Yue and with their strengths at the level of Heavenly Dharma, the power they unleashed was simply terrifying! At that moment, a hand flew out from the deepest part of the Dragon Palace with unstoppable force, slamming towards the four old people, injuring them heavily and sending them flying in all directions with little to no effort!

“Stop meddling around!”

From the Dragon Palace, a voice could be heard saying, “Long Yue, come and see me.”

The dragon disciples were all stunned and all they could do was watch at the scene with an empty mind while Jiao Qingtu and Ao Chuan was among one of them. Then, Ao Chuan murmured, “The Clan Master has returned….”

Zhong Yue turned around and said, “Brother Qingtu, pick a place and time and after that, notify me. I have other matters to attend to, see you.”


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