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Chapter 223 - The True Target

“He is dead for sure! The Ao Clan ancestor’s spirit had slashed his mortal body with the Coiling Dragon Sword. That Kun Peng magnate cultivator’s mortal body and Yuan Shen is not strong enough to fight off the power of the Coiling Dragon Sword left in his body and soon, he would not have lasted long before his Yuan Shen disintegrated….”

All of a sudden, Xin Huo was stunned, he realized the reason why Zhong Yue chose the Peng feather, exclaiming in shock, “You are aiming for the Divine Wing Saber?”

Zhong Yue smiled and said, “After that Kun Peng Race magnate died, the Divine Wing Saber would be an unclaimed treasure. This Kun Peng Race magnate would not go to Sha Qishan nor the other Kun Peng Race experts as they are all now hunted by the Eastern Sea dragon race. If he approaches to them, there is a possibility that they will lose the Divine Wing Saber again. Furthermore, if Sha Qishan can betray the dragon race, he can also betray the Kun Peng Race, which was why he didn’t fully trust Sha Qishan either. Hence, I think that he would have hidden hide away the Divine Wing Saber, and wait for the arrivals of the next batch of Kun Peng experts to come and take away the Divine Wing Saber.”

Xin Huo was thrilled, he said, “And you’ve chose this Peng feather which is a part of the Divine Wing Saber, as long as you release it, this Peng feather would find its way back to the Divine Wing Saber! Which means, we can use it to find the saint weapon of the Kun Peng Race….”

The saint weapon!

They were the divine weapons among the divine weapons!

Just thinking of it makes them shudder in excitement!

Zhong Yue forcibly suppressed the excitement in his heart and said, “But there is a problem, the Divine Wing Saber’s G.o.dly aura is incredibly strong, it won’t be easy to bring it away.”

The Divine Wing Saber was a divine weapon that was on par with the dragon race’s Coiling Dragon Sword, even getting close to it would be incredibly difficult. With Zhong Yue’s prowess now, he would be disintegrated into dust by the G.o.dly aura before he would even get close to it!

Xin Huo was also troubled, suddenly, he said, “Did you bring that copper lamp of mine?”

Zhong Yue nodded, the copper lamp was placed in the medicine basket before he was an Awakening Qi Pract.i.tioner, and now, he was storing it his Yuan Shen realms. Although the realms were not very big, they were sufficient to store smaller items like soul weapons and the like.

“It’s good that you’ve brought along the copper lamp, that lamp of mine was forged by the first Sui Sovereign, the s.p.a.ce in it that stores the lamp oil can easily contain even the thousand mile long Divine Wing Saber!”

 Xin Huo pondered and continued, “Now, the only issue is that you can’t pick the Divine Wing Saber up, you can’t even use this saint weapon.”

“What? How big is the s.p.a.ce inside of the copper lamp?”

Zhong Yue was stunned, he never thought that the s.p.a.ce inside of the copper lamp would be so huge. The Divine Wing Saber was a thousand miles long and Xin Huo said the copper lamp could easily contain it; clearly, the copper lamp was not as simple as it appeared to be at first glance!

“I’ll keep the Divine Wing Saber in the copper lamp for now, because one day in the future, I’ll definitely be able to wield it!”

As he stopped to discuss with Xin Huo in his psyche ocean, Ao Longan thought that he was hesitating about his decision on the Peng feather, shocked and anxious, Ao Longan quickly said, “You can only choose one. And once you’ve chosen, you can’t change your decision! So, why aren’t you moving now?”

Zhong Yue and Ao Longan walked out of the Million Treasure Pavilion, both of them were content with the outcome of this trip. Right away, as Ao Longan have chased Zhong Yue away from the Million Treasure Pavilion, he immediately went back to the golden palace to report to the clan master. 

The elderly clan master laughed, “Well done! That Peng feather can’t be repaired without the Kun Peng totem patterns, it has been left in the Million Treasure Pavilion for tens of thousands of years and no one would ever be able to make it s.h.i.+ne again. It should’ve been thrown away a long time ago. Junior Martial Brother Longan, you’ve rendered a significant merit by being able to sacrifice trash for a treasure!”

Ao Longan was also overjoyed, he said smilingly, “This is all because of the greed of that little human brat’s heart. He might’ve thought that the Peng feather is extraordinary as it was part of the Kun Peng Race saint weapon, but little did he knew, that he had just wasted a huge opportunity done by choosing it.”

“Humans … always so lacking in foresight.”

The elderly clan master laughed, “The other four clans are still suppressing that Sha Qishan’s rebellion. New intelligence has just arrived, the Kun Peng experts that teleported here have been annihilated, but the severely wounded Sha Qishan managed to escape to the demon territory across the seas. The dragon race and the demon race hold a deep enmity against one another. There is a great risk in hunting for him in the land of the demons. The four clans are coming to the Dragon City for a round of discussion on whether or not we should send five magnates with five divine weapons into the land of demons to take down that traitor. Furthermore, the Ancestral Dragon Ritual of the dragon race is drawing near, we will also have to discuss about the details and nominate the candidates for the quota of dragons!”

Ao Longan nodded, these two matters were of great importance, they must be carried out without a single mistake.

Especially the Ancestral Dragon Ritual, they would have to choose the best dragons in the levels in the Spirit Nurturing to Inner Core level; in this grandest ritual of the dragon race, the dragons would have to go through a series of bone-rattling battles before the Ancestral Dragon would bestow his blessings to the best dragons of each level!

“This Zhong Shan Clan member is very greedy, how dare he thinks of taking part in the ritual to gain the blessings from the Ancestral Dragon, he is destined to return disappointed.”

The elderly clan master smiled, “But I did promise him a spot, and the dragons never go back on our words. He will be given a spot but if he was defeated in the battles, he can only blame himself for his lack of ability. Also, remember to keep close watch of him, the other clans must not be able to get in touch with him! And one last thing, what was said here, stays here; his ident.i.ty as a human must not be exposed, as this is his secret that the Ao Clan will use to subdue him! If the other clans knew about it, he will no longer be ours to control!”

Ao Longan concurred, he then left to go and prepare for the events.

In the Earth Courtyard, Zhong Yue calmed himself down and carefully nourished the Peng Feather Golden Sword with his atman. The seriously damaged Peng Feather Golden Sword was now even weaker than the ordinary soul weapons. There were too many cracks on it and nearly all of the Kun Peng totem patterns on it were broken. With the remnant power of the Coiling Dragon Sword inside it, the Peng Feather Golden Sword was too weak to take any more blows at all, even if he were to nourish it with his atman, he would still have to be meticulously cautious. 

He dared not add any totem patterns to the Peng feather, afraid that it would completely destory the golden sword. He could only continue to nourish it with his atman so that the Peng feather would turn into his own soul weapon and regard him as its master.

“The dragon race is known for their stinginess, the higher the position they hold, the more stingy they would be. They want to conquer the East Barren but they are unwilling to pay any price at all, only willing to give me a feather. However, this feather will soon be the dagger that makes their hearts bleed in pain!”

Zhong Yue could feel his atman seeping into the Peng feather as it was refined by him. Soon, he could control it freely as he liked; however, the Peng feather remained fragile and powerless. He sent it a hundred miles and was able to clearly perceive its position, but he thought, This isn’t enough, I need to nourish and refine it to the extent where I can sense it wherever it goes, that’s when I would be able to find the Divine Wing Saber!

This Peng feather could not be in touch with the sunlights, once he had taken it out from the shade, there would be a surge of strange and odd force that attracts it that would make it want to fly out of his hands. 

This was because the Peng feather was part of the Divine Wing Saber, not a day would pa.s.s that it didn’t long to return back to where it belonged – the Divine Wing Saber. Zhong Yue could only keep it locked away in his Yuan Shen secret realms so that it would not fly away.

The deep sea was perennially steeped in darkness, and if the Peng feather were to leave now, he would not be able to sense its whereabouts once it a radius of a hundred miles of his position. He would have to keep on nouris.h.i.+ng it with his atman to the point it became a part of his atman, that was when he could start his expedition in searching for the Divine Wing Saber.

“Brat Yue, we’re being watched by the dragon experts.” abruptly, Xin Huo said.

With a thought, Zhong Yue walked around the courtyard under Xin Huo’s guidance, along the way, he indeed saw many dragon experts around his room. They were hiding their breaths and auras, but he could still sense their terrifyingly strong presence. There were even two Ao Clan elders!

The Ao Clan is worrying that I’ll get in touch with the other clans and cooperate with them.

He was very clear himself, the Ao Clan had already regarded the East Barren as their’s. Surely, they would not allow him to come into contact with the other clans. He thought, Pity, if only I can cooperate with a few more clans, I would be able to gain more benefits….

He had thought of cooperating with different clans to reap the benefits of playing multiple sides, but the Ao Clan had implemented their measure before he was able to act. They even tasked their dragons to follow him to the toilet, not to mention when he was out on the city streets, the dragons were all so highly vigilant that they nearly went to far as surrounding him in the street center. 

When Qing He’s eyes were fully recovered, Zhong Yue sent her out to gather some intelligence, and even she was surrounded by the Ao Clan experts.

Fine then, I’ve already gotten two huge benefits, there is no need to stir the pot, or otherwise, the Ao Clan might stab me in the back if I cross the line.

Zhong Yue gave up on his plan and continued nouris.h.i.+ng the Peng feather.

This day, Ao Fenglou had returned back to the Earth Courtyard, he was tasked to annihilate the remaining forces of Sha Qishan’s army. He led the dragon armies to wage war from all over the Eastern Sea. Although he was young, he was a great dragon that was nearly at the grade of the magnates, he was truly a young and promising talent who was stronger than most of the dragon elders.

The power he commanded was greater than most of the dragon elders, and the position he held was higher than young generals such as Ao Xiu and the like, or otherwise, the Earth Courtyard would not be under his control at all. The Earth Courtyard, as the name suggested, was a dragon race department that was in charge of the matters regarding the earthly lands.

Right when Ao Fenglou returned, he invited Zhong Yue over and they had a talk; when he found out that Zhong Yue was given a treasure from the Million Treasure Pavilion and special permission from the elderly clan master to partake in the dragon race’s Ancestral Dragon Ritual, his facial expression slightly changed before returning to its usual calm.

“Clan master, the dragon race is not sincere in this matter, since you’ve promised him a treasure, just give him the best we have!”

Ao Fenglou bowed to greet the clan master, he then raised his head and said, “We shouldn’t have given him a useless feather. Although he is fine now, when he finds out that the feather is useless in the future, he would harbor resentment towards the dragon race!”

However, the elderly clan master smiled and replied, “Fenglou, he chose the feather himself, so how can he hold grudges to the dragon race?”

Ao Fenglou’s face stiffened as he sighed quietly in his heart and said, “Then what about the Ancestral Dragon Ritual? He is not a dragon, no matter what he does, he will never receive the blessings of the Ancestral Dragon. He doesn’t know about this fact yet, but paper can’t hide a fire. He will come to know the truth one of these days, and by then, he would know that the dragon race was never sincere to him! This time, Zhong Yue has traveled millions of miles to the Eastern Sea, the dragon race should act as his support, wholeheartedly backing him so that he would swear his loyalty to the dragon race! Treating him like this and not willing to bare even the slightest of losses in securing his loyalty will only serve to drive him further away from us!”

While the elderly clan master suddenly laughed, “Fenglou, you are still too young and naive. Regardless of how well the dragon race treats him, his loyalty will never lie with dragon race but instead, the only race he has always had and always will have in his heart – the human race. Furthermore, the dragon race is only working with him in appearance, wouldn’t the dragon race one day take over the whole of East Barren? It’s only a matter of time before we turn into enemies, so, wouldn’t giving him treasures now be like supporting our enemies?”

Ao Fenglou was stunned, he felt helpless and powerless in his heart. He sighed and answered, “Since the clan master has decided, then Fenglou has nothing else to say.”

He didn’t want to stay any longer and returned back to the Earth Courtyard immediately, he saw Zhong Yue and his heart was unsettled with guilt. A few moments later, he said, “Junior Martial Brother Zhong, if you have any hards.h.i.+ps or difficulties in the future, you can come to me at any time. I will do anything I can to help you as much as possible!”

Wowowoww, some bug is going on here man! Does this mean that he will be getting a saint weapon for himself?! This is insane mate! Someone please call the police! There is some plot-armor going on here!


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