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Chapter 428 - Fifty Thousand Years Ago

Zhong Yue continuously struck out with the【Celestial Demon Yi】. Without his limbs, Xia Zhongjin could only endure the attacks with the sheer strength of his mortal body.

His hairs flew in the sky like swords, thrusting crazily at Zhong Yue as he tried to fight back.

Meanwhile, Xia Zhongjin gritted his teeth, intentionally breaking them to shoot at Zhong Yue's face. The broken teeth fragments were like the soul weapons, containing immense power as they struck onto Zhong Yue's Shao Hao Bell. Instantly, the broken teeth made numerous perforations on the Shao Hao Bell, and an equal number of b.l.o.o.d.y holes were opened up on Zhong Yue's body.

Xia Zhongjin was stunned by his own work, his eyes lit up, and his heart jumped with joy, This brat's defensive skill is not as strong before!

He was overjoyed. But in the next second, Xia Zhongjin was sent flying away while the【Celestial Demon Yi】was also sucking him back at same time. Pulling his hairs into the【Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art】and crus.h.i.+ng them away!

The two opposing forces pulled his neck to hundreds of feet long, nearly tearing his body apart!

Left with no choice, Xia Zhongjin could only shatter the remainder of the bones surrounding his mouth and shoot them at Zhong Yue again.

Meanwhile, Zhong Yue had launched another【Celestial Demon Yi】that struck on his neck, Xia Zhongjin could only feel his bones crack on his neck, and it was just a fine line away from decapitation!

Xiao Zhongjin was then forced to break his own hair away to escape from the【Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art】. His hairs then enlarged into sharpened tentacles that supported him off the ground like spider legs. He then started running away from Zhong Yue's 【Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art】.

Just as Zhong Yue was going to dash over to end his life for good; Peng Qianqiu and Peng Jinyi arrived. He then immediately turned and left.

Xia Zhongjin's hair moved at a rapid pace, carrying him for hundreds of miles before he lay on the ground. Bones were cracking in his body, wounds were breaking open, and blood flowed out of his body as if he were a perforated water balloon. He lay on the ground like mud as blood continued to spurt from his mouth uncontrollably.

"d.a.m.n! I'm a great Martial Heavenly Master, never once has anyone dared to defy me! Let alone put me in such a state!"

Xia Zhongjin bellowed in agony, and a mouthful of blood escaped his mouth like water shooting from a geyser. He suffered immense pain as he forcibly rearranged his internal organs and pushed his bones back into place. He then ate a medicinal pellet that stemmed the bleeding.

Meanwhile, Zhong Yue then rushed over to the other Martial Heavenly Master Xia Zhongguang. He used the same tactic, and with the endless strikes of the 【Celestial Demon Yi】, he dealt a significant amount of damage to Xia Zhongguang before leaving immediately.

Just as Xia Zhongjin finally managed to curb his injuries, a pair of wings rushed into his vicinity, and he lost control of his injuries as he spurted out a mouth of blood again. Zhong Yue flew toward him with overflowing killing intent, and Xia Zhongguang let out a shocked cry before quickly running away again with his hair.

"Mister Xia, stop, I promise I won't hit you to death!" Zhong Yue shouted at him.

Xia Zhongjin nearly spurted out another mouth of blood. He couldn't even grit his teeth anymore as he had already shot them out as weapons at Zhong Yue. Now, there wasn't anything left of his mouth, only the tongue - it formed a grotesque sight.

Zhong Yue rushed over toward him. Xia Zhongjin was trying to get as far awy from Zhong Yue as he could while thinking in his heart, A Heavenly Dharma giant chasing after a magnate, this is most probably the first time such a thing has ever happened. However, the Kun Peng Celestial Race magnates will surely be able to kill him. The world won't know about this … Oh d.a.m.n! Those two bigmouths, Peng Qianqiu and Peng Jinyi, will surely tell the world!

His heart became filled with shame and humiliation. Suddenly, bright rays appeared in front of him, and the earth quaked as G.o.dly lights blasted out from the ground. They got increasingly stronger with every second and shrouded the G.o.dly mountains.

Peng Qianqiu and Peng Jinyi were shocked, Xia Zhongjin and Xia Zhongguang's heart also skipped a beat. They had then slowed down their speed and meticulously avoided the G.o.dly rays.

The earth quaked continuously, and the G.o.dly rays threaded out from the ground like fountain water. The G.o.dly rays were growing stronger, and they were increasing exponentially. Soon, the five of them were covered in the G.o.dly rays, and everything in sight was soon submerged in the marvelous golden light.

"What is happening?" Peng Jinyi shouted a question.

Xia Zhongguang and Xia Zhongjin were also shocked, Xia Zhongguang then mumbled, "I … don't know. This has never happened in the West Barren before…"

Zhong Yue looked around. The G.o.dly rays came from underground, they filled the sky and covered every corner, shrouding the imperial court and the G.o.dly mountains. Everywhere within a radius of 10,000 miles was steeped in the G.o.dly light.

From afar, the G.o.dly rays filled the sky around the G.o.dly mountains, and it was truly an amazing scene to look at, pure and saintly.


The earth quaked again and countless grandiose palaces extruded out from underground, emanating incredible light rays to the surroundings!

In just minutes, the mountainous land was reformed into an imperial court surrounded by G.o.dly palaces!

Countless G.o.d-tier totem patterns emerged out of thin air that filled the sky and paved the ground. As the celestial emperor's imperial court emerged, a powerful aura billowed out in all directions, sweeping even the tiniest specks of dust away from the ground and suppressing Zhong Yue and the others down onto the ground.

They stifled a pained groan, and Peng Qianqiu and Peng Jinyi spread their wings. But they could only fly for ten feet high from the ground before the immense pressure pushed them down close to the ground.

The G.o.dly aura was too strong and heavy. Even the Kun Peng magnates couldn't fly at all.

Peng Jinyi moved his limbs around and said frigidly, "Our arcane energies are also suppressed. If that's the case, why don't we just kill him on the ground! We Kun Peng Celestial Race have the strongest mortal body in this world!"

The two big Peng birds then turned into the human form. They strode in pursuit of Zhong Yue. While right at this time, huge figures were appearing within the G.o.dly palaces.

It looked like as if the G.o.ds in the imperial court from 50,000 years ago had all been revived!

Suddenly, Zhong Yue's body froze for a split second — a three-headed, six-armed G.o.d walked right past Zhong Yue's body, and immediately, he felt his muscles and bones, internal organs, and blood quivering rapidly as if something had walked right through his body.

"Ey? The phantom of the ancient G.o.ds!"

In Zhong Yue's psyche ocean, a thrilled Xin Huo looked at the surroundings, and he mumbled, "Is this how the West Barren imperial court looked 50,000 years ago? But how did such an imperial court sink into the ground and disappear into the soil? More importantly, why did it appear now? There must be something that triggered this event!"

Zhong Yue strode forward, and he sprinted through the streets. He headed toward the center of the imperial court, and behind him, Peng Qianqiu and Peng Jinyi were chasing after him, even Xiao Zhongjin and Xia Zhongguang were coming after him while they moved with their hairs.

They were the Martial Heavenly Masters. In a situation where Zhong Yue couldn't use arcane energy, they were still strong enough to kill Zhong Yue in the imperial court even without their limbs!

The five of them zipped through the imperial city. Above them, the G.o.dly figures were also moving toward the center of the imperial G.o.d. The giant legs stomped into the ground as the G.o.ds walked. They were so huge that a single step of theirs was equivalent to nearly tens Zhong Yue's!

Occasionally, these legs would land right through their bodies, casing their bodily structures to quiver and their hearts to tremble.

Soon, Zhong Yue arrived at a huge plaza that was paved with jade stones. Thousands of G.o.ds were gathered in the plaza while in front of the G.o.ds was a grandiose observation deck - a raised platform for the celestial emperor.

Countless G.o.dly figures were still rus.h.i.+ng over. Soon, there were more than tens of thousands of G.o.ds gathered in the plaza with even more arriving!

Zhong Yue rushed through the sides of the G.o.ds, sprinting forward. At this point, there were already tens of thousands of G.o.ds in here!

However, despite the large number of G.o.ds gathered in the same place, there was no sound at all, not even the sound of breathing.

Zhong Yue rushed up to the observation deck, and suddenly, a stronger force of aura rammed down from the sky and pressed him down onto the ground. He struggled to retain control of his mortal body, to move even a strand of muscle. It felt like he was a sinner condemned to carry the G.o.dly mountains on his back.

The G.o.dly rays then shone brighter than ever, and an imposing figure walked out from the imperial court, ambling onto the observation deck.

It was the celestial emperor's phantom. Right at the moment he appeared, an aura that was beyond imagination glutted the air. It was ethereal yet unyielding, calm yet tumultuous. The tens of thousands of G.o.ds in the plaza then knelt in reverence to their emperor!

Pu-tong, pu-tong.

Two loud voices resounded through the plaza, the two Martial Heavenly Masters Xia Zhongjin and Xia Zhongguang had followed Zhong Yue here. The instant they stepped foot into the plaza, a wave of G.o.dly aura rammed down at their bodies and forced them to fall to the ground. They pressed their heads to the floor so hard that it made a crack on their skulls. A stream of blood then flowed down from their foreheads.

It wasn't that they wanted to do so, but the G.o.dly aura was way too strong for them to even entertain the thought of resisting. The G.o.dly aura struck pierced through their thoughts and broke their minds, making them bow to the celestial emperor of their own accord.

However, as they had no limbs, it was impossible for them to kneel, and so their whole body laid on the ground.

Meanwhile, Peng Qianqiu and Peng Jinyi also strode into the plaza. They rushed toward the observation deck, but the further they walked, the slower they became.

Cold sweat burst out from their foreheads, and suddenly, Peng Jinyi collapsed onto the ground, kneeling down at the celestial emperor's phantom like the other phantoms.

Peng Qianqiu gritted his teeth and fought back against the pressure. However, it wasn't long before the last Kun Peng magnate was brought to his knees.

The celestial emperor was the supreme leader of the Ancestral Star and its surrounding planets. He was the one who ruled 50,000 years ago. And He was known as Celestial Emperor Bi Xie.

These tens of thousand G.o.ds were Celestial Emperor Bi Xie's subordinates, and one of them included Lord Xia and Lord Kun!

If even Xia Zhongjin, Xia Zhongguang, Peng Qianqiu, and Peng Jinyi's grand ancestors were kneeling at the emperor's feet; how could they, the descendants of those servants, not do the same?

On the observation deck, Zhong Yue's clothes were soaked in his own cold sweat. His legs were quivering, and he was on the brink of kneeling. In Zhong Yue's eyes, the Celestial Emperor Bi Xie who stood in front was growing ever so larger, to the point that he seemed to cover the entirety of heaven and earth.

"I … am the descendant of the great f.u.xi Heavenly Monarchs, the lineage of the Earthly Sovereigns and I … do not heed to a mere celestial emperor like you!"

Zhong Yue gritted his teeth so hard that blood began to trickle down his mouth. He cast out the【Sui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Art】in his psyche ocean; the Fire Order Palace, Flame Tree, and Sui Sovereign then emerged in his psyche ocean. Immediately, the pressure acting on him to kneel greatly reduced, but the G.o.dly aura was still pressing on his mortal body!

Zhong Yue then moved his leg as he began to take one step after another.


His skin cracked, and blood flowed down to the deck floor. Every step he took would leave a b.l.o.o.d.y footprint on the ground as he slowly walked away from Celestial Emperor Bi Xie's phantom. When he reached to the edge of the observatory deck, he leaped back down to the plaza.

The G.o.dly aura was then greatly reduced, and he heaved a breath of relief and thought, The Kun Peng magnates are suppressed by the G.o.dly aura, it is a perfect opportunity to kill them now!

Just as he was moving toward Peng Jinyi, a colossal horn pierced through the cloud layers and appeared above the divine court. It was 1000 miles long and shaped like an ox's horn with layers after layers of demonic Qi flowing around it.

Then, a low and mournful voice reverberated through the silent plaza. The emergence of the imperial court, the appearance of the many G.o.ds and the celestial emperor were all soundless as they were merely phantoms. But the horn was a true corporeal artifact!

As the sound traveled into Zhong Yue's ears, his mind became as blank as a piece of white paper. The sounds of the horn nearly pulverized his Yuan Shen into granules, and Zhong Yue's eyes became filled by the color of raging red. His rationality and ability became supplanted by a blind and berserk rage that made him launch out a flurry of crazed attacks at the surrounding G.o.dly figures!

Meanwhile, the G.o.ds reacted the same way to the sounding horn, their eyes turned red, and they launched attacks at the other G.o.ds around them. The whole plaza was plunged into chaos and disorder, and blood sprinkled the air and flooded the ground. Severed limbs scattered across the floor and corpses piled up into little hills!

But they were just phantoms in the end ... phantoms that were replaying a scene that occurred 50,000 years ago!

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