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Chapter 438 - Emergence of The Returning Ruins

Not far away from Kun Lun, there existed a star system within the primal chaos. The stars and planets disorderly revolved around its center. Sometimes, they would even go backwards and crash into other stars. At the center of all of it was a huge planter, and it was the place within the torrential storm that had a semblance of tranquillity. The natives called it — A'th.o.e.r.

Back when the Kun Lun imperial court was destroyed, one of the pieces carried the demon G.o.ds and crashed here, forming the what came to be known as A'th.o.e.r.

The demon G.o.ds took this place as their new home, forming a planet of demons. However, the location of A'th.o.e.r was very perilous, there was danger everywhere, and oftentimes, there would even be splintered star fragments cras.h.i.+ng into the planet. Thus, making it barely hospitable for even the strongest demons.

When you stood above the clouds and looked into the vast galaxy, all you could see were planets and stars revolving around you. There was no pattern, no flow, and no direction to the movement - it was the quintessence of chaos. As such, a natural cage was formed around the demon planet A'th.o.e.r, making it almost impossible for the A'th.o.e.r Qi Pract.i.tioners to leave the planet.

However, the demon G.o.ds were able to leave, but the dangers in the journey were still enough to threaten their lives.

Today, the war horn sounded. In the heavenly palace of A'th.o.e.r, the demon G.o.ds led their outstanding disciples alongside with them, and they all looked into the sky.

The chaotic stars and planets became even more turbulent, abruptly changing direction, with some flying out like a boomerang, some flying out in a straight line, and some crushed into pieces along the way.

While in the heavenly palace, an ancient demon G.o.d, whose aura was no different from that of an ordinary man, tardily stood up. He raised his hand, pointing in one direction where the stars and planets were flying to.

There, a circle of stars and planets was formed. Darkness gathered at the center of the circle, and in just the blink of an eye, the whole inner circle was swallowed by the darkness. Then, a vast continent slowly appeared at the center of that darkness.

"The Returning Ruins … It's finally here…"

The ancient demon G.o.d, A'th.o.e.r Heavenly Lord opened his arms wide, and his demonic intonation resounded the whole planet, "My children, it's time for you to s.h.i.+ne, time for you to take your place in this world. Prepare yourselves for the Returning Ruins. Along the way, you will find your journey a treacherous one, and you must be cautious. Kill the Kun Lun Qi Pract.i.tioners and bring the Peaches of Immortality back to me!"

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" The demon Qi Pract.i.tioners bellowed in unison.

On the Nacre Lake Golden Stage, the Kun Lun G.o.ds were also looking at the wormhole swirling in the high sky. It was as if a dimensional beast had bitten a hole in the sky. Slowly, a vast continent appeared in the middle of the wormhole.

That was the Returning Ruins, the place where the Six Paths of Reincarnation was broken.

It was called the Returning Ruins because it was the place where the stellar remnants went to, the ruins to where the fragments of the shattered stars returned. What formed the fundamental base of the Six Paths Reincarnation were six galaxies; and when the Six Paths Reincarnation was destroyed, the s.p.a.ce collapsed, and a superma.s.sive black hole emerged, sucking the shattered planets and stars into it.

Every 1000 years, the black hole would eject some parts of the remnants that it wasn't able to disintegrate as some sort of regulation mechanism, such as the shattered pieces of the Kun Lun imperial court. But soon, the black hole would then suck it away again.

However, there was a small window in between the start and end of the black hole's self-regulating process, and this was precisely the window of opportunity during which the Qi Pract.i.tioners were able to enter the Returning Ruins. Doing so at any other time would only result in certain death!

In the Returning Ruins, not only was there the shattered Kun Lun imperial court, but there were also many other unknown existences and dangers.

"The Returning Ruins are a relic born of the Six Paths' destruction! It is finally here, the continent that contains the divine herb to immortality…"

On the golden platform, the G.o.ds stared at the wormhole, and their hearts beat vigorously. The opportunity that only came once every 1000 years had finally arrived!

Meanwhile, the pillars on the Cloud Stage started glowing. The G.o.ds were preparing the teleportation portal to transport their disciples into the Returning Ruins!

On the Cloud Stage, the Qi Pract.i.tioners were staring vacantly at the swirling wormhole. They looked at the saint and divine continent. Even Zhong Yue and Qiu Jin'er were stunned as they stared with disbelief.

Before their eyes were the magnificent power of heaven and earth and the creation of the ancient imperial G.o.ds!

Suddenly, Tian Wu G.o.d flew over, and he landed on the Cloud Stage. Blood dripped from his body and marred his clothes a b.l.o.o.d.y red. Clearly, he had come across some strong experts and was injured by Huo Zheng G.o.d and Wu Ming G.o.d.

As time was running out, Tian Wu G.o.d tapped his finger on the eight Golden Hous' foreheads and pa.s.sed the core of the cultivation techniques to them. He said solemnly, "The cultivation techniques I've taught each of you are just one part each of the whole cultivation technique called the【Tian Wu Champion Art】. Cast the mainframe together with each of your cultivation techniques, and the eight of you will be able to combine your strengths to become the strongest expert of all! When the portal is activated, the eight of you will cast the【Tian Wu Champion Art】together!"

The eight Golden Hous were shocked, and Tian Yi then mumbled, "Are we really one Tian Wu?"

Tian Wu G.o.d laughed, "The eight of you are each an individual and also a part of a whole. You can be eight and also one, your achievements will be beyond those of mine. My Peaches of Immortality lie in your hands, try not to disappoint me too much! Little Friend Zhong, please take care of my mischievous disciples!"

Zhong Yue nodded, and Tian Wu G.o.d flew up to the Golden Stage.

Qiu Jin'er then looked at the eight Golden Hous with curiosity, "How are you eight going to combine together?"

Suddenly, the phoenix Qi Pract.i.tioners then leaped down from the Golden Stage to the Cloud Stage.

Other than the phoenix Qi Pract.i.tioners, there were still a few ladies, among which was Chi Xue with Ying Nu beside her. The other ladies also have the same body features as her, the leopard's tail, the crown on their heads, and their trademark imposing manner.

Whereas the phoenix Qi Pract.i.tioners were like the ladies' subordinates, following behind them.

Suddenly, Chi Xue turned her head and looked at Zhong Yue. She winked her eyes at him, and a warm smile radiated across her face. Her leopard tail was then kept in her clothes.

Although she saw Zhong Yue, she did not walk over; even Ying Nu just continued to stand beside her quietly.

"Little vixen…" Qiu Jin'er mumbled.

"It's the White Tiger."

In Zhong Yue's psyche ocean, Xin Huo suddenly voiced, "The Western Mother Clan is actually the White Tiger Celestial Race, one of the strongest celestial races, only slightly weaker than the eight royal races. These ladies are all White Tigers, no wonder they are so strong!"

"Chi Xue is a White Tiger?" Zhong Yue was startled, and he asked, "How strong are they?"

"Very strong, no weaker than you. If you unlock the full potential of the f.u.xi bloodline, then you would naturally be able to beat them. But right now... it's hard to tell." Xin Huo then said, "The White Tiger is also called the Golden Mother, they are strong from birth! There are no males in that race at all. If they want to reproduce, they can only look for the males of other races. But the children they give birth to will also be a female White Tiger. It is really intriguing. My guess is that the White Tiger blood overpowers other bloodlines that the resultant child is always a White Tiger. I say all of this to let you know that there's no point in reproducing with her!"

Zhong Yue was between laughter and tears, for every lady that they've come across, Xin Huo had never failed to bring up the issue of reproduction with them.

"We greet the great ruler Golden Mother!"

Suddenly, the G.o.ds on the golden stage knelt and greeted the arrival of a beautiful woman. She had a face similar to Chi Xue's and also had the same bodily features as well. She had a saintly aura lent her beauty an ethereal air.

She alone seemed stronger than all of the G.o.ds together!

Is she the ruler of the Western Mother Empire?

Zhong Yue looked at her. Golden rays surrounded her, painting her as a G.o.ddess. She looked more like Chi Xue's sister than an old granny. Zhong Yue thought, This is the Western Mother's 10,000th birthday, how is it that she still looks so young...?

Just as he thought about it, the empress of the Western Mother Empire raised her hand to silence the crowd. Her slightly old and hoa.r.s.e voice then spoke, "Every 1000 years, the Returning Ruins would emerge, the Peaches of Immortality can extend your lives, but it can't grant you a new life. Please, my people, be careful in the Returning Ruins as there are more than many dangers in it."

After this, Western Mother nodded, and the G.o.ds chanted a call. The pillars on the Clouds Stage shone bright and soon engulfed the Qi Pract.i.tioners away!

Activating an intergalactic teleportation portal required an enormous amount of arcane energy. But divine weapons could also be used as a subst.i.tute for the arcane energy. Xin Huo did precisely that when he sacrificed a divine weapon to transport Zhong Yue to the sun; but after the energy in the divine weapon was exhausted, it fell to the ground and was vaporized by the heat of the sun. If it were any other lower-tiered soul weapon, he would most probably be lost in the middle of s.p.a.ce as the energy within them wouldn't be enough to power the whole trip.

However, there were thousands of G.o.ds here powering the teleportation array formation together, and thus, it was impossible for the teleportation process to be lacking in power. There was just no need to be worried about being stranded in the middle of s.p.a.ce.

In the lights, the eight Golden Hous quickly cast the【Tian Wu Champion Art】together and the eight chubby little tigers combined together into a Tian Wu with eight faces, eight heads, eight arms, eight tails, and eight wings!

The light rays from the teleportation portal were so strong that it covered the sight of them changing forms so that others were oblivious to what just happened.

Meanwhile, Zhong Yue was tightly holding onto Qiu Jin'er's hand, and suddenly, a loud boom came rus.h.i.+ng into their ears. Colorful lights surrounded them, and in just a split second, they were shot past the cloudy layers and into the wormhole at an unG.o.dly speed!

The six moons, twin suns and stars flew past them one after another, and the Kun Lun planet became smaller and smaller in their visions. It was so fast that they couldn't really see what had pa.s.sed by them but only a flash of bright lights that proved something had just flown past them!

The intergalactic teleportation portal was really incredible!

The same thing happened without pause for two whole days. They must have pa.s.sed a nearly infinite number of stars and traversed an unfathomable distance. Suddenly, a surge of suction force disrupted the flow. Zhong Yue's heart skipped a beat, he watched as the bright rays around them shuddered as he was nearly sucked out from the road of light!

The sounds of creaking came as the suction force increased in strength, inflicting pain on his eardrums.

"Please tell me this isn't taking a turn for the worse…," even Xin Huo said in shock.

"Shut up! Don't jinx us!" Zhong Yue chided with gritted teeth.

Dark clouds billowed beside the teleportation light rays, and a giant golden s.h.i.+p appeared sailing in the air beside them. The s.h.i.+p was engraved with totem patterns all over, it was rusted with holes speckled across the s.h.i.+p's hull. On the deck, skeletons were standing straight like spears as they stared at the Qi Pract.i.tioners in the light rays.

Despite them being far away and separated by the light rays, Zhong Yue could still vaguely sense the skeletons' breathing. This golden s.h.i.+p was not crushed by the superma.s.sive black hole; it had been jettisoned out of it.

The golden s.h.i.+p creaked as it sailed slowly together with the light rays, causing them to shudder even more. Zhong Yue and Qiu Jin'er could feel the teleportation lights turning weaker, slowly tossing them of its intended path while their bodies were rendered immobile.

"Xin Huo, the lamp!"

Zhong Yue shouted into his psyche ocean, and cold sweat burst out from his forehead as he clenched the shabby copper lamp in his other hand. Xin Huo flew out from his forehead and landed inside it. It was then lit, and the clouds of darkness were dispersed by the lamp lights, and the skeletons raised their bony hands and covered their eyes. The golden s.h.i.+p then slowly changed its course and flew away. Immediately as the golden s.h.i.+p left, the teleportation lights regained its usual flow, and soon, it left the golden s.h.i.+p behind on its trials.

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