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Chapter 454 - Western Mother Empress's Amnesty Decree

For the Six Paths Fruit Tree to be able to siphon the nutrients of the G.o.ds, its prowess must at the very least be stronger than ordinary G.o.ds!

Thus, if they could turn the divine tree into a helper, that would be incredibly beneficial for them going forward!

That was what Chi Xue was planning, to allow the divine tree to enter her Yuan Shen secret realms. But Zhong Yue ruined her plan and told the divine tree about the Teleportation Golden Tablet instead. Chi Xue couldn't help but question Zhong Yue's intentions in her heart.

"Allowing an evil existence that is no weaker than G.o.ds into your Yuan Shen secret realms is no different to voluntarily suicide." Zhong Yue then conducted his voice to Chi Xue and explained, "This Six Paths Fruit Tree is definitely not the kind and warm existence it makes itself seem. With the corpses piling beneath it, it doesn't look like a divine tree but more of a demon tree! Do you really presume to know it's nature?

"It is now stopped by my copper lamp, but when it enters your Yuan Shen secret realms, it'll be the one dictating your life. By then, you'll not be the one to dictate the divine tree's life, but the divine tree will be the one that dictates your life. Are you willing to leave your fate in the hands of such a demon tree?"

A cold chill then traveled down Chi Xue's spine after realizing her mistake. The Six Paths Fruit Tree was so strong that once she has brought it out of Returning Ruins, her life would no longer be in her hands!

Moreover, the divine tree might just turn her into its fertilizer!

Judging from the amount of G.o.dly corpses beneath the divine tree, it definitely wasn't some benevolent tree!

"Hehe, little girl, what makes you think you can turn me into your… helper?", The Six Paths Fruit Tree surged its psyche out, cras.h.i.+ng into their minds again, "And this little boy, you are quite good. At least you know how to keep a clear mind."

Chi Xue's body s.h.i.+vered even harder, she didn't know that the divine tree could 'hear' them, even when they were communicating through mental transmissions. This ability was something beyond her imagination.

"Senior, our Six Paths Fruit?" Zhong Yue asked. He turned and watched as Feng Zhishan, Chi Qing, and the others closing in. But they all stopped outside of the divine tree's coverage area.

"Now, you two can take one each."

The Six Paths Fruit Tree said placidly, "Relax, I'm a tree of my word. Furthermore, I need the two of you to attract the children lingering outside to step in so that I can get their Teleportation Golden Tablet. Also, that flower on the top of the mountain, I advise you two to not go near it. I will keep my eyes on your copper lamp and stop engaging the two of you, but that flower, it may not be as rational as me."

Zhong Yue and Chi Xue both heaved a breath of relief, they stepped forward and searched around. Moments later, they both took a Six Paths Fruit for themselves.

These divine fruits were unique. Some were bigger and some smaller; some had more divine specters flying around it and some fewer. Some emitted louder chants while others had softer chants. Surely enough, their medicinal efficacies would vary accordingly.

Thus, the Six Paths Fruits they chose were both the larger ones that had more divine specters as well as and louder chants.

What a pity we can only have one.., Zhong Yue whined in his heart.

Chi Xue and Feng Zhishan were still hesitating before this, but as soon as they saw Zhong Yue and Chi Xue taking Six Path Fruit, any sort of hesitation disappeared from their minds. Without further ado, the Qi Pract.i.tioners all swarmed over to the divine tree!

If the divine tree didn't attack Zhong Yue and Chi Xue even after they took the Six Paths Fruit, then it wouldn't attack them either. The Qi Pract.i.tioners rushed toward the divine tree greedily as they hoped to plunder the divine herbs on the ground with reckless abandon. The divine tree was even better, it could even be said to be the consummate divine herb among divine herbs!

"Little Brother Zhong, Princess Chi Xue, thank you for your contributions!"

Feng Zhishan laughed as he lunged over at the drop of a hat, he said, "Your work is done, the two of you may leave now!"

Chi Xue shouted in anger, "If it weren't for us risking our lives, would you even dare to come? Now you're not even going to distribute any rewards to us, how dare you!"

Chi Qing then laughed, "Little Sister Chi Xue, what are you talking about? Don't you see, we are just concerned for your safety, that's why we came forward to take on the risk of harvesting the divine herbs in your place. Please, you are excused, stand down and wait for us to return. We will reward you for your great deeds, I promise!"

Zhong Yue pulled Chi Xue on her arms and left, he shook his head and said, "They are stronger than us, there is no need to fight with them, let them be."

The two of them brushed shoulders with those who swarmed over, and in the midst of disorder, Chi Xue held onto Ying Nu's arms and dragged her along with them.

Chi Qing saw it, but turned a blind eye on it as greed and avarice had already overtaken her mind. And now, all she cared about were the divine herbs that were just within reach. They all dashed forward and entered the vicinity of the Six Paths Fruit Tree. A phoenix expert was the first to reach the divine tree and he raised his hand, reaching out for the Six Paths Fruit, he could feel as if the divine fruit was already in his grasps.

Meanwhile, Zhong Yue, Chi Xue and Ying Nu were flas.h.i.+ng out from the divine tree. Then, a groan resounded the sky, following by a second groan, and then a third.…

The three of them rushed out and turned around to look. The over 20 Qi Pract.i.tioners were impaled by the roots of the Six Paths Fruit Tree. The Inner Core Qi Qi Pract.i.tioners and Heavenly Dharma Qi Pract.i.tioners had all died regardless of the divine weapons they had in their hands.

Indeed, the divine weapons they wielded were strong. But unfortunately, the divine tree was stronger. Its roots were able to suppress the divine weapons, and with just a single swing, the divine weapons were crushed with the corpses of the Qi Pract.i.tioners hanging limping in the air, skewered by the tree roots!

Among them, the strongest was none other than Feng Zhishan. His divine weapon was a bell that he called the Phoenix Bell. Before death arrived, he cast it, and the figure of a G.o.dly phoenix spread its wings out. But before the G.o.dly phoenix could even fly high enough, the divine tree's root lashed over, striking it down to the ground and causing it to disperse into tiny moats of light. The Phoenix Bell was neutralized before it was even able to do anything at all.

Feng Zhishan spurted out a mouthful of blood, and a root pierced through his head. The root then lifted his dead body in the air from his head.

The other True Spirit magnate didn't manage to escape death either. His mortal body was pierced by the roots, and those divine roots curled around the dead body into a ball as the dead body was slowly subsumed into the ground.

On the other hand, a divine root shot out toward Chi Qing with more piercing up from the ground to drill into her legs, pinning her on the ground.

Suddenly, a surge of G.o.dly aura burst out from the young lady's forehead. The figure of an ancient G.o.d emerged, and a wave of G.o.dly rays formed a scripture in the air. The scripture was gold in color and was, made of ancient paper that was adorned with divine words. Suddenly, the decree burned, and the roots of the divine tree were pushed back!

"Amnesty decree from the empress!" Chi Xue was shocked, she exclaimed in disbelief, and her beautiful countenance turned pallid.

Immediately as Chi Qing saw the decree pus.h.i.+ng the roots away, she quickly ran and escaped from the divine tree's immediate vicinity. She hatefully glared at Chi Xue and Zhong Yue before quickly disappearing.

She suffered severe injuries — her legs were drained of their blood essence, and her energy was nearly depleted. She was on the brink of death, and without any hesitation, she leveraged all her remaining trump cards to escaped with the meager strength she had left in case Chi Xue had something else for her.

With her intelligence, it wasn't hard for her to realized that Zhong Yue and Chi Xue did something so that only the two of them could remain safe underneath the divine tree.

"Chi Xue, you sure are ruthless! No wonder even the great Western Mother Empress doesn't like you!"

Her voice came from afar, sneering coldly as she said, "You will die in these Returning Ruins!"

Chi Xue wanted to hunt for her, but Chi Qing took another route. Chi Xue would have to take a detour around the divine tree if she wanted to kill Chi Qing, but by doing so, it would be way too late already.

"Why, why, why … Why does she have the decree? The Western Mother Empress's Amnesty Decree…", Chi Xue's heart was torn as she mumbled, "Did mother really give it to her? But why her and not me? Does she really hate me that much…"

Pu, pu, pu——

The dead bodies were pulled into the ground as the Six Paths Fruit Tree sucked them off all the nutrients.

These experts' Yuan Shen secret realms were also ripped open by the divine tree, and it soon found the Teleportation Golden Tablet and flailed its branches happily in the air. It felt like the divine tree was waving goodbye at Zhong Yue and Chi Xue.

Ying Nu was still dumbfounded, she stared blankly at the divine tree and was completely confused as to what had just happened. Over 20 experts, among which were two True Spirit magnates, but none of them were able to even put up a decent fight before they were killed!

While on the other hand, Zhong Yue and Chi Xue were not surprised as they knew already.

Zhong Yue then waved back at the Six Paths Fruit Tree and said to the girls, "We might just see it in Kun Lun one day… let's go!"

Chi Xue expression was still solemn. Evidently, she was no longer as happy and bright as before. She said, "In the Returning Ruins, the Six Paths Fruit Tree might be able to be the king of the mountain, but not in Kun Lun. In Kun Lun, if it dares to fool around, it might just be killed on the spot."

Zhong Yue then asked curiously, "What is there in Kun Lun that is stronger than this divine tree?"

"My mother is the empress of the Western Mother Empire. She's been to Ancestral Star as well, and she left her mark on the Legendary Board of the Lesser Void World." Chi Xue answered, "As long as my mother wants it, this divine tree will be dead for sure. Other than my mother, there are also a few G.o.ds such as the grand ancestor of the Kua Fu Celestial Race and the grand ancestor of the Black Tortoise Celestial Race. They are all strong and powerful G.o.ds!"

Zhong Yue's heart clenched — Kun Lun was indeed a den of crouching tigers and hidden dragon. Those who could leave their names on the Lesser Void World Legendary Board were at least lord-level G.o.ds. Yet, Kun Lun had three of them!

He then looked at Chi Xue, the young lady was still sullen as her mind was still preoccupied with the matter of the degree.

The decree's full name was the Amnesty Decree of the Western Mother Empress. It was a decree written by the Western Mother Empress herself as a life-saving measure for those to whom she gave the decree. However, as the greatest talent of the Western Mother Celestial Race and also as one that had opened the six secret realms, the Western Mother Empress still didn't give her such a decree. Instead, it was given to a sister weaker than she was. It was only natural that Chi Xue felt uncomfortable.

Without the decree, Chi Qing would be dead already!

"Senior Martial Brother Zhong, without you, I would be dead as well!", Chi Xue tried to push the matter to the back of her mind for now and turned back into the amiable young lady. She smiled and flashed her pretty teeth as she curled her arms around Zhong Yue's arm, "You are better than the decree!"

Zhong Yue felt a little awkward. The young lady was literally dangling herself on him, and he could clearly feel her plump b.r.e.a.s.t.s pressing against his arms. This gave a very bizarre yet comfortable sensation.

It was the first time he came across such a forward girl.

Qiu Jin'er was warm and tender. Spending time with her gave a very comfortable feeling without any pressures.

Jun Sixie was like a big sister, she was usually solemn and serious, but oftentimes, she was not immune to childish episodes when in front of him. After all, she was the Swords Gate headmaster; she had to maintain the dignity that would be expected of someone of her status.

Tian Mo Concubine was the feistiest one of them. She was hot like a ball of fire, so warm that you'd feel like getting close to her but have the fear of burning if you got too close.

Bai Shuyue was relatively colder and more demure. It sometimes felt as though they were a thousand miles apart despite him only being a step away from her.

Meanwhile, Chi Xue was like a fairy that was not shy to express her feelings. She would keep clinging onto him, and although that was pleasurable in and of itself for Zhong Yue, it really put him on edge.

Ying Nu on the side was a reserved lady. Oftentimes, she would glance at the two, but when Zhong Yue looked over, she would divert her sights away and avoid eye contact with him. However, nothing she did was able to hide her cherry red, blus.h.i.+ng face.

Thankfully, Junior Martial Sister Jin'er is in closed-door training and can't see any of this.

Zhong Yue was now in an emotional quandary as he was stuck between his guilt toward Qiu Jin'er and his pleasurable interactions with Chi Xue.

Xin Huo must have some insight into what I'm feeling. Though it's a shame that he is asleep now…

The young boy from the Zhong Shan Clan could sense his heart thumping chaotically when a sudden thought entered his mind, Oh yes, why didn't I see Chi Xue's tail all this while?

He then furtively felt the young lady's bottom, but he couldn't find the sign of a tail at all. Chi Xue then seductively roll her eyes at him, and Zhong Yue felt her hot breath brus.h.i.+ng against his ears as she whispered, "You know, Ying Nu is still beside us…."

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