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Chapter 461 - Clas.h.!.+

They both had five extreme states, with Kua Fuding missing the Awakening level and Zhong Yue missing the Inner Core and Heavenly Dharma levels. However, Zhong Yue had opened the Bloodline Wheel and reverse-opened the secret realms, achieving two different states of extremity in the Awakening level!

For the rest of the world, any one of these two extreme states was already a huge achievement, and yet, he had done both!

Among the cultivation levels, the Awakening's extreme states were comparatively the hardest to achieve. This was because of the incompleteness of the Six Paths Reincarnation in their Six Paths World, which made the cultivation of the sixth realm harder than ever, nearly impossible.

But reverse-opening the five secret realms weren't that easy either. The cultivators would have to break open the chaos in their mind, a process that could leave them in a permanent vegetative  state, or even dead! Without the help of a divine eye, this was quite improbable as well, the rate of death was highest compared to the other extreme states!

Thus, the two extreme states of the Awakening level were the hardest of all, and succeeding in either one would allow one to rise far above their peers!

For Kua Fuding and Zhong Yue who had both achieved five extreme states, who would be stronger?

Kua Fuding's face was solemn, his mortal body suddenly shrunk to only over 20 feet tall, approximately twice Zhong Yue's height.

To the others, the bigger mortal body granted them superior strength, but to Kua Fuding, he was the opposite. With a smaller body, Kua Fuding would be able to focus his strength to make each of his attacks all the more deadlier!

After all, in the face with a formidable opponent like Zhong Yue, being big didn't mean strong.

"Houtu Mountain River Cauldron!"

Kua Fuding roared, and earth totem patterns surged out from his body and linked with his arm guard before crawling across his whole body. His body resembled the cauldron main frame, and his head was like the cauldron cover.

From time to time, there would be the images of mountains and rivers flitting across the earth totem patterns that formed an armor-like protection on his body surface.

His body began to heat up, burning the air and melting the surrounding metal as an endless stream of energy coursed through him!

Zhong Yue raised his brow for a second and quickly regained his usual composure.

For a moment, Zhong Yue thought that Kua Fuding's Houtu Mountain River Cauldron was a divine weapon, with the armor pieces forming a divine armor set. But now, he could tell that they were all just imitations of divine amor formed from totem patterns.

If it was genuine divine armor, there would be no point fighting anymore.

If what Kua Fuding was wearing was the genuine Houtu Mountain River Cauldron, Zhong Yue wouldn't even able to put a scratch on it.

However, Kua Fuding only received the genuine arm guard rather than the complete armor. But despite this, he was still the strongest opponent that Zhong Yue had ever encountered in the same cultivation level, not even Yan Zhen could compete against him as he was now a Heavenly Dharma existence who could even fight against the True Spirit magnates!

The earth totem patterns on his body were not truly of the same origin as his arm guard, but they were formed from the same cultivation technique. They would be able to maximize its defensive potential.

But what was more terrifying was that the arm guard was able to flow in his body and re-emerge anywhere around his body. It could come out at any angle and direction, blocking the incoming attacks and also appear on his arm to strengthen his attacks.

Zhong Yue heaved a long breath, the totem patterns then flowed out from his body and formed a translucent barrier around him.

It was the【Shao Hao Bell】!

Abruptly, the two moved. Kua Fuding's punch was accompanied by the sound of thunder. It left a blazing streak across the ground surface and a flash of lightning cracked the dark sky. In just one punch, the【Shao Hao Bell】was shattered into pieces.

Zhong Yue drew a circle in mid-air, and the【Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art】emerged and the incoming punch fell into it. The【Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art】cracked but still withstood the strike. Kua Fuding's punch was drawn into the Tai Chi and the power of Yin and Yang ground Kua Fuding's power away.

Kua Fuding then struck his other palm out on the【Tai Chi Art】and it shattered away!

While the Golden Feathery Peng Sword flashed out from Zhong Yue's Yuan Shen secret realm like a nocked arrow let loose right at Kua Fuding's head!

The arm guard emerged in front of Kua Fuding's face and blocked Zhong Yue's killing blow. However, the totem patterns on Kua Fuding's head still took a great hit, they cracked down and were crushed away.

Zhong Yue then bowed and images of G.o.ds appeared all around him, they were bowing down as well. Kua Fuding opened his hands and struck out thousands of palm strikes to the front. His fingers moved with an intriguing rhythm, and every palm strike left afterimages in the air. In just an instant, these afterimages consolidated together and formed the image of continent with finger-like mountains!

The【Boundless Continental Earth】!

A skill of the Kua Fu Celestial Race!


The earth shuddered and the clouds scattered. Thunder rumbled through the air, and the two of them both m.u.f.fled a deep groan. The impact force of the collision of their skills pushed the two of them backward, leaving skid marks on the ground.


Zhong Yue spat out a mouthful of blood but rushed forward with seeming disregard for injuries. He raised his hand and brought it down in a slas.h.i.+ng motion. If one looked careful enough, they would notice  dense totem patterns on Zhong Yue's skin.

Zhong Yue had become adept at modulating how his skills manifested, greatly enhancing his versatility and proficiency in frontal combat

Meanwhile, the Golden Feathery Peng Sword thrust down from the sky, raining down a barrage of golden sword rays at every part of Kua Fuding's body.

The two of them clashed together not with elegant and sophisticated arts, but with basic punches and kicks.

Zhong Yue's Golden Feathery Peng Sword was flew around Kua Fuding in antic.i.p.ation of any flaws  in Kua Fuding's form that he was unaware of. Meanwhile, Kua Fuding's arm guard was also moving around in his body, emerging at the most unpredictable places and blocking the Golden Feathery Peng Sword.

Their speed became faster and suddenly, Zong Yue's body changed. Six additional arms emerged from his body, and his attacks fell upon Kua Fuding. The image of the Star Toad appeared behind him and released loud roar, sweeping all the dust off the ground!

Kua Fuding went on a rage mode, his body changed and two additional heads emerged on his body. The three heads bellowed out loud and three breaths of air were shot out like swords.

Four arms and two legs grew out from his body as he soon transformed into a celestial being with three heads, six arms, and four legs. Kua Fuding balanced himself with one leg while attacking Zhong Yue with a barrage of attacks with his other seven limbs!


A loud blast of noise compressed the air and broke a hole in the cloud layer. Zhong Yue and Kua Fuding were both sent flying back and cras.h.i.+ng down like meteors, creating two large craters on the ground. The Golden Feathery Peng Sword was also blasted away, falling a distance behind Kua Fuding.

The two of them crawled out of the holes, Zhong Yue's legs were crushed from the knees and below. Whereas Kua Fuding's chest was ripped open, his heart was thumping nakedly in bare air and there were a few holes on it, pierced by Zhong Yue's Sword Qi.

"Immortal Body?" Zhong Yue and Kua Fuding asked in unison, they stared closely at one another.

Kua Fuding's heart was recovering and his chest as well while Zhong Yue's crushed legs were also growing back in place.

Zhong Yue heaved a long breath, his face turned incredibly solemn. The Immortal Body he had came from the Kui Long Celestial Race in the Ancestral Star, but he had never seen the Immortal Body in anyone else. Yet, now in Kun Lun, he witnessed the Immortal Body manifesting in the body of a Kua Fu expert.

How strong…

Zhong Yue felt the pressure acting on him, it was so intense.

Throughout the developments of the battle, Zhong Yue still hadn't used the f.u.xi True Form. After all, this place was the epicenter of the f.u.xi curse. The evil existence had cursed the f.u.xi here and even Zhong Yue couldn't tell what would happen if he used the f.u.xi True Form here.

But, in the face of such a formidable opponent like Kua Fuding, he didn't have the luxury of simply not using this trump card of his.

Zhong Yue then tried to cast it out, but just as his mortal body was changing, he immediately felt the malevolent energy seeping out from the five finger mountains. Right away, he stopped the changes and locked his brow.

For now, he was sure that the f.u.xi True Form would definitely trigger the energy lurking in the five finger mountains. If he ever dared to transform into his f.u.xi True Form, he would, without doubt, be erased from existence!

Meanwhile, Kua Fuding was also solemn, this was the first time someone of the same cultivation level was able to fight with him in a close-quarter frontal combat, even managing to injure him!

The Kua Fu Celestial Race had the strongest physiques. It was only natural for them to cultivate the Immortal Body. Yet, Zhong Yue, who seemed small and weak, also cultivated the Immortal Body, even to a stage on par with him, causing him to not even be able to suppress Zhong Yue in the battle!

Of course, Kua Fuding was different to the Martial Masters. The Zhong Li Martial Masters went for the strongest mortal body and combat power without the skills, while the Kua Fu Celestial Race had the skills to match their powerful physiques. Thus, even if Zhong Yue tried to engage him in skills and arts, Zhong Yue might not even be able to win either.

Now, Zhong Yue's mortal body was strong and so were his skills, this couldn't help but rock Kua Fuding's heart.

One thing that was known for sure for the Immortal Body cultivators was that they were tens or even hundred times harder to kill than those who didn't cultivate the Immortal Body!

The two of them moved again, and they clashed together. Zhong Yue also released the Kui Long Divine Drum.


A loud thrum sent Kua Fuding into a dizzy spell, and his heart immediately tensed up in vigilance. Surely enough, as the sound from the Kui Long Divine Drum was impacted his ears affecting his movements, the Golden Feathery Peng Sword seized the chance and slashed down.

Abruptly, a wave of totem patterns burst out from Kua Fuding's body, and the sounds of thrumming were then silenced. Instantly, he turned and left while laughing out loud, "You are strong, but I'm not weak either. I'm just one less divine weapon than you! We shall fight again another day!"

The strode out and left at a great speed, while pa.s.sing through the side of Chi Yue'er so that he could bring her away as well. Suddenly, just as he was reaching out from the young lady, he found her eyes staring at the sky blankly and a blood hole on her forehead, a wound left by a sword. His heart skipped a beat and thought, s.h.i.+t, I've been dragged away by the battle so much that I forgot to protect Princess Yue.

He had said that he would protect Chi Yue'er, but Zhong Yue had already killed her when they were fighting just now!

Hmm, must be when we both were injured, his sword must've been what killed her when it fell behind me.

Kua Fuding carried the princess's corpse and bolted out, thinking, How sly, he really does consider everything when he acts. I'll come back when I have gain full control of more divine weapons! After all, the Peaches of Immortality is my top priority, not him!

Zhong Yue watched as Kua Fuding left with the corpse, What a smart guy, he carried Chi Yue'er only because of her map of the strongest Peaches of Immortality…

Zhong Yue didn't try to chase after Kua Fuding as he wouldn't be able to hold him down even if he did manage to catch up to him.

After my inner core has been cultivated to the Nine Revolving Inner Core, I should be able to kill him, right? Zhong Yue wondered in his heart.

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