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Chapter 462 - I Didn't Want To Kill Them … ?

By now, Ying Nu, Husan Weng, and the other divine herbs were nearly done clearing the other Qi Pract.i.tioners. These Qi Pract.i.tioners had already been injured by Zhong Yue, and while the six divine herbs were not weak either, Ying Nu and the others were able to handle the situation.

But even so, Ying Nu, Husanweng, and the divine herbs still suffered different levels of injuries. After all, this was unavoidable as Ying Nu was still an Inner Core Qi Pract.i.tioner while Husan Weng, Nightshade, and the divine herbs never learned any skills and cultivation arts.

Zhong Yue then looked at Chi Xue and Feng Qianyi, the two ladies were still engaged in a battle. Their strengths were on par with one another, and although Feng Qianyi was a True Spirit magnate, Chi Xue, as the first to open the Bloodline Wheel in tens of thousands of years, was the most talented expert of the Western Mother Empire.

Furthermore, Chi Xue's divine weapon was also stronger than Feng Qianyi's.

Zhong Yue watched as they battled and thought, I wonder how many extreme states Chi Xue has cultivated?

Chi Xue was really strong, Feng Qianyi could be said as a young G.o.d herself, and yet, she couldn't even suppress Chi Xue in the battle. This clearly told Zhong Yue that Chi Xue had achieved many extreme states, perhaps, all of them?

Cultivating any extreme state was already a huge achievement for the normal Qi Pract.i.tioners, while having three extreme states was already a sign of the cultivator's potential to become a G.o.d.

Kua Fuding cultivated five, and he was definitely an overlord-like existence among the young G.o.ds. If one could achieve the extreme state in every cultivation level, then they would be like a monarch among the young G.o.ds!

While Chi Xue was most probably such an existence.

She might still even be hiding a hand in the dark. From the battle she was having with Feng Qianyi now, Zhong Yue could tell that she was even stronger than Kua Fuding, undoubtedly a dangerous opponent to face with!

For the Western Mother Celestial Race can have such a strong heiress, the Western Mother Empress should be super happy, shouldn't she? Why wasn't Chi Xue given an Amnesty Decree?

He was puzzled the current Western Mother Empress' decision.

However, even though Chi Xue was really strong, Zhong Yue wasn't pressured at all. He now cultivated five extreme states with the sixth extreme state, Nine Revolving Inner Core, nearing completion.

Furthermore, for him to drop back down to the Inner Core level and refine the Nine Revolving Inner Core again, he'd been breaking through the level of Heavenly Dharma one time after another. As of now, he already completed six revolutions, meaning he now had experiences breaking through to Heavenly Dharma seven times. With that, one could really tell how strong was his attainments in the Heavenly Dharma level.

When the Nine Revolving Inner Core was completed, Zhong Yue was sure that he would be able to achieve the extreme state of Heavenly Dharma level as well!

By then, he would have seven extreme states, his prowess would be times stronger than now!

Zhong Yue closely watched the battle. Soon enough, he spotted an opening in her stance and seized the chance to join Chi Xue in fighting her.

The phoenix lady didn't have the upper hand in the first place, but now, with another expert joining the fray, her defeat became an inevitability.

The phoenix lady tried to escape but in such a place, not even the phoenix race could fly. Thus, there was simply no way to run.

It wasn't long before Feng Qianyi was forced to return to the ground. Chi Xue sneered and said, "Feng Qianyi, I'll sacrifice you for the Peaches of Immortality, do you agree?"

Feng Qianyi raised her head, she sneered back and said, "The winner decide the fate of the loser, what is there to agree or not agree?"

Chi Xue smiled at her and said, "If you swear to serve me now, I can still spare your life."

However, Feng Qianyi shook her head and said, "My only destiny is to protect the two princesses, but now, they are both dead. I'll still be sentenced to death if I go back. Even if you can save me, the empress will only grow more uncomfortable with you. You have wild ambition, and if one day you don't succeed the throne, you will rise up against. And if you fail, I will die as well. Every path leads to my death. Since I'm going to die anyway, I might as well die now with my dignity."

Chi Xue was angered at Feng Qianyi's characterization of her, "Who said that I have wild ambition, that I will rebel in the future? Since when did you see me rising against my mother empress? Since when did I disobey her command? It was you and my sisters who were forcing me to the edge every single time, scheming on me and trying to kill me, if I'm ever rebelling, it's you all who forced me to!"

Feng Qianyi shook her face while saying, "Princess Xue, words are useless. If you want me dead, then do what you must."

Chi Xue raised her hand and sealed the phoenix lady, she turned and thanked Zhong Yue for the help.

Zhong Yue then asked, "Princess Xue, why do they keep saying that you have ambition that even the Western Mother Empress is uncomfortable with?"

Chi Xue shook her head and answered, "I don't know, they've been scheming at me long before we entered the Returning Ruins. They have always killed my followers and orchestrated my death. diThis time, the Western Mother Empress has given all the sisters the divine decree but not me… I was even accused of future treason. How does any of this make sense?! If it weren't for you, I'd already be dead!"

Zhong Yue was still puzzled, any other reasonable man would know that Princess Chi Xue was definitely the best candidate for the throne, she would have to always be protected until the day she become the next empress. Yet, these Western Mother ladies and even the empress herself were unsatisfied with her existence. Zhong Yue couldn't help but be curious about this.

"But no matter why the empress doesn't like me, I will find the Peaches of Immortality for her, I will show her who her most loyal descendant is!" Chi Xue said solemnly.

Ying Nu cleaned the battlefield and plundered the Qi Pract.i.tioners' Yuan Shen secret realms while also collecting the treasures on the ground.

Although it was a pity that Chi Yue'er's corpse along with the Golden Lining Silver Moon were taken by Kua Fuding, the other Qi Pract.i.tioners and Chi Yun'er still had a considerable amount of wealth. Some were their own and some were plundered by the Qi Pract.i.tioners they had killed. Among the treasures, there were also two demon divine weapons.

"What a shame that these treasures will not be able to see the light of the world anymore." Chi Xue glanced at the treasures, and her eyes became filled with sympathy, she said, "These divine weapons were given to them by their elders. If we bring them out to the world, the masters will be able to sense it, and kill us from far. Although we can still use them if we remove the markings of the masters in them, our powers were still too weak to do so!"

Zhong Yue nodded in agreement.

"If Princess Xue doesn't want them, then I will take them." Zhong Yue suddenly smiled and said.

Chi Xue was puzzled, and she quickly said, "These divine weapons are strong, but they are dangerous as well, you mustn't take them lightly! As long as you leave the Returning Ruins, carrying these divine weapons will only sent to you to your death!"

Zhong Yue smiled, he kept the divine weapons into his Yuan Shen secret realms and replied, "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing."

Chi Xue could only helplessly let him be.

After Zhong Yue kept the divine weapons, he opened the copper lamp and placed them in it. Once the divine weapons were inside the copper lamp, their connections to their masters were blocked!"

As soon as I return to Ancestral Star and back to Swords Gate, these divine weapons will become the sharpest weapons in humanity's a.r.s.enal!

Chi Xue took out a map, and they continued on their journey. A few moments later, they were at the edge of a precipice that seemed to have been formed by the evil existence's palm mark. However, part of the palm mark eroded over time, forming the precipice.

Down at the bottom, a 1000-mile-wide b.l.o.o.d.y river flowed relentlessly.

"This is the G.o.d Burying River." Chi Xue's eyes lit up, and her tiger teeth were revealed, she smiled and said, "As long as we cross this river, we will be able to reach the three most ancient Immortality Peaches Tree! There are many places where the Qi Pract.i.tioners are fighting for the Peaches of Immortality. But once we cross this river, we won't have to worry about fighting them anymore!"

The blood river was flowing in G.o.dly rays, it felt like there were living creatures swimming in it. Zhong Yue looked at it, and his heart skipped a beat.

The creatures in the blood river were incredibly bizarre; some were in the form of G.o.ds, some the beast, some looked like demons and some monsters. They looked like a product of a visualization art, most probably a skill cast out by a G.o.d before death!

He had once heard that if one were strong enough, they could grant the visualized creatures life. Such as there was a rumor within the human race, there was once a cultivator, a G.o.ddess named Nuwa, who moulded the soil into the living humans.

The creatures in the blood river were only possible because of the visualization arts flowing within the blood river!

A Creator's divine blood!

Only the Creators were able to grant lives to inanimate objects, even their blood was strong enough to imbue life into them!

The blood river was a thousand miles wide, with ferocious creatures paving across it. It was quite evident to Zhong Yue that the blood river wouldn't be easy for them to traverse!

How are we going to cross the river? Zhong Yue thought. Suddenly, Chi Xue, who was standing on the river bank, folded a golden piece of paper into a paper boat.

She smiled and said, "All done!" She then threw the paper boat onto the river, and it soon enlarged into a golden boat that floated on the river surface.

Zhong Yue was amazed by it and boarded the golden boat along with Chi Xue, the boat then sailed to the other end of the riverbank. Chi Xue laughed and explained, "We Western Mother Celestial Race spent many years finding a solution to cross this river. The golden paper was crafted by the Western Mother Empress, and when you fold it into a paper boat, you will be able to sail across the river.

"However, even with the golden boat, many were still killed by the demonic creatures in the river. Countless died in here and the risk still persists. Other than the Western Mother Celestial Race, only the strongest A'th.o.e.r demon race — the Sudo Demon Race — could sail through the river."

Groans and roars came from the blood river, there were the creatures that swirled the water and rippled the water waves, but they were all blocked by the golden boat.

Those in the golden boats were all in shock, and they watched the creatures splas.h.i.+ng water at them, and there were even the G.o.dly corpses floating above the waters, moving like zombies toward them.

But no matter what the creatures did, they couldn't harm the golden boat at all. Like that, they sailed through half of the river's width and reached the middle. Suddenly, Zhong Yue cracking sounds from the bottom of the golden boat, and he quickly looked over. Instantly, his face changed as he found that the blood water had seeped the golden paper and started to fill up the golden boat!

"The boat is leaking!" cold sweat burst out of Zhong Yue's forehead.

Chi Xue was also the same, and she forcibly calmed herself down before mumbling, "The map says that the golden boat will start to leak during half the journey but as long as we don't sink, we will be able to reach to the other end… we just need to stay unsink…"

"Then what if it happens?", Zhong Yue shouted as he asked.

Chi Xue then stammered an answer, "Well … the map … the map … it didn't say anything about it…"

The golden boat was slowly sinking and suddenly, a loud exclamation came from another direction, shouting in fear, "Our boat is sinking!"

Zhong Yue stood on the deck and as soon as he looked over, he started smiling. Tens of miles away from us, there was another golden boat which was slowly sinking as well. Kua Fuding and tens of Qi Pract.i.tioners were in the golden boat, with their faces turning pallid.

"Not bad, Kua Fuding has gathered so many Qi Pract.i.tioners together in such a short while … Hmm, isn't that Shang Qing?"

Zhong Yue looked at the distance and knew that they were beyond the reach of his skills, he then got rid of the thought of sinking their golden boat. Instead, he shouted at them, "Brother Shang Qing, Brother Kua Fuding, you have too many people, the boat is heavier and that's why it sinks faster! Quick, throw the useless ones down the boat, or you all die together!"

Immediately, Kua Fuding yelled while a few Qi Pract.i.tioners held Kua Fuding in attempt to throw him over the boat. But how could they ever fight with Kua Fuding's strength? With just a swung of his hand, Kua Fuding threw the few Qi Pract.i.tioners down the boat instead.

While on his other side, Shang Qing also threw the Qi Pract.i.tioners down the boat one by one.

Chi Xue was puzzled as she asked, "Big Brother Yue, I think the rate of the golden paper boat sinking isn't really affected by the number of Qi Pract.i.tioners. It's because the blood river's attribute that can slowly break the golden paper away. These golden boat made can actually load more than a few thousand Qi Pract.i.tioners without sinking, let alone just a few dozens of Qi Pract.i.tioners."

"Oh really?" Zhong Yue's face showed a shocked expression, he stamped his feet and lamented exaggeratedly, "I didn't want to kill them, but they are all dead now. Every that died in the river adds on to a slight surge of pain in my heart… Ey? Princess Xue, how many golden papers you Western Mother Celestial Race have and how many of you were given?"

"Of course the golden paper is only given to the Western Mother Celestial Race's disciples…"

Just as she was answering, she saw another golden boat sailing over, with many magnates and Heavenly Dharma Qi Pract.i.tioners standing on the deck.

Other than that, she also saw three dark and demonic wooden boats sailing from the far side, with the demon experts in it.

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