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Chapter 470 - Plunder

The arm guard was part of the Houtu Mountain River Cauldron, it could appear anywhere around Kua Fuding's mortal body and ward off any incoming attack from any direction. However, Kua Fuding only had one arm guard while Zhong Yue and the young cultivator had a total of sixteen arms, how could one arm guard be able to block them all?

Kua Fuding was sent flying out and cras.h.i.+ng into the ground. His head was the first part that hit the ground, sending him into a swoon. The last thought he had was, Was I ambushed by that two deceivious brats….

Zhong Yue and the eight-headed cultivator changed position and they struck at the demon Yu Hui. Yu Hui was struck up high into the sky and nearly all of his rib bones were crushed away!

"What the s.h.i.+t! These two brats are a team!" Yu Hui shouted in anger, he barely regained his balance just a few moments before he was going to crash, and safely landed on the ground.

Right after he finished shouting, his body suddenly stiffened up, and he fell to the ground like a wooden stick. Wounds burst out from his body and blood soaked the soil below him.

"Nicely done!" Zhong Yue praised.

The eight-headed young cultivator smirked like a proud mischievous child. He raised his hand and high-fived Zhong Yue while the other 14 hands were struck out at the incoming Yan Que'er. The demon lady then quickly raised up her defensive skills in response. But how could two arms were able to fight back with 14 arms? She was badly hit and her body became littered with wounds.

Zhong Yue kicked his leg and the eight-headed cultivator followed and kicked out seven legs as well. A total of eight legs were pressed on the demon lady's body and sent her flying out a far distance away!

"How dare you all fight with us eight … no, nine brothers! You all are voluntarily asking for death!" the eight-headed young cultivator was saying happily

Yan Que'er's beautiful countenance was devastated by them, and her high nose was nearly flattened out. She tumbled in mid-air for a few rounds and crashed into the ground. Half of her body was sent into the ground, and her legs above the ground that intermittently twitched were the only signs that she was still alive.

There was a True Spirit demon magnate who rushed forward, but as soon as he saw that even Kua Fuding, Yu Hui, and Que Yan'er were all defeated in just one bout, he was shocked and immediately retreated.

But before he could even move far enough, Zhong Yue surged out the Kui Long Divine Drum, and the two cultivators' sixteen hands played a drumroll on it. The demon magnate was severely injured, and his body was expanding like a balloon,

He quickly moved back at a faster speed, but his mortal body was still inflating. In just the blink of an eye, he was already pushed to over 10,000 feet long, br.i.m.m.i.n.g right through the limit on his mortal body.

Dong, dong, dong——

Louder thrumming sounds came into his ears, and the demon magnate flared his eyes out in fear as his mortal body then exploded, dying on the spot.

While the other Qi Pract.i.tioners rus.h.i.+ng from the sides were also struck by the divine drum staggering on their feets like drunkards. The drumming then grew louder and faster with every second, it felt like Zhong Yue and the eight-headed young cultivator was going to kill them all with the power of the divine drum!

Shang Qing groaned, he quickly cast out the Lunar Mirror and repelled the incoming soundwaves back to Zhong Yue and the eight-headed young cultivator. But it wasn't even considerably far before the repelled soundwaves were cancelled out by the incoming soundwaves.

Shang Qing m.u.f.fled pained groans, and blood trickled out of his mouth as he fell back onto the ground. But before he fell to the ground, he let out a deep roar and another four eyes formed on his face; together with the two eyes, they formed a circle. He then landed on the ground like a huge toad crouching on the floor.


Shang Qing sucked in a long breath of air and fought back the incoming soundwaves of the Kui Long Divine Drum with his own sonic attack.

The innate spirit bodies, Moon Innate Spirit Body! Zhong Yue captured Shang Qing's actions in the corner of his eyes and was shocked.

The two Black Tortoise experts combined into the Black Tortoise celestial being. But just moments after the transformation, the Black Tortoise celestial being was badly struck and turned back into the two experts. However, despite them being stuck in a predicament, the two of them were still as calm as ever. They stood side by side and rained their swords down at the incoming soundwave. They were able to cut through the air at first but were still struck in the sky in the next wave of sonic attack.

The two of them held hands in mid-air and transformed into the Black Tortoise celestial being again. A huge s.h.i.+eld emerged before them, and they were able to safely move back with the defense of the s.h.i.+eld

Whereas for the demon Su Domi, he had already reacted to the the divine drum when it first started thrumming at them. Without any hesitation, Su Domi grabbed onto Su Wuji's neck and used the latter as a meat s.h.i.+eld against the incoming soundwaves.

When he reached Zhong Yue and the eight-headed young cultivator, Su Wuji had already been reduced to ashes by the soundwaves, but not a single wound could be seen on Su Domi. He raised his hands, a demon saber was on the left, and a mountain-like stamp seal on the right, engaging both Zhong Yue and the eight-headed young cultivator in a go!

Zhong Yue and the eight-headed young cultivator switched places. The demon saber, which was directed at the eight-headed young cultivator, met with Zhong Yue's Golden Feathery Peng Sword, and the mountain seal clashed with the eight-headed young cultivator's divine weapon.

The four divine weapons clashed together with great force, and Su Domi spurted out a mouthful of blood. Immediately, he turned his body and another head appeared in front of them. This head looked like the head of a rooster, and it had its own two arms as well, striking at Zhong Yue and the eight-headed young cultivator with another two divine weapons!

"Two faces and four arms? One set on each side?" Zhong Yue held on the Kui Long Divine Drum with one hand and wielded the Golden Feathery Peng Sword on the other. Su Domi then took another quarter turn, revealing another face like the eagle and another two arms with two different demon divine weapons.

Zhong Yue's face then turned solemn, this Su Domi was a multi-faced, multi-handed demon. Zhong Yue had seen many different celestials and demons that had more than one face and a pair of arms. The Tian Wu Celestial Race, the Monster G.o.d Ming King, Jiao Qingtu's nine-headed golden dragon and many others.

But although these celestials and demons would have the heads facing different directions to guard against the attacks from other directions, that wasn't the case for their arms. Their arms all faced the front and had difficulty covering the back.

But this Su Domi had four heads facing one direction and two arms in every directions. This meant that he was able to defend and attack from all directions!

This was the first time Zhong Yue had ever come across such a bizarre form!

Zhong Yue then asked, "This senior martial brother of the demon race, how many legs do you have?"

Su Domi was momentarily frozen at the question, an opportunity that Zhong Yue used to kick his groin. Just as Su Domi quickly raised his leg to block the kick, the eight-headed young cultivator stood up with one leg and kicked the other seven legs at him.

Peng, peng, peng…

Su Domi was. .h.i.t seven times, and he released a shrill cry of pain as tears started rolling down his face. His voice was even raised an octave, and his face became as pale as snow at the excruciating pain. The eight arms immediately spread out like wings, and he bolted out from the battlefield, collapsing onto the ground while his legs could clearly be seen shuddering as he feared of loss of his genitals.

"Who are you!?" Shang Qing shouted and questioned in anger as he stared at the eight-headed young cultivator.

Seeing that the surrounding enemies had all been wiped away, Zhong Yue and the eight-headed young cultivator stopped as well. One of the eight heads smiled and said, "De-nek, wrong question! You should ask who are we! I'm Tian Yi!"

Another head then continued, "I'm Tian Er!"

"I'm Tian San!"

"Tian Si!"

The eight heads said their names, and the cultivators around were stunned. They were puzzled as to why the young man would give a different name to each of his heads. Moreover, such a simple name that counted from Tian Yi to Tian Ba could only be attributed to lazy, what a lazy fellow.

[Yi is one, and Ba is eight]

"It sounds like … Tian Wu G.o.d's eight little Golden Hous…"

Someone suddenly mumbled softly, "Tian Yi to Tian Ba are exactly their names! But they were always weak, how are they so strong now?"

"The Tian Wu Celestial Race!"

Shang Qing's face turned solemn, and he heaved a long breath, saying, "They are of the Tian Wu Celestial Race!"

The Tian Wu Celestial Race was always shrouded in mysteries as they were incredibly rare. This celestial race had only a handful of clansmen, and the present records on them were vague and obscure as well. It was only because of the Tian Wu G.o.d's emergence that Kun Lun began to know more of this race.

All this while, people only knew that there was a Golden Hou Celestial Race, but no one knew of the link between the two celestial races.

"This Tian Wu Go, he is really good at hiding…"

The whole situation came to a stalemate again, the cultivations panting for breath while they slowly tended to their injuries. This Tian Wu young cultivator was seen launching his attacks on Zhong Yue, but in fact, he was only putting up a show to lure the other experts to move as well. As soon as they moved, Zhong Yue and the young cultivator would work together to injure the experts. Powerful young G.o.ds like Kua Fuding, Yu Hui, and Su Domi were just a few of the ones that fell victim to this ploy.

Moreover, a True Spirit magnate was killed by them!

As of now, only Shang Qing, Fu Tixiang, and a few others were still not severely injured, However, Fu Tixiang was in a battle with Chi Xue now, and although Chi Qing was also not wounded, she was too weak to bring any trouble to Zhong Yue. Not to mention that the Princess Qing of the Western Mother Empire had gone crazy and went all out against Chi Xue in the hope that she died.

Rays flashed across Shang Qing's eyes, and Su Domi forcibly pressed down the pain. The Black Tortoise celestial being took out a huge banner from the Yuan Shen secret realms and the other Qi Pract.i.tioners also readied themselves.

Kua Fuding, Yu Hui and Que Yan'er were still in a swoon.

"Consume the divine herbs!" Suddenly, Su Domi said sternly.

The experts soon understood the situation, and they quickly consumed their respective divine herbs to remedy the wounds. Their eyes were closely following Zhong Yue's and the Tian Wu cultivator's every movement, waiting for a flaw to emerge so they could deliver the killing blows.

Suddenly, Zhong Yue moved, striding toward Kua Fuding while the Tian Wu young cultivator followed. He smiled and said, "I feel so good, the sense of achievement feels so great, especially when I see them looking at me with spite… Senior martial brother, what are you doing?"

Zhong Yue surged his psyche out into Kua Fuding's Yuan Shen secret realms, and he smiled, "This brat might have gotten the Peaches of Immortality. I'm searching to see if he got any."

Tian Wu young cultivator's eyes brightened up as well, he followed behind and helped Zhong Yue in plundering the treasures in Kua Fuding's Yuan Shen secret realms.

Abruptly, Kua Fuding slowly woke up, and just as he was going to open his eyes, 16 punches struck his head, sending him back into the realm of unconsciousness again.

"Just a few unripe ones with only one ripe Peaches of Immortality, all from the normal divine trees…."

Zhong Yue shook his head and handed all of the peaches over to the Tian Wu young cultivator. These peaches weren't ripe, and for those ripe Peaches of Immortality, it came from the most ordinary Immortality Peach Trees. It could only bring about an additional one or two hundred years longevity at most.

The Tian Wu young cultivator was incredibly happy, and he said, "I've just found a few unripe ones myself, and so I thought I wouldn't be able to complete our master's task. In fact, why don't we just kill him?"

"If the Western Mother Celestial Race has the Western Mother Empress's Amnesty Decree, then the Kua Fu Celestial Race might also have the Kua Fu's Amnesty Decree.", Zhong Yue shook his head and said, "It's better if we stay out from triggering those amnesty decrees… If only I can take out his arm guard…."

Zhong Yue then gave up after a few unsuccessful attempts. The two of them then walked up to Yu Hui. Yu Hui had already woken up. He had consumed the divine herb and was remedying his wounds while suddenly, his face changed drastically as he saw them coming toward him. Immediately, Yu Hui quickly took out all of the Peaches of Immortality he had and gritted his teeth while saying, "I'll give you the peaches! Don't you dare try me, I have the Tian Jin Amnesty Decree as well, you want my life? Then we'll die together!"

"How about the other divine herbs?" Zhong Yue's eyes brightened up as he said.

Yu Hui gritted his teeth harder, and he took the divine herbs out form his Yuan Shen secret realms and Zhong Yue then left him on his own. The Peaches of Immortality were all given to the Tian Wu young cultivator while Zhong Yue kept the divine herbs for himself.

The two of them then walked toward Yan Que'er. Before they even reached to her, the young demon lady had managed to pull herself out of the ground and bolted away with extreme speed.

"Woah! She wants to run!", the Tian Wu young cultivator shouted happily.

Seconds later, the Long Que Saint Race young lady was struck into the ground again. Two young cultivators have held her on the ground and no matter how hard the young lady cried for help or cursed them, the both were still doing their own things.

Moments later, Zhong Yue and the Tian Wu young cultivator stood up in great satisfaction. The two of them appeared to be incredibly satisfied and high-spirited while the young lady on the ground was broken-hearted, she sat there not moving as if she has lost her soul.

With her current appearance and the shabby clothes she was wearing in now, it was definitely hard to not get the wrong idea.

While the young lady was mumbling in tears, "My divine herbs…"

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