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Chapter 37: It's Settled?

Everything went silent at the Crown Prince's remark.

Everyone around me had the same look on their face.

They probably all thought the same thing.

They're probably all thinking, what are you saying?

The Crown Prince didn't notice the reaction of those around him.

The Crown Prince continued stating his opinion because he concluded that it was great that no one rebuked this.

"Even though the 【Saint】summons had succeeded, Aira still needed to get used in subjugations. I know, however, that people have been demanding that the 【Saint】should get involved in subjugations. Perhaps, in order to respond to those demands, they probably announced that the 【Saint】joined the subjugation and pretended that the Knight Orders' achievements were the 【Saint's】."

"Do you understand what you're saying, Your Highness?"

Ah, Liz snapped.

The young men standing behind the Crown Prince were startled by Liz's serious att.i.tude.

Thanks for getting angry for me, Liz.

I also wanted to hit him a bit.

It's fine to call me an imposter.

If possible, I wanted to live as an ordinary person.

But even as a joke, how could he say that the person at the top is promoting 【Saint】propaganda?

If that was actually true, then everything would have been ruined with his exclamation.

The story about the fake saint would spread around the Royal Palace tomorrow as if it's the truth.

I felt lightheaded at the Crown Prince's att.i.tude and suddenly met Airchan's eyes.

Airchan's eyes widened as she recognised me.

I wonder what's wrong?

Ah, Liz also noticed me.

The Crown Prince also noticed me.

The Crown Prince looked like he wanted to say, "Who the heck is that?"


"Mm, how do you do?"

Liz called out to me and this time, everyone focused their attention on me.

It probably wasn't my imagination but the complexion of the civil officials, who were watching from afar, paled.

That's right, because the person who their own Prince had called an imposter was standing right in front of their faces.

There were even some people who had rushed off somewhere.

They're probably running off to inform someone higher up, right?

If possible, I want them to bring someone that can control this situation.

"Who are you?"

The Crown Prince said and I met his eyes.

Who are you……? He doesn't remember who I am?

It would be bad if I didn't answer but I didn't feel like answering him.

Even so, it would be immature of me not to answer so I unwillingly greeted him.

"My name is Sei."

I bowed like I was taught in manner cla.s.s and gave my self-introduction.

I want them to forgive me for doing the absolute minimum.

It was the minimum, but the Crown Prince noticed that I was the rumoured 【Saint】from the colour of my hair.

"So you're the fake 【Saint】?"

I ignored the Crown Prince's question and turned to face Liz.

I could tell that the Crown Prince was annoyed, but I'll keep ignoring him. Ignore him.

This much is fine, isn't it?

"Hey, Liz. If you're going to argue, isn't it better to do it in a room somewhere? It's too conspicuous here."

Liz laughed embarra.s.sed at my words.

Liz probably proposed the same thing to the Crown Prince but he didn't accept it.

I don't know the current situation, but just how hot-headed was the Crown Prince?

If he thought through it calmly then he would notice that causing an uproar here would be harmful in various ways.

His followers were the same.

Huh? Did they do it on purpose?


I thought that and the Crown Prince grew impatient and he reached out to grab my shoulders.

Mhm, it's something I learnt in manner cla.s.s, but wasn't it a violation for men to frivolously touch an unmarried woman?

Did he think that he'd be forgiven because he's the Prince?

I thought about brus.h.i.+ng him off but the Prince's hands never reached me.

The Captain had appeared unnoticed and stopped the Prince.

"Captain Hawk!"

The Crown Prince, who had been grabbed, raised his voice but the Captain didn't care and quietly let him go.

I could tell that the Captain had rushed here because he was breathing heavily.

The Crown Prince looked at him in frustration.

A while later, someone else came.

"What's this racket?"


The person who had come was His Majesty.

And behind him was the Prime Minister.

The civil official had called them.

Would they control this situation?

"These people are……"

"Enough. I heard about it. You're causing a foolish fuss in front of all these people."


"Furthermore, you were extremely rude to the 【Saint】."

"It is not I, who is being rude, but the people over there."

"Oh. I heard that you were calling the 【Saint】a fake."

"You're using her to act as the fake, aren't you?"

"…… Why do you think that?"

"Aira was the only person summoned in the【Saint Summoning Ceremony】."

"This person, Sei-dono, was also summoned by the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】."


"It was still alright for you to overlook this face at the beginning. But, several civil officials have reported that two people were summoned with the ceremony. Have you not heard about this?"

"That is…… But……"

"According to Head Magician Dreves's appraisal, there's no doubt that Sei-dono is the 【Saint】."

Huh? Really?

I reflectively turned to the Head Magician but he was looking at His Majesty and bowing. He wasn't looking my way at all.

Ah, did it become like that because of what we talked about during subjugation?

I concluded that on my own and His Majesty kept talking.

"This isn't just coming from the Head Magician. The Captain Hawk of the 3rd Knight Order also reported that Sei-dono had worked performed her duties splendidly as the 【Saint】during the subjugation that happened a few days ago. Of course, the 2nd Knight Order, who went with them, also reported this."

"I understand that you're protecting Airdono because you were overseeing the 【Saint Summoning Ceremony】. So, why didn't you protect Sei-dono, who was also summoned? Furthermore, you treat her as a fake. Everyone acknowledges that Sei-dono is the 【Saint】because of her achievements. On the other hand, what has Airdono done? She hasn't achieved anything yet, has she?"

"That is……"

"Even if you don't take her achievements into consideration, you have no basis on which to decide that Sei-dono is a fake. Well, let's move somewhere else to continue our talk."

The Crown Prince remained silent at the King's words.

The King looked disappointed for a second and returned back to normal. He instructed the knights to take the Crown Prince and his followers elsewhere.

The Crown Prince and his followers, who were disheartened, followed after the knights silently.

The people, who were watching on the side-lines, also returned to what they were doing.

"I want to ask you some questions, so could you accompany me, Lady Ashley1)He says Marquis Ashley's daughter but that just sounds weird…?"


"We will ask you for your report another time, Sei-dono."

"Ah, yes."

Looks like they're letting me go here.

The King sent me an apologetic look, ignoring his surroundings, nodded and followed after the Crown Prince.

The Prime Minister and Liz followed after him.

I don't know what was happening, but it came to an end. Would the problem at the Academy, which I heard about from Liz, be settled with this?

I left with the Captain and Head Magician while thinking that it would be great if it was solved.

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