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Chapter 13 - Immature

I who returned from outside accomplished the quota from Zelphy-san and could return to the guild.

The first floor of the guild became like a warehouse. There the merchants bought the materials that the adventurers brought back. Conversely we could also buy from them, but I never actually saw adventurer doing that in reality. Regarding magic stone, there was staff from the guild so we could bring the stones to them. Zelphy-san led us to sell the materials first.

She called out to a merchant.

「Oi, old man. It's materials from twenty slimes. How much are you going to buy them?」

The merchant who was called out turned toward us and his expression relaxed slightly seeing that it was Zelphy-san.

「What, isn't this miss Selphy. Do you have anything else? Right now I really want killer rabbit's meat, fur, and then their horn.」

To the merchant's demand Zelphy-san lightly pointed at us before answering.

「I'm babysitting right now. Cannot take that request for the present.」

Zelphy-san smiled while negotiating the price for the slime materials. After finis.h.i.+ng, she took out a barrel and showed the content. The merchant confirmed the materials.

「Their state isn't bad. As expected from an instruction, your handling is nice. I wish the other guys will learn from you. Here, the money.」

I received two silver coins and several pieces of large copper coins. We didn't need to pay Zelphy-san's share, so the money is split between me and Novem. Zelphy-san talked with the merchant.

「Recently we encountered goblin even at place not far from the city. Have you heard anything about it?」

The merchant folded his arm and,

「I heard about it recently here. Aren't they running away to here from somewhere? There must be some idiot fellows who let them get away to here. But, around here the place that has a lot of goblins is the mining mountain isn't it?」

Zelphy-san smiled.

「There is that phony mining mountain huh. The previous feudal lord who got tricked by a speculator desperately tried to hide that place.」

Next we headed to a place that bought magic stone. If we didn't receive any kind of request, we would be finished after selling the magic stones here. There was no need to return to the second floor of the guild. We placed the magic stones we obtained on a tray and the staff confirmed it. This time we didn't get even a single one good quality magic stone, so they were immediately weighed and the price was decided.

The staff told us to confirm the rate today. The nearby blackboard was written with the rate of magic stone. Zelphy-san read the rate while,

「Oh, today it's quite high. Or rather, recently the buying price is steadily increasing isn't it?」

The staff prepared the reward while replying.

「The demand is increasing. There is also a lot of case where magic tool is used in the place of oil. You know, like magic lantern, even heater were invented. The number of magic tool that used magic stone is increasing, so naturally the buying price is also rising.」

Dalien was close to Centralle, and when Centralle's supply was insufficient, they would be supplied from Dalien. Because of that, magic stone was purchased quite expensively here. But, various local rules like tax and so on were applied here, so the amount that was handed to the adventurer in the end was quite low. Apparently in a horrible case there was even territory that taxed this transaction from 60% until 70%. Adventurers would leave from that kind of place. The feudal lord also had to think about the balance of that aspect. But, regarding Dalien, the tax to the adventurers was set low.

Regarding magic stone, other than tax the price was also divided for the guild's profit. In the end the earning for me and Novem was five silver coins for each of us. Seeing that Zelphy-san was also satisfied.

「This earning from one outing is satisfactory. At this pace you can get around seventy until eighty coins a month. But, you also have to buy tools and the like, there is also the expense for your living. It will depend on you two how much you will have remaining at the end.」

Certainly the equipments adventurer used were expensive. Originally they were highly priced items, and they also needed maintenance. There would be times when we requested craftsman to do work of us. And then there was also expenses for information reward, medicine, and then daily inn charges along with food expenses, etc……economizing was necessary. Novem immediately calculated.

「Even for the living of only me and Lyle-sama, it will take around ten silver coins a month. From there considering the equipments' maintenance and the like……it will take around twenty or thirty coins perhaps?」

Zelphy-san smiled at Novem's thinking.

「That's if everything goes well for you. Well, I think it will be fine if you save around ten coins a month. Although, it's better to think about way to earn money rather than way to save money. Now then, we will be a bother if we loiter here. We are also really dirty so let's go to the bathhouse next door. I also have business at the second floor.」

Told by Zelphy-san, we left the guild. Inside the Jewel the ancestors who listened to the talk just now seemed to notice something. The Third spoke with conviction.

『I see. Rather than being adventurers who risked their life, you can earn money more effectively by doing business with those adventures.』

While I was listening to the Third's admiring voice, Hawkins-san unusually got down to the first floor. When he found Zelphy-san, he ran toward us.


「What's the matter boss? It's rare that you are fl.u.s.tered like that.」

Certainly it was rare for Hawkins-san to be fl.u.s.tered.

「I have something to talk with you. There is a request that named Zelphy-san, but no matter how I see it it's something troublesome.」

Zelphy-san was bewildered.

「No, I'll lend a hand if it's just helping out but, I'm in the middle of receiving request as instructor though? Well, this is boss's request, so I'll at least listen to the story but……I'm still dirty you know?」

Blood stain, mud, sweat……when adventurer went to fight monster outside, they would get terribly dirty. Because of that the material transaction and the reception were split at first and second floor. There were many bathhouses near the guild was also because of such reason.

「Please come up immediately. Someone named Lockwarde-san came here──」

『Lockwarde! Arichan! Lyle, you go with them too!』

The First got noisy. It might be better if I don't come along, but the First was being annoying inside the Jewel so I came along with Zelphy-san.

「Excuse me, can I come together too?」

「Lyle-kun too? That's a bit……」

While Hawkins-san was looking troubled, the Sixth advised me inside the Jewel.

『Lyle, at this kind of time it will be fine if you make a situation where the other party cannot refuse you. Lyle right now is Zelphy's employer. If Zelphy is going to accept the request, it will be better if Lyle is there to quickly give permission, tell them that.』

I followed the Sixth's advice and explained to Hawkins-san and Zelphy-san.

「Whether Zelphy-san will accept the request or not, the talk will be quicker if her employer, me is nearby isn't it?」

Hearing that Hawkins-san pressed his hand on his forehead and nodded.

「I understand. Certainly it's better for you two as her employer to also know the situation. Then, the three of you, let's go up.」

The meeting room in the third floor.

Waiting there was a man wearing ragged clothes. He was emaciated and his appearance was also terrible, with his body scattering smell of alcohol. Zelphy-san frowned the moment she saw the man and clenched his fist. The man knew of Zelphy-san, and then from his att.i.tude, was he formerly her superior?

「So it's you as I thought. Aria mentioned something like that so I thought that perhaps……but to think you become something like adventurer. But, right now it doesn't matter. Zelphy, actually──」

Hawkins-san, Zelphy-san, me, Novem……and then, the man making the request. The talk inside the meeting room started with the five of us. The First's disappointed voice came from inside the Jewel.

『What, so it isn't Arichan.』

However the Third seemed to realize something about the man from the flow of the talk and situation.

『I see, so this is Arichan's problematic father. Yep, it's really terrible from his look.』

Arisan's father──the man approached Zelphy-san and grabbed both her shoulders. When he opened his mouth I saw that he lost a few of his teeth.

「Aria was kidnapped! It's the bandit group! Those guys, they kidnapped my Aria. Save her right away! Aria was close with you wasn't it!? Save her right away!」

When the man who introduced himself as Arisan's father came saying he wanted to meet with Zelphy-san, Hawkins-san thought that it might be a drunkard's delirious talk but, it was a topic that had to be confirmed so he waited for us to be back.

「It's like this. I cannot make a judgment by myself, and the topic is like this, if it's the truth then it has to be dealt with. Zelphy-san, is he your acquaintance?」

Zelphy-san nodded. But, the way she glared at the man wasn't something that was directed to a close acquaintance. She hated him. From everyone here, it was Zelphy-san who looked like she was going to get violent toward the man even now.

「Then, let's talk. First please sit down.」

Hawkins-san got between them and made the man to sit before confirming the situation.

「When was she kidnapped?」

The man could only reply vaguely at Hawkins-san's question. Even after that Hawkins-san was following the man's answer.

「N, no……she was home in the morning. But, when I came back the inside of the room was messed around……」

「Then, what is the reason you decided it was the work of a bandit group, and why did they kidnap Arisan? Can you think of any other possibility?」

「Ah, ua……I said that it was a bandit group, so it was a bandit group! Tell Zelphy to go search them right away! I am the client here!」

He couldn't be talked with. But, it was also noisy inside the Jewel.


The First was making a ruckus and shaved my mana recklessly. It was the Seventh who noticed. He stopped the First in a hurry.

『Can you quit it? If Lyle collapsed then the talk won't be able to continue.』

Even so the First's excitement wouldn't settle down. But, he stopped pointlessly talking. Novem who was beside me pinched my sleeve and lightly pulled.

「Lyle-sama, this man's name, Lockwarde-san, don't tell me this is about Arisan?」

Before I could reply, it was Zelphy-san who snapped at the man.

「What is going on here? Lyle-sama is Ariojousama's acquaintance?」

Ariojousama──hearing Zelphy-san said that, I somehow realized it. I recalled when Arisan vanished inside the shop when Zelphy-san came to the shop with Novem and Rachel-san as though she was hiding.

「……She is working in the sweets shop that Zelphy-san came with Novem and Rachel-san previously. It's, I'm her acquaintance, we would talk when I went there.」

Zelphy-san looked down, after that she approached the man and suddenly kicked the man's face with the sole of her feet. Hawkins-san stopped her so she couldn't attack him further. She looked at the man while yelling angrily.

「You only made Ojou-sama worked by herself while you were just gambling anyway right!? What's more how much alcohol you have drunk when it's still bright outside like this!? I know that you aren't even working while getting into debt everywhere! Also……don't you dare giving me order! Just how much hards.h.i.+ps my father got into because of your fault!」

The man was bleeding from his nose and his hand pressed on his face. He was looking at Zelphy-san fearfully.

「Thanks to you ruining Lockwarde House, my family couldn't stay in Centralle. Tou-san became adventurer so we could eat. Kasan was also working. Thanks to that Tou-san got killed by monster when he went outside. Kasan also forced herself……. Even Kasan died from sickness when I became able to earn money myself. And yet, what were you doing? Gambling and drinking while you made Ojou-sama worked? You really have it good huh!」

Zelphy-san's anger was tremendous. I didn't know the circ.u.mstance. But, Zelphy-san's anger felt like something justified. However, the ancestors inside the Jewel were calm except the First. Especially the Second.

『Lyle, make the place calm down a bit. At this rate the talk won't progress. And then, what's needed right now is information. Personal grudge can be taken care later. Tell her to endure it for now.』

The Third was also of the same opinion. He advised me.

『Ariojousama huh. Perhaps Zelphy is sympathizing with Arichan. Then, try mentioning Arichan's name to her.』

When I was going to act as I was told, there was someone who moved first. It was Novem.

「Zelphy-san, please calm down.」

「You think I can stay calm right now! Because of this guy's fault I'm──」

「……Will Arisan return if you clamored like that? She won't right? Right now we should gather information. Shouldn't we save her before it's too late?」

Seeing Novem's strong gaze, Zelphy-san gritted her teeth and endured it. And then, she opened her clenched fist.

「I get it.」

Saying that she walked away until the wall. Surely she would be unable to hold back if she was nearby the man. The man was scared of Zelphy-san while explaining the situation mumblingly.

「……There was a man who introduced himself as a bandit. He asked me to do a simple job. Those guys cannot read and write. They also cannot count so I helped them selling the loot they brought. I could get money just by helping. But……soon the bandit group also trusted me and left a lot of money in my care. They planned to leave the money with me only for a short while. But, I used the money to gamble and lost big……」

The man said that a bandit group entered Dalien. And then, he cooperated with the bandit group to sell the loot and the like. The punishment of helping bandit would be subtly different depending on the region, but no matter where it would be a heavy punishment without a doubt. Hawkins-san urged the man to continue talking. I could feel that Hawkins-san's voice was filled with more anger than usual.

「You said that there is a reason they hate you? There is a chance she will be killed by that bandit group. We have to hurry.」

But, the man shook his head.

「Wro, wrong. Those guys need money. That's why, they are making a deal with slave merchant behind closed doors. They are planning to sell Arichan there.」

Slave merchant──slave trafficking was illegal in Bahnseim. But, it seemed among criminals there were also people who was doing such business. And then, the bandit group was desperate to gather fund. Hawkins-san opened his eyes wide hearing that.

「Where are they making the transaction? Is the slave merchant coming to Dalien?」

The man said that he didn't know the detail while,

「They said it's difficult to do the transaction in Dalien so they are going to do it at their hideout……ple, please, save Aria!」

It seemed he was awakened from his drunken state from the kick. The man was calmer than before. But, Hawkins-san's expression was clouded.

「……I'll have to restrain you. The guild has the duty to conform with the rule of this region. We cannot let you go free. Also, your crime is something that will extend the punishment to your family too.」

The man hung his head down and started crying. I felt that it was too late for that. But, it was sad thinking about Arisan. I wanted to do something about it. Zelphy-san said to Hawkins-san.

「Let's gather help. Looking from the place of the transaction, they might be still inside Dalien. It's really troublesome to move people. Good grief, for this to happen when the soldiers are also out.」

Zelphy-san ruffled her hair roughly. Novem was watching that situation. Sometimes Novem would make an inquisitive gaze. Hawkins-san said to Zelphy-san.

「I won't enquire but, regarding that girl called Aria……」

Zelphy-san yelled as though to persuade herself.

「I know! I know that. But, I want to save her……」

With the punishment reaching the family, it meant that Arisan would also receive some kind of punishment. It would be h.e.l.l for her if she wasn't saved. But it would still be h.e.l.l for her even if she was saved. Which one would be better? While I was thinking that, the First talked to me.

『We are saving her, Lyle.』


I unconsciously slipped out a voice. Then, Novem looked at me.

「Lyle-sama? Is something the matter?」

I shook my head to Novem. But, the First talked to me from the Jewel. Furthermore he was really worked up, the amount of consumed mana was gradually increasing.

『What the h.e.l.l are you doing just standing around like that! Go save Arichan! You, if you won't act here, I'm not gonna recognize you forever!』

He was talking selfishly. Even if Arisan was saved, a punishment would be waiting for her after that. Because of her father's fault.

『Come on, say that you'll save her! What, this coward! You, are you really calling yourself someone from Walt House like that! I'm totally disappointed!』

The words the First said stabbed into my heart. It hurt. It really hurt. I was chased out from Walt House and no one recognized me. Recalling that, along with the fact that my magic power was begin taken away, I collapsed on the spot. I could hear voices.


「Lyle-kun! What are you……」

「Wait, why are you the one collapsing huh!」

Novem hugged me worriedly. Hawkins-san was surprised. Zelphy-san was astonished. My consciousness turned distant.

──The medical room inside the guild.

Lyle was lying down there. Novem was nursing him at his side. Zelphy was watching them. The two aristocrat youths──at first she thought their relations.h.i.+p was that of lovers, but it felt closer to the relations.h.i.+p of master and servant. Zelphy who had been observing them for around a month from close by thought that Lyle and Novem weren't particularly dangerous. And then, she also reported so to the feudal lord.

But, even if the people themselves weren't dangerous, another problem was if danger would occur due to them being here. Walt House──someone driven out from there came to Dalien. Dalien's feudal lord detected them quickly. Zelphy was an adventurer who was requested by the feudal lord to keep an eye on the two of them. It was late at night, glimpses of light could be seen leaking out from the buildings outside the window. The shopping district would be bright, but places other than that only had sporadic light. A few hours had pa.s.sed since Lyle pa.s.sed out, but Zelphy was standing by inside the medical room.

「Novem, you can return already.」

From the examination, it was judged that Lyle was simply tired. Novem brought Lyle's thing from their inn. She had taken a bath before wiping Lyle's body. Since then she had been looking after him without rest.

(It's like, they aren't lover but master and servant……no, she is like a mother.)

Zelphy watched Novem's worried expression while thinking about the matter from here on. But, no matter how hard she thought she couldn't save Aria with her own strength.

(Should I ask the lord? No, that person won't accept. He look kind but, I've never seen him cutting corner in that aspect.)

The timing was bad. The bandit group that entered Dalien completely stopped their pillaging act and focused on hiding. Furthermore, they entered Dalien and made Aria's father to help with selling their loot. Aria's father who was using his smart in the wrong direction sold the loot in small amount each time, delaying the discovery of the crime. The bandits also joined the adventurer guild and walked through Dalien city brazenly. From the viewpoint of other territory, it was like Dalien was sheltering the bandit group. It wouldn't be strange if they had such thought. For Dalien, this wasn't a really good situation.

Zelphy was standing by in the guild in order to listen to the information that Hawkins gathered.

「Will Zelphy-san accept the request just now?」

Novem asked about the request from Aria's father without looking at Zelphy's face. Zelphy had no intention to lie.

「Strictly speaking I won't accept it. But, slave trafficking is a crime. It's necessary to crack down on it, and I'll help save the victim while I'm at it. My bad, the teaching will be suspended for a while. In exchange, I'll properly repay the fee of the days I'm absent──」

The door of the room was knocked when she was speaking until that point. It was Hawkins, so Zelphy opened the door and asked him.

「Boss, how is it?」

「This is related to the crew of the bandit group that sneaked into the city, it will take time to specify all of them, because it seemed they registered their comrades as adventurer little by little and didn't apply for party formation each time. Like this, if we move carelessly then the information will get leaked to the bandit group. Even if we catch the slave merchant, we won't be able to predict how the bandit group will move after that……」

Both Zelphy and Hakwins made a bitter expression. They were able to identify several people from the testimony of Aria's father who made the request. But, it would take time to find out the ident.i.ty of everyone of the bandit group who entered Dalien.

(It's troublesome. The bandit group rampaged in the surrounding area then stayed quiet after entering Dalien. Because it was that s.h.i.+tty b.a.s.t.a.r.d who sold the loot of the bandit group, they also got discovered late. At this rate the surrounding feudal lords might misunderstand that Dalien is backing the bandit group.)

Hawkins predicted the size of the bandit group from the man's story.

「At the very least they have twenty until thirty people. It seems they sold their loot in Dalien and bought up equipments and food. From how goblins were found near Dalien recently, we predicted that their base is in the mining mountain.」

Zelphy was talking with Hawkins about their plan going ahead. But, Novem was looking after Lyle and didn't seem like she was really paying attention. Zelphy spoke to Hawkins with a small voice.

「I'll report it to the lord. Boss too, send me information if something happen.」

Hawkins replied with a small voice too.

「Thank you.」

He replied. Zelphy was fl.u.s.tered and looked at Novem and Lyle. Novem was focused in looking after Lyle, so she believed that she didn't hear their talk just now. But, Novem was listening to the two's conversation clearly──.

Inside the Jewel.

What entered my opened eyes was the figure of the First being criticized by the surrounding. The round table room. The ancestors who were sitting on their chair were staring coldly at the First. Especially the Second was harsh.

『You're the worst. I'll make a great compromise and accept reluctantly that you want to save the descendant of your first love. Certainly, even from my eyes she is pitiful. But still, I cannot accept you trying to use Lyle for that. This is unrelated matter with Lyle. Besides that att.i.tude just now……it was the worst. Trash.』

The Third was also exasperated. Normally he was carefree, and yet this time he was really exasperated.

『Help her, do you know what is the meaning of that? I'll say it ahead, do you think she can be saved by stopping the transaction with the slave trader? What will wait for her after that will be a cruel life. She might get driven out from Dalien and died like a dog at the roadside. Or perhaps she will get send to the mine? She will only get treated as criminal's family. Rather, her situation might turn out worse even than being a genuine slave.』

The Fourth also pushed up his and spoke calmly.

『Aria's appearance is also cute, so she might get branded as criminal and become the feudal lord's slave. Or perhaps she will be burdened with debt and turned into prost.i.tute? The decision for that will differ depending on the region but, she will have it bad even if she is saved. But, you are telling Lyle to save her even from that kind of situation aren't you?』

The Fifth continued after the Fourth. The Fifth was called a womanizer by the later generation, but he didn't look interested at all regarding Arisan.

『……Is there any merit for Lyle? The merit of acting recklessly to save that girl who is a criminal's family? I'll say this first but, Lyle has no duty to listen to your order at all.』

The Sixth sighed tiredly at the place's atmosphere. But, he was also criticizing the First.

『It sounds good in that place telling to save her without thinking. But you see, I cannot accept if Lyle and Novem will be harmed by doing that.』

The Seventh then looked at the First while,

『Now I don't want to recognize the First as the founder of Walt House. You said to treasure Novem while at the same time telling to save the girl called Aria……it will be a failure if you only act just from spontaneous emotion on the spot. I wonder how Novem will feel if Lyle acts recklessly to save Aria.』

The First turned red. And then, he stood up from the chair and hit the round table with both hands.

『You guys! Is that your att.i.tude when treating me the founder of the Walt House! Someone like you guys won't be born if it wasn't for me! Who do you think it thanks to that you were born!?』

Then the First's question was answered by turn starting from the Second. From their answer, it could be seen that no one was respecting the First.

『It's mom.』

『Kasan of course.』



『Of course it's mother.』

『It's Hahue.』

The First was shaking hearing those answers.

『Yo, you guys……』

Suddenly the First noticed that I woke up. He looked at me and pointed,

『This disgrace of Walt House! What's with your att.i.tude just now! That was the scene where you should say, I'll save her even if it's gotta be dangerous! You always fainted right away and need Novem-chan to help you out……I totally hate someone like you!』

Hearing that, I reacted to the part "disgrace of Walt House" that the First said. Tears overflowed, thinking that the things said to me in the mansion would also be said here. Then the First looked around and got bewildered for some reason.

『Wha, what's with you. Why are you crying just from this huh! Something like this, it's just like a conversation. Why are you……』

The Third spoke exasperatedly at the First.

『Your mouth was too foul there. This is different era from yours. Lyle was the heir of a house of count you know? Even if the First only intend to talk casually, it looked and sounded like you are pressuring him. Also, Lyle too, get a firmer hold of yourself a bit more.』

The Second too, he pressed his forehead and looked at me.

『Don't bother with the word from this father. He is a man who doesn't know what considerate means.』

『Wha, what did you say!』

When the First yelled angrily at the Second, the Second continued indifferently.

『You said those words to Lyle right now who was driven out from his house and was also abandoned by his family, that's why I'm calling you inconsiderate. If you want him to save her, don't you think you should say please save her instead?』

And then, the Fifth stood up and climbed on the round table. He walked until in front of me before crouching down with his gaze turned toward me.

『……Lyle, don't think that you can resolve something by crying. If you cry it will be just a pointless waste of time. Listen, what's important is what do you want to do. After all we are nothing more than the memory of your ancestors for the sake of teaching you the Arts in the end. But, the Jewel also recorded our experience. We cannot teach the current you all the Arts, but we will lend you some knowledge. That's why, first get a hold of yourself. What do you want to do?』

「I don't know. I don't know at all!」

『Thi, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d!』

The First was going to yell at my answer. The surrounding stopped him and the Fifth addressed me again.

『Don't think too deeply. Right now what do you want to do? If you don't have any intention to save that girl Aria then that's fine. I won't blame you. That's the valid decision.』

The First who was being held down by the surrounding tried to yell something hearing the Fifth's words. But, the Second and the Third, and then even the Fourth held him down together. And then, the Sixth came beside me and put his hand on my shoulder.

『Lyle, speak out your honest feeling. Don't think anything unnecessary. You can think about those kinds of things later. Right now, what do you want to do?』

I recalled Arisan. When I learned that Novem had bigger earning than me, the great shame made me ran away from the guild and that was when I met her. After that in the shop──Ciel, we became acquaintance who would talk with each other. Perhaps because it was her work she would always talk to me with a smile.

I remembered how she said things like how she wanted to become adventurer. Arisan worked hard to support her terrible father. What do I want to do for someone like her? The answer came out easily.

「I want to save her. There might be various things but……I want to save her! But, I am still someone who only keeps being a burden to Novem, I'm immature! That's why, I don't have any qualification to say anything……」

Then the Seventh put his hand on the shoulder opposite of the Sixth.

『That's fine. That's just fine, Lyle. It's important to know what do you want to do. And then……we will lend you our strength. As expected it's impossible to teach you our Arts but, the six people here will lend you our knowledge. Don't worry. Even like this we had lived as feudal lord. We can easily grant you your wish.』

「My wish? But, Arisan is……」

My conversation with the Seventh got interrupted by the First who shook himself free from the Second and others.

『Wait a second! What do you mean six people! There are seven people here!』

The Seventh looked at the First in exasperation.

『Aren't you not going to cooperate? Even though you won't teach Lyle the necessary Art, just what kind of useful advice you can give? I'll say this first but, it's unthinkable that the First's advice will be useful.』

The First looked at me and made a terribly frustrated expression. And then, he looked up to the ceiling and closed his eyes before with a loud voice,

『This is for Arichan! Now that it's like this, I'll teach you my Art! But! Only the first stage!』

Then the Second fixed up his disheveled clothes while,

『That's great. Then, I'll also teach you my Art. There is no time so only the first stage. If it's only the first stage then it's possible for you to immediately use it.』

The Third shrugged.

『My Art isn't something powerful but, it will depend on how you use it. But, as expected perhaps it's impossible for Lyle right now? Let's pa.s.s it for this time.』

The Fourth took off his and wiped the lenses.

『I'll teach you mine. It's not something to say myself but, it's a really useful Art.』

The Fifth stood up and jumped down from the round table. He stood beside the Sixth and lightly tapped the Sixth's arm.

『My Art along with his is powerful when used together as set. I'll recommend using them at the same time.』

The Sixth laughed.

『Certainly it's an effective art to a cheating degree! However, in that case the Seventh's Art will be difficult.』

Only the Seventh dropped his shoulders in dejection. It seemed that even after I became able to use the First's Art, the current me still wouldn't be able to use it well.

『……It's convenient but, the mana consumption is too big. Lyle, sorry but I cannot teach it to you this time. Understand it, it's too dangerous.』

「I, I understand. Bu, but, can I learn that many all at once?」

Then the Fourth explained to me.

『The Jewel too was originally a Gem. It's easy to teach the holder the first stage. What is difficult will be from the second stage. It's troublesome, but if you don't know the Art's name and how to use it then you won't be able to learn it.』

Gem would teach──no, made the holder comprehended the first stage of the Art without any requirement.

Gem wouldn't be noisy like the ancestors here, it also wouldn't refuse to teach the Art to the holder. Considering that, it was far more desirable than Jewel. It wouldn't make a ruckus and consumed my mana.

The First came to me and grabbed my head strongly. He looked reluctant but, even so the First──

『……Save Arichan. That's all.』

──The First asked me a favor.

When I opened my eyes, I was in a room that I had never seen before.

「Lyle-sama, do you recognize me!?」

Medical tools were placed at the surrounding and Novem was nursing me at my side. She looked worried. Tears pooled in Novem's eyes when I woke up.

「I see, I collapsed at that time……」

I lifted my upper body. There was no abnormality in my body. The sky was bright when I looked outside, looks like I was sleeping throughout the night. I looked around and saw the Jewel that was placed on the table beside the bed. It looked like the usual Jewel that was s.h.i.+ning blue. When I took it, I sensed a subtle difference.

「……Am I, recognized even only slightly?」


When I smiled at the worried Novem and told her that I'm fine, she put her hands on her chest in relieve. I felt bad for making her worried while sitting up on the bed, then I asked her what happened last night.

「Novem, what happened with Arisan's matter?」

Novem started talking about the matter yesterday after I asked.

「That night, Hawkins-san investigated the people who seemed to be the bandit group members from the guild record. But, from the testimony of Arisan's father and other information, it seems the bandit group's size is more than twenty people. It seems that Zelphy-san will move independently. She said that our lesson will be suspended for the moment, the remaining two months will begin after Arisan is rescued.」

Zelphy-san was going to move in order to save Arisan.

「Lyle-sama, it seems Zelphy-san is connected with Dalien's feudal lord. She has been investigating various things about us since some time ago, and in the case this time she will also act between Dalien's feudal lord and the guild.」

The Third inside the Jewel understood from hearing that.

『Aa, so it's really like that. The feudal lord learned of Lyle's arrival here and sent someone quite capable to monitor him. Well, the person he sent was capable so it was good instead though.』

If you noticed then tell me, I thought but right now there was no time to be concerned about that. Then the Sixth spoke seriously.

『Hou, Zelphy and the feudal lord is connected? That's convenient. It makes it easier to save that girl Aria.』

The First was puzzled by the Sixth's words.

『You guys, didn't you say before that it's meaningless even if she is saved? Or rather, aren't you guys more cooperative compared to when with me?』

The Fifth answered the First.

『We only said that there is problem with the First's method, but we didn't say that nothing can be saved right? Laying the groundwork is important in this kind of thing. And, also……the feudal lord will punish Aria is for the sake of his territory. Conversely speaking, the possibility is high that he will overlook Aria if his territory can obtain benefit from saving Aria.』

The Second couldn't follow the talk similar like the First.

『It won't the end just by defeating the bandit group? Also, will the feudal lord do something like negotiating with Lyle? If it's me I'll send away someone like that at the front gate.』

The Fourth looked like he was having fun.

『Let's use Walt House's name there. Although Lyle was banished, he was someone from Walt House. Besides, the bandit group seems troublesome, so surely the feudal lord is also troubled. After all, if the neighboring feudal lords are also getting entangled, it should be a headache for him.』

The Seventh also joined with the talk. From his tone it could be inferred that he was full of confidence. I couldn't understand how he could be that confident.

『If you want to save Aria in the real meaning, you simply need to take the suitable method for that. First let's gather information. Now then, from here on it will be the place for us to show our skill.』

The ancestors weren't perturbed even after hearing that Zelphy-san was a subordinate of the feudal lord. And then, I also had to persuade Novem. It was a bit hard to say, even so I decided to save Arisan.

「I see, so Zelphy-san is……. Hey, Novem.」

「Yes, what is it?」

「If I say I want to save Arisan, will you object?」

When I looked a bit apologetic, Novem shook her head. And then, she smiled. It was an unexpected reaction.

「If that is Lyle-sama's wish, I will also help. But, right now Arisan is in a really difficult situation. Arisan won't be saved just from rescuing her from the bandit group. Does Lyle-sama understand that?」

I nodded at Novem's admonis.h.i.+ng manner of speaking. I understand. And then, I had talked about that matter with the ancestors too. There was also a solution.

「I understand. Perhaps, it won't end with just rescuing her. Surely, I will also cause trouble for Novem by doing this. I also feel guilty to Novem who has done so much for me until now. That's why, I'll say it ahead. It's fine to not go along with this if you don't want it.」

Novem shook her head. And then, she smiled like usual and said.

「If that is what Lyle-sama wish for, this Novem will accompany you. Let's save Arisan together.」

I grasped Novem's hand.

「Thank you, Novem.」


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