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Zhao Youyue had never thought that choosing to leave the stage early because she did not want to create problems, or so to achieve a higher cost performance index (CPI), had caused Rosemary to be stuck while writing the story. Then, when he was trying to overcome the barrier of writing, he had this sudden evil thought of removing the character "Yu Shengfan"!

This was actually hatred born from love. When Rosemary could not feel the soul of "Yu Shengfan", he was deeply disappointed with the empty "Yu Shengfan". He used the typing software and typed the name "Yu Shengfan" on a full screen. In the end, he darkened the character!

However, this was not an impulsive action from Rosemary. He would not dare to risk his work that would make him a Godly writer. He had this feeling of helplessness and realized that he only had one choice left after giving it a deep thought!

Zhao Youyue trusted Rosemary, and she had absolute faith in his strength and attitude for creativity. However, she was only just a reader and had never created something on her own. That was why she would never understand how important and addictive the state of an "inspiration outburst" could be for a creator.

The reason he promised that he was able to produce six chapters in one shot in order was to repay the Golden Sect Master, nicknamed "ImYouyueHerBrother". He was very confident that he could maintain that state. Six chapters, 18,000 words, with his typing speed of 4,000 words per hour; he just needed a maximum of five hours to produce them.

However, once he was no longer in that "inspiration outburst" state, it would be considered fast if he could type 2,000 words per hour. Following this calculation, it would take him at least nine hours to type out so many words. Not to mention that this was the ideal calculation, where it was impossible to complete in reality!

Rosemary was not a plagiarist travelling from a parallel world. He had to come up with his own plots and storylines…

Zhao Youyue did not know that Rosemary was fascinated by the character "Yu Shengfan" while writing "The Strongest King". Moreover, he felt that it was the most beautiful thing in this world that he was able to create such a character and to be able to sense her soul in the unseen world!

The goddess of literature was blessing him…

He had no words to describe this feeling of his. However, when he found out that he could no longer sense "Yu Shengfan's" soul anymore, he was down in the dumps. It felt like the perfect girl he created had vanished completely, leaving no trace behind and he could never find her again!

Most of the good authors are sentimental. The works created by them are not some consumables manufactured by the assembly line. In order to create a work of love, first, you would have to love your own work. He had a deep love for his own work, and he loved the character "Yu Shengfan" who made his work famous even more!

However, he knew clearly that once he started to write about "Yu Shengfan" again, it would be as tasteless as the chewing rubber. He would never be able to find back those feelings. Besides, he could not even come up with any descriptions by which he would be amazed when turning back his head. After those venomous phrases were optimized, they could be called as the art of language…

That was right. Many loving fans of "Little fish" had compiled a list of "Little fish's venomous phrases" at the comments section of the book. This post was very popular and was even shared on many other forums and sites. This had made many punsters feel ashamed!

Rosemary was praised because he was the creator of the character "Yu Shengfan". Strictly speaking, he was the talented person who wrote all those iconic venomous phrases. However, only he knew that he was not the creator of Yu Shengfan, but more like a recorder…

If you let him describe the true characteristics of Yu Shengfan right now, she would lose that strong realistic sense that she originally had in herself. Moreover, she could never speak those iconic venomous phrases anymore. What was the point for this kind of Yu Shengfan to exist anymore?

He might as well let her become an icon yet unforgettable character to the readers. At the same time, her death could stimulate Lin Feng to become stronger. Her unfinished self-forged weapon could be inherited by Lin Feng too…

This was the cleared thoughts of Ye Hai.

That's right. Since he could not portray the charm of Yu Shengfan anymore, he might as well remove the character from the story. If he insisted on writing about her, the feel of the character would definitely change…

Ye Hai did read webnovels occasionally. A lot of gifted writers were able to produce interesting storyline in the early stages and portrayed some stunning characters. However, when it came to the later stage of the story, there would be the problem of the characters breaking down. This was actually similar to the current situation that he was facing. The best choice to tackle this situation would be slowing down the pace, instead of writing the story forcefully.

Although Ye Hai had decided to "plot kill" the soulless Yu Shengfan, he would not do it right away. He still hoped he might get lucky, perhaps that state would come back sometime in the future?

He was smart enough and decided to write some vague details to plant a hidden plot to remove the character "Yu Shengfan". This is to prevent some readers who could not accept it when he killed the Yu Shengfan's character all of a sudden…

However, Ye Hai realized that the death of Yu Shengfan would lead a lot of readers to be disappointed in him. He knew clearly how popular the character Yu Shengfan could be!

Still, he could self-righteously say that he loved the character more than the readers. It was because of love, he did not want to ruin or tarnish her image. If it were those authors who were more to business, they would continue to forcefully write the story.

Just like Su Li, if she was "sobered up" like Ye Hai, she would not have killed the character "Xu Jing". Instead, Xu Jing would become one of the male protagonist's lovers while the original settings of the character were ignored.

Yet Ye Hai did not have the heart to do this, even the death of Yu Shengfan could damage the popularity of "The Strongest King". Hence he would not allow himself to write a horrible sequel to a masterpiece. It would be better for Yu Shengfan to live in the glory of Lin Feng…

His thought was getting even clearer now. In fact, he was unskilled in writing venomous phrases, but he was good at writing the gaming parts. He would write the one versus one challenge between Lin Feng and Yu Shengfan beforehand. Then, he would reveal the true strength of Yu Shengfan when she was not speaking. In the end, she won against Lin Feng but she died in front of her computer because of her disease.

After thinking in that way, Ye Hai realized that he was a little excited and the "intoxicated state" was coming back!

This time, he entered this "intoxicated state" on his own!

He could not wait to write about this Yu Shengfan character, the only person who could win against Lin Feng in a one on one challenge. Sadly, she had to pass away after doing that!

This would still be the venomous-tongue, non-talkative Yu Shengfan. However, in the game, she would still have the description that was on par with the earlier description.

Ye Hai felt that if he could portray this battle well, it would not bring shame to her!

Ye Hai was never a hipster. However, once an author like him becomes a hipster, it would be terrible. The few millions of readers who were reading "The Strongest King" would feel it…

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