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When we reached the window of my room, Palug who had turned into me came home.

Just then, a servant was bringing in the dinner into the room, so to avoid being spotted we waited for a while.

"Sorry to keep both of you waiting. It's okay now."

Entering the room from the window that Palug had opened for us, I undressed my town girl-style disguise.

Not long after that, my stomach rumbled.

While eating, I would share about today's events and tomorrow's schedule.

There were dishes for dinner on the table.

Palug had returned to her cat form, and Tirnanog was also taking off his armor and relaxing.

I also sat down on the chair.

I squeezed a cold meat and cheese into sliced rye bread and turned it into an instant sandwich.

Cut it in half and gave one to Tirnanog.

"Because of various things, I'm going to change our schedule for tomorrow."

『Oh my, did any problem arise?』

"In the case of Harold, some problems occurred.

The fraud has already been committed. Earl Nibelheim is not fine at all."

『Umu, the situation is pretty bad. Everybody seems to be manipulated by someone.』

I gave tea to Tirnanog who was immersed in his sandwich.

Palug seemed to be thinking back upon today's events while poking a piece of meat.

『Speaking of which, when Ernst and Earl Nibelheim were talking, both of their complexions suddenly changed.

I was in a place a little far away from them at that time, so I didn't know what they were specifically talking about.』

"What did Otou-sama do after that?"

『Ernst exchanged two or three words with Earl Nibelheim in low voices, and then he suddenly suspended their meeting.

He told me to go back to the room, and then he called out the stewards of the property management.』

"And then?"

『Since it would be troubling if the room was completely empty, I made a stuffing in the bed, put on a disguise and watched over the situation.

He seemed to order the stewards to do some secret investigations.

After that, wearing the same attire, he pretended to be relaxing in the hall.』


『His facial expression was as usual, but he was feeling very nervous and he seemed to be listening to other people's conversation.

He was spoken to by some people, but they were just talking unrelated things and they seemed to have pa.s.sed his test.』

As expected, Otou-sama seemed to be keeping secret about the matter of the fraud in consideration of Earl Nibelheim.

It was likely that he was confirming how the current Argene territory was managed by making use of the stewards.

Even while acting like usual so that he wouldn't be suspected, he was trying to gather information on his own.

I told Palug the detailed information on fraud which I had found out today.

『Oh no, it's a much bigger fraud than I thought!

Then it's not only the collapse of one n.o.ble house, but it also seems to have a big impact on the merchants who are rooted in this city, right?』

"Speaking of impact, some days ago, the merchants on the side that had sold the mining rights seem to have disappeared suddenly along with his family and employees."

『That merchant's family, they are not alive anymore, are they?』

Tirnanog added a conjecture that I couldn't say even if I wanted to say it.

Palug also narrowed her eyes and nodded.

『I agree with the snake.

There is no reason increasing the risk of finding trouble by escaping with the servants.』

『Perhaps the real culprit who set up the fraud cut down that merchant and his family.

Just like cutting a lizard's tail.』


When I listened to the story for the first time, I also slightly felt it was like that.

They were not escaping, it was highly likely that they were murdered.

This case had a much more dangerous smell than just a fraud.

『Erica, compared to the oracle of ruin, how is the current state?』

"Perhaps, this fraud case will be the impetus for Harold to bear a grudge against me."

Since I didn't know the spoiler of the original game third scenario, I had no choice but to guess.

However, as long as this situation proceed, the cause was almost definite.

Harold was under impression that I was the one who triggered the destruction of his family.

He resented me enough that he felt I should die.

『With the current course of events, the present Harold will be a comrade of Erica.

I wonder if we can we a.s.sume that the fate of the oracle could be avoided?』

『In any case, Erica. Is this not the time to quit?

If you are involved any further than this, you could get caught in extra danger.』

"Yes, that's true, but……"

What the two of them had pointed out was right.

There was a feeling that it would be a mistake if I got involved in this.

But, I wanted to help Harold if possible.

No matter how many times I shook it off, Harold's crying face always came to my mind.

I gazed at Tirnanog and Palug alternately.

"Please. After all it is worrisome."

The phantom beasts glanced at each other.

Their serious-looking faces broke in a blink of an eye.

『Kukuku, it can't be helped since you have said that much.

Whatever Erica chooses, I will try to fulfil my role as your guardian.』

『Fufufu, I was just teasing you.

I have taken your good-naturedness into consideration.』

They both laughed while looking at me.

"What, both of you are bad!"

『Hahahaha, what are you saying, my friend. Are we not people with talent? Right, cat.』

『Ufufufu, I don't feel like teaming up with you only at such times!』

A somewhat prideful poor response had been made.

I filled my mouth with the sandwich that I hadn't been able to eat with all the talking just now.


By the way, my head was full of fraud and I skipped lunch.

The saying 'hunger is the best seasoning' was true.

While chewing the food, the two beasts carried on with their conversation.

『Because of that, tomorrow we will have a very tight schedule.

From early in the morning we will head to the mine, investigate it and we will be back here by noon.

Then Erica will change place with you and partic.i.p.ate in the launching ceremony……that's the situation.』

『My, my……the schedule is very tight, huh.』

It might be better to think about a contingency plan in case we weren't in time for the launching ceremony.

Because Tirnanog would be there, I thought that it would be all right as long as a Palug-cla.s.s equivalent phantom beast didn't come out.

"If it seems that we will return late, Palug should just depart for the launching ceremony.

You can see Auguste from a good seat."

『You will be able to meet the person you wanted to see, but do not leave your seat.

Because that golden dragon has a good intuition.』

『Yes, yes, I'll do it perfectly. Yesterday and today, I did it perfectly, didn't I?』

Palug's mimicry was high-level, in fact, Otou-sama didn't even notice it.

While it was a good thing, for some reason I felt remorse that I did something bad to Otou-sama.

"Aah, that's right, I remember Auguste's story.

There was some good news for Palug."

I told her that I met Auguste and Professor in the city.

When she heard that the two dragons, Briar and Blumbell, had hatched from their eggs, Palug became tearful.

『So……so that's how it is. I'm glad, Auguste……』

She never shed a tear for herself, but when it came to Auguste, she cried easily.

When the story s.h.i.+fted to the dubious magic that was put on the Chalice, her expression changed completely, and her anger was revealed.

『No way……of all things, such magic was put on the Chalice……?』

"It seems that a dream magic which blocked telepathy was applied."

『As long as it was in a place I could invade, I would have torn off such dirty magic.』

『It seems that they aimed for a place where your protection is thin.』

When Tirnanog pointed it out, Palug bit her lips bitterly.

It was said that the room where the Chalice was placed was beyond the door which never opens except for the royal family.

She was an angel that faithfully abided by the rules of humans.

In other words, it was the only room in Island of Messenger that couldn't be reached by Palug.

『Just, who did it? To be able to hide from my eyes.』

"There seems to be a possibility that the people of Lindis were involved in this case.

In this case, it should have been tinkered with before the Chalice was brought in."

『Lindis……that old school, huh.

I am worried, but I cannot step into that building.』

"I'm sorry."

『It's fine, this life-and-death situation is more imminent.

But, either way……I will definitely catch the tail of the criminal!』

Palug bristled, abruptly she glared at the direction of the window.

But, that direction was the south.

Lindis should be about southeast from here.

When I finished eating, drowsiness. .h.i.t me.

They looked at me and urged me to take a rest again.

After I finished brus.h.i.+ng my teeth with toothpaste, caring for my skin, and others, Palug also finished mimicking the appearance of Severe King Jean.

"I'm going to work overnight~."

"Palug, don't work too hard, okay?"

"I know. We have many things to do tomorrow, so I will do it in moderation and return home."

『Even if you make a mistake and return home late, do not fall asleep while you are in Erica's form.』

"The snake over there, how about I make you sleep forever?"

After quarrelling with Tirnanog as usual, Palug turned towards the other side of the window.

After sending off the shadow with the fluttering cloak who vanished into the night streets, I went to sleep.

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