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S:FAAM – Chapter 10.1

The slap was loud and clear, that’s not only Chief Pang who is actually feel it but Manager Guo and Little Hu are also too.

Chief Pang is a veteran in doing something like that, so he recovered back quickly enough. He stood up angrily from the table and asked, “What do you think are you doing?!”

Mi Qing, who is still in shocked, was also very angry and asked back at him, “It should have been me who need to be angry!! Because why are you touching me like that?!”

Chief Pang said easily, “What’s wrong with the way I touched you? I think you can see for yourself that there is nothing wrong with that!”

Mi Qing couldn’t help but sneered back at him, “Then should I thank you for it? Well let me tell you then, I really hate such a person like you, who just casually touch young girls without their consent! Just because you have money, so you thing all girls will put up with all your antics? Maybe they can, but I can’t! Have you ever think what your wife and kids might do if they know about it? And just so you know,

when you touched me, I felt nauseous, so much that I wanted to vomit!”

This probably was the first time for Chief Pang to encounter a girl that he touched to just fired back at him. Because soon after being mocked by Mi Qing, he was so angry that he immediately fired back again at her, “Well, you don’t need to pretend, just how many men that have already touched you, because with a look like yours you’re still thinking that you’re a saint?”

Little Hu hurriedly interrupted, trying to stop them, “Chief Pang there’s a say that it’s no use to reason with girls like her.”

“Reasoning? Didn’t you see that she just slapped me a moment ago? Or is this how you treat a negotiation?” He hurriedly stood up and picked up his coat didn’t bother to what Little Hu have said and went out, “Since I think you’re not sincere in this negotiation, now you don’t need to waste your time!”

Seeing the accident that unfold right before her eyes, Manager Guo also picked up her coat and looked furiously at Mi Qing, “You don’t have to come back to work tomorrow!” Right after saying this, she hurriedly chased after Chief Pang

Pang who already left.

Only Mi Qing and Little Hu left behind in the private room, Little Hu looked back at Mi Qing. When he saw her red eyes, he couldn’t help asking, “Are you okay?”

Mi Qing didn’t answer him. Little Hu smiled at her, seemed wanting to ease the heavy atmosphere, “That Chief Pang is a veteran for being like that when on negotiation, I don’t know how many female worker had been sacrificed, but you just slapped him silly today.”

Mi Qing just lick her lips didn’t bother to answer Little Hu, and then she picked up her bag and coat and left the building.

It was after six, and the sky was already dark, the lights already lighted on both sides of the road. Mi Qing had to hire a cab at the intersection and returned back to Nancheng Garden.

Because there isn’t any lift, based on this situation it meant that she had to climb up to the seventh floor and it’s not an easy feat to do it because she’s wearing a heel. And as soon as she arrived she quickly rummaged her bag to find a key, and then opened the door and walked into the apartment.

The living room

living room lights were still bright, and there’s the husky lying down in front of his bowl to eat his dinner. But as he saw that Mi Qing was back, he barked excitedly at her.

At that moment Xiao Gu just came out from kitchen with a dish on his hand, he was just about to eat. But saw Mi Qing still standing in the doorway, looking wornout and sad.

Xiao Gu slightly frowned, then he put down the plate and took off his ap.r.o.n. He walked towards her and asked, “What happened?”

Mi Qing’s mouth moved trying to say something, but just can let out an unclear sobs, and then she cried out.

Xiao Gu, “…” ∑(O_O;)

Even the husky who is eating was also attracted by her cries, he hurriedly surrounded her and whined at her, “Nnn.. Nnn…”

But Mi Qing was completely undisturbed by her surrounding and just cried wholeheartedly, without even caring about her makeup on her face. Looking at her, Xiao Gu’s frown deepened, he then stepped forward and took her into his arms. (TN: Uyey… Finally some fluff ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ)

The sudden warm hug allowed her to feel the comfort he tried to give to her. And this made her to let out all let out all her pent-up frustration.

She cried and said, “Since I returned to China nothing good happened to me, I was forced to marry someone i even never met, and when I finally escaped from it my money got stolen, I also met a profiteer while selling my clothes, and now I met a pervert right on my first day I found a job.”

Xiao Gu’s face frowned more, ‘Being forced into a marriage?’ Although he had guessed that she didn’t come to city A to find a job, but he didn’t expect her to run away from home because of marriage. He then gently patted her back and asked gently, “You met a pervert?”

“Yeah, an old pervert.” Mi Qing’s voice still sound scruffy because of all the crying. “He touched my hand and all, so I slapped him. But he then fired back at me saying I must be had many men touched men me already, but even though I was studying abroad, i never even have a boyfriend so how did many men have touched me!”

Xiao Gu’s hand gently rubbed into her soft hair and patted her head silently.

Mi Qing then continued, “A-and now… M-my work is gone.” o(TヘTo).

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