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S:FAAM – Chapter 9

After listening to Mi Qing’s words, Xiao Gu couldn’t help but to let out a chuckle. The reaction was exactly the same as that day Mi Qing heard him laugh at the wheezing little b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Mi Qing glared at him, and overstating in a loud voice and said: “What are you laughing at! Is it that funny? ”

Xiao Gu laughed and said: “More funny than a wheezing dog, a hero … Is worth the mention of what the little Princess have said.”

Mi Qing quickly stood up with the instant ramen bowl and stormed out of the living room, leaving Xiao Gu alone there.

She cleaned the bowl, then returned back to her room, turned on her computer and posted her resume online to some company.

Although she may hated Xiao Gu, but she still listened to his advise and picked a few small and medium-sized company along the line, after her resume was posted, she went to the second-handed retail to see if her dress has some prospective buyer or not.

There were a few replies, but everything still in the water, no one really wanted to buy. She then posted her page again, after it’s done she deliberately looked for two-tael’s post of her clothes that she shamelessly sold again, wanted to see if her clothes had sold or notm

Two-tael’s post has grown into a second page, Mi Qing looked at it and found that her clothes has sold clothes already.

Mi Qing: “…”
How could she sell it so fast?

Mi Qing’s heart hurt seeing this, she moved up the mouse, found the buyer’s message on the post. The buyer was also a new registered account, even didn’t have a picture, its name is dog.eggs, another weird name was casually taken.

There weren’t any details of their transaction, it should be via a private chat, Mi Qing also didn’t find the final price of it.

Why was she so unlucky? Nothing went well lately. And that two-tael such a catty profiteers, why could she find a buyer so quickly.

Mi Qing frowned her face, closing the computer and then sitting in her bed, trying to find a TV show to watch.

The next day when she woke up, the first thing she do was to check the phone to see if there were some unread messages. There was really one.

Mi Qing quickly sat up on her bed and opened the message.


The message was also attached with the

detailed address of the company. She jumped happily out of the bed right after reading it, and began preparing herself.

Yesterday Xiao Gu said that she should wear more low-key clothes, but her clothes are all brand-names ones, so she picked one with the most ordinary style.

The afternoon of the interview day, she arrived earlier than the appointment time. This company was relatively smaller than the last one, even the front desk was not as beautiful.
Mi Qing thought that she wouldn’t be here if she didn’t follow Xiao Gu’s advise, so she is relieved that she did.

Not many people were interviewed today, and Mi Qing was the second person in line. In the meeting room there was only one interviewer who is a middle-aged man. Mi Qing thought he won’t be able to tell the brand and prices of her clothes, unlike the female HR from yesterday, right…?

During the interview process he didn’t ask about her family background, so Mi Qing’s hope is still relatively large after the interview. And at least she spent a few years abroad, so she still had an advantage in language.

The company didn’t immediately reply to her, but then she received two other interview notices, so Mi Qing went to attend them one by one. But in the end, only the first company’s recruitment notice was received.

After receiving the message, Mi Qing read it back and forth several times. After she confirmed that it really was a recruitment notice, her voice cheered loudly inside her room.

“Woof! Woof!” The husky in the living room heard her voice and ran up to her door and called out.

Mi Qing came out while carrying her purse. She squatted by the door and said towards the husky, “Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, today we’re going to have meat again!”

The husky then followed her out and wanted to go out together with her, but Mi Qing didn’t dare take it out with her. So a man and a dog were having a battle of wits together for a long time, but Mi Qing succeeded in the end and shut the door right in front of the Husky.

Through the door she could hear the cry of its dissatisfaction.

Mi Qing bought a lunch box with two chicken legs downstairs, she also asked for a duck neck and then she returned home with a bag full of food.

The husky probably smelled the aroma of the meat, so he kept turning towards

towards Mi Qing. Mi Qing took out a chicken leg from the bag and put it into the husky’s bowl. “Looks like your daddy is absent now, so eat it quickly!”

“Woof!” Acting like he understood her words, he quickly buried his head down to eat. Mi Qing opened the lunch box, which contained meat and rice, although the rice was not as soft as usual with home cooked, but it was much better than instant noodles.

A man and a dog ate until satisfied in the living room, after the husky finish eating his chicken leg he then looked at Mi Qing as she was trying to eat her duck neck. Mi Qing looked down and said, “This duck neck is very spicy, you can’t eat it.”

“Woof!” As if saying that there was nothing he couldn’t eat.

But Mi Qing still shook her head, “If you eat it, you will have a bad stomach ache. And your daddy will beat me for it.”

“Woof! Woof!” The husky still insisted he wanted it.

Just when Mi Qing finally thought she couldn’t help but give him the duck neck, Xiao Gu returned home. The husky immediately became quite, as if there’s nothing going on.

Mi Qing continued to eat casually in the living room as if nothing happened, Xiao Gu held a shopping bag in his hand and looked at her lunch. “Today’s food is so abundant huh. Have you found a job?”

“He he.” Mi Qing lifted her head proudly and looked at him, “I’m going to work tomorrow, so it’s just a matter of time until I move away from you!”

“Oh, I’m looking forward to it.” Xiao’s tone was light. He then put his shopping bag in the coffee table and took out a box of dog biscuits. “You haven’t eaten anything have you?”

“Woof!” How could it be.

But Xiao Gu looked at his food bowl and there were some oils and a bone left by the chicken leg. He then turned his head to look at Mi Qing, but Mi Qing continued to be focused on her duck neck.

Xiao Gu didn’t say anything. He just opened the box of dog biscuits, and took out a new small dog bowl. He filled it with the biscuits. “This is a new flavor in the supermarket, see if you like it or not.”

The husky smelled it first and then cheerfully ate it.
Mi Qing peeked at the food bowl, the biscuit was like a

like a small sugar cube with a b.u.t.tered cheese.

Speaking of which, it had been a long time since she had eaten b.u.t.ter cheese biscuit.

“What? Do you want to eat it too?” Xiao Gu gave her a sly look.

Mi Qing stared coldly at him and then twisted her head back, “Who wants!!”

She then collected her belongings and took them back to her room to continue eating. Although her dress was still not sold, but finding a job was a good start. She might be able to move out immediately!


With this wishful thinking, the first day of work finally came. There was another girl in the boardroom with her, and the two of them now sitting next to each other, while listening to a person who is responsible for explaining the contract.

Mi Qing felt a bit unresolved to find a job now, it’s because the first three-months were always probation periods, and the salary was also not really high. She also might had been able to go back home before the probation period end.

But now there is no other way around, so she can only accept the job. After the person in charge finished explaining the basic situation, he then took both of them to their respective departments. Mi Qing was a.s.signed into the marketing department, she didn’t like this department very much, but the person in charge said that this a.s.signment is based on the needs of the company and she might be a.s.signed to another department after her probation period ended.

Mi Qing said nothing and kept following him to the marketing department. The Manager of marketing department, Miss Guo, is a woman in her thirties. She looks like a very capable woman but also very strict person. She looked into Mi Qing’s eyes and said, “From now on you will have to follow Little Hu around and learn everything from him, Ok?”

Right after Manager Guo spoke this of, she quickly called Little Hu over. Little Hu hurriedly left his desk and came over, he looks like he was just four or five years older than Mi Qing. And as soon as he saw Mi Qing, he jokingly said, “Oh, Did Manager Guo just a.s.signed me to such a beauty?”

Manager Guo smiled at him, “What beauty, you goof!!. She just graduated alright, and still don’t understand much. So you have to watch yourself ok?”

Little Hu shamelessly said, “Rest a.s.sured Manager Guo. What i like the most like the most is looking at a beauty, nothing else.”

Manager Guo didn’t bother talking to him again, and turned toward Mi Qing and said, “So that’s it then, Little Hu will teach you everything you need to know. And oh yes, tonight we’re having dinner, and you should also follow along.”

Mi Qing frowned her eyebrows, “I also need to follow along?”

Manager Guo said, “Of course. You are new, so you need to attend. Or do you prefer to be lazy?

What Manager Guo said is absolutely true so Mi Qing have nothing to say. Then Little Hu took her to her desk, the first work she had to do, but she actually had nothing to do just that is she need to familiarize with her working environment.

In the afternoon after work, Manager Guo took her and Little Hu to attend the dinner. The place is luxurious, and just by looking from the interior Mi Qing can estimate how much the price of the dish would be.

Looks like we’re going to meet some big client.

The three of them waited for a while in the private room until the client finally came late. His appearance is the same as what Mi Qing think before, a half bald and pudgy man with a big beer belly.

Mi Qing’s work is mainly to accompany him today. After all, before coming here Little Hu had said to her that she just need to come and sit with them, and sometimes she occasionally repeat a few words.

After a while, Manager Guo found that the client had been eyeing Mi Qing, so she moved her eyes to Mi Qing and said, “Mi Qing, go and give Chief Pang a gla.s.s.”

The chopsticks in Mi Qing’s hand was paused, and she moved her head towards Manager Guo, “Me?”

“Of course, there’s still plenty to take care of here.” Manager Guo said.

“Well then.” Chief Pang acted like gentleman, but his eyes had been staring at Mi Qing.

Mi Qing frowned slightly, and took the wine from the table and went to Chief Pang’s side to pour more wine into his gla.s.s.

Chief Pang blatantly smiled and looked at her, “Miss Mi Qing your skin looks really good. Look at this hands, so white and smooth.”

As he said that he then touched the back of Mi Qing’s hand. This actions made Mi Qing to jerk her hand and thrown the bottle of wine away from the table. And slapped him in the face.

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