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It was at that moment, after she had seized the blue buff, that she used her flash and her second skill to enter her base and cut the opposite Cao Cao.

She was now fully equipped1 and had been using her pa.s.sive attack to kill him.

Xu Feifei controlled Zhang Fei and tried to protect Diaochan. At that time the opposite Yang Jian reacted and finally came over.

He could play professionally so his hand speed was really not slow at all.

Ye Shaohua then used her second and first skill to directly stick herself to Diaochan's face and attack her. Meanwhile, the item Golden Body broke Diaochan's second skill. Her pa.s.sive increased in power and was directly refreshed2!

Diaochan and Zhang Fei instantly became dead bodies!

“doublekill(double kill)”!

“triplekill (triple kill)!”

However, it was still not over yet!

Her big and small skills had been refreshed, her pa.s.sive skill was still shooting. She used her second skill to take a small step backwards and stay out of Yang Jian's dog's reach. Now, her skill were still refres.h.i.+ng, Ye Shaohua herself could not continuously lose blood3 and push them. She was finally cut by the opposite Li Yuanfang.

Resurrection A4 then activated. Her first, second skill and pa.s.sive big attack were refreshed, Yang Jian was instantly tricked!

“quadrakill (quadra kill)!”

“F***, Quadrakill, this is a professional game with a quadrakill in a 1 vs 5 people!” The commentator who originally did not pay attention to Ye Shaohua opened his eyes wide. his voice was full of excitement!

The opposite Li Yuanfang hit two small beast to recover his blood5.

He then hit Ye Shaohua with his first skill. Everyone thought that Ye Shaohua was completely doomed this time.

But when Li Yuanfang's skill bursted, Ye Shaohua's blood did not change at all.

This was…Ming Dao6!

Ye Shaohua had actually exchanged her Golden Body with Resurrection A and in just two seconds exchanged it once again with Ming Dao!

The gorgeous Vitality Shot7 had already hit Li Yuanfang. A line of words had appeared on the screen, as well as a resounding female voice: “pentakill (penta kill)!”

“ace (group extinction)!”

Ye Shaohua controlled her character, carelessly disposed of the soldiers8, and cut the opponent's crystal. The camera lens cut to her face, her appearance clear ans smart-looking.

On the big screen, Zhuge Liang's lines were also heard: "Life is like chess, one step and three calculation.9"

Even those who didn’t understand King Of would have their blood racing at at hearing the word “pentakill”, shaking all over.

The spectators who were here to scold Ye Shaohua looked blankly at the screen. In this professional game, Zhuge Liang exchanged resurrection A and then exchanged it again for Ming Dao in mere secondq. He also took five kills. This kind of troublesome character control could actually be displayed by Ye Shaohua?

But reality was like this! Exactely like this!

Ye Shaohua's Ming Dao moving around Zhuge Liang was precisely this troublesome!

This positionnement, this choice making, this hand speed… Some people already couldn't help but screech. Those anti-fan pressed on their own heart. They restrained themselves with great effort, but when the commentator replayed the wonderful Pentakill, they finally couldn't bear it anymore10.

At this time, who still cared about what was black or not, who still cared which family's powder they were11, they had already been shaken by Ye Shaohua's handsomness!

When the camera turned to herself, Ye Shaohua was just getting up, leaving. She put one of her hand on the back of her chair and pressed her other hand on her lipsk. Her clear and raw gaze was directly reflected on the camera lens. “The e-sports circle is still the e-sports circle we are familiar with. Here, we are bearing the weight of our youth, whether I am scolded or not understood, it will never reduce my enthusiasm.”

Afterward, the sound of the shooting fans stopped all at once. Before seeing Ye Shaohua’s performance, they always felt that such a wonderful and dangerous 'reversal of situation' killing could only be done by the former Su G.o.d.

As for Ye Shaohua, they didn't care about her at all, but now… What was Shen Weiwei's team in front the Ye Shaohua here!

Five against one yet they were still exterminated. Who was strong and who was weak was obvious at a glance.

Especially when they recalled Shen Weiwei's previous statement about Ye Shaohua's dirty tricks. They were countless Shen Weiwei fans who felt completely furious and incomparably ashamed of themselves. They originally scolded Ye Shaohua because of Shen Weiwei's words, going as far as throwing rotten eggs on Fang Clan's door. Because of Shen Weiwei their thoughts were biased. Even scolding Ye Shaohua who was at the scene to defend Shen Weiwei with great efforts…

They were originally scolding ruthlessly, remembering it now was so ironic.

They defended a swindler who poured out lies from her mouth.

They threw down their Shen Weiwei illuminated signboard, “Ye Shaohua! Ye Shaohua! Sorry!”

“Please continue to play professionally!”

“Represent Asia! Defeat H country!”

“We believe in you! We will always support you!”


Qin Feng looked at Ye Shaohua’s back, and his heart suddenly burst into an embarra.s.sed mood.

Ye Shaohua's team had already finished for today, but the people who watched the game had still not left. They had successfully turned from Shen Weiwei's fans to Ye Shaohua's fans.

In the lobby, Shen Weiwei's expression was not very good. The weibo post she had sent before was now full of "hehe".

Shen Weiwei bluntly threw her mobile phone away. She didn’t want to look at it. If she could, she really wanted to choke to death the her who had originally sent this weibo post. It had made her such a big joke. The perfect image that she had previously created with hard difficulty was already half-stretched.

“454, what’s the matter with you? Didn't you say that Ye Shaohua had absolutely no potential? How could she achieve this kind of results?”

[Host, the panel information is displayed like this, there may be something I have not detected yet. 】

Hearing the system's voice, Shen Weiwei gradually relaxed. This system was hers. As long as she had the system, she knew that she could do numerous things, therefore she didn't get very panicky.

What was Ye Shaohua… Shen Weiwei's eyes turned deeper.

“Miss Shen, I brought Miss Ye.” Someone knocked at the door.

Ye Shaohua was still holding her mobile phone in her hand. When she came in, she glanced at Shen Weiwei and with a smile yet not a smile, she said. “Miss Shen is looking for me?”

“This doc.u.ment has been signed.” Shen Weiwei threw a stack of papers like she was set up on high and giving alms. Her tone was very aloof. “I can let you improve your skills in King Of by a level in a short period of time. I can even make you enter the international quarterfinals.”

She felt that, this kind of benefit, this kind of temptation, as long as it was a professional player, no one could refuse.

Especially Ye Shaohua.

The other party was just an ordinary person, and she could let her system help her. This was a good fortune that Ye Shaohua wouldn't get even with eight lifetimes.

Ye Shaohua took the doc.u.ments with her hand without extra trouble and saw that it was a transfer agreement. She glanced at it and threw it away directly. “No, I will stay in the ninth team.”

This sentence, Shen Weiwei had not expected it and she looked somewhat distracted, “What do you say?”

“I said that I will continue to stay in the ninth team. I will play in the international compet.i.tion by my own means.” Ye Shaohua turned her phone and faintly turned her eyes to another direction. “If Miss Shen has finished speaking, I have to go. They are still waiting for me.”

Shen Weiwei almost broke her voice, her complexion was not very good. “Ye Shaohua, do you know what you just said? You don’t want to break into the international quarterfinals? Besides, I also know the grudge between you and Xu Feifei. Don’t you want the other person to have a whole new level of respect for you? Don’t you want to let Yu Qichen have a whole new level of respect for you and return to your side? You tried so hard to play in kpl with Su Clan, wasn’t it just to get into my team? Without my help, you think you can play in the international compet.i.tion?”

Foot notes

1. She bought the rest of her equipment with the money from killing the blue buff monsters↩

2. i think she levelled up? When you do your stat( atk power etc)increase and maybe it refreshes your pa.s.sive and skills?↩

3. lose HP?↩ of an item? , cost 2000+ gold(=expensive), it has a pa.s.sive effect, and its active effect is that, upon death, you will be resurected in the same place with some health(less or around half?) source : ↩

5. he has pa.s.sive life steal, either as an item or skill↩

6. ming dao = famous knife, an item. skills : immune to fatal injuries and damage, increase 20%speed for 1second close range/0.5second long range,90 second cooldown source : ↩

7. Vitality shot/bomb is Zhugeliang's ulti source : ↩

8. minions dispatched from the base at regular interval to protect it↩

9. 'The world is like a chess, one step three calculation' from the King of Glory's Zhuge Liang is an evaluation of Zhuge Liang's political att.i.tude of always beeing very careful in his decisions. source : ↩

10.= anti- fans also go 'kya kya'↩

11. anti- fan = black powder fan↩

bold letters = in english in the raws

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