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Chapter 155                 Set Up a Formation

Before Ye Shaoyang went to sleep, he called Zheng Xiaofei and told him everything. He ignored the shock in Zheng Xiaofei’s voice and continued, “You have to introduce me to a doctor who has the right to take charge of the operation and follow my instructions.”

Zheng Xiaofei thought for a while, “Alright, I’ll contact the doctor now. Please wait for my call.”

After ten minutes, a doctor named Fang Jin called Ye Shaoyang. He introduced himself as an Obstetrician. Dr. Zheng asked him to contact Ye Shaoyang to provide any help he could.

Ye Shaoyang did not waste time and explained that he wanted to watch that afternoon’s surveillance video. Fang Jin agreed to meet him at the main gate of the hospital after fifteen minutes.

A male and a female welcomed Ye Shaoyang when he arrived at the main gate. Both of them looked over thirty years old. The man was Fang Jin. He looked elegant and polite. While the latter was the matron, he met today. She looked quite pretty, and she wore a short skirt with a pair of black silk stockings and high-heeled shoes.

Ye Shaoyang could not help to stare at her legs. What nice legs.

“We’re staying at the residence opposite the hospital. That’s why we arrived soon after the call.” Fang Jin introduced, “This is the matron in our ward. We’re Dr. Zheng’s best friends. Mr. Ye, you can just tell us if you need any help from us.”

Ye Shaoyang thanked them. Then, they went into the surveillance room. On the way, Ye Shaoyang asked the matron a few questions, and these further confirmed his inference. After they watched the surveillance video, Ye Shaoyang a.s.signed a few tasks to Fang Jin and reminded him to finish them by tomorrow. Then, they parted at the main gate of the hospital. Ye Shaoyang went back to the hotel and slept.

To avoid other’s attention the next morning, Ye Shaoyang asked Xiao Ma and Old Guo to come later while he went to the hospital alone. He met Xu Yajuan when he arrived at the entrance of the ward. Xu Yajuan gave Ye Shaoyang a nod and walked toward the nurse duty room with him.

On the way, she whispered to Ye Shaoyang, “The thin girl with a sweater under her white coat is Wu Dan.”

Ye Shaoyang pretended to look at her unintentionally. He saw a pretty girl. She looked dull, and her face was pale. To his surprise, it was quite warm today, but she wore a turtleneck sweater under her white coat. Most importantly, there was a faint spirit Qi in between her eyebrows. The spirit Qi was quite faint as Ye Shaoyang only discovered it after he looked more carefully.

When they got to a quiet place, Ye Shaoyang nodded at Xu Yajuan’s suspicious expression and told her what he observed.

“It’s her,” Xu Yajuan took a deep breath, “Big Brother Shaoyang, what are you going to do with her?”

“She is going to a.s.sist in Shao Juan’s operation, right? Can you tell me the location of the operation theater again?”

“It’s on the third floor. Too bad that I can’t help you out as I’m a.s.sisting in Zhou Xiaona’s case on the fourth floor.”

“Don’t worry. Carry your work as usual. I’ll stand guard outside the operation theater. I’ll find a chance to capture her before she can harm Shao Juan.”

Xu Yajuan looked up at him, “Big Brother Shaoyang, you must be careful. You must capture the underworld midwife.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll capture her no matter where she hides.”

Xu Yajuan went back to the ward and prepared the instruments for the operation later. After a while, a few doctors and nurses came out from the ward and separated into two groups. One went up to the fourth floor while the other walked toward the operation theater at the end of the corridor. Xu Yajuan went to the fourth floor. She looked at Ye Shaoyang and nervously nodded to him.

Ye Shaoyang then s.h.i.+fted his gaze to Wu Dan. She followed the latter group and walked to the operation theater on the third floor. He called Xiao Ma. They met up at the stairs after a short while. At the same time, Fang Jin walked out from his office and spoke to Ye Shaoyang.

“Everything is ready.”

“Thank you very much. Can you please bring a few security guards over here? I want to cordon off these two floors, to prevent others from entering.”

Fang Jin nodded, “It will be a little difficult to stop the family members of the pregnant mothers from entering these two floors. But I’ll try to deal with them.” He went down and settled after he finished his words.

After a while, two nurses brought both pregnant women to the operation theaters respectively. The three of them watched Shao Juan entered the operation theater. The operation was going to start soon.

Finally, we are going to capture the underworld midwife after hours of preparation!

Ye Shaoyang took a deep breath to calm himself down. He ordered Old Guo and Xiao Ma to open up a tailored, rectangular plastic sheet and cover the ground from the labor room to the staircase with it. Then, he placed copper coins along the sides of the plastic sheets. For every eighth copper coin, he inserted a candle which was mixed with Qixing gra.s.s powder into the center hole of the coin.

Xiao Ma felt slightly worried when he looked at the weird ‘path,’ “Does this really work?”

Ye Shaoyang said, “Plastic is unmeltable. By mixing it with a few potions, it becomes a barrier. It can isolate the area from heaven and underworld ent.i.ties. Even the underworld midwife can’t pa.s.s through it.”

Xiao Ma said, “So awesome? Does that mean we can encase the spirit in a plastic bag every time we capture one?”

“You can do that, but you have to seal it up entirely.”

“Then that’s impossible, right? How is it possible to seal up a plastic bag entirely? If there isn’t a gap, where does a spirit enter?”

Old Guo proudly answered, “Only Daoist craft can do it. That’s why we, the sorcerers, exist.”

“You? Just stop it.” Xiao Ma rolled his eyes at Old Guo. He gave it a second thought and asked Ye Shaoyang, “There was no plastic during ancient time. What did the sorcerer use?”

“There are many ways to create this type of insulator. Plastic is light and convenient to bring so sorcerers have liked to use it for the past ten years. The sorcerers had their method during ancient times,” Ye Shaoyang waved his hand, “Stop asking irrelevant questions. We’re here to capture the underworld midwife.”

As Ye Shaoyang spoke, he took out the Pixiu Seal and pa.s.sed it to Xiao Ma, “You’ll be in charge of this seal. You’ll put down the Pixiu Seal when the underworld midwife separates from the person she has possessed. It’ll steady the soul guiding path. Try to control it with your mind and no matter what happens don’t let go of it.”

Xiao Ma nodded, “Don't forget to let me strike her with the peach wood whip after you capture her. I want to take revenge for the mother and child.”

“Sure. As long as we manage to capture her, you can do anything to her.”

Then, Ye Shaoyang approached the main door of operation theater while Xiao Ma stood by at his position. Ye Shaoyang heard sounds from inside that meant the operation should have started. He drew a Blood Stamped Talisman Paper and stuck it over the lintel. The talisman paper would seal up the whole operation theater except the main door and prevent the underworld midwife from pa.s.sing through the wall.

“We have to be quick. Time’s running out!”

Ye Shaoyang threw a carpenter ink’s marker to Old Guo, asking for his help to set up the red threads. At the same time, Ye Shaoyang mixed cinnabar ink, realgar and a few other potions he usually used in a porcelain bowl. Then, he poured a gla.s.s of black dog’s blood in the bowl and started to stir up the mixture. When the black dog’s blood mixed with the other potions, the mixture began to boil and emitted a pungent scent.

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