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Chapter 157                 Capturing the Underworld Midwife 2

“Arrgh,” the underworld midwife roared.

She knew she would lose consciousness if she remained in Xu Yajuan’s body. She would place herself at the mercy of Ye Shaoyang. She had no choice but to give up the possession and reserve her cultivation for the fight. With a jerk, she left Xu Yajuan’s body.

Because she could turn invisible, they could only see Xu Yajuan fall to the ground slowly. While the others still stared blankly at her, Ye Shaoyang grabbed the thread and threw the carpenter’s ink marker to Old Guo.

“Let go of three feet of thread!” He shouted.

Old Guo caught it and pulled in a horizontal direction. With his help, he and Ye Shaoyang pulled out the long thread. When they were done setting it, something knocked into it and rebounded. The force cut both of their palms, but the thread, which was mixed with black dog’s blood, sent out a few rays of blood.

“Ouch!” The underworld midwife groaned as she fell to the ground.

Just as Ye Shaoyang had predicted, she tried to dive through the ground when she fell. Ye Shaoyang quickly turned around and shouted at Xiao Ma who was still lost in thought, “Hold down the Pixiu Seal!”

Ye Shaoyang’s shout pulled Xiao Ma back into reality. He quickly sat down and pressed the Pixiu Seal on the plastic sheet.

“The path of golden coins will trap the souls and draw the Po, and all spirits shall be destroyed!” Ye Shaoyang lifted up a corner of the plastic sheet as he recited the incantation. Old Guo lifted the opposite corner and the two of them walked in a direction that resembled a Taiji logo and ran in circles.

Within a few minutes, the plastic sheet had been completely twisted into a twisted dough shape. The outline of a transparent human figure appeared inside the plastic sheet. The plastic sheet wrapped tightly around the figure as if it wore a latex suit.

The figure was of an old woman with a stooped posture holding a metal chain in her left hand and carrying a basket in her right. Fang Jin and the others who watched the video footage recognized her as the spirit that was in the operation theater. They retreated in fear, and everyone nervously looked at Ye Shaoyang with reverence in their eyes.

Everyone put their faith in him.


The figure started to struggle within the plastic sheet causing the plastic sheet to expand almost to the point of breaking.

Ye Shaoyang shouted, “Hold on, Xiao Ma!”

Xiao Ma pressed the Pixiu Seal with both hands on the bottom of the plastic sheet as it vibrated vigorously. Xiao Ma’s appearance looked normal except for the bulging veins in his arms and the drops of sweat dripping from his chin.

n.o.body except Ye Shaoyang and Old Guo knew how much pressure Xiao Ma had to bear. He was using his mind power to keep the underworld midwife from breaking free with the Pixiu Seal. If he did not, she would have long since ripped the fragile plastic sheet.

Suddenly, the body of the underworld midwife shrunk and emitted jets of black spirit Qi. The spirit Qi filled the plastic sheet to near bursting.

Ye Shaoyang sprung toward her and quickly twined the thread around the underworld midwife’s neck. At the same time, Old Guo took the other end of the thread and twined it around her body in the opposite direction. After a while, she was entirely wrapped in the thread and resembled a Chinese dumpling. She could not move at all.

Ye Shaoyang tied a knot and backed off a few steps. He turned around and spoke to Xiao Ma, “Dude, you can whip her now! You can leave the Pixiu Seal on the ground.”

“Oh, really?” Xiao Ma paused for a moment.

He laughed sinisterly as he took out the peach wood whip and whipped the underworld midwife. Thinking of the infant spirit searching for his mother’s soul, Xiao Ma beat her harder.

The underworld midwife let out a miserable shriek and fell to the ground.

Xiao Ma spat at her, “Now you’ll feel pain! d.a.m.n you for killing so many infants….”

He whipped her as he scolded her. Although the underworld midwife was wrapped in the plastic sheet and thread, the damage caused by the peach wood whip to her was substantial. She curled up on the ground and begged for mercy.

Old Guo did not sympathize her. He took out another peach wood whip and lashed her hard with Xiao Ma. The medical staff was puzzled by the cruel scene and gazed at one another.

“Alright, I think that’s enough. Let me finish her off,” Ye Shaoyang said and pulled Old Guo and Xiao Ma aside.

Xiao Ma’s hatred was not slaked.

He blurted out, “Little Ye, don’t stop me. Let me whip her to death. I’ve never killed a spirit before. Let me knock myself out.”

Ye Shaoyang’s eyes rolled up, “Yeah, you are enjoying it now, but you will suffer after you die. A layperson cannot kill a spirit from the underworld even if the spirit is found guilty or else It would leave the mortal world and the underworld in chaos.”

He squatted beside the underworld midwife and took out the Qixing Dragon Sword.

“Heavenly Master, no! You can’t kill me!” The underworld midwife cried.

“Why? Are you a relative of mine?” Ye Shaoyang smiled as he lifted the sword.

“Heavenly Master, I have a Spirit Badge with me. As long as I give up my cultivation, n.o.body can kill me!”

Her words stunned Ye Shaoyang. Black spirit Qi gradually seeped out of the ‘Chinese dumpling’. It melted the plastic sheet and tore the thread.

“Little Ye, hurry up!” Xiao Ma shouted as he watched.

However, Ye Shaoyang shook his head and replied, “She is giving up her spirit Qi. Don’t do anything. We will wait and see.”

Within a few minutes, the underworld midwife had released her black spirit Qi completely. The thread had been torn into pieces and the plastic sheet had been completely melted. An old woman with a hunchback sat on the ground hopelessly. Her face was covered with wrinkles and warts. In front of her, was a black metal chain and a basket filled with h.e.l.l notes.

The underworld midwife had lost all her cultivation. She could not become invisible anymore. Her ugly appearance frightened everyone. If there were not so many people around, some of the young, timid nurses might have screamed out of their lives.

The underworld midwife reached into the basket with her slender hand and threw an active infant spirit to Ye Shaoyang. He quickly placed the infant spirit in a talisman paper to keep it safe.

Then, he asked, “Where are the others?”

“I am here for the new soul. The others are not with me now. After I leave, the connection between them and me will disconnect automatically, and they will search for their bodies.”

The underworld midwife sighed and smiled bitterly at Ye Shaoyang, “Heavenly Master Ye, I underestimated you, but you can’t kill me. I have a Spirit Badge with me.”

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