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Chapter 1328: Raising Evil Spirits

Standing beneath his Soul Altar, Qin Lie looked down coldly at the Han Family’s island as thunder roamed the skies like dragons.

“Zzzt! Zzzt!”

Occasionally, lightning would be generated inside his Soul Altar and infused into the world.

Right now, Qin Lie was controlling the surrounding lightning, frost and earth through his Soul Altar.

The Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram imprinted inside his Soul Altar seemed to be working its magic and helping him in manipulating the forces.

All the secret techniques of Heavenly Thunder Eradication or Frost Arts were manifested clearly by the threads of rules and dao inside the Soul Altar. It was why he could execute them with incredible ease.

One might say that his Soul Altar—the Soul Altar that was refined from an Origin Crystal—was the reason he was able to become one with the world and unleash the strongest form of his spirit energies to his heart’s content!

“It’s amazing how much a Soul Altar enhances one’s spirit energy and spirit arts. No wonder it is often said that Soul Altar martial pract.i.tioners are the only ones who deserve the t.i.tle of an expert.”


The thick lightning blasting the island beneath his feet didn’t stop just because he was absorbed in thought.

One by one, the Han Family members were killed by the thunderstorm. Even those who survived the onslaught were cut into pieces by the Divine Grade artifact Moon Tear or the hail of ice blades.

In just dozens or so seconds, Qin Lie had turned a lively island into a living h.e.l.l.

Heart-rending screams were coming from every corner and every building existing on the island. Blood, flesh and bones were slowly but surely dying the island in red.

Nearby, Ji Yuan frowned deeply while staying silent.

She didn’t interfere with Qin Lie’s work. She watched quietly as Qin Lie skilfully manipulated his Soul Altar and reaped the Han Family members’ lives with the power of thunder, frost and his artifact. He had literally drawn power from the lightning pool of heavens itself, and froze the sea itself to unleash his storm of ice.

She stared pa.s.sionately at Qin Lie’s one-level Soul Altar. Her amazement was only growing greater and greater.

“No wonder he’s completely fearless…”

She muttered in her heart before she subconsciously compared Qin Lie to the so-called geniuses of the Central World.

She shook her head abruptly.

Literally no one at the same realm was Qin Lie’s match considering his current strength! 

The wonders displayed by Qin Lie one-level Soul Altar, the spirit energy, power and laws it contained far surpa.s.sed any other one-level Soul Altar users.

Right now, Han Qian was currently away for business, and Ji Yuan thought that she was incredibly lucky.

It was because she had absolutely no doubt that Han Qian would be annihilated by Qin Lie if she was here on the island.

“I’ve never heard of someone who can become one with the world with just a one-level Soul Altar. Just unbelievable.” She sighed to herself.

“Who is it?!”

“Who’s trying to destroy the Han Family? Don’t you know that we’re a va.s.sal force of Ninth Heaven? By harming the Han Family, you are asking for Ninth Heaven to take b.l.o.o.d.y revenge on you!”

“You will not escape!”

Suddenly, the three Han Family Soul Altar martial pract.i.tioners rushed towards them.

Qin Lie had almost murdered everyone in the Han Family except these three Soul Altar experts. Coincidentally, one of them was Han Qian’s father.

The angry trio who was enduring the lightning storm to get to him consisted of a three-level Soul Altar expert and two one-level Soul Altar expert. They were all Han Qian’s seniors.

“Soul Altar martial pract.i.tioners…”

The corner of Qin Lie’s mouth curled as he chuckled and pointed a finger at his glabella.


Six beams of brilliant light flew out of his glabella like lightning. They entered the trio’s Soul Altars in just a breath’s time.

“One fire Soul Altar and two gentle water Soul Altars? Oh well, they have to contain some power of fire and water, right?”

The fire spirit and water spirit were making their way into two Soul Altars while he was muttering to himself.

The two Han Family members who were being attacked cried out in fear and shock. To watch the Soul Altars they had spent so much to build slipping out of their grasp and being eaten by some foreign beings… it was a worse feeling than being killed in battle.

“See? I told you that the Han Family isn’t a problem.” Qin Lie turned to Ji Yuan and shot her a bright smile, saying, “The fight is over already. Even if the Sea Race clansmen of Blue Snake Sea were to surface right now, it’s too late already.”

“After all, I can return to Boluo Realm immediately if I so desire.”

Right now, Qin Lie looked incredibly relaxed.

Even Ji Yuan herself was relaxing as if she was influenced by his emotions. The fact that she hadn’t even released her own Soul Altar was proof that even she thought that the fight was over.

“Those six foreign beings are your Spirits of Void and Chaos, right?” Ji Yuan asked curiously.

Qin Lie smiled before answering, “That’s right. They also infamously known as Soul Altar Devourers. If an enemy Soul Altar expert wishes to unleash their Soul Altar to enhance their power, my Spirits of Void and Chaos will be their worst nightmare.”

Ji Yuan asked again with a serious look, “What bloodline rank are they at right now?”

“My fire spirit is at rank eight bloodline. The rest are at rank seven.” Qin Lie revealed carelessly. He didn’t see a reason to hide this from her.

“A rank eight Spirit of Void and Chaos…” Ji Yuan tensed up a little when she heard this. She sucked in a deep breath before advising seriously, “You’d best make sure you have one hundred percent control over your Spirits of Void and Chaos. Once they evolve to rank nine or even rank ten, they will become the nightmare of all races who cultivate Soul Altars.”

A pause later, she continued, “In fact, Soul Altar beings aren’t the only ones who have to fear the Spirits of Void and Chaos after they ascend to rank ten. They’re capable of devouring even worlds of world spirit energy.”

Qin Lie replied solemnly, “Don’t worry, I will always have control over them. There will be no accidents.”

“I can still remember the powerful races from other realms using all of their manpower and resources to eliminate a Spirit of Void and Chaos just because it had reached rank nine.” Ji Yuan’s features didn’t relax despite hearing Qin Lie’s promise, “A rank ten Spirit of Void of Chaos is so destructive that they’re practically realm destroyers. There isn’t anyone who wants to witness the birth of a rank ten Spirit of Void and Chaos.”

“I will be careful.” Qin Lie nodded.

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly. “Now that you’ve annihilated the Han Family, the fact that you’re raising Spirits of Void and Chaos is something the six great forces will use against you. This is because the Spirits of Void and Chaos are known to the races of Spirit Realm as one of the most terrifying evil in the world!”

“Evil…” Qin Lie was slightly surprised by this.

“They’re strange beings that can devour Soul Altars and even destroy the roots of an entire realm on their own. If they’re not evil, then what is?” Ji Yuan asked.

It was at this moment the three Han Family Soul Altar experts suddenly stopped screaming.

When Qin Lie and Ji Yuan turned to look at them, they discovered that their Soul Altars had seemingly exploded from the inside. The fire spirit and water spirit were happily chewing away at the Soul Altar chunks.

Ji Yuan felt a chill crawling up her spine after watching them for a while. It was an instinctive fear towards the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

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