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Translator’s Notes: Sorry for the delay. Caught a particularly bad cold and am trying to recover.

Chapter 200: Feigler Fernando and Ji Feihang’s Arrival [Part 1]

The soldier wearing a rear admiral’s badge looked young, but it was obvious from the steadiness displayed in his every movement and the sharpness hidden within his eyes that he was no ordinary person.

“Feigler Fernando!”

Kedwell nearly let out a low roar when he uttered this name. He had always fumed with rage whenever he heard or saw this name.

Fernando Feigler was ten years older than Knight. He joined the military at a very young age due to his family background, and he had been killing enemies on the battlefield before Knight had even entered the military. His outstanding individual abilities and sparkling achievements allowed him to ascend to a rear admiral’s military rank at a young age.

The reason Kedwell was so angry at Fernando was because this wasn’t the first time the man had targeted them. Since Kedwell had suffered a lot of hidden losses thanks under Fernando’s hands, he showed unbridled hatred and fear towards the man the second he saw him.

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Star Rank Hunter Srh Chapter 200 [Part 1] summary

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