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Chapter 213: Mist? Or Merciless? [Part 1]

The gray cat looked up at Cillin in just a moment.

“It’s done, Cillin.”

It’s done?

Cillin looked at the s.p.a.ceplane. I don’t see any opening though?

“Its main entrance is at the belly of the s.p.a.ceplane, not the sides,” The gray cat said.

By belly, the gray cat meant the bottom of the s.p.a.ceplane. But wasn’t the entrance of a s.p.a.ceplane with this kind of shape normally at the sides?

Entering would be difficult if the entrance really was at the bottom of the s.p.a.ceplane.

Cillin looked at the gray cat, and the gray cat began digging a hole on his own initiative. The cat thought that it was no easy feat to possess such an advanced hole digging skill. That was why it had always been proud with its hole digging skill.

With the gray cat’s help, Cillin was able to enter the interior of the s.p.a.ceplane very quickly.

He could see everything inside the moment he went inside.

This s.p.a.ceplane was used almost solely for the purpose of storing those round capsules. That was why it looked incredibly s.p.a.cious after those round capsules were injected.

Cillin took out his scanner and probed around for a bit. The scanner found no special reactions whatsoever and indicated that everything was normal. But Cillin couldn’t shake the uneasiness in his mind. He remembered the rabbit: Was the rabbit really reacting to those transformed humans only? A shame that that rabbit couldn’t speak.

The gray circled inside the s.p.a.ceplane once while twitching its nose.

“There’s a familiar smell in this place.”

“What smell?”

Cillin couldn’t smell anything. If their mysterious opponent hadn’t cleaned this place he could’ve picked up the smell himself. This meant that the person who was here must have cleaned the s.p.a.ceplane before they left.

The gray cat walked around the s.p.a.ceplane again and narrowed down its observations to a particular route. Then, it pointed at a spot where a bit of smell was left over, “There are a lot of scenta here, but one of them smells very familiar. These are the few spots where I can detect this smell.”

If their opponent had also performed scent elimination before they left, then these places with leftover smell were probably places where that person had hung around for an extended period of time too. It could also be places where body fluids had dripped off the person’s body.

“Ah, I remember now!” The gray cat exclaimed, “I’ve picked up that scent once when we went to that grade one prison back then. It came from those really disgusting rat-like things. I slapped a few of them to death but ate none of them because they smelled both terrible and disgusting. They turn into sticky stuff that looks like a pool of liquid after I took them out.”

Rat-like things? Turns into sticky stuff that looks like a pool of liquid after they were killed?

“Wait a second. Can you see if this is the thing you’re talking about?” Cillin took out a small bottle from his leaf patterned ring. He had collected a partial sample back then, but he hadn’t performed any in depth a.n.a.lysis to this day.

The gray cat never took a step closer. The gray cat cried out loudly the second the bottle was opened just a little, “That’s the one! Now move it away already, it’s so disgusting!”

I thought so!

This proved that the enemy wasn’t from Grim Reaper or some other forces. It also proved that they were either Mist or Merciless.

That guy… Cillin remembered him. At the time, they had brushed past each other without any fighting, but that didn’t stop Cillin from sensing the darkness inside that man. Which force did he belong to?

Speaking of which, what were the rest of the inconspicuous smells the gray cat had detected.

Cillin a.n.a.lyzed the spots where there were leftover smells and went to a couple of places after imagining how the people inside the s.p.a.ceplane would have walked, but came up with nothing.

At the end of his a.n.a.lysis, he narrowed down the potential routes to just three. The path Cillin was currently treading would save him a bit of time towards a certain point. Then, Cillin’s uneasiness grew stronger when he reached this intersection point.

This is the spot!

Cillin didn’t doubt his own intuition in the slightest.

“Wheeze, how many people have stopped by this area?” Cillin pointed at the spot and drew a circle in mid air with his finger, asking.

“Hardly any at all. There was only one person who hung around here close by. Over here,” The gray cat walked towards a particular spot and patted the ground with its paw.

“Then that must be it. Come back first, will you? Don’t get close to that spot,” Cillin carefully walked over to the spot the gray cat had mentioned and pressed a finger against the wall.

There was a surprise hidden behind it.

He could detect a tiny amount of radioactive substance emanating the wall. It was such a small amount that it wouldn’t cause any discomfort to the human body, and the walls here were also made of anti-radiation materials. It was no wonder that the scanner couldn’t pick up the radioactive substance hidden inside the wall at all.

It was obvious that the placement of this radioactive substance was premeditated. Once the atomic nucleus had decayed to a certain extent, the box inside the wall would open up and allow its content to flow out of the box. Once its content had fused together with the decaying radioactive substance, it would transform into a high-energy bomb.

This bomb was powerful enough to rip the ‘skin’ of the land across an extremely wide area. If the bomb were to explode now, then the Lovages and the Sixth B Squadron fighting outside would be caught by the shockwave. Even if a few of them survived, they would be grievously wounded after the explosion.

Cillin observed and calculated roughly the time left before the bomb would explode. There were still ten minutes left in the clock.

Cillin hadn’t contacted the base immediately while he was still inside the s.p.a.ceplane. He waited until he had crawled back out before he activated his communicator. There was no telling if there might be other ‘surprises’ that would quicken the activation of the high-energy bomb.

Shawton immediately piloted a large s.p.a.ceplane over himself after listening to Cillin’s short debrief on the situation.

By now the transformed human situation were more or less under control, and the battle would end in around thirty minutes time. Therefore, Shawton no longer needed to supervise the battlefield. With the s.p.a.ceplane, he worked together with Cillin to carry the soon-to-explode vehicle out of the planet.

Because the s.p.a.ceplane was stuck inside the ground, it was impossible to lift it into the air immediately. Therefore, they had to dig out all the stone and soil surrounding the s.p.a.ceplane.

The commotion they caused to dig out the s.p.a.ceplane obviously attracted everyone’s attention, but they couldn’t look away for too long because the transformed humans were completely dealt with yet. The fact that Cillin and Shawton had did what they did meant that something wasn’t right with the s.p.a.ceplane, and that it had to be thrown to outer s.p.a.ce. As members of the squad, what they needed to do right now was to complete their own missions.

Shawton controlled two large clamps with his s.p.a.ceplane and grabbed onto the foreign s.p.a.ceplane. Then, he carefully carried it out of the planet and sped up once he exited the atmosphere. He also fired a couple of propellers onto the foreign s.p.a.ceplane and used them to propel it towards a faraway distance. Then, Cillin and Shawton returned to the base on their s.p.a.ceplane.

Ten minutes later, an fiery explosion went up in s.p.a.ce. It didn’t affect their planet because it was pushed far enough already.

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