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「Heey, Mi-rabe-ll-chan」

「Maa, for everyone to pay me a visit this late at night, you have poor manners.」

I immediately shut the door that I had opened. However, the person in front who was standing with her legs apart, which was something you wouldn't think an ojousama would do, quickly stuck her foot in the door and stuck her head through the opening.

「It's not even eight o'clock yet!」

「Nevermind that, just let us in!」

「You pretended to be out the last few days!!」

There were three people total. They forcibly came into my room!!

「Stop! Stop it! Don't come in! I want to be the only one pampering him!!」

Even though I wanted to monopolize Yurii-sama more!!

Yurii-sama, who was reading a book on the bed, was scared of the intruders who had suddenly came in. These ojousamas who forcibly intruded were, at times, scarier than a prince, the king, or the enraged Brown-sensei whose hairpie…wig was stolen. Not to mention they were in a group.

「Look, he's frightened! Yurii-sama, it's alright.」

「Mira, Mira!!」

Yurii-sama, whose eyes were swimming around, lept into my arms, asking me to help him.

Since the day Yurii-sama arrived at the school, the door to my room has always been knocked on. Each and every day. However, Yurii-sama must have not realized it. Since I asked the dorm mother to cast soundproofing magic on the door. I told her some nonsense like it being for the sake of Yurii-sama getting some quiet sleep.

Oh, that's right, today, the dorm mother had said that she was going home at one o'clock. I carelessly opened the door.

The ojousamas who were wearing their pajamas were looking at Yurii-sama, whom I was hugging closely.

「Nee, this child is a prince, right? Why is he with you? Even though you are a fallen noble.」

The one who said that was the headstrong Matilda. There were no malice in her words, so I just ignored her.

「Mira, who are these people!」

「Friends A, B, and C. Oww.」

The one who had hit my head was Melissa. She's petite and was as pretty as a doll, but out of the three people, she was the most honest.

「This is the first time we've met, Your Highness. My name is Erika Hallen.」

The only who refreshingly finished giving her greetings was Erika, who liked to pretend to be cute and innocent.

「Mirabell, will you give me an explanation? I mean, for you, a fallen noble, to lie to this Matildsama and pretend to be out these few days, the nerve.」

「Uh….I mean, you guys, if you knew, you would definitely get in the way of my time with Yurii-sama.」

My good friends. Among the ones who I am friends with in private, I am pretty close with these three. With that being the case, I don't stand on formalities with them.

Long story short, after these three gave a strange laugh, the battle for Yurii-sama began.

「Why didn't you tell us sooner?」

「That's because I knew that you would kidnap Yurii-sama.」

They were excitedly screaming about how adorable he was and tried to take him from me. They were really people who wouldn't betray your expectations.

「Iyaan! Prince Yuriel, cuute」

「Ah! Wait! Please give him back, Erika!!」

I have never seen Yurii-sama so frightened before. While I was about to apologize, Yurii-sama was having some trouble breathing because he was being pressed into her voluptuous chest.

「Mirabell-chan, Judias-sama knows about this, right?」

「Eh? Yes. It seems that he had heard about it from Duke Roderick beforehand and a few days ago, we went on an outing together, so…what's wrong, Melissa? You're in a bad mood.」

「Somehow, it feels like we lost to Judias-sama.」


「It's like, rather than depending on us, you rely on Judias-sama.」

That is certainly not the case. It's just that Dia has a close relationship with my family. Moreover, the reason why I didn't tell them about it was because I wanted to monopolize Yurii-sama a little while longer.

「Melissa is just as important, you know?」

「…I know.」

「What about Erika?」

「If you want to be treasured, please let Yurii-sama go.」

She began swooning.

「Wah! Give him to me too, Erika!!」

「Matilda, Yurii-sama is not an object.」

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Yurii-sama was swaying his arms as if he didn't have any more energy left!!

「Enough!! Enough!! I knew that it would turn out like this! Let Yurii-sama go and return to your rooms to sleep!!」

After those three went back, the depressed Yurii-sama complained that they were like a storm. He's pretty skillful with his words.

However, those three told their other friends about what had happened and unexpectedly, starting from that day on, those three people plus a few more people would regularly come to my room.

Correction. I kind of knew that this was going to happen. However, Yurii-sama probably didn't expect that a storm would come regularly to the room.

「It stings.」

「The handprint is still there, Your Highness.」

Since he specifically came to my room and had me help with his work, I would've liked it if he were a little more serious about it. Despite the fact that if there were other people here, he would do the work much more seriously. If he trusted me this much, then I'm grateful for it.

One of the reasons might have been that I was happy that it was student council work and not politics, but this prince always makes fun of me.

「How stiff, Dia.」

「…that, stop it.」

He called my pet name in a teasing tone. Even though he usually doesn't call me that. When he calls me that, it's usually when he starts making fun of Mirabell and I.

「Lately, you've been in a bad mood. But it's funny watching a man like you be jealous of a kid.」

「Someone like me, you say…I didn't think that you valued me his highly.」

「You're not going to deny it?」

He continued talking about my sore spot.

I knew what he was talking about. I don't think much about how His Highness Prince Yuriel and Mirabell were getting all friendly with each other. If I looked like I was in a sour mood, then the cause would be, without a doubt, that.

No one, including myself, would believe that Mirabell fell in love with a child. She doesn't have such inclinations and because she doesn't have any siblings, he simply became the target of her affections, so she is only temporarily infatuated with him. I know that she likes older men and it is the one thing that I lament that hasn't changed since long ago.

What I'm uneasy about was that she would be kidnapped. I'm scared that the fiance who doesn't believe me would readily follow the "adorable Yurii-sama" to the castle if he asked her to. The sad thing was, even if I stopped her, Mirabell would see through to the end the things that she herself had decided on. My influence on her was not that big.

「When it comes to her, you turn cheerful.」

「Rather than your mouth, move your hands.」

This prince, who was an old friend that I've made due to the many times I've gone in and out of the castle because of my father's job, was laughing while holding his stomach.

「Other than blood relatives, there is only you who can speak to me like that.」

「I have no respect for a prince who intends on doing nothing. Even the work that I'm doing right now is what Alan didn't finish.」

I wonder what the people of the kingdom would think of him if they knew that the serious and sincere first prince was someone who frequently ditched work and indulged in pleasure. Speaking of, to begin with, the biggest reason as to why the rumor that he was serious and sincere had spread was due to his face. His clothes are never in disorder and his etiquette is flawless. And his true self is a truant who, except for the important matters, unloads his work onto his friends.

「If I become king, the prime minister will be no one but you. I can entrust the job to you with a peace of mind.」

「Aah, you want to overwork me. And then, you will go down in history as the evil king who killed the prime minister.」

「Aah, aah, I got it. Look, my hand is moving.」

「Your pace is slow.」

「You're just fast.」

Moreover, he would become faster if he stopped talking and just concentrated on moving his hands. Despite that, it seems the first prince loves to talk.

「It's obvious in regards to Miss Swain, but it seems that you are also someone that Yuriel likes.」

「Should we call for a doctor?」

How can that be.

「It was the first time that I've seen him rush towards someone willingly like that」

「Isn't it just you being avoided?」

「That's not it. He would not concern himself with anyone as much as he can, no matter who it is. He's at, that age.」

Rather than saying that I'm liked, I'm probably being hated. He has a bad attitude, but has he given up on his relations with other people ever since he was young as a result of his understanding of his position as the fourth prince who was born from the king and a maid?  And then for him to be touched by my kind fiance.

So in other words, what ultimately led to my being childish and being jealous of a child who was just five years old was all because of the people within the castle who didn't meet His Highness Prince Yuriel halfway. This included Alan who barged into my room and forced me to do his work.

「What are you mad at?」

「Think about it with your hand over your heart.」

「It's already nine o'clock. Right about now, Miss Swain is dreaming while hugging Yuriel close. It's as I thought. Something like, rather than Judias-sama who is indecisive, maybe this small Highness would cherish me.」

「I'll kick you out.」

「I'll throw you in jail for disrespect.」

「But it's you who is going to be troubled if you gave that order.」

He had entrusted fifty percent of the work to me so if  I were not here, the one who would be troubled would be him. Incidentally, if he said that he was going to make me the prime minister, then I shouldn't have a flaw in my career.

「She…is someone who would rather love than be loved. She claims that as long as she is indifferent to it, it doesn't matter how much she is loved.」

That's probably why she doesn't love me.

「That's her being her, how interesting. No matter how much Judias follows her around, nothing would happen. Even if you don't have a good relationship, she wouldn't hit you and push you away.」

「I can't do that. If she pushed me away, her first love wouldn't be realized.」

「So she likes you?」

「If that were the case, then I wouldn't be having so much trouble.」

Since a long time ago, that girl doesn't think anything of me. I'm always there with her, but she was looking somewhere else.

So that I won't dislike her, that girl was a good girl in front of me. It was so that I won't have any animosity toward her. If I were to dislike her, that girl will definitely not meet another person who was always thinking of her. Because I know that, I make sure to always be by her side, which was a detestable thing to do, even for me.

「You're slow when it comes to love. Then, you probably haven't kissed anyone before.」

「I have.」

「With another girl?」

「Of course not. I kissed her, when she was asleep.」

「You're still green.」

Let's not say something like how Mirabell is together with His Highness Yuriel for now. That would be annoying. Will I be called a brat or will I be told to not think too much about it?

「I don't know if it's first love or not, but to me, it looks like Yuriel is the biggest threat. Thanks to a certain duke's son isolating her, poor Miss Mi, ra, be, ll has not had men call out to her. Right now, the one who is closest to her is, without a doubt, my younger brother.」

「I don't remember doing those things. I didn't obstruct Miss S, wa, i, n's school life.」

「Your eyes are always on her. That’s where the desire to monopolize is reflected.」

I'm not the only one at fault. Right now, Alan also emphasized her name when he said it.

「Ma, there are various things, but frankly, Yuriel is your rival.」


This time, Alan's eyes were fixed on me. Finding myself in a situation that suddenly turned disquieting, I had mixed feelings about the fact that I'm quite similar to my father.

「We're the same. Don't you think so?」


I am not like Alan, I am not fond of the royal family.  Because it has the power to involve my beloved fiance in a conspiracy.

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