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Luo Hua lifted his cup and drank half of it, exclaiming, "Even though I had losses, I was confident and believed in my system. Unknowingly, I had invested all of the 500,000 mixed elements…who’d have known that I was overconfident!"

Luo Feng was shocked as he heard.

500,000 mixed elements!

His younger brother’s loss shouldn’t be too absurd right!

"Luckily I had never used the guarantee level model, or even the financing for favors lever, I used cash all the way! And because it was my first time entering the market, hence I invested in the Virtual Universe Company and Huge Axe company’s top 20% picks, throwing a wide net for safety." Luo Hua said. "If I had simply invested in a single undying organization, I may even get to explore a universe secret region. However, if that organization fell, I would lose everything."


Luo Feng nodded.

He sort of understood it, this was sort of a shared risk and rewards thing.

"This wide net, also since it’s the Virtual Universe Company and Huge Axe Dojo’s most exceptional picks, these would never fully fall. Otherwise, the entirety of humanity would be gone." Luo Hua laughed. "This method is very safe. However, I can’t get big money from it. After 120 years of investing, the highest returns I got was 2.3%, increasing my entire wealth to 102.3%. The lowest it got to was 91.6%, other than the initial earnings and losing after, the capital hardly ever pa.s.sed the 98% mark."

"There was a time when I chatted with Hong about the future of earth. It eventually gave me some inspiration about investing." Luo Hua laughed. "From the 122nd year of investment, I began to change my tactics!"

"My initial plan was wrong."

"Because I chose the most exceptional picks and spread a wide net…this was the easiest and safest way. However those that managed to enter this top level market have all almost perfect skills in investment. After all, the skills I’ve honed over the past 100 years have almost reached its peak too. The bigger issue was…the strategy, thought process, and also the occasional abrupt decisions!" Luo Hua laughed.

Luo Feng rubbed his head, saying softly, "Luo Hua, what you’ve said is really complex. Whatever you said earlier about picking the exceptional, spreading a wide net etc, I thought it sounded not bad. However…now it’s become a stupid method."

"Not stupid."

"This method is very safe, and as long the timing is right, you’d still earn. Like 5% in an era, that is already not bad." Luo Hua shook his head. "However, I’m different. I haven’t even lived for 500 years, I really cannot stand such dead investments that move so little. I can take it for a year or 5 years. However, after 20 to 30 years and I wouldn’t be able to take it. Hence I gave up on this path."

"I changed this strategy. Even though it was somewhat radical! However it fits my personality."

Luo Hua smiled at Luo Feng. "The one that suits me is the best, I’m like a fish in water. Over this 100 years, from the initial 96.2% the highest it’s gone is 118.1%. Not long ago I just delivered the investment and it’s currently at 116.2%, about 581,000 mixed elements!"

From 500,000 to 581,000 mixed elements.

There were many twist and turns in between.

"Luckily the delivery was successful, there was one organization I invested in, as they lost quite a lot in the outer region wars, their price immediately fell 60%. If I didn’t cash out, I would have lost over 30,000 mixed elements." Luo Hua exclaimed.


Luo Feng held his breath as he heard.

After explaining so much, it was much easier to understand.

If one wanted to gamble and make big earnings, no matter how much money one had, it could easily be reduced to ashes in an instant! Even if one didn’t use such an approach…investing in a couple of the top picks, the moment they ended, the investment would end too! All the money within would be gone.

Of course, the moment it grew the rewards were high too. Like Luo Hua said, if he had invested 5 times the amount, his capital could actually be 900,000 now. And investing simply in one exceptional pick, if that undying organization were to acquire huge treasures in a universe secret region, the price would double or even triple.

Or it might simply end!

The huge rewards were like a drug, only those that are able to withstand it are able to survive longer within this top level market.

"Even if one’s mental state and levels are good, the super organizations may devise traps. If one isn’t careful, they’d be finished." Luo Hua’s eyes gleamed. "This feeling…really makes my blood boil."

"Luo Hua." Luo Feng sighed.

"Hm?" Luo Hua put down his cup.

"200 years ago, you earned 81,000 mixed elements. These 200 years…your big brother hasn’t earned anything, but I spent a lot." Luo Feng exclaimed. "Just from this 81,000 mixed elements, you’ve earned about 1/5th of the Black Dragon Mountain star field."

"The main thing is that you gave me enough capital. Low capital equals low returns, I wouldn’t have even been able to enter the market." Luo Hua’s eyes gleamed. "Big brother, relax. After the small set backs, I’ve truly begun to enter this market. I don’t dare say that there won’t be any losses. But I can guarantee that it won’t exceed 20%, and there’s no upper limits to the profits."

"No limits? You seem confident." Luo Feng laughed.

"It’s possible." Luo Hua nodded. "There’s hope for doubling and tripling the capital. It’ll depend on my patience, grasping the opportunities and my deductive abilities."

Luo Feng laughed, "Then I’ll be waiting."

"As for my 200 years of investing, the Virtual Universe Company is very aware of it. They even sent people over to invite me to work with amounts reaching tens of millions of mixed elements. They were even willing to send a special guard team to guarantee my safety." Luo Hua shook his head. "However I rejected them, I feel I’m not mature enough yet."

"Ah?" Luo Feng was shocked.

Tens of millions of mixed elements, that was the size of official level undyings’ wealth.

It was indeed nothing much to the Virtual Universe Company. But, their invitation was obviously their display of respect to Luo Hua.


Luo Feng didn’t understand that Luo Hua who had entered the highest level of markets without losing past 10% and even over 200 years, earning 16.2 %. Also, the ones he competed with were the most exceptional and terrifying group of big shots of the entire universe. This level of result…how shocking was it!

As for attracting even the attention of the Virtual Universe company, it wasn’t strange at all.

There were investment geniuses within the universe. The only issue was that they had small capital Hence, many were stuck at the lower level investment markets. Even if they made tens of millions of times their capital, the entire scale would probably still not even reach 1 mixed element. Hence, they were still unable to enter the higher markets.

This was the importance of capital!

With Luo Feng’s huge amounts, Luo Hua was able to enter the market and hence…began to display his talents.

6 hours later.

After acquiring Babata’s detailed report, Luo Feng sent his consciousness into the virtual universe network.


Virtual universe, Amethyst island.



The many ganwu department members all bowed respectfully as Luo Feng swiftly entered the amethyst palace within the island.

"According to Babata’s sheet, if I buy the materials, the price of them will be about 1/5th when compared to the universe crystals! However, that is still too high. To create a million sector lord army, even if they are all the cheapest shadow spear sector lord bugs, 1/5th the price is still 2 mixed elements. That would still be 2 million mixed elements!" Luo Feng walked on the ground made completely of amethyst, and his footsteps resounding within the hall.

"Not possible!"

"The price is too high, I only have a little more than 2million mixed elements, I cannot waste it. I won’t have enough cash in the future, and If I needed any, I’d have to ask my little brother." Luo Feng thought. "And I really want to make tiger armored bugs."

The tiger armored bugs had strong attacks and defense!

Even a powerful undying, would kill a lot less tiger armored bugs at one go compared to shadow spear bugs.

"Purple lightning official." Luo Feng pushed open the door and entered.

"Luo Feng, it’s rare that you come looking for me." The apeman purple lightning official smiled and walked over.

"It’s an important matter." Luo Feng spoke.

"Speak." Purple lightning official smiled. "Just speak directly." He wasn’t afraid of Luo Feng asking for help from him, it was more the opposite he was afraid of.

"It’s this way, I have a good friend who’s an undying and he has a bug clan mother nest." Luo Feng smiled. "Hence, he needs to buy materials or bug clan corpses. Since you are the business head of the ganwu department, you should be very clear on these matters. Do you have any way that would save money on this?"

Luo Feng’s strategy was as such, first let Babata scour the network on the situation and then ask the purple lightning official.

"Nurturing a mother nest?" Purple lightning official exclaimed. "Your good friend sure has some capability. The mother nests are extremely rare at the auctions, even to control them is extremely hard."

"I want to know about the materials and corpses." Luo Feng asked again.


Purple lightning official laughed. "Purchasing the materials, if you look for them via the virtual universe network markets, they wouldn’t be any cheaper than a certain price. Actually, the best way to buy them is…to buy directly from the companies! For example, those specialized in s.h.i.+p remains, if you buy directly from them, they would naturally pa.s.s all their remains to you. As long as you check up well enough on the company’s information and buy, you’d probably only have to pay 1/3rd the usual price, maybe even 1/10th. It depends on your ability to look for the companies."

Luo Feng’s eyes gleamed.

"As for purchasing corpses, that’s simple too. There are endless amounts of rubbish and remains in the outer regions that would be transferred over to the rubbish starfield." Purple lightning laughed. "Those remains contain all sorts of corpses, broken things and so on. Even the planet fragments would all be transferred there and large amounts of people are stationed there to split them and sell them." He laughed, "If you want corpses, just head right to the rubbish starfield."

Luo Feng’s eyes gleamed.

"Some undyings use their connections to look directly for some members in the rubbish starfield. Through some under handed methods like bribery and so on, they would get large amounts of bug clan corpses." Purple lightning official exclaimed. "These are terrible, they are simply digging into the corners of the Virtual Universe Company! They should buy them through the proper channels."

After which, he winked at Luo feng and gave him a look.

Luo Feng immediately laughed.

This purple lightning official was hinting to him…that through his internal connections, look for people to bribe and get a large amount of bug corpses at low prices.

However, as this was still within the virtual universe network, he couldn’t say it outright. His hint however was more than obvious enough. However, the virtual universe would usually overlook such matters, as long as one didn’t blatantly violate the rules.

"Ah, there are a total of 9 rubbish starfields, and 9 vast s.p.a.ces, especially for the countless corpses and remains of s.h.i.+ps, puppet remains, huge weaponry, planet fragments etc from the outer region wars." He laughed. "These 9 great starfields, as long as Luo Feng checks up on them, you’ll know about them. Right, you may not be too familiar, let me give you a virtual universe network number. It’s a person in charge there, and he is a good friend of mine. Just tell him that I introduced you. If you know him…it’d be easier when you get over there."

After which, he winked once again and gave him a similar gaze.

"Ok." Luo Feng smiled and nodded.

Of course he understood.

Through this person, he could get a large amount of bug corpses.


The day after meeting with purple lightning official, Luo Feng and Dylan sat in the Yun Mo Planet s.h.i.+p and left earth, heading towards one of the 9 rubbish starfields, Wu Long starfield.

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