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The Yun Mo Planet s.h.i.+p flew with almost zero noise at 50 times light speed within the dark universe. Within its resting quarters, Luo Feng lay on the bed while resting against the wall, as he looked at the simulator screen before him. On it displayed was the detailed information and numbers of some companies.

"Simply using universe crystals to produce bug warriors is definitely not realistic." Luo Feng frowned and said. "And buying from the companies seems very complex also."

"Hm." Babata’s sharp voice resounded within the quarters. "It is very complex indeed. The main thing is that you can buy the alloy remains, materials and so on. If you request things like s.h.i.+p remains etc, and your lowest grade requirements are C grade, it would be best if they are D or E grade instead. These remains, scales and so on all are high leveled items. Also the blood, they all have to be at least universe level beasts or similar life form blood, how will they earn any profit with them. Even though those business have these items within their scope, covering tens of starfields, even though they have D and E grade s.h.i.+p and alloy remains, they still have to deal with the A, B and C grades! After all, the low level business are what brings in the most quant.i.ty."

"But that’s useless to me!" Luo Feng frowned.

He wanted to build a sector lord army!

Producing sector lord pinnacle bug soldiers required metals, matter, blood and other materials and they had high requirements among them too. The best was E grade, even if they aren’t top grade and are slightly lousier, he’ll use quant.i.ty to compensate! However, the lower C grade alloys and metals are probably the lowest he could go. Any lower…and it wouldn’t be effective at all.


The entire Ganwu universe country, there were only very few companies dealing with E grade s.h.i.+p remains and alloy remains. However, for these business to reach such levels, they usually had huge backgrounds. Their true mother company may be the Virtual Universe Company. Hence, they wouldn’t sell their goods that easily!

And some with huge ranges of business, it wasn’t worth buying from them.

As A and B grade alloy metals took most of the market.

"The method purple lightning official had mentioned..." Luo Feng shook his head, "Realistically comparing, what he said and the numbers are indeed true. Hence, it was this troublesome."

These numbers were all provided by purple lightning official.

Just within the ganwu universe country regions, there were a large number of companies that provided such detailed numbers, they were already considered very high leveled. Those without any ability wouldn’t be able to acquire such numbers. And purple lightning official…as the head of the business department, naturally had knowledge of such numbers. And Luo Feng could use his supervisor envoy position to acquire these numbers without triggering any breaches from the Virtual Universe Company.

"You can’t blame Purple lightning official, Luo Feng. He only knows that you want to produce bug warriors, how would he know that you want to produce sector lord level. Normal battles would normally simply produce large numbers of star traveller, star and universe level bugs. Even though they are cannon fodder, when their numbers added up, it’s still useful in the outer region wars." Babata said.

Endless bug army.

One mother nest could produce a shocking numbers of bugs. In the outer regions, when the entire bug clan and their large number of mother nests combined their low leveled bugs together, the sea of bugs formed would be terrifying.

"I’m not using it in the outer region wars. But, I need an army strong enough to fight undyings! I only have one mother nest. To produce low leveled bugs…the value would be too low, it doesn’t meet my needs at all." Luo Feng shook his head. "And to let these low level bugs fight it out and evolve to sector lord level, the amount of energy wasted would be a hundred times more, it doesn’t meet my requirements either."

"Luo Feng."

"I’ve already calculated, if we buy the companies…we would probably be able to buy 91 of the 95 companies. We would use about 1/10th of the amount used in universe crystals to produce the soldiers!" Babata said.

"Hm." Luo Feng nodded.

That way, the million sector lord shadow spear bug army would require 1 million mixed elements.

1 million sector lord tiger armored bugs would require 2.5 million mixed elements.

1 million hunting mantis bugs would require 5 million mixed elements.

Of course…Luo Feng wouldn’t even think about making king sector lords, which was 100 times the price, it was just too expensive.

"It’s still high." Luo Feng frowned. "I want a million sector lord tiger armored bugs, that still requires 2.5 million mixed elements. I only have a little more than 2 million in my account, it’s not even 2.5 million."

Back then, Hu Yan Bo had left Luo Feng about 3.122 million mixed elements. In order to repair and upgrade the Yun Mo planet s.h.i.+p, to nurture the cloud contact vine, he had already used over 400,000 mixed elements. Later on, he gave his younger brother 500,000 mixed elements to invest, leaving him with only 2.218 million mixed elements!

"Luo Feng, this is already the limit." Babata said. "Purple lightning official is the head of the Ganwu business department and you are the supervisor envoy. Hence, you are able to get such detailed numbers at such a low price. Otherwise, the numbers would be about twice the amount! To get a million tiger armored bugs, you’d need about 3.8 million mixed elements."

Luo Feng nodded.

Of course he knew that this was the benefit of power. The reduction from 3.8 to 2.5 million, a total of 1.3 million was saved. This was definitely an incredibly huge sum.


His wealth wasn’t sufficient. As he only had 2.218 million mixed elements, naturally he had to find ways to save as much as possible!

Wu Long starfield, as one of the 9 great rubbish star fields, it was situated in an extremely rural and desolate region of humanity’s territory.

From earth in the ganwu universe country, even at 50 times light speed in the dark universe, it still required about a year and 2 months to get there.


Virtual universe, Ganwu continent.

Within a huge restaurant that stretched high into the clouds, a dark red skinned, large mouthed man with dark green short hair dressed in an exquisite long robe walked into the s.p.a.cious hall. A formless pressure engulfed the area, and directly behind him, a group of good looking men and women followed in 2 rows.

Beside him a green skinned silver robed man followed, and was always smiling.

"To the top level!" The dark red skinned leader walked to the escalator. The tens of men and women stood outside the escalator, almost as though they were stopping anyone from going there.


The escalator rose.

"Attention all, the guests above this escalator…" A manager of this luxurious restaurant walked over, he was about to speak.

"Get lost!"

The pressure the 10 men and women simultaneously released caused the simple minded manager’s consciousness to immediately crumble as he fell to the ground. There wasn’t a single sound within the entire 1st level. Everyone was shocked and fearful as they realized that these 10 men and women were all…undyings!!!

Within the escalator.

It took awhile to go from level 1 to level 9,822.

"Master, is there a need to personally come see this Luo Feng. Won’t sending someone under you be sufficient? He’s after all just a small punk." The silver robed man said humbly.

"What do you know, do you know who his teacher is?" The dark red skinned leader spoke, his mouth opened wide as he smiled.

"It’s that powerful True Yan Emperor." The man beside said. "True Yan’s position is very special but he is only his disciple. Within our Virtual Universe Company, there are even a few disciples of knights. What’s more, these ultimate beings have disciples all over, they wouldn’t easily help all their disciples. Even if they fall, they will just let them fall."

The leader smiled, "Let me tell you, his undying guard right now is called Dylan. Dylan’s teacher is Bloodthirst emperor Tie Jun, and blood thirst emperor is True Yan’s most exceptional disciple. As for Dylan, from what I know, his true strength is almost at the official undying level. To let an official level undying stick to Luo Feng and guard him, hehe…"


The silver robed man was shocked. "Master, I understand. True Yan had secretly sent Dylan to protect Luo Feng, this means he pays extra attention to Luo Feng."

The universe knights all stood high and mighty above all. Slightly guiding their disciples is already considered not bad, they wouldn’t waste too much effort. Even though True Yan had yet to become a universe knight, in many warriors’ eyes…he was extremely close to becoming one. Even if a knight wanted to kill him, it would be hard to succeed.

Such a level of being…was the most terrifying within the emperor level undyings.


The escalator slowed down and finally stopped on the top level, level 9,822.

The entire top level only had 1 table and there sat a black haired youth. Beside him stood a bald headed black robed man.

"Long Jue emperor." Luo Feng got up and smiled as he shouted.

"Haha…" The dark red skinned leader laughed loudly, walking straight to Luo Feng, sizing him up as he smiled, "Indeed one of the important geniuses of this generation’s compet.i.tion. Your bearing sure isn’t ordinary. Let’s sit and talk!"

After which, the leader sat opposite Luo Feng and the silver robed man sat respectfully behind.

"For Long Jue emperor to be willing to meet me, I’m extremely excited and happy." Luo Feng said. This Long Jue emperor’s name was Tian Qiong. He was the good friend that Purple lightning official had mentioned. He was also one of the powerful managers with control over the Wu Long star field, and he had just been given the t.i.tle emperor a few tens of thousands of years ago.

His true strength was barely at emperor level.

However, as he belonged to the upper echelon of the Wu Long starfield, one of the 9 great rubbish star fields, even though everybody calls it the rubbish star fields, in truth, these 9 starfields…in terms of value, were worth more than even the 9 starfields themselves!

As the outer region wars go on.

There would be endless remains from the battles that were transported over here! And these remains were made up of many sector lord weapons, flying weapons, along with the countless treasures that fly out after their internal worlds crumbled. There were also many weapons that were created by undyings etc, a large amount of technological weapons, automaton dolls…

Even though they were all damaged, once the quant.i.ty adds up, their value was still unbelievable.

Race wars!

The rubbish…their value was unbelievable. Hence, to become one of the upper echelon members of one of these starfields, it was even more impressive than being the head of a department of the Ganwu department! These beings…usually had even emperor level undyings call them in for favors, even universe knights would occasionally come.

Hence…even though his strength wasn’t much, his position was extremely high.

Originally, it was just a simple invitation. However, Luo Feng didn’t expect for him to personally come welcome him in the virtual universe, once he got the acceptance, he was incredibly surprised.

"I heard that you want some bug corpses?" Long Jue Emperor spoke with his mouth wide open, laughing.

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