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Chapter 224: The Concert
Meanwhile, the preparation of the FFC's technology conference was underway. The purpose of the conference was for the scientists around the world to gather together and explore scientific topics.

All the scientists seemed to have the same question this year," Was the technology for the VZPE battery really ready as FFC proclaimed it?" Their doubt was not unfounded, since it was well known that there were many unsolved technical bottlenecks even in the theory stage.
This science conference lasted a long time and was divided into different sessions. The first session was the meet and greet with the media, the second session was the primary panel discussions, and the final session was the caucus panel discussions. The secrets of the VZPE battery would be announced at the last stage, and by then, only a handful few who had earned a seat on the caucus panel would be able to attend.
Despite the high clearance level of the project, news of its progress still found its way to the public's ears. Rumors had it that the FFC had already possessed the essential technologies in making the VZPE battery, but they had been meeting headwinds in a few very particular manufacturing processes. FFC intended to iron out these kinks during the conference with the help of scientists around the world. Otherwise, the FFC would never willingly disclose their secrets.
The announcement that the VZPE battery would be showcased during the conference was an opportunity of a lifetime for the most scientists to witness something truly revolutionary. The scientists came here for the knowledge, but the military came for its application.
The project had been under the military's radar ever since its conception. To the military, the VZPE battery meant only one thing, a new generation of mother-s.h.i.+ps.
Eons ago, when the first "mother s.h.i.+p"—the aircraft carrier—was introduced to the world, it had brought the naval warfare to a new era. Nowadays, the desire for a supercla.s.s mother s.h.i.+p that could outcla.s.s the s.p.a.ce Hive of the Zergs stroke a resemblance to that of the ancient nations caught in an arms race.
The only piece of the puzzle in creating this gigantic super cla.s.s mother s.h.i.+p was its power supply unit. As the mother s.h.i.+p grew in size, the demand for power grew exponentially. Designing a mother s.h.i.+p had become the art of balancing the firepower and the capacity of its s.h.i.+eld, as both were power hoggers.
However, the VZPE battery promised to solve the problem by providing nearly limitless energy. With that in hand, the humans would be able to create mother s.h.i.+ps that were practically s.p.a.ce death machines for Zergs.
Regardless of how long it would take FFC to invent such a battery, the Military could not pa.s.s up on it. Therefore, they had been installing spies inside the project team ever since the project had kickstarted. During this conference, they had also dispatched an entire unit of covert operation team, disguised as civilians.
Due to the importance of the technology, the Aurora city had significantly beefed up its security. Even the Confederation's secret police unit had been requested to station in the city during the conference. Although the invention of the VZPE battery would be great news for all human race at large, it would more or less unnerve the Ivantians and the Martians as they would feel threatened by Earthling's technology advancement. Everyone knew that the alliance of the human race would last as long as the Zergs, and the eventual infighting was inevitable. Nevertheless, Human race's unity had improved by leaps and bounds over the recent hundred years, thanks to a centralized government and colonization programs in other galaxies.
There was another acute problem threatening the peace of human race: the three colonies in the Andromeda Galaxy that were still underdeveloped due to its relatively young age. It took the Martians three hundred years of hard work to finally tame th

eir planet. The three colonies served merely as the outlet for the mounting pressure of population on earth, but they lacked severely in resources and commerce. The only resource-rich planet, Norton, was under the Zerg's occupation, and Norton's extreme gravity decreed that it could only be used as a supply node, and was not suitable for settlement.
The only hope seemed to lie at the planet of Ceres. It was a marvelous planet that was situated between the Mars and the Jupiter. As the moon of the Mars, it was quickly colonized and developed by the Martians to be one of the most developed places in the known Universe.
Ceres was also important strategic-wise, as it was the gate to the human world. It served as a port for commerce between the solar system and the other systems. The Martians even built a s.p.a.ce portal on Ceres that would warp s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps directly to the Andromeda Galaxy.
The Ceres had its own government, which was in an alliance with the Mars. Although the Ceres had an independent military, the planet had always been the focal point of battles between greater powers as they raised numerous political intrigues and proxy wars to establish its dominance.
The appearance of Ma Xiaoru and Li Ruoer in the Aurora City was no doubt a sensational news to all the major players. However, the Great houses had formed unwritten rules to leave each other's proteges alone before they had officially a.s.sumed power. Considering the power of the two houses, no one would dare trail them into their intrigues.
However, the two still doubled their guards. Some people would do anything if the price were right, especially during such a critical time.
After one day of walking about and sightseeing, Ma Xiaoru's mood got brightened up. She never expected that she would like the Aurora City so much, and she also found Li Ruoer every friendly. She thought that if she stayed here with Li Ruoer, the two might very likely become best friends. When Ma Xiaoru first started cultivating the Tactics of the Enchantress, the two girls had frequently b.u.t.ted heads against each other, arguing about who was the better enchantress. However, ever since the two entered the academy, they had grown up and realized how meaningless the compet.i.tion was, so they had dropped the matter entirely. What made the two hit it off after so many years was their affection towards each other's altogether opposite personalities.
Women were strange creatures— when they were together; they had to be either friends or enemies.
"Xiaoru, let's go watch the HG concert! I heard Mike always puts up quite a show. I don't want to listen to a bunch of old men talking about their 'science.'"
The rumors had it that the Li family was very interested in the technology of the VZPE battery, and they were planning to gain access to the technology via some special connections. But Li Ruoer seemed utterly devoid of interest in talking about the battery. Otherwise, she would be able to get into the final session if she wanted to.
"Sure!" After having tasted the benefits of fresh air, Ma Xiaoru agreed to head out again.
"Great! The ticket is on me. Maybe, we will meet someone interesting." Li Ruoer cracked a smile. Her eyebrows curved gently above a pair of gleaming eyes full of antic.i.p.ation.
The concert finally started amidst the screams of fans. Mike had brought everyone seats in the VIP lounge, which had the best view of the show. w.a.n.g Tong was shocked when he learned about the price: 200 grand.
Apache didn't attend the concert, and he was already on his way to explore the Arctic. Mike had fulfilled his promise, and within hours, Apache had gotten a pa.s.s and the best exploration equipment.
In another VIP lounge not far away, Li Ruoer and Ma Xiaoru lolled in a giant sofa, waiting for the show to start.
The opening song was called "Soaring." It had a sunny tune and a fast tempo. When the song was over, the tsunami-like cheers made w.a.n.g Tong marvel at the magic of the stage. He imagined how exhilarating it would be if it were him standing on the stage. No wonder so many people were eager to become famous, even after taking the money out the equation. The rush of being wors.h.i.+ped by thousands would worth every sacrifice they made along the way.
w.a.n.g Tong heaved a sigh. It occurred to him that in some way, being wors.h.i.+ped as the best singer was not that much different than as the best fighter. The latter was exactly what he wanted in his life, although it was also more difficult than the former.
The HG's performance was very successful so far. They were talented and had practiced hard. With Mike's guidance, they had delivered one hit after another.
The fans' enthusiasm had already turned into a fever. Thanks to the energy barrier, the stage was still holding under the crus.h.i.+ng force of thousands of fanatic teenagers.
It was the first time Hu Yangxuan and his friends stayed in the VIP lounge. The enjoyment of the performance aside, it had flattered their vanities.
Many fans had to be sent to the emergency room after pa.s.sing out due to over-excitement. The HG group also invited a few superstars as their special guest. As the concert reached its climax, the HG thought it had been the most successful concert they had ever held.

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