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Chapter 74

「Today’s lunch is omurice」
「O, omu&h.e.l.lip;?」

Yeah, the contrast between the red chicken-rice and the yellow omelet is beautiful.

「It is not completed yet. You have to cut the egg on top like this&h.e.l.lip;」

I insert a knife into the omelet. Then, the soft-cooked egg smoothly covered the chicken and rice like a blanket.

「Ohh&h.e.l.lip;! That looks fun!」


With sparkles in their eyes, everyone picked up their knives. Yeah, yeah, this type of omurice can be enjoyed even by sight.

「The sauces are ketchup and demi-glace. Please choose whichever suits your liking」
「&h.e.l.lip; Which one is delicious?」

Your Highness&h.e.l.lip; I question whether you have learned from the previous choices, or whether you are just a glutton&h.e.l.lip; no, there is no spicy trap involved, so please be at ease. It’s too troublesome. Both are delicious.

「You won’t make a mistake by choosing either of the two. If you’d like to try both, there’s no problem applying them on half each」

Well, it would be a bit ill-mannered though.

「Then, I will do that!」

Curious about both tastes, His Highness instantly accepted my suggestion. He happily poured the sauces on a half each. The Ellisfeed family members each chose a sauce of their liking.

Now then, I’m going to eat too.
Although it’s difficult to throw away the ketchup, I will go with the demi-glace sauce this time.
I put plenty of demi-glace sauce over just a little bit of fresh cream, and enjoy the contrast between yellow and white.
When scooping out with a spoon, a vibrant red chicken-rice peeks out. Yeah, pretty.

When it enters my mouth, the sourness of ketchup flavored chicken-rice, the ooziness of the eggs, and the sweetness of demi-glace makes me unintentionally spill out a smile.
Yup, everyone’s skill increased&h.e.l.lip; at this rate, it wouldn’t be impossible to open an independent business.

s.h.i.+n also started with a stall at the beginning, so I spoke with him whether he plans on eventually going independent.
I was relieved because s.h.i.+n answered「I can learn how to make delicious things by staying here. I won’t stop just yet」with a smile on his face. He also said「I have a reason for being here」, but what can it be? Is he aiming for the head chef’s position?

&h.e.l.lip; N? The surroundings got somewhat quiet&h.e.l.lip;?
Finding it strange and looking around, everyone was absentmindedly holding their spoon.

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