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Seeing the photo, Li Sicheng immediately became tense. The lines of his chiseled cheeks became even more angled. Her frightened eyes like a deer's appeared in front of his eyes. However, the reason that she did not want him to approach her was only because it was him. Clearly she was open to other guys than him.

Very well!

Holding his phone, Li Sicheng dialed the number that was added to his contacts less than two days ago, which was labeled: the one at home. The four words seemed to be laughing at him.

Eating barbecue and drinking beer, Su Qianci felt incredibly relaxed. Chatting with Lu Yihan, Su Qianci felt that she was having a great time. Compared to how careful she was spending time with Li Sicheng, it was much easier for her to talk to Lu Yihan, who was a great friend. Su Qianci felt she was on top of the world.

In her two lifetimes, she had always followed the rules of her husband's family, the Li household. However, after she had died once, she finally learned that nothing mattered more than living in the moment.

Her phone suddenly rang. It was Li Sicheng. If she remembered correctly, it was the first time he had called her since they were married.


"Where are you?"

"I'm out."

"What are you doing?"

"Having dinner."

"With whom?"

Su Qianci felt something was odd. Although Li Sicheng was always cold, he would not normally be so aggressive. It seemed that he was a bit angry even.

What is he doing? Checking up on her?

She thought about it and then said, "A good friend."

Li Sicheng who was in his house squeezed the cell phone in his hand and became even more gloomy. A good friend!

"Man or woman?"


"What? You don't dare to answer me?" Li Sicheng said sarcastically.

"Man. But he is just a high school friend. And we are only having dinner." Su Qianci had no idea why she was explaining, feeling no guilt at all. There was nothing between her and Lu Yihan.

However, she heard his chuckles through the phone. "Since you are meeting another man privately, you should have been smarter and picked somewhere else than Kingstown First High School. Don't you think?"

Su Qianci looked immediately to the side. Seeing Su Qianci's reaction, Li Weiya immediately bowed her head and ate the barbecue silently. However, Su Qianci still saw that.

Tang Mengqing was fearless, glaring at Su Qianci provocatively. "It was us. So what?" Seeing Su Qianci's look, she could imagine whose phone call Su Qianci had just got.

Contrary to how Li Weiya felt, Tang Mengqing was content. She stood up and walked to Su Qianci, glancing at Lu Yihan contemptuously. "So you're into a boy toy like this and would rather cheat on a good man like Li Sicheng. Such a s.l.u.t! My sister is right. A woman like you should never be married to Li Sicheng. What a shame!"

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The 99th Divorce Chapter 63: Because It Was Him summary

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