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The color of Su Qianci's blood was like a dagger, stabbing Li Sicheng in the eyes and heart. He immediately thought of a possibility: miscarriage. His heart throbbing, he covered her with his jacket and quickly carried her with his arms, while catching a glimpse of the screen of her phone.

Lu Yihan…

At the most desperate and helpless time of her life, the person she called immediately was Lu Yihan… Grabbing her phone, Li Sicheng rushed downstairs with Su Qianci in his arms with a blank mind. He did not want to think about it. About why she would call Lu Yihan instead of himself, about why the Plan B pill she took was not effective… However, his heart was tortured by a ghost. It was almost suffocating.

He walked downstairs and saw two police cars parked in front of the door, with those people in the elevator inside. However, someone was missing. The one who was their leader was not there.

The ambulance had already arrived. Li Sicheng did not know how he got into the ambulance and arrived at the hospital. All he could think of was the words of the doctor, "The fetus is less than a month old. The patient is bleeding too heavily for us to keep the baby. What is your relations.h.i.+p to the patient?"

"I am… her husband."

"All right, sign here and go pay the bill. It can't wait."

Li Sicheng signed and asked, "She took the morning-after pill, so why…"

"Morning-after pill?" The doctors voice was sharp. "That is the least safe way of contraception. Would it kill you to use a condom? Men!"

Seeing that Li Sicheng was still dazed, she growled, "Why are you still standing here? Run."

Li Sicheng nodded blankly and went to pay the bill.

Cheng You, Li Sicheng's a.s.sistant who had just rushed over after hearing the news, was almost mortified. Oh my G.o.d, was this the CEO she knew? He was yelled at by a doctor without getting mad?

Such a crazy world.

Seeing that he was covered in blood, Cheng You felt sympathetic and took the bill in his hand. "Mr. Li, I'll go."

When Lu Yihan arrived at the hospital, he saw Li Sicheng sitting in front of the emergency room.

"Mr. Li."

Hearing Lu Yihan's voice, Li Sicheng looked his way with narrowed eyes.

Seeing the blood on him, Lu Yihan was scared. "Qianqian…"

"She's inside." Li Sicheng raised his chin.

"I caught those criminals. But one ran away. They said that he was behind all this."

Li Sicheng's eyes suddenly lit up as he asked, "Where are they?" Those sc.u.m almost cost Su Qianci her life!

Scared by his tone, Lu Yihan answered, "At the police station."

Before Li Sicheng said anything, the door of the emergency room was opened. "The surgery was successful. Who is the family?"

Lu Yihan wanted to answer, but Li Sicheng was even faster than him. He quickly walked up and said, "I am her husband."

The doctor sighed and said, "We lost the fetus. Please pay attention to the patient's emotions. I don't think she knows that she was pregnant yet. If you can, try not to tell her."

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