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Coach Jin was sweating all over. Kicked from behind, he immediately kneeled. He wanted to get up, but was held down by the bodyguards behind him. He suddenly felt a chill down his spine. Looking at the man in front of him, Coach Jin's knees became weak.

Li Sicheng's features were almost perfect, making him look like a sculpture. He did not have time to change out of the bloodstained clothes. Despite what he was wearing, he crossed his legs and looked graceful. With a cigarette between his fingers, he narrowed his eyes at Coach Jin, making the coach s.h.i.+ver.

Coach Jin had seen a lot of boxing experts in his life, but no one could make him feel this way. With only one look from this guy, he felt he had nowhere to hide, and he wanted to run away. However, before he got up, he was kicked down by the bodyguards behind him and had to crouch. Then, his hand was stepped on by a military boot.

"Ouch!" He screamed out of extreme pain.

But… a military boot?

Coach Jin looked left and right and found the bodyguards that took him to this place were very disciplined. They were not ordinary bodyguards, but soldiers! Coach Jin then realized whom he had p.i.s.sed off. He immediately looked at Li Sicheng, who was just looking down at him.

"Where did you get him just now?"

"On the train, sir."

"The train?"

"Yes, he was trying to run away."

Without moving a muscle, Li Sicheng whispered, "Abandoning his wife and child?"

Coach Jin did not dare to say anything and bowed his head.

"That was a question. Did you plan to abandon your wife and child?" a soldier kicked him with the military boot, making Coach Jin scream.

"Seems that's true." Li Sicheng put out the cigarette and whispered, "However…"

He stood up, gestured to the soldier who had his foot on Coach Jin's back to move away, and pull Coach Jin up. Coach Jin felt relieved. It seemed that this man was not as scary as he had thought. Feeling relaxed, he panted and asked, "However?"

Li Sicheng chuckled, and so did Coach Jin. However, a powerful punch was suddenly thrown on the coach's face. Coach Jin screamed and was sent into the air. It startled everyone.


Coach Jin's body suddenly fell on the floor, as everyone heard his bones breaking. Like a jaguar, Li Sicheng jumped up and hit Coach Jin with both fists hard. Each time Li Sicheng hit him, a blue spot would be left on his body. The soldiers were a bit scared, pulling Li Sicheng away. If he continued, Coach Jin would die.

Coach Jin spit out some blood together with teeth. "My wife and child shall never be harmed by anyone."

"However, since you have harmed mine. Don't think you can keep those hands."

Hearing that, Coach Jin felt that he was in h.e.l.l…

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The 99th Divorce Chapter 82: His Anger summary

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