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Chapter  204 - A Powerful Lawyer 

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

Hu Xiaohua was seriously misunderstanding who Shi Lei was. 

From his perspective, the people who could make his father do work should at least be somewhat wealthy. Otherwise, the magnificent boss of Zhengping Real Estate wouldn’t easily stick up for them. And he even told his son to take the blame! Through all these years, only others have taken the blame for Hu Xiaohua. No situation had arisen in which he had to take the blame for someone else. 

But that situation had finally appeared with Shi Lei. His parents were ordinary people and his father was still in the hospital with a head injury and a broken leg because they had offended a mere Qin Huaiyuan. Hu Xiaohua’s father wasn’t willing to explain and he couldn’t ask too much, but how could a fuerdai like him be an idiot? With some analyzing, Hu Xiaohua knew that Shi Lei’s parents definitely didn’t have the power to ask Hu Dong to do this. So for Hu Xiaohua to take the blame for Shi Lei, there had to be something special about him that others had noticed. 

Hu Xiaohua had blurted out the crazy idea of Shi Lei being a love child. It was impossible if he thought about it. He had never heard of making the first son take the blame for a love child. If Shi Lei was really a love child, then he should have the backing of someone who was far more powerful than Hu Dong. If he really was someone with that kind of background, then he didn’t need anyone to take care of this for him. He could call the highest executive of Run Zhou and solve everything himself. 

Hu Xiaohua was curious about Shi Lei. Now that a beautiful and talented female lawyer like Zhang Meimei had appeared, he was starting to believe the idea that Shi Lei was more than he seemed. 

He signaled with his eyes for the others to stop studying Zhang Meimei so conspicuously. Since she was Shi Lei’s lawyer, it wouldn’t do for Hu Xiaohua to let his friends offend her in any way. 

Zhou Qi was slightly awkward when faced with Zhang Meimei’s outstretched hand, but he eventually reached his own hand out and shook hers. 

“Lawyer Zhang, we indeed haven’t seen each other for a long time. Why didn’t you tell me ahead of time? I could’ve sent someone to pick you up.” 

Zhang Meimei retracted her hand and said, “I drove here, so there’s no need to bother Chief Zhou. Let’s talk about the investigation immediately. In this case, the person I’m representing is definitely the victim, but he told me that he is being detained in the police station. Chief Zhou, may I know the details?” Although she was polite, it was obvious that she wanted an explanation from Zhou Qi. 

Zhou Qi pointed at the chair and said, “Lawyer Zhang, please have a seat first. Something new has happened that I think that your client has not told you. I just heard about it myself. Let Binjiang police station’s Chief Feng inform you about the details.” 

Zhang Meimei nodded, pulled the chair out, and sat down. Zhou Qi introduced Chief Feng to her and she immediately said, “Chief Feng, considering that my client is still being detained, I’ll cut to the chase. Update me on everything that has happened, especially what Chief Zhou talked about.” 

Chief Feng took the seat opposite to Zhang Meimei. Toward a famous lawyer from the province’s capital city and someone to whom even the subbureau’s chief had to be polite, he didn’t dare act rashly. 

“We registered the case yesterday. The workers from Da Hua Electronics who were involved with the assault came to turn themselves in as well, and we are fully focused on the investigation and solving this case. But something happened last night. Shi Lei, the son of the victim, Shi Zhongping, went to the factory owner and manager of Da Hua Electronics and delivered an ultimatum. He told Qin Huaiyuan to give him a satisfactory explanation within twelve hours or he would have to bear the consequences. And just after twelve hours, factory owner Qin’s wall was knocked down by a bulldozer and his front yard was also destroyed. In this incident, factory owner Qin was injured. His wife reported that it was done by Shi Lei, who is your client. He is the family of the victim in the previously stated case. Therefore, with this obvious motive, he is the suspect of this new case.” 

Zhang Meimei frowned. She’d always thought of Shi Lei as quiet and weak. Tearing down a house didn’t sound like something he would do. The child was very reasonable. 

“Then may I ask if Chief Feng has any substantial proof at the moment? Did Qin Huaiyuan’s wife see Shi Lei drive the bulldozer and destroy the wall? Did she see Shi Lei injure Qin Huaiyuan with her very own eyes? And if she did, then did my client cause her any damage in any way?” 

Chief Feng felt slightly awkward and shook his head. “No, but—” 

“Since there is no witness,” Zhang Meimei cut him off mercilessly and continued questioning, “does Qin Huaiyuan have any security cameras in his house that recorded the scene at the time of the crime?” 

“Also no, but—” 

Zhang Meimei still didn’t give Chief Feng a chance to explain. “Then I can only comprehend this as the following: The police doesn’t have any proof, whether circumstantial or direct, to accuse my client of committing this crime.” 

Chief Feng nodded extremely awkwardly and Zhang Meimei immediately continued. “Since you don’t have any proof, why is the police detaining my client? Properly analyze the current situation. Even if there are remaining suspicions, isn’t that still far from detention and interrogation? He should be here to help with the investigation, and yet he was detained for no reason!” 

Chief Feng looked at Zhou Qi as if he was begging for help. Zhou Qi cursed silently. How did this idiot become chief? He didn’t even say anything and was still rendered speechless by Zhang Meimei. 

Without a choice, Zhou Qi could only speak up. “Lawyer Zhang, there’s a very probable chance of you being biased. Our co workers initially brought Shi Lei in to help with the investigation, as you said. But after he got to the station, he injured two of the officers and was hence detained. I don’t know if your client mentioned anything about attacking officers to you?”   

Of course Zhang Meimei knew about it, since she had talked with Shi Lei over the phone. “According to his recount of what happened, it was the police who first illegally detained him in the office, locking the door from the outside,” she immediately countered. “This already constitutes the fact that they illegally detained him. Then they attempted to force my client to admit that last night’s case was his doing. My client did not confess and they forced, threatened, and attacked him first. I want to know exactly who gave them the authority to forcefully interrogate him like this. And my client only dodged to avoid being harmed. Perhaps some physical contact was made during the process, but my client definitely did not have any intention of attacking. For this incident, I hope that the police can submit a complete copy of the video for review. According to protocol, when the police is in the process of an investigation, they are required to record it to ensure that the whole process is open and clear. If the police insist that my client attacked them, please present the evidence.”  

Zhou Qi had never imagined Zhang Meimei to be so overbearing. He turned around and glanced at Chief Feng in the hopes of him to taking out some solid evidence. 

But Chief Feng didn’t dare return Zhou Qi’s glance and lowered his head. Zhou Qi knew at once that this bunch of idiots didn’t record a thing. 

“Chief Zhou, Chief Feng, I request to see my client immediately!” Zhang Meimei said, standing up. 

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