The Black Card Chapter 206 - How Can There Be An Accident Like This?

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Chapter 206 - How Can There Be an Accident Like This?

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

Hu Xiaohua continued to speak. “I didn’t injure anyone. The hospital should be able to attest to that. All the injuries on that old thing’s body were caused by him falling down the stairs. I reckon he also faked the so-called cerebral hemorrhage. That old guy isn’t even human. I heard about Shi Lei’s family’s situation from a friend and asked about it because I thought that Qin Huaiyuan was too shameless, but I ended up finding out that Shi Lei was actually a childhood friend of mine after questioning them. We haven’t contacted each other in years.” 

Jiang Yuanchao jumped in with the perfect timing and said, “I just happened to go to the hospital yesterday. I heard about this incident and was really mad. That dog Qin Huaiyuan is such a bully. As a just person, I was so close to going to look for trouble with him yesterday. Then I saw brother Xiaohua and told him. I didn’t expect him to immediately ask me if the victim’s son is called Shi Lei when I mentioned that his name is Shi Zhongping. And then I learned that they are childhood friends.” 

Shi Lei secretly wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. The lie that was being spun was quite well-made and detailed. 

Hu Xiaohua looked at Jiang Yuanchao in satisfaction and said, “Xiao Chao told me about this, and when I found out that it was—surprisingly—Shi Lei’s family’s problem, I was furious. That old dog Qin Huaiyuan can’t just bully people like this. More than ten years ago, their house was bought using a collective resource. During that time, Da Hua Electronics was still a state-run factory. They had the benefit system initially, except the factory didn’t gain much profits and hence asked the workers to chip in money to build the houses. Theoretically, this money was extra fees that the workers paid anyway, but Qin Huaiyuan? He wanted to take it back. Just put yourselves in Shi Zhongping’s shoes. He has worked so hard for his whole life and Qin Huaiyuan even wants to take his house away, not to mention kicking the poor man out when he is almost retired. Is he telling their family to sleep on the street? Return 20,000 yuan to them? Fine, I’ll give Qin Huaiyuan 20,000 yuan. No, I will give him 200,000 yuan and tell him to get a house for me! How can 20,000 yuan from more than ten years ago compare to 20,000 yuan now? This damned animal even told his people to hurt my Uncle Shi. Honestly, with my temper, I just really want to go and give him a head injury, then break his leg to let him have a taste of his own medicine. But we are law-abiding citizens, so I found an old and nearly broken down bulldozer and tore down their house. I just wanted that grandson to know what it feels like not to own a house! I am the one who demolished the house, and I will compensate for it if I have to. But I never injured anyone. You can’t just blame his sudden cerebral hemorrhage on me, can you? I’m here to turn myself in today. You guys do as you see fit!” 

With that said, Hu Xiaohua walked to Chief Feng and stretched out both of his hands, asking him to put handcuffs on him. 

Chief Feng was horrified. How could he possibly dare to do that? What kind of people did Hu Jianjun and Hu Dongping interact with on a daily basis? The leaders of the bureau. Those people were the leaders of the city and could even talk to the leaders of the province. He was just a small chief of a district police station, so if he handcuffed young master Hu for such an insignificant thing, did he even want to keep his job? 

“Hu Shao, please don’t be like this. Please sit. Although you…ahem…” Chief Feng didn’t dare say that Hu Xiaohua had made a mistake or did something illegal. He could only cough to skip that part, then say, “But it’s out of righteousness, so it’s understandable. We were also very angry after hearing about case. Many officers said that we must punish Qin Huaiyuan according to the law. But we couldn’t do anything because those workers from Da Hua Electronics who turned themselves in refused to give him in. We are trying our best right now, so please rest assured!” 

The so-called switching from arrogance to deference was describing exactly this kind of person. Even Zhou Qi was on the verge of a breakdown as he began to doubt whether he had misinterpreted the intentions of his superiors. Shi Lei even had Hu Jianjun supporting him. Something was wrong. It didn’t look like the higher ups did this purely for the sake of punishing Qin Huaiyuan, but…

Zhou Qi continued to ponder nervously. if Shi Lei could have Hu Jianjun on his side, the perhaps the same applied the higher ups at the bureau? 

Zhou Qi had distanced himself from this matter until now and naturally, he could see things clearer than Chief Feng. He finally realized what Zhang Meimei had seen earlier. Hu Xiaohua definitely wasn’t friends with Shi Lei. He was just here to support him and, up until ten minutes ago, they had never met. Otherwise, if they were really childhood friends, why did Hu Xiaohua mention his father’s name? And from what he said, it sounded like Shi Lei had sought help straight from Hu Jianjun. If he could receive help from Hu Jianjun, then it didn’t seem too far-fetched for him to also get help from the people at the bureau. 

Just when Zhou Qi realized that something was amiss, his phone rang. The atmosphere in the meeting room was already awkward and the call made it even more so. 

“Sorry, I need to take this!” Zhou Qi took out his phone and, speak of the devil, the call was from the highest executive in the subbureau. 

The voice sounded extremely unpleasant as soon as he picked up the call. “Lao Zhou, didn’t I tell you this yesterday? Why did you bring Shi Zhongping’s son to the station? Who was in charge of this?” 

Zhou Qi’s heart thumped furiously as he quickly excused himself and left the meeting room. He went over the entire situation in a tiny voice. 

“Qin Huaiyuan’s house got demolished?” The executive was bewildered. Then Zhou Qi the smacking of a table. “Nicely done! This kind of person should be taught a lesson! How did Binjiang Police Station handle this? It’s definitely an accident if the bulldozer was driven over there. Who is bored enough to drive a bulldozer around outside? And Shi Lei is a university student! Where can he even get one from? It must some worker from a nearby construction site who accidentally bumped into Qin Huaiyuan’s house and ran away after seeing that he caused trouble. How can they blame it on Shi Lei!?” 

Zhou Qi completely broke down and thought: What the hell is this!? Why would the bulldozer be driven into the residential area of Da Hua Electronics? The building that was torn down wasn’t some shop next to the road, so how could there be an accident like this? 

After a moment of hesitation, Zhou Qi also reported Hu Xiaohua’s situation to the executive and immediately heard cursing on the other end. “Silly! How would Hu Xiaohua know how to drive a bulldozer? Do you think that bulldozers are like a bicycles and anyone can go and drive one? There’s definitely something odd about this. Hurry up and arrange for people to investigate and take over the case from Binjiang Police Station. So messy! I think this Lao Feng from Binjiang Police Station is at the end of his career!” 

It was completely unreasonable for Hu Xiaohua to do this for Shi Lei, even if he’d really wanted to see Qin Huaiyuan dead! It was rare to see someone covering for someone else to such an extent. 

Zhou Qi quickly agreed and already had a three minute moment of silence for Qin Huaiyuan. Basically, the guy was done for. He couldn’t escape from the crime of ordering others to assault someone and would go to the prison for at least a year and a half. 

And after the executive hung up, Zhou Qi immediately called the person in charge of personnel at the bureau to report the situation. He carefully recounted the whole event. When he mentioned Hu Xiaohua, the opposite party was dumbfounded. However, he was quickly relieved as he remembered that since Shi Lei could make friends with people like Wei Qing, then Hu Xiaohua really wasn’t anyone much, since the Hu family was definitely not on the same level as the Wei family. 

After he heard about how the case was settled, the executive of the subbureau laughed and said, “This is silly! How can there be an accident like this!?” But it was obvious that he approved. 

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