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“I see, that makes sense. But what about the evidence? To be honest, even if I’m told that the main culprit of this turmoil has already perished without evidence, I can’t really go ‘Okay, is that so'”

Just as Usokawa has said, there is no evidence for what sheーーKotsuru has said.
But personally, I’m thinking that what she said might be true.
There’s no proof, just an intuition.
But I have the confidence that that’s actually the case.

“It’s a tough spot even if I’m told that…… The evidence I’ve prepared is something rather unrealistic……”

An unrealistic evidence?

“That’s right, it’s simple, it’ll be fine if you just close your eyes, you’ll understand everything if you do that”

I close my eyes as Kotsuru said.

“What’s this……”

It’s just sand, sand, and sand as far as the eyes can see.
Not a single life can be felt, a space of death.
I should be inside the building now……

“Jin-san, this……”

Turning to the direction of the voice, Aki-chan is there.
Sakura-chan and Saya are together as well.

“”This is the ruins of……what was once the planet that was the main cause of the zombie panic on Earth””

Putting where it came from aside, Kotsuru’s voice can be heard.

“Where is this? Where are you?”

Usokawa’s voice can be heard……It sounds like he’s close by but, I can’t see him.

“”Be at ease, the spouse of the woman who rules, you guys haven’t stepped out of the building, this is my ability as the messenger””

Indeed, Aki-chan and girls are around me and, the positions have not change.
It seems that only the surrounding scenery has changed.

“”Yes, ability. My ability is to show reflections of the surroundings around that transmission tower to other people like this””

Certainly, there is just one man-made object in this desert.
Something like a bent tower.
It’s bent now but, the original height is probably taller than the Sky Tree.

“”Before it became like this……it seems that a city larger than Tokyo was here but, this is how it is now””

Somehow it seems that this was an urban area.
I wonder what kind of people lived, and died here……

“”It seems that from that transmission tower, I……the messengers around Earth are supposed to receive orders, but as you can see, since it’s bent to that extent, it’s no longer possible””

Rather, there’s probably nobody anymore, on this planet.

“”This is the only evidence that I have prepared, are you convinced?””

……There is no choice but to be satisfied with this.

Closing and opening my eyes again, I return back to where I was.

“Aa, sleepy…… I’m so, so sleepy in this body, there’s nothing that can be done”

Kotsuru with a sleepy look is carried by her mother.

“Certainly, I’m convinced……but, this can’t be announced”

Usokawa gives a troubled smile.

“What are you going to do?”
“There’s no other choice besides hiding it, who’s going to believe this?”

That is true.
……That’s right, there’s something I want to ask her before she falls asleep.

“Hey, Kotsuru-chan, what’s the reason for your sudden growth?”
“The reason for my sudden growth? It’s simple, I was designed so that that happens……by the virus”

An existence designed to grow suddenly as the messenger……is it?

“That’s how it is……My apologies, I’m going to sleep……”

And just like this, Kotsuru gently closes her eyes.

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