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…Yep. From the title, you know that it’s gonna be kinda messed up. What do you think of this Soutarou? I will post another 2 chapters of this series, then 3 chapters of MaguToro.

TL: clover

ED: clover

Ever since I watched that AV, I began to see Nee-chan as a target for my s.e.xual desire more than before.

Nee-chan didn't notice that I had such feelings for her.

So, since there was nothing to be wary of me, she was simply defenseless.

For example, wandering around the house just out of bath with a T-shirt and short pants.

On top of all that, she would sleep on the sofa with that condition, just like now.

While studying at the dining table, I heard a systematic breathing of a sleeping person from the sofa.

Nee-chan who was watching TV after taking a bath, fell asleep as it was.

Nee-chan often did this kind of thing.

I stood up trying to turn off the television that was turned on.

As I approached the soda, I could see the appearance of Nee-chan sleeping in light clothing.

Currently it was summer season. Although the AC was turned on, the temperature outside was higher, so the interior wasn't so cool.

As the result of feeling the hot air after getting out of the bath, Nee-chan was wearing a thin T-shirt with her bare thighs peeking out due to the short pants.

"That's why I beg you, please be a little wary……"

I turned off the TV with the remote control I had in my hand and sat down near Nee-chan.

From the collar of her T-shirt, I could see a beautifully dented clavicle. She didn't do much sun tanning, so Nee-chan's skin was white.

I dropped my line of sight further down.

Nee-chan's slightly inflated chest was pushing up the T-shirt every time she breathes.

I found small wrinkles at the most exciting parts, I swallowed my spit audibly.

—Nee-chan, no way, you don't wear a bra!?

My line of sight was drawn to that part.

No, no way. Even if she was just got out of the bath, there was no way she could be this defenseless, right?

However, if it was Nee-chan, that kind of thing might be possible.

"Under this T-shirt, raw tits……"

Oh crap, I really want to touch them. Touch, check the softness, and if possible, massage them.

No, no, no. Calm down, me. Calm down.

If I touched it, then, what would happen if Nee-chan woke up?

My feelings would be exposed, then our family would collapse.

Calm down, let's calm down. Time to cool down.

I overcame the temptation, and breathed out cautiously.

But Nee-chan who didn't even know my struggle just kept her systematic breathing and slept peacefully.

Let's wake Nee-chan before I do something strange.

"Nee-chan, get up. Don't go to sleep like this."

I shook Nee-chan's body gently.

However, Nee-chan just let out a tiny groan and didn't wake up at all.

"Nee-chan, wake up. Wake up. —If you don't wake up, I don't know what I would do to you."

I shook Nee-chan's shoulders harder, but Nee-chan didn't wake up at all.

—If she's sleeping this deeply, maybe she won't notice if I touched her for a bit?

Desire rose within me.

I stroked the sleeping Nee-chan's hair and put my hand on her cheek.

I removed Nee-chan's glasses.

Thanks to this glasses that I chose, or maybe because Nee-chan was not interested in something like that, even though she would be a senior in high school, Nee-chan didn't have a boyfriend yet.

That means, Nee-chan had not been touched by another man.

—But, I didn't know how long it would last.

Nee-chan was cute and kind. Surely someday, someone else would find her.

Surely, even if that happened, I wouldn't be able to do anything.

Because, I was Nee-chan's younger brother.

I didn't want to be seen as a man by Nee-chan.

The current family was important. I couldn't break this relationship.

If Nee-chan got a boyfriend.

At that time, I would endure it properly.

I would move on, I would laugh and bless you.

"That's why. —Just for a moment, please let me have Nee-chan."

I brushed up Nee-chan's hair and kissed her plump lips.

At the soft sensation of Nee-chan, I felt my heart tightened with emotion.

When I thought that I stole Nee-chan's first kiss, my heart beat faster in pleasure.


When I saw Nee-chan stirring slightly, I hurriedly jumped away from Nee-chan.

–No way, is she waking up!?

Blood drained from my face and the inside of my head turned white.

However, Nee-chan only let out a small groan and started sleeping again soon.

I exhaled quietly.

Good. Nee-chan didn't wake up.

She didn't know my feelings, that was really good.

I approached Nee-chan again, and then shook her body roughly.

"Nee-chan, wake up, Nee-chan!"

I raised a louder voice than before and woke her up.

At last, Nee-chan opened her eyelids a little bit while letting out her voice quietly.

"Nn……Fuaah, mornin', Soutarou."

"It's not morning. Don't sleep in a place like this."

When I raised my complaint, Nee-chan yawned and stretched, slowly raised her upper body from the sofa.

"Sorry, sorry. I was studying until late yesterday, so I'm sleepy."

"Take care of your body. Even if it's summer, the AC is turned on. You will catch a cold if you sleep with such thin clothing."

"Yeah, you're right. Thank you for waking me up, Soutarou."

She didn't seem to have noticed that I had kissed her, and she innocently laughed and thanked me.

I felt relieved that she didn't notice my feelings, but I felt a little guilty.

It was me who stole Nee-chan's first kiss.

I wanted you to know that. But I also didn't want you to know.

"Well then, I'm going to take a bath soon. Nee-chan, please sleep before you catch a cold."

"Yeah, I know. Good night!"

As I saw Nee-chan going out of the living room, I traced my lips gently with my fingers so that I could recall the sensation of Nee-chan.

By the way, when you imagine the face of Soutarou, what do you think he looks like? I imagined him somewhat like Fuji Yuuta from Prince of Tennis lol. And for Amane, maybe like Hayase Kinue from Masamune-kun no Revenge.

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