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“Come on,” Ian squatted on the edge of the hole, urging for him to come.

Without speaking, Ruby grabbed the ropes as he went up and the other held the torch, his feet rubbing up the ropes and struggling to climb up. Suddenly, a wind from who-knows-where came in and blew away the torch.

Ruby’s heart gushed a glimmer of fear, could not help but turned around and look around in the gloomy darkness, it seemed to him that things will suddenly spring out.

Thinking of bad thing, with his throat slightly rolling, without hesitation, he grabbed the rope with one hand and quickly climbed.

He climbed halfway, and suddenly a ‘whiz’ sounded.

Ruby’s pupil shrank, looking aghast, but saw an arrow shot straight from above the hole, wipe from the torch side, driven by the erratic flow of air, Zheng Xiang soon, the arrow seems to hit the metal above, issued a sharp ring.

“It’s behind you !!” Ian hurriedly shouted: “Come on!”

Ruby’s face turned pale and could not look back, even with the torch in his hand, quickly grabbed the ropes with both hands and quickly climbed. Rus.h.i.+ng to the hole above, and when he held Ian’s palm, his heart was slightly relieved, but suddenly, he felt something on his feet, and he suddenly sank.

“No -” Ruby’s heart panicked and quickly lifted another pedal to go.


Another arrow swept past.

Clank, and his body suddenly took off, Ian pulled him to the hole above, and he was a little gloomy, had a dark face scared with cold sweat, sitting near the hole. He turned to the dark hole. At the bottom, there was darkness. The fallen torch was extinguished like a feeble flame, and it seemed that there was a shadow pa.s.sing by from the flames before it went out.

Ruby swallowed saliva, just to pa.s.s with the death of G.o.d, he turned around and looked aside, but saw Dudian slowly bow to the back, obviously, the previous two arrows are from Dudian’s hand.

He did not think there was a gap before the moment Dudian will help, heart fever, grateful authentic: “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Nothing.” Dudian glanced around, and said: “Here isn’t safe, this thing is likely to climb out to chase, we will leave as soon as possible. ”

Ian seeing Ruby, nodded and said:” Yes, apply the upper body of the dead powder, be careful not to startle the big guy outside. ” Martin looked at Dudian, with the eyes of the convergence of a few enemies, and removed the backpack to cover the smell of the corpse powder painted, and other people are disguised finished, lunch first in front.

Along the way back to the channel, people walked quietly; the bones of the ground lightly stepped over did not make the slightest noise.

As the distance from the cave became closer and closer, people became more and more nervous, even Dudian also inevitably lost some breath, he took the second step, and once the monster was alerted, rushed to the outside of the cave, all red. Out of the cave, he can fly away with wings, although this will expose his ability to Ian and others, but whether or not they can survive is a problem, and it is impending, too carefree.

The cave was dark and humid, in addition to rancid and b.l.o.o.d.y odor, but there was also a strange smell, a bit like rot soaked corpse smell, with the previous hole below the smell in the nest somewhat similar, but there were some differences .

A few people had a bad sense of smell, but all smelled the smell of this cave, and the expression of some dignified, that big guy that is not far away.

Dudian’s muscles were tense and ready to flee.

Ian gave Martin a wink, signaling that the thing is probably right in front of the corner. Martin was also aware that the smell here was so strong that he felt irritating and could feel the distance between the two, leaving his heart tense and clenched his arms and his footsteps lightly dropped, but he did not send a hint of sound.

He dared to reveal his eyes and look out of the corner.

Dudian, Ian, and Raby suddenly felt Martin’s body become a little stiff, can not help but mind, ready to strain.

After a while, Martin slowly retracted his head and gave a soft voice to everyone before he bowed down and leaned forward.

Dudian eyes flash, tighten the breath, gently behind. Suddenly when he saw something behind the corner, he suddenly knew the reason for Martin’s slight stiffness. He saw a huge horrorific shadow crawling on the ground after a corner exit corner like a lizard and poisonous scorpion. Road bifurcated tail, the whole body wrapped in silver scales, huge, but the body slender, just to be able to accommodate into this cave, the body covered with strange limbs on both sides, like spider legs, but also like a small centipede, there Long and short.

Dudian saw this thing in the moment, they feel a terrible feeling, but let him really shocked that he only looks like this monster, there is a record in the monster encyclopedia, is one of the eight legendary monsters!

This is a super magic monster!!

In contrast to the splitters of the ultimate attack type, the Vultures are good at lurking and are among the top lurking monsters, in a way more daunting than the rulers, even more than the sharks Monster, it may also be attacked by it to kill, and even some of the top top man in the human, but also escape its claws.

Ian and Ruby, face aghast, they also recognize the ident.i.ty of this monster, never imagined that in this orange barren area, actually encounter a century-old legend Monster!

Ian eyes flashed a trace of greed, but soon covered by fear, he smoothed his breath, his body muscles grew tight. In the presence of the monster in front of him, his meagre prowess was of little to note.

Suddenly he regretted that he had known that this big guy was the legendary monster who would rather starve to death in his den and would not want to come out. Only now has been halfway, it can only bite the bullet and continue to go. He can only pray that this hunting monster was asleep and will not be awakened by them.

“This looks like a mature hunter who hunts at sixty-four to sixty-seven.” Dudian glanced at the form of this hunting monster, the legend of the monster in the monster encyclopedia is relatively simple, only the mature stage. And the morphological portrayal of the whole body phase, he suddenly noticed that the silver scales of this hunting monster were similar in shape to the silver scales seen earlier in the cave.

In addition, the shark’s upper triangular head was also familiar. It was very similar to the hatred horror monster in the nest, except that the triangular arc on its head was slightly inwardly recessed so that the triangle on the head was clearly defined, like a spiky extension.

Dudian, settled, suddenly understand, can not help but look a little ugly, it is clear that this entire caves are its territory, listening to the wind and the blood odor, most of them are caught it back the food! The nest eggs in the nest, it is born under the hatcher pups. Only, the previous photographer met with its shape difference, resulting in a time they did not think of it.

After all, the monsters will degenerate at every stage, and some monsters will even degenerate to the extent that they have no similarities with the previous one.

Dudian kind of back to the initial feeling of terror when he was snapped back to the nest, his eyes slowly moved to the front of the cave, not far behind in this hunting film is the exit of the cave, just rushed out, with wings, it was entirely possible to escape!

“Almost!” He moved cautiously forward.


Suddenly, a soft sounded from behind issued.

Dudian’s pupil suddenly shrink, although did not look back, but the moment of sight to see the source of the sound, from Ruby’s feet.

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