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Chapter 10 - The Tower Dungeon of Beguile

Bloods were splattered all over the walls of the tower. Countless skeletons of ogres, wolves, humans, and other creatures are scattered around the tower.

Aside from the big cylindrical tower that is made from bricks. I can not find anything that could've killed this creatures, are they only decorations?

「S-since Arthur-san is a wizard, I will take the front and you stay behind me.」said Jack while his legs are trembling.

Jack is obviously frightened by this sight.

Although I want to go inside the tower and wander around. I'm not really fond of working hard so I want to finish this quick.

How about I cast the Ultrcla.s.s magic like I did yesterday?

『Mm, let's try it.』Arthur though inwardly to himself.


A wide magic circle colored red appeared at the ground of the tower.

Several blazing meteorites are coming towards the tower. The sky was lit up red and blocked the sun. Meteorites came cras.h.i.+ng down one after the other.

The ground shook as the meteorites continue to bombard the tower, leaving a dense smoke after.

Jack's jaw dropped to the ground and his eyes wide open in surprise. He didn't believe his eyes as soon as he saw Arthur cast an Ultrcla.s.s magic. Just who is Arthur anyways?

After a while, the smoke dispersed and the tower was still standing.

It wasn't destroyed.. A transparent barrier was seen around the tower and only a few cracks has been made by that attack. All skeletons that were seen before we arrived at the dungeon were incinerated, not leaving a trace. It's as if it never were there. The strength of this spell is remarkable. Meanwhile Jack was still recovering from this shock.

Arthur wasn't bothered by the fact that the tower was not destroyed, he has a few more spells much more powerful than the one he cast, but since he wanted to test all his spells he chose to just beat the self-proclaimed Demon Lord's a.s.s.

「arthur-san, uh.. I was treating myself really high earlier hehe. Please accept these panties that I uh.. found accidentally as an apology.」

「E-eh? Y-yeah no thanks.」 I said as I waved my hand.

As soon as we opened the dungeon's door at the first floor. We were greeted by ordinary wolves a bit bigger than the ones on Earth. Their fierce gaze fell upon us as they snarl while they walk around us like a predator looking for a chance to devour its prey.

The room is a plain round place that is 10 meters in height. There are approximately 200 wolves waiting their chance to attack us.

Several wolves finally made a move and pounced at us. Jack who was at the front took out his dagger and instantly killed the wolves who pounced at us and several others who were still watching.


Thanks to the grimoire that Cielsa gave me. My senses and defensive skills were improved so even though Jack moved in an instant, I can still tell where he is.

The wolves were agitated and all of them attacked Jack simultaneously. However, all of them were killed mercilessly in a single move by Jack. Bloods splattered everywhere and the whole room became the grave of the wolves.

In the end, the first floor were cleared by Jack. How come that this quest were only 2% complete? Even Jack, who's a Silver cla.s.s managed to single handedly clear the first floor so why did they only reach the second floor?

As I pondered about it, the stairs leading to the second floor appeared. Its a smooth straight banister that guides you to the top floor.

「Are you done Jack? Let's go up.」

「Mm, this is really easy, how could the guild progress only 2%?」

「We'll find out soon enough.」

We've arrived at the second floor, the room has the same outline as the first floor. I'm guessing that it is the same for the upper floors.

There's totally nothing at the second floor. My Navigator and senses also tells me that there are no living creatures at the second floor except us. We've looked around but we couldn't find anything.

Suddenly a voice was heard throughout the floor.

「I know that this introduction is late but, Welcome to the Tower Dungeon of Beguile! This tower consists of 100 floors, as you progress the difficulty also rises! The floor you were in was not part of the dungeon, it was only to rid of idiots like you, but it failed. Anyways, I, the Demon Lord, will be waiting for you at the 100th floor. That is if you can get out of the barrier there! Gugugugugugugu.」

「What's that?! You idiot! Come out here and fight, you son of a bi-」

「Shut up!」

After the voice faded and disappeared. I figured out that this floor, the first floor, was inside a barrier, upon learning the grimoire that Cielsa gave me. I now know quite a bit about barriers and how to remove them. But since I haven't done them before, I wasn't quite confident with it.

「d.a.m.n that f.u.c.king Demon Clown! Arthur, do you know how to break this barrier?」


「I'm guessing all the people who came here were muscleheads that only knows how to swing a sword, that is why they only reached 2% and couldn't break the barrier.」

What Jack said makes sense. When we took the test to be an adventurer at the guild, Most of them were idiots who relied solely on weapons.

After investigating the floor with the help from "Navigator". Arthur figured out the way to break the barrier....

You just have to destroy it with magic!

「Jack stay behind me! >!」

A large magic circle bigger than the room itself was seen on the ground. It instantly shrink to a size of a fist and shadow were encircling around the magic circle. After a few seconds it expanded in incredible rate destroying the barrier, it's as if the barrier was being eaten by the darkness itself.

「Holy c.r.a.p!」

Jack just couldn't get used to the fact that Arthur has been casting chantless spells with no effort. It was something that only the Great Wizard could do, but to think this guy who has no formidable background can do it with ease has left him speechless.

Usually, to cast an Advanced cla.s.s spell, one must have to recite a sentence or two to cast it but Arthur casts in two words, the higher cla.s.s the spell, the longer and harder it is to recite. But if you are one of the rare people with "chantless", not only will your time to cast the spell decrease, it also makes your spell much more powerful.

「It's finished」

Arthur realized that the barrier was way weaker so casting an Advanced cla.s.s spell was a bit too much.

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