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Chapter 126

The loud voice of the black tower spread throughout the world and the sun sank below the horizon just as the last words finished. The sun faded and night fell. In the s.p.a.cious courtyard, Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo and Fu Wensheng stood at the entrance. The three people of the Tian Xuan organization were standing near the small building.

The two sides quickly recovered from the change in the black tower and they watched each other silently.

The air seemed to solidify. After a moment, Tang Mo turned to leave. Fu Wenduo held the collar of his brother and quickly took him away. Qi Heng wanted to chase them but was stopped by Ruan w.a.n.gshu. He hurriedly asked, "Leader?"

The pale teenager looked in the direction that the Tang Mo trio had disappeared in and his dark eyes were freezing cold. "The situation isn't good. There is some danger."

Qi Heng protested, "The time limit is almost over. Then the black tower won't give us his coordinates anymore."

"My injuries haven't healed and Yuzheng is the same."

Qi Heng wanted to say something when Ruan w.a.n.gshu took out a piece of metal with a silver glow from his pocket. There was a small version of a Beijing map on this thin piece of metal. Next to the Forbidden city, a small black dot was slowly moving. Once it arrived at the west gate of the Forbidden City, the black spot suddenly disappeared. The metal shook before scattering into smaller pieces in the air.

Qi Heng was depressed and could only curse in a low voice.

Ruan w.a.n.gshu looked away with an unknown expression."

Qi Heng asked, "Are you just going to let them go? It is a rare level prop that can be reused. It must be better than the King's Gold Coin and is certainly better than Santa's gift bag."

Lian Yuzheng glared at him. "If you hadn't let those four idiots act without permission, how would they have known in advance and be prepared for it?"

Qi Heng, "…" A moment later, he muttered, "They didn't know that Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo are teammates. If there was no Fu Wenduo, they would've won with their ability to backtrack time."

"He and Fu Wenduo are teammates."

Qi Heng and Lian Yuzheng looked at Ruan w.a.n.gshu.

"He is strong but not invincible. Thanks to Fu Wenduo, it is harder to get the prop from him. But because Fu Wenduo is his teammate… won't we be able to find him in the future?"

Beijing, the Dongcheng District.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo moved through the Forbidden City at the fastest speed, leaving the Second Ring Road area. Fu Wensheng's physical fitness couldn't keep up with their speed so he was carried by Fu Wenduo by the collar until they arrived at an abandoned building. Fu Wensheng's cheeks were red from the wind and the child grasped once Fu Wenduo put him down. His first sentence was, "My water, my water is still in the house!"

It was the mineral water he had been working on for over 10 days!

Fu Wenduo glanced at his brother with a strange expression and pulled out a mini chick's nest from his pocket. Fu Wensheng stared blankly as Fu Wenduo took out a white egg from the nest and placed it on the ground.  In an instantly, a hill of mineral water bottles appeared in the open s.p.a.ce.

Fu Wenduo said, "I was planning to leave there today, so I collected our things last night."

This was the biggest surprise.

Tang Mo didn't get to eat barbecue and was forced to leave before seeing the house. There was no doubt that Fu Wenduo's home was a dangerous place and they wouldn't return there unless there were special circ.u.mstances However, Fu Wenduo had already taken all their things and there was no problem if he didn't go back.

So much had happened today that the trio took a break first.

Fu Wenduo returned the mineral water to the chicken nest and the sky had long been dark. This building was halfway to being an abandoned building. It was probably undergoing construction before the earth went online and couldn't be rebuilt. The walls of the building weren't fully enclosed. In this place, the three people didn't dare turn on any lights in case people saw it. In the moonlight, they sat in front of a wall and calmly a.n.a.lyzed what happened today.

“This is the Dongcheng District, which belongs to the Beixinqiao area. It is close to the Tian Xuan base but there is no point hiding anywhere if they have your coordinates." Fu Wenduo took a thin wire and drew two circles on the ground, marking their approximate location and the location of the Tian Xuan base. "It is obvious that Ruan w.a.n.gshu was seriously injured and Lian Yuzheng should also be injured."

Ruan w.a.n.gshu's injury was very easy to fight. When he was fighting with Tang Mo, his limbs were uncoordinated and his movements were often slow. Lian Yuzheng was in a much better state than him but Fu Wenduo was fighting her and could find her abnormalities instantly.

Tang Mo nodded. "If they are injured, they shouldn't attack again so soon. Today, they didn't get any profits. They will at least wait until Ruan w.a.n.gshu and Lian Yuzheng are better before making the next move."

The possibility of a sneak attack tonight was less than 30% but in Tang Mo's mind, it was more like 10%.

"Ruan w.a.n.gshu is a smart person. It only took him five minutes to discover that our shoes are props that can resist gravity. He won't rashly attack again."

Fu Wenduo also agreed with Tang Mo.

Fu Wensheng hugged his legs. It was the end of March and Beijing was still a bit cold. He looked at the two circles on the ground and couldn't help saying, "I didn't think the boss of Tian Xuan would be so young and look to be around the same age as me."

Tang Mo thought back. Ruan w.a.n.gshu and Fu Wensheng were really alike.

Tang Mo said, "He seems to be 14 years old this year while you are 12 years old. You are sort of peers."

After the earth went online, Tang Mo saw few young children. In this cruel doomsday environment, apart from the small number of people like Ruan w.a.n.gshu who increased their temperament and physical fitness to the extreme, children generally were weaker than adults.

The strengthening of physical fitness was based on the person's original fitness. If a child and an adult had their physical fitness enhanced by the same extent, the child would be much weaker than the adult. It was because in terms of strength, speed, explosive power and other aspects, a child was indeed inferior to adults.

Ruan w.a.n.gshu was a different type of person who couldn't be used as a comparison.

Fu Wensheng murmured, "We might be peers but I'm not like him at all. Apart from being similar in age, I'm not like him anywhere."

"There is a similar place."

Fu Wensheng raised his head and looked at his older brother.

Fu Wenduo leaned against the wall while Xiao Fu sat between him and Tang Mo. Fu Wenduo raised his head from where he was leaning against the wall and swept his gaze over Xiao Fu. "You are as short as him."

Fu Wensheng, "…"

Tang Mo, "…"

Fu Wensheng was stunned for a long time. He could only silently bow his head and play with the ground in a wronged manner.

Tang Mo thought about it and said, "Xiao Sheng is actually tall. Boys develop more slowly and Xiao Sheng is nearly 1.6 metres tall. He will develop after a few years. Ruan w.a.n.gshu is a bit short." "Well, Ruan w.a.n.gshu is a bit short but compared to people of the same age, they are quite tall."

Fu Wenduo stated, "I was 1.7 metres when I was 12 years old."

Tang Mo, "…"

Fu Wensheng, "…"

He actually said it!

Xiao Fu didn't dare refute his older brother's arrogance but the tense atmosphere between the three people dissipated. Tang Mo quietly looked at Fu Wenduo. He wondered if Fu Wenduo had deliberately said this to joke around and make everyone relax. However, there were three people present. As the victim, Xiao Fu wouldn't laugh. Tang Mo was also unable to understand Fu Wenduo's straight male jokes… well, Fu Wenduo's gay jokes were a lot like straight jokes.

After a moment, Tang Mo settled his heart and spoke seriously, "The black tower's 4.0 version update, you should've heard it."

Fu Wenduo and Xiao Fu's faces became serious.

Tang Mo said, "From the version 2.0 and 3.0 updates, the black tower will give a few days notice, telling us the specific time and contents of the update. This time, it suddenly said that the update was aborted." Tang Mo focused on a strange name. "China District 3, Player Mu Hui. I've never heard that name before."

There were four players famous in China.

Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo and Ruan w.a.n.gshu and Lian Yuzheng who cleared the black tower's second floor in hard mode.

These four people received announcements from the black tower and global players knew them. Mu Hui was a completely strange name.

Tang Mo's tone was solemn. "The black tower sang a song for him. It referred to Sleeping Beauty, Grandmother Wolf, Queen of Hearts and the circus. After the earth went online, the black tower has sang for only one person." He looked over at Fu Wenduo.

Six months ago, the black tower had just gone online. On the third day, Fu Wenduo opened the tower attack game, making the black tower feel surprise and excited. It sang a thanksgiving song to thank Fu Wenduo for opening the tower attack game. Since then, no one had been able to make the black tower sing.

Mu Hui was the second one.

Tang Mo's finger's tapped his knees and he closed his eyes as he thought.

Fu Wensheng speculated, "The black tower didn't sing for the first person to clear the first, second and third floors.  Mu Hui must've done something very important to make the black tower sing. It also opened the black tower update. However, the update failed. He must've encountered a problem."

What was so important that the black tower would act differently?

Fu Wenduo was the first to clear the first and second floors of the black tower while the Russian player Andrei cleared the third floor yet they only received three global notifications.

"He cleared the black tower's fourth floor."

Tang Mo opened his eyes and stared at Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wensheng was surprised. "How is it possible? Brother Tang is the first player in China to clear the black tower's third floor and it was only yesterday. If this happened, Mu Hui should've been right behind Brother Tang and also cleared the third floor right after him. Then he cleared the fourth floor in one day?"

Tang Mo calmly said, "It isn't impossible to clear the black tower's fourth floor. As long as he pa.s.sed the third floor after me, he wouldn't be announced by the black tower. But just before the black tower's announcement, the third dot only flashed two times. It means the number of global people who have cleared the third floor is only two." It was Tang Mo and the Russian player Andre.

Tang Mo paused. He knew why Fu Wenduo guessed that the other person had cleared the black tower's fourth floor.

"Sleeping Beauty, Grandmother Wolf, Queen of Hearts and the circus. The black tower didn't say these four locations for no reason. These four locations should have deep meaning. a.s.suming that Mu Hui really cleared the fourth floor of the black tower, these four location are likely to be his four tower attack games." Tang Mo thought for a while before looking up at Fu Wenduo. "Then, stowaways, reserve players and official players. The black tower mentioned all of them. Three stowaways died on the road, two reserve players are eaten and an official player didn't work hard.

"Of these three people, there is only Mu Hui. The black tower likes him."

Tang Mo wondered, "Stowaway, reserve player, official player… Who is Mu Hui?"

The author has something to say:

Tang Tang: Xiao Fu, I didn't hurt you. It is your brother who hurt you!

Old Fu: I'm just telling the truth. [Calm face]

Xiao Fu: Sister-in-law is so good to me, hehe!

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Chapter 127

According to the ranking rules of the previous regions, China District 3 was likely to be Guangzhou.

Before today, the black tower never reported any relevant news about Guangzhou. Tang Mo had never met players from China District 3 in the black tower game. Tang Mo took the fine wire from Fu Wenduo and three three circles on the ground. Fu Wenduo and Fu Wensheng knew that these three circles meant Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Tang Mo wrote down the time he cleared the black tower and then the time that the black tower announced Mu Hui's name.

Fu Wensheng looked at these two times and wondered, "It is less than 20 hours. Normally, it is impossible for players to continuously clear the third and fourth floors of the black tower in these 20 hours. If the person has such terrible strength, he should've been discovered by the black tower a long time ago. How is he only being broadcasted about now?"

“The time flow rate isn't necessarily equal." Fu Wenduo spoke in a low voice and the group instantly looked at him. Fu Wenduo continued, "In your third floor black tower game, you entered the game for five days. However, you felt that only one day pa.s.sed. The time flow rate wasn't equal. These 20 hours on Earth might not be 20 hours in the black tower. It could be 20 days."

Tang Mo nodded. "There is this possibility."

The possibility of clearing the fourth floor wasn't impossible, but it was very low. The question temporarily couldn't be answered. They didn't even know if the player was a man or a woman. Tang Mo push this matter aside and the three people continued to discuss the matter of the black tower suspending its update.

The black tower 4.0 version would definitely be updated. They just didn't know if it would be like today, where it was a sudden update without giving the players preparation time.

“In any case, we have to be prepared. I have a hunch." Thanks to the influence of his super intelligent thinking, Tang Mo calmly stated, "The next update won't be so simple. It might be related to players clearing the fourth floor. There aren't many players who have cleared the game right now. However, in six days, the black tower will force all players who haven't played the tower attack game in three months to attack the tower. At that time, there will be many players who fail or succeed. There might be a larger number of players who have cleared the black tower's third floor. It is closer to the black tower's fourth floor."

He looked at Fu Wenduo and Fu Wenduo looked at him. The two of them didn't speak but they understood the other's meaning.

The tower attack game in six days was a big hurdle for the surviving players on Earth.

With the exception of those who partic.i.p.ated in the last person's garbage cleaning game, all players in other areas wouldn't be able to escape if they hadn't attacked the tower in three months. After this tower attack game, all players remaining in the world would've at least pa.s.sed the black tower's first floor. The weak were eliminated and the rest were strong.

Tang Mo said, "If I was them, I wouldn't choose to be forced into the tower attack game in six days."

Fu Wenduo spoke casually, "The black tower's third iron-clad rule, all players please try to attack the tower."

Tang Mo looked up at him, the corners of his mouth lifting as he sighed helplessly. "I hope they understand. The black tower can screen the last players and open the last people game. This shows it isn't a pure machine. It wants the players to attack the tower. If a player doesn't take the initiative to attack the tower after the earth went online to the present… then the tower attack game in six days can be more difficult."

Fu Wensheng listened to his and opened his mouth to say something, before closing it.

Five months have pa.s.sed since the earth went online. The players who hadn't attacked the tower in five months, they were too weak and the black tower didn't notice them or they had no courage to attack the tower. These players might not necessarily think about the difference between 'actively' attacking the tower and 'pa.s.sively' attacking it. Even if they guessed it, they might not have the courage to take the initiative to attack the tower.

The trio leaned against the cold walls, their bodies curling up in the darkness as they shut their eyes to rest.

Fu Wensheng really fell asleep while Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo's physical quality was better and they weren't sleepy. They seemed to be resting with their eyes closed but their spirit was always tense. Tang Mo listened carefully to the movements around him, not letting go of even a bit of wind. He said that the Tian Xuan organization wouldn't attack tonight but he wasn't absolutely certain. Ruan w.a.n.gshu might not be as sane as Tang Mo thought. If he really came to attack, they had to be prepared.

The child's faint breathing sound was heard. In the middle of the night, Tang Mo got up and walked cautiously to a wall. He looked down at a branch that had been blown by the wind and stared for a long time before heading back. He had just walked to a corner when he saw that Fu Wenduo's eyes were open and staring at him.

The dark eyes were locked on him. Tang Mo's breath stopped before he calmly walked back. He wanted to sit in his position but Fu Wensheng wasn't a very still sleeper. He fell to the ground and took the position where Tang Mo had been sitting.

Tang Mo stopped.

Fu Wenduo patted the place next to him and said, "Here."

In the cold night, the man's low voice was a bit nice. Tang Mo sat on the ground without his expression changing. The positions of the three people changed from Tang Mo, Xiao Fu and Fu Wenduo to Xiao Fu, Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo.

After Tang Mo sat down, he found that this place was a bit crowded and felt a heat on his shoulder. The two people's shoulders were close together. Tang Mo wanted to move to the side but there was no s.p.a.ce. Moving his body exposed him to the moonlight.

"Why does it feel like you are a bit darker?"

Tang Mo was grappling with how to stay away from this man when he heard these words. "…A bit darker?"

Fu Wenduo turned to look at Tang Mo. "It is true. It is more obvious on your forehead." Fu Wenduo suddenly reached out and touched a strand of hair on Tang Mo's forehead. Tang Mo didn't expect to be touched and his eyes widened as he froze in place. Fu Wenduo touched his hair and was surprised for a moment. His fingers kept rubbing against Tang Mo's forehead.

"It's really dark. What is this?"

Tang Mo looked at Fu Wenduo's fingers and saw a bit of blackness that Fu Wenduo just wiped from Tang Mo's face. Tang Mo was also very shocked. He sniffed and suddenly understood. "This is a burnt smell. It was probably when I was surrounded by fire in the Spirit Prairie for a few hours… was I smoked?"

Fu Wenduo made a m.u.f.fled laugh but quickly suppressed it.

Tang Mo, "…"

He had no other method at the time. He couldn't outrun the fire and could only make himself a fire break within the fire. Thus, he was smoked for several hours. If Tang Mo's physical fitness hadn't been improved, he would've choked to death by the smoke and then burned by the first. The fact that he was only a bit blackened was already the best scenario.

Tang Mo thought about how Fu Wenduo would've dealt with this matter. Finally, he concluded that this guy might not have done as well as him!

Suddenly, Xiao Fu spoke in his dream.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were shocked. They looked at the child who was fast asleep.

Tang Mo muttered, "…You brother's att.i.tude is very good."

Fu Wenduo wasn't polite. "He is stupid."

Tang Mo wanted to give Xiao Fu some face. "After all, he is young."

Fu Wenduo also thought about giving his brother some face. "He isn't stupid, just silly."

Tang Mo, "…"

He did his best!

In any case, Tang Mo envied Fu Wensheng for being able to sleep peacefully. He couldn't sleep at all. As soon as he closed his eyes, he thought about the Tian Xuan organization. There was also the mysterious player Mu Hui and the black tower's stopped 4.0 version update. The more Tang Mo, the more painful his mind felt. However, he couldn't be silly enough to forget.

"You said that you used to be a librarian?"

Tang Mo replied, "Yes, why?"

Fu Wenduo gave a small nod. "I used to go to Beijing Library to read books." He added, "It was before I was 18."

Tang Mo understood his meaning. Before 18,. Fu Wenduo hadn't joined the army. At that time, he was like a normal high school student.  Tang Mo asked, "What books do you like to read?"

"Army, weapons and war."

Tang Mo, "…" He wasn't ordinary at all!

Fu Wenduo asked, "What about you?"

Tang Mo's hobbies were more along the popular trend. "I liked literature and there were also computers. I originally wanted to study computers for my undergraduate but my score wasn't enough."

"Computers? Do you like playing computer games?"

He didn't know why but Tang Mo didn't think too much as the two of them chatted beside the sleeping Fu Wensheng.

“You don’t play computer games? Oh yes, there are no computers in the army."

Fu Wenduo stated, "There is but you can normally go on the internal network apart from special circ.u.mstances."  

Tang Mo was puzzled. "Special circ.u.mstances?"

Fu Wenduo replied casually, "If I want to go online then I can."

"…Are you a special circ.u.mstances?"

Fu Wenduo smiled. "My fist is a special circ.u.mstance."

Tang Mo, "…"

Fu Wenduo didn't say it clearly but Tang Mo felt this man was joking again. At first glance, Fu Wenduo was a very principled person. How could he use his fists to violate the rules? This joke wasn't very funny. Tang Mo touched his cold arm and finally couldn't help asking, "Are you not good at telling jokes?"

This time it was Fu Wenduo's turn to be silent. After a long time, he asked, "Isn't it funny?"

Tang Mo was very sincere. "It isn't funny."

Fu Wenduo stated, "I tried my best."

"I can see.:

The two looked at each other and couldn't help laughing.

“I’m better at playing games." Fu Wenduo seemed to say unintentionally, "I have gone online to contact some necessary personnel. Other times, I will play games." He stared quietly at Tang Mo as he spoke.

Tang Mo was looking ahead while holding his arms and didn't notice Fu Wenduo's look. He casually asked, "You play games as well? I thought you were out of touch with the outside world. What games did you usually play?"

Fu Wenduo didn't speak as he stared closely at Tang Mo. Tang Mo sensed his gaze and looked at him strangely. "What is it?"

Fu Wenduo replied, "Nothing, I normally play…"

"Ah! Brother Tang, Brother Tang save me!" A sharp voice cut through the night. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo stared at Xiao Fu.

Xiao Fu was sweaty and he saw Fu Wenduo when he opened his eyes. He became even more scared as he gulped and escaped to Tang Mo's side. While fleeing, he muttered, "My flesh isn't delicious, not delicious at all!"

Fu Wenduo, "…"

Tang Mo, "…"

Look at how scared this child was. How big was his psychological shadow?

The sky gradually became brighter and Fu Wenduo searched around the outside of the building to make sure no one from Tian Xuan was ambus.h.i.+ng outside. Tang Mo and Fu Wensheng packed up and prepared to leave. Due to this morning's nightmare incident, Xiao Fu was embarra.s.sed and didn't dare look at his big brother. He couldn't even open his mouth to talk to Tang Mo.

Once Fu Wenduo went away, a long time pa.s.sed before the child said, "Brother Tang, sorry about the incident this morning."

Tang Mo waved his hand. "I know." He knew how terrible Xiao Fu's brother was in his heart.

Fu Wensheng heard this thought and hurriedly explained, "You don't know what my brother used to be like. Really, Brother's personality was a lot worse before he joined the army. He was particularly bad and always bullied me. I don't know how he did it. I was obviously very young but the adults always thought it was my fault and scolded me."

Tang Mo hadn't expected Fu Wenduo to have such a side.

Fu Wenduo looked very wronged. "My brother was particularly bad.  Then Uncle died and he went to the army. After he came back, he was a bit better. But he was still very bad." Fu Wensheng thought about it. "Every time he bullied me, he would secretly purchase me a plane model to make amends. My parents didn't like me to play with the planes. He doesn't bully me a lot now so the planes are gone."

Tang Mo, "…" Then did he want his brother to bully him?

Tang Mo thought this child's mind was becoming more and more incomprehensible. It was harder to guess than a woman's mind!

Fu Wensheng picked up the backpack and whispered, "But Big Brother isn't easy."

There were few people in this world who were easy. Tang Mo silently continued to collect their things.

Fu Wensheng said to himself, "I remember that Brother was ready to steady abroad and then didn't go. He isn't highly educated but he graduated from high school and his English is good. Tang Mo didn't know if this child wanted to praise Fu Wenduo or talk badly about him. “Brother Tang, in fact, I also have an English name. I don't want to be called Da Qiao. Can't I change to my English name?"

Tang Mo heard this and realized that Fu Wensheng had long wanted to change his code name.

In order to avoid being recognized by others, Tang Mo changed his name to Tang Ji and Fu Wenduo was called Victor. Only Fu Wensheng had no choice because Fu Wenduo told him that his name was Da Qiao.

Fu Wensheng took the opportunity to say, "You both have very normal names. Why do I need to have a woman's name? I also want to use my English name like Brother. My English name is very nice, it is David. Call me David. Brother Tang, you tell my brother. I don't dare talk to him."

Tang Mo was about to say, 'I can't manage your brother's decision but will ask for you' when he suddenly realized something. He looked up with a strange expression, "…Your brother's English name is Victor?"

Fu Wensheng replied like it was natural, "Yes."

The author has something to say:

Xiao Fu: I think many people reading this chapter want to kill me. But looking to the end ~ OVO aren't I a good baby?

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