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Hey, everyone! Just wanted to check about the use of Chinese t.i.tles here.
Do people prefer the English translation or to keep the pin yin? e.g. second older sister vs er jie, eldest brother vs da ge, (paternal) grandfather vs ye ye, mother’s sibling’s daughter (cousin) or biao mei? Either way, I would have footnotes to explain the relations/t.i.tles.

Also, in the character data section, I’ve put in a noob guide to p.r.o.nouncing these Chinese names, if anyone was interested in how they would sound.

(I hope this chapter makes you happy, Yuki Suoh xD)

Chapter 12: (t.i.tle at the end)


When Bai Jin Hang and Bai Yu Jie were a short distance from Pian hall, they heard a piercing blood-curdling scream. The two glanced at each other in tacit understanding before quickly heading to the hall. They had just entered Pian hall when they saw an unexpected scene unfolding in front of them.

Inside Pian hall, Bai Xi was watching a pale Mu Qiu with a cold air, her face unreadable. Mu Qiu was panicking as she stared at Xia Xue's injured right arm.

Zhang Shu Yi turned, so she did not see Bai Jin Hang and Bai Yu Jie standing behind her, but she could feel it. Only her eyes betrayed her ruthlessness. "Bai Xi, you… You really want to kill Xue'r?"

After Zhang Shu Yi said such hateful words, Xia Xue immediately caught on. Her servant was supporting her by the arm, and her sleeve was already dyed red with blood. A bloodied hairpin was lying on the ground near her feet.

"Younger sister Xi, even if you do not like my marriage to Jie, you can't possibly be this cruel!" Xia Xue was hoping her injury would elicit pity.

Zhang Shu Yi was deeply satisfied as she glanced at Xia Xue. She must take advantage of this opportunity to drive away this s.l.u.t from the Bai residence. She must.

"Xi'r, mother told you that Jie is already unlikely to marry Xue'r and take her as his wife. Why don't you believe it? And you still want…" She had not yet completed her sentence when she was stopped by Bai Jin Hang, who shouted, "Shut up!"

"Ma… Master, Jie'r, you…"

"Jie, I…" Xia Xue pushed away the servant supporting her and attempted to walk over to Bai Yu Jie. Unfortunately, even just walking a few steps caused her to stagger, her face pale. Before she could hit the ground, her servant quickly reached out to support her.

Xia Xue looked over at Bai Yu Jie and discovered that he was not looking at her. He didn't want to help her. Instead, he was looking at Bai Xi. Her eyes flashed and her resentment towards Bai Xi deepened.

"Jie, I believe that younger sister Xi did not do it intentionally." She did not mention her injury, but instead decided to plead.

"As if it wasn't intentional! She clearly harboured ill intentions! If not for maternal aunt pus.h.i.+ng her, the hairpin would have pierced her body instead of her arm!" Zhang Shu Yi declared indignantly. "Master, I know that you dote on Xi'r, but this sort of behaviour is unacceptable and should not be indulged! If Xue'r's matter is not taken care of properly, how am I supposed to explain this to my younger sister? How can I face…"

She had not yet finished speaking when Mu Qiu cut in, saying, "It is not like this! It is not like this! Young miss did not injure Xia young miss, it is…"

"Shut up! You are just a servant! What qualifications do you have to interrupt your master?" Zhang Shu Yi berated.

"Reporting to master, this old servant personally saw the second young miss not only try to kill Xia young miss, but she also kicked the madam." Granny Li knelt on the ground in tears.

"That's true. This servant also saw it."

Following those statements, two more servants knelt in succession and echoed the sentiments inside Pian Hall. One after the other, they criticised Bai Xi's deeds.

Bai Jin Hang pursed his lips, not speaking. His face did not belie any of his thoughts as he observed the servants kneeling.  Bai Yu Jie walked past Zhang Shu Yi and Xia Xue to approach Bai Xi, and patted her head gently. His tone was comforting and free from reproach. "Xi'r, don't be afraid. Older brother is here now. I won't let anyone bully you."

"Jie'r, what are you saying? The person who is doing the bullying is her. Obviously she tried to murder Xue'r. Don't you realise this?" Zhang Shu Yi shouted. Why was it like this? Her own son was protecting that cheap little thing.

"Young master, you don't know this, but today madam and Xia young miss came to visit the second young miss. Xia young miss specially chose many pearl hairpins for second young miss. But, for some reason, second young miss kicked madam in the stomach and attempted to murder Xia young miss without mercy. What this old servant said is all true!" Granny Li recounted sincerely, but she did not notice that her words contained a little bit of falsehood.

"This servant can testify."

"This servant can also testify. Bai young master, my family's young miss meticulously chose a pearl hairpin for the second young miss," said the servant who constantly accompanied Xia Xue. She opened the wooden box in her hands to reveal all kinds of pearl hairpins, confirming the authenticity of her words.

"No, it's not like this. All of you were insulting the young miss earlier! And also, the young miss…"

"Uncle1 Bai, this was an accident. Xue'r was not careful and hurt her arm. Younger sister Xi had nothing to do with this. Xue'r will return home." After her words, Xia Xue merely took a step and her weak figure fell to the ground, unconscious.

Bai Xi watched the chaotic scenes unfold with a sneer. This was really like watching a play. Couldn't these people come up with something new?

"Master, this servant begs you2 to believe young miss. Young miss really did not try to kill Xia young miss. She really didn't!" Mu Qiu cried out with tears in her eyes. It was obviously the madam abusing the young miss. Xia young miss' injury was also not made by her young miss! Why did they want to frame the young miss? Why?

Bai Xi watched Mu Qiu try and clear her name. Bai Jin Hang had not made a sound during this whole ordeal. Her eyes swept over those kneeling on the ground who accused her of killing, those 'so-called' witnesses. "You said that I attempted to kill Xia Xue?"

"Yes." Granny Li and the others answered in unison.

Bai Xi narrowed her eyes and raised her head. "Good. Since you all have said it occurred like this, then watch!" Before anyone could digest what she had said, Bai Xi picked up the bloodstained hairpin from the ground, raised her arm, and threw the hairpin just like a dart. In the blink of an eye, the hairpin stabbed the middle of Xia Xue's neck. Regardless of whether Xia Xue was actually unconscious, now she would never wake again.

Zhang Shu Yi was dumbfounded, her eyes fixed on the hairpin embedded in Xia Xue's neck. Her pupils widened, and her hands began to shake. Pian Hall promptly erupted in screaming.

Bai Jin Hang's eyebrows raised. He could not believe that the calm and collected woman standing there was the same shy and timid Bai Xi who liked to act spoiled.

Bai Yu Jie was taken aback, but he quickly recovered. When he looked at Bai Xi, his expression was gentle and pampering, just as before.

"You… You killed Xue'r?" Zhang Shu Yi finally managed, although her voice was shaky. Trembling in fear, she pointed at Bai Xi.

"Didn't you all say that I tried to kill her? So I had to show you that I killed her."

Chapter 12: Xia Xue Dies

1.(伯伯) - the term used here is a way of addressing one's father's older brother, or as a term for an older man in one's father's generation.↩

2.(您) - this is a respectful way of saying 'you'.↩

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