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Chapter 185 – Punishment

Nangong Yu smiled evilly, and leaning closer to her, he blew a breath into her ear as he said, “You don’t understand? Then wouldn’t it better if I helped you to remember? Let’s say you first pushed me, making me lose consciousness, and then you even dared to add a knockout drug into my medicine…Xi Er, your courage is really growing!”

Hearing what he said, Hexi’s face immediately reddened. Her guilty conscience making her turn her face to the side. “Stop talking nonsense! You fainting is your own fault, I already told you not to use your spiritual power. And what knockout drug, do you have any evidence?”

After saying this, she firmly pushed against the man who trapped her, wanting to slip away.

But since Nangong Yu’s cultivation base had now recovered, she was unable to move him. Her action of pushing him was ineffective, instead, it only made Nangong Yu tighten his hold on her.

Hexi suddenly wanted to smash a stone down on her foot in depression. Had she cured Nangong Yu only for him to act undisciplined and suppress her?

Nangong Yu quietly laughed, his muscled chest faintly vibrating. “Xi Er, tell me, how should I punish you?”

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The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife King Of Hell Koh Chapter 185 summary

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