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TN: Should i keep some Chinese words like, guniang? To just add more feeling or something? What d’you think? Comment down below! And also, if you can spot typo or grammatical errors, feel free to message me. 

Lastly, does any of you knows this characters “徐媽媽“? It was mtl-ed as Mother Xu, and i cant get the point of it. But for now let’s stick at Mother Xu’

Wu Xue Ji saw the heavy makeup smudged on the miss’ face and now resembling into a panda’s black eyes. She screamed loudly at Wu Xue Ji: “Wu Xue Ji, you actually dared to kick this miss!?”

“What about me kicking you!? Every time I look at you, from morning till night, i feel like vomiting! You are not pleasing to the eyes, quickly scram, or i’ll hit you again till all your teeth fall out!” Wu Xue Ji put her hands around her waist and act like one of those mamas managing the brothel!

“Ah… Hong-mama come! Ah Xue Ji is crazy!” The now pandliked-miss saw her posture and felt horrified! She stood up and ran fast as she could. Xue Ji put down her hands and picked the long narrow willow eyebrow pencil left by the pandliked-miss.

A while ago, she had already seen her appearance. Because of her good nutrition when she was a child, her figure is quite good compare to other girls whose the same age as her. She was taller than them and her figure is much slender. Her chest also had begun to bulge. Yes, there is a bump, no wonder Hong-mama is thinking of asking her to pick up early.

Wu Xue Ji stretched her arms and legs. She felt good flexibility. This body was good for practicing dance. However, she was far worse than Lin Xiaoxue’s original body, but she already had some thoughts how to improve this young body.

Wu Xue Ji walked out from the small room and calmly stood in front of the door waiting for the arrival of Hong-mama.

A pair of flexible big eyes look around this luxurious big brothel, thinking that the environment here is not generally good. It should be considered a super-luxury mansion in modern times.

In front of it is a two-story row of houses, elegantly decorated. The backyard has a separate hut with different shapes. In the middle of the courtyard there is a small pond and green trees. It is not the same as the ancient brothel that Lin Xiaoxue imagined, the only thing that match is the red lanterns that lit all over the place before dark.

“Ji Er, how could you offend that girl again?” A little girl of the same age as Wu Xue Ji ran out of grief.

“Qiao, it’s okay. That thicked-eyebrow miss always bullies me, I’ve had enough. She said I was crazy, so I went crazy to show her.” Wu Xue Ji knows why this little girl called Qiao Er is here. She came here to wait the beautiful but quiet miss she currently serving known as  "Yan-er guniang", which is just the opposite of the miss Xue Ji is serving.

“Ji-er, how can you be so impulsive? What if she asked Hong mama to force you serve guests?” Qiao-er saw that Xue Ji isn’t afraid of what might happen to her, she thought that Xue Ji was probably stimulated by the death of her sister.

“Let’s face it, an early death is an early birth.” Wu Xue Ji looked at the miss who she just kicked with Hong mama who dressed beautifuly moving quickly, followed by two strong looking wet nurses.

“Ah!” Qiao was so scared, she walked to the one side covering her mouth.

“Hehehe, Hong mama, you are getting more and more beautiful.” Ji-er did not wait for the thicked-eyebrow miss to speak and laugh at them first.

Hong mama and the miss beside her was frightened of her unusualness.

“Hong mama, you, you see, is she crazy?” The thicked-eyebrow miss stared at Xue Ji’s smiling face in horror.

Hong mama, who now wears pink lotus skirt, looks very young and has good temperament. She should not be less than 30 years old. In modern times, she should be in her golden age. However, in ancient times, it was yesterday’s yellow flower. A shrewd face made Ji-er know why she become the big boss of this big brothel. Wu Xue Ji looked at her face and suddenly felt admiring her.

“Ji-er, what’s the matter?” Hong mama‘s voice was cold and fierce, she will not allow such ruckus in her place!

“Oh, Hong mama, Ji-er doesn’t want to serve young miss anymore." Ji-er smiled without care.

“Then do you want to start serving guest?” Hong mama grasped as she looked at her from head to toe, a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. This little girl is indeed a beautiful woman. If she can be as popular as her sister, she will not be afraid of fighting ‘Chun Xiang Yuan‘ anymore.

"Start serving the guests? It’s too much early for me Hong mama. Ji-er needs to train hard before starting to serve the guests. This can make the price a little bit higher, isn’t? As long as Hong mama is willing to invest for Ji-er’s cultivation, Ji-er will be able to make the ‘Piao Wu Yuan‘ way better than the ‘Chun Xiang Yuan’." Wu Xue Ji was extremely serious when she said this, and her big eyes stared at her with no fear.

“Little girl, is your sister was killed? And you want to avenge her ah?” Hong mama’s smile is getting bigger and bigger.

“I’m not going to hide my reasons, Hong mama. Ji-er really wants to avenger her sister. I’m here to explain my intention instead of concealing it. Ji-er doesn’t want to commit a crime for such an insignificant person in the future.  I hope Hong mama will help me with this revenge of mine, not only me but the whole ‘Piao Wu Yuan’ will also gain alot in this.” After Wu Xue Ji’s long talk, she coldly smiled.

“Little girl, I think your too confident. Mother Xu is not a good role to play. Besides, what are your strengths besides your face? Are you sure you can attract guests? I do not want to raise a waste. ”

“Oh, Hong mama is right. It’s better for Ji-er to perform a song and dance for Hong mama first to see if Ji-er has the potential to attract men’s attention." Ji-er's face shone with confidence and slowly swept the numerous girls and wet nurses that gathered over

“Good!” The Hong mama claps her hands swiftly and immediately asked some musicians to come over.

"You choose a song for yourself." Hong mama gave her an opportunity, she never felt troubled about picking talented people.

Lin Xiaoxue thought of the music familiar from Wu Xue Ji’s memories, and then said with a chuckle: "Then, ‘Rhapsody hits the wind’.” Hong mama waited for a while as Ji-er went in and prepared herself, she would not let this Hong mama down.

“Hong mama, she’s crazy! You don’t need to care about her!” The thick-eyebrowed miss couldn’t believe that the girl just now was the same little girl who she bullied everyday! She must be crazy.

“Shut up! If she’s really crazy or not, we will know.” Hong mama  spoke for Ji-er.

“Hong…mama…” The thick-eyebrow miss felt she was suffering from injustice.

“Do not underestimate any one person. That little girl has the courage to stand up today. How can I not give her a chance?” Hong mama said with a sharp glance looking to everyone.

“Yes mama. But how did she change so much?” The thick-eyebrowed miss was really puzzled on what’s going on with Xue Ji.

“Sometimes, grief can turn into strength. Hate can make people stronger. Ji-er is one of those type of people. I’.m glad to see her grow stronger but I hope that little girl do not disappoint me.”

Hong mama just stopped talking when Ji-er’s door opened. Suddenly, all you can here is the gasping sound of everyone who watch Ji-er making her entrance. They cant believe on what they are seeing..

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