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"Okay, we have a quorum." The black fighter stretched out his right arm and revealed a black-ranked badge in his palm. He pressed on his badge and stopped transmitting the signal.

This distress signal was sent by him? Tang Wulin suddenly understood. That was not a distress signal, but a call to gather.

So it could be used in such a way. He had rushed over, but he still could not make anything of the situation.

He was on the Star Luo Continent, but he was about to take part in his first ever Tang Sect Battle Soul Hall group activity. He was feeling slightly strange, but he still looked forward to it. What was the purpose of gathering all these people?

In truth, Tang Wulin had never been called to gather when he was in Shrek City. Because he was still a student of Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect's soul system in Shrek City had given him special treatment and blocked the signal of his badge. At the same time, his potential was immense. Before he graduated from Shrek Academy's outer court and rose to the ranks of a one-word Battle Armor Master, Tang Sect would not prepare itself to allow him to partic.i.p.ate in any dangerous missions.

However, the Tang Sect Battle Soul Hall's system in Star Luo City was independent. Once there was a gathering, Tang Wulin had immediately received the signal. That was why he saw the scene before him.

He decided to take things as they came. He would just take part in the activity. After all, everyone was wearing the same attire. n.o.body could recognize anyone else.

The black fighter said with a deep voice, "We've received reliable information that the Green Skeleton Rebellion will launch another terror attack tonight in Star Luo City when there's a large crowd. We've obtained intel about their targeted venue for now, but we still have no idea as to where their base is located. We can only go to their targeted venue in advance and make our preparations there. I'll personally lead the team. Make ready for battle."

"The Green Skeleton Rebellion is cruel and ruthless. To prevent more civilians from getting hurt, we've been granted special permission to shoot our targets on sight. Before I relay the mission, we must confirm our ident.i.ties."

Confirm ident.i.ties? How would they go about confirming ident.i.ties? Tang Wulin was slightly stunned, but then he saw that the other fighters had stretched out their right hands. Their fighter badges were on their palms.

He quickly stretched out his right hand and revealed his white fighter badge.

The black fighter badge was much larger than his and seemed to have different functions as well. A beam of shadow shot toward the sky and quickly expanded into a large patch of darkness. As if they were drawn by some force, beams of wispy light rose from the fighters' badges on their palms and blended into the darkness. Immediately, the lights lit up like stars in the night sky.

Tang Wulin could see clearly now. Other than the black fighter, the badges of the others had lit up with different colors. There were four clumps of lights that were purplish and were noticeably brighter than the other lights. There were twelve yellow lights, and the others were all white.

Other than the black fighter, there were thirty fighters in total. Naturally, it meant there were four purple fighters, twelve yellow fighters, and fourteen white fighters.

According to the Battle Soul Hall's rules, a black fighter must at least be a three-word battle armor master, purple fighters must at least be a two-word battle armor master, and white fighters must have a cultivation base of at least four rings, and possess at least one piece of battle armor. At the same time, the prospective fighter must at least have the potential to become a two-word battle armor master before they could join Battle Soul Hall.

This also meant that among the Tang Sect disciples who had gathered in this hall, there were as many as one three-word battle armor master, four two-word battle armor masters, and twelve one-word battle armor masters.

From when the badges lit up until now, this many experts had gathered in such a short period of time. The unseen strength of Tang Sect in the Star Luo Empire made Tang Wulin feel an unwitting shock in his heart.

"We'll depart now. I'll arrange our plan of action along the way." The black fighter waved his hand, pushed a side door open and went out first. The others did not make any sound as they filed out of the hall and followed behind him.

They took the elevator and went down to an unknown place. Tang Wulin only followed the others, then they split into three soul cars.

These soul cars had been custom made with specially tempered windscreens. The happenings on the inside could not be viewed from the exterior, but those within could see whatever was happening outside.

In the car Tang Wulin and the others were in, there was a purple fighter, and the rest were white fighters like him.

After they got in the car, the purple fighter gave everyone a small pouch. He said with a deep voice, "Place the communicator inside your ears and maintain a connection at all times. Your temporary numbers are inside the pouches. Your mission is to guard the perimeter and prevent Green Skeleton Rebellion members from escaping. At the same time, you are to stand-by and wait for orders. The coordinates for your respective positions can be found on the electronic map. If you need backup, immediately report your number and the situation you're facing."

"The ambush initiated by the Green Skeleton Rebellion this time will almost certainly employ fixed soul bombs. So, there'll be a certain degree of danger here. Everyone must be careful. If you find a bomb, report it first. We have a few members who are experts in disarming bombs. Unless you are absolutely certain, do not try to disarm the bomb yourselves, understood?"

"Yes!" answered the few white fighters in unison. As this was Tang Wulin's first time taking part in such a mission, his reply lagged behind the others slightly.

The purple fighter's gaze instantly fell on him. "White Three, you have a question?"

The temporary number Tang Wulin had received was White Three.

"No," replied Tang Wulin immediately.

His voice was obviously younger than the others, but the purple fighter did not seem to mind. This was because white fighters were people who had enormous potential to develop their actual combat abilities selected by the Tang Sect. It was common for them to be slightly younger.

"Is this your first time partic.i.p.ating in missions like this?" asked the purple fighter. His number was Purple One.

"Yes." Although Tang Wulin felt awkward and embarra.s.sed, he still admitted it.

"Just relax. The inside missions are basically carried out by yellow fighters and above. You lot are mainly responsible for the outer perimeter. Just do your own duties, be careful and cautious at all times, and you'll be fine. If you encounter something that you can't control, request for backup immediately. Your companion closest to you will go over to help you."

"Yes, sir," Tang Wulin replied hastily. He was not really that nervous. In fact, he was actually somewhat excited.

He had an undying hatred for the Green Skeleton Rebellion. They had just arrived on the Star Luo Continent when they were ambushed by them. The mission this time was directed against them. Naturally, Tang Wulin was eager to have a go at it.

The car traveled smoothly. Purple One gave another series of orders. Tang Wulin looked at the electronic map on his wrist which was shaped like a watch, and then he familiarized himself with the simple soul tool devices which were distributed to them. He wore the communicator and adjusted the volume.

"We're here." The three cars parked on a small, dark lane. The car doors slid open silently, and the fighters disembarked.

With the arrangements made before they got in the car, everyone started carrying out the mission immediately. Including the black fighter, all thirty members quickly melted into the surrounding environments.

It was only the afternoon whereas the Green Skeleton Rebellion would be carrying out their mission at night.

Tang Wulin followed his own electronic map to the specified spot. He observed his surroundings, found a dark corner and hid there.

Through his own observation just now and the introduction of Purple One, he knew that the target of Green Skeleton Rebellion's a.s.sault this time was a grand theatre. There would be a performance in the theatre tonight, and it could accommodate an audience of thousands. If they created an a.s.sault in a place with such a dense crowd, the results would naturally be catastrophic.

The spot where Tang Wulin guarded was a side wall. Purple One had intentionally a.s.signed him a relatively safe spot because this was his first time partic.i.p.ating in a mission. If everything went well, he might not even meet an enemy at his spot.

"White One, in position!" A voice came from the communicator in his ear. Tang Wulin also quickly reported his own situation. "White Three, in position."

He could see through the electronic map, that the Tang Sect Battle Soul Hall fighters had all taken their positions in a short amount of time. What came next would be waiting patiently.

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