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Chapter 50

Curry Rice Once Again


The ground shook without a sound, “Kuro” was pulled out from the bottom of the sea of deep thoughts.


—Again, huh.


The land floating at the end of the sky… this place called moon was an ideal place for a lonely and quiet life where there was nothing except for darkness though it’s full of magic.

Unlike when she was on the earth, there was no sound, and the rocks suddenly falling from the sky sometimes exerted tremendous power.

In fact, once, when a large rock hit her, it penetrated her black scales, even though it was a large rock without magical power, sometimes it made a scratch on her scales.

After that, although she took countermeasures by applying protection magic, at the moment it fell close, there would be a shockwave to the extent the land shook.




And when the vibration stopped and Kuro tried to sink into the sea of deep thoughts, she noticed.

A black shadow floating on the white ground lit by the sun.

Perhaps it was the influence of the magical power distorted by the falling rock earlier.

There appeared something with magical power.


—This is… the magic used by creatures like elves?


By approaching it, Kuro who was the weakest among the 6 pillars but the best when it came to control could see through its natural ident.i.ty.

When she was on earth, after the battle against “that”, she was forced to escape from the battle amongst themselves, but she remembered 1,368 years ago that the elves were terribly fragile.

The fundamental part was similar to the magic clad on their bodies.

Those elves had weaker magical power like Kuro as well (of course, when compared to her, the magnitudes of their weaker magical powers were vast), so probably they excelled at controlling it.


—This leads to the place where the elves are.


Looking over the other side of the door, Kuro noticed it.

This seemed to transfer to a different world, and there were elves behind the door (their ears seemed to be shorter than the ones she saw before, but it’s a trivial difference).


—I’ll go. I have to get ready.


It’s not bad to continue sinking into deep thoughts just like how she had done so for the last 34,684 years, but sometimes it wouldn’t be bad to see other living beings.

Kuro thought so while reforming her body to a female elf while shaking her body and conscious of the power that leaked out of her.


…In the past, elves died instantly when they encountered her.

They were so weak that they couldn’t bear the “death-bearing dark power” that she unconsciously scattered to her surroundings.

It would be the same as the elves over the door.

She thought so, but it was too late.


—Let’s go.


And Kuro, which had changed her figure to an elf, grasped the door’s handle.

‘Chirinchirin’, a wave of magical power echoed in the soundless end of sky.

While listening to it, Kuro stepped into the other side of the door.


On that day, Alphonse of Princ.i.p.ality heard the story and was keenly interested in it.

[…A new curry rice, is it?]

He asked to confirm the intriguing story that he heard from the owner a while ago.

[That’s right.]

The owner nodded and repeated his words.

[No, actually, it was requested a while ago. Because some people couldn’t eat pork, I should make a curry that doesn’t use pork meat.

So I tried to make it and finally convinced th

at it was complete. So I thought to add it to the menu.]

In the otherworld dining hall, the customers were not limited to just j.a.panese people.

Curry that he made for the workers of nearby companies that came from far west foreign countries.

It was created to be spicier than the usual curry, so it was fortunately good for foreign customers and j.a.panese customers who ordered it due to the rarity; it was a happy addition to the menu.

[Fumu, so you want me to try it.]

After listening to the story, Alphonse was convinced.

He was not familiar with the circ.u.mstances of the other world where the owner lived, but because the owner expressed that it was the way over there, he guessed it was made differently from the curry rice he always ate.

An unknown curry which Alphonse had never eaten.

It greatly stimulated Alphonse’s curiosity.

[Of course I want it. Get it ready right away.]

There was nothing to be worried about.

Alphonse instantly ordered the new curry.

[Thank you for your patronage.]

The owner immediately returned to the kitchen in response.

And he waited a bit.

[Thank you for waiting. Here’s your chicken curry.]

The owner gently put the new curry and rice along with a jug of lemon water.

[Please enjoy… it’s spicier than usual so please be careful.]

Along with the usual words, the owner returned to work, leaving Alphonse alone with the new curry.

[Umu, I suppose I should eat.]

He grabbed a sparkling silver spoon.

(…Hoo, indeed this is quite different from the usual one.)

First, he observed the curry in front of him.

The curry seemed like a soup at first sight.

Curry-coloured soup in a deep bowl.

In the soup, although the skinless meat of a young chicken swam, no other ingredients were seen.

There was white rice that was served with curry, but it was placed separately on its usual big flat plate and looked different from the usual curry that was served with the sauce poured on top of the rice.

(Even so… the scent is strong.)

Drifting from it was the scent of curry, plenty of exciting spices.

It was somewhat stronger than usual and stimulated his stomach.

(First of all… just the curry only.)

He would savour it separately and scooped the curry… along with the meat.


At that moment, Alphonse eyes widened and he almost fainted in agony.

The flavor attacked Alphonse, like a ferocious fire inside his mouth.

(Wha, what!? This is spicy!)

He grasped the gla.s.s of water beside him and gulped it down.

The fire was quenched with the refres.h.i.+ng flavor of lemon water and Alphonse relaxed.

[Fuu… after all, curry should be eaten with rice.]

While realizing that again, Alphonse scooped a mouthful of rice with his spoon.

Then he dipped it into the curry… he ate it after it was dyed with curry.

(…Oo, as I thought.)

He was satisfied with the taste inside his mouth.

The ferocious hot flavor that attacked him earlier was relieved by eating it together with rice.

Not only that, he also noticed the nature of the curry that he didn’t taste before eating it with rice.

At first glance the curry might seem like a soup, but he knew again that it should be eaten with rice.

(I see… it’s not that the curry doesn’t contain vegetables, they just completely melted in the sauce.)

The new curry contained the flavor of vegetable and a lot of chicken meat.

Perhaps, the vegetables were chopped finely and left to stew in the curry for a long time.

With all the vegetables dissolved in the soup, all of their umami was integrated into the curry.

As a result of that, while he couldn’t enjoy the vegetables’ texture like usual, the curry’s taste increased.

(And this chicken meat is so soft…)

The chicken meat was the only ingredient left in the curry.

It was cut into a slightly larger than bite-size, but it was soft enough that it collapsed in a blink of eye just by putting it inside his mouth.

The skin was peeled and the meat was boiled in the curry for a long time while removing the sc.u.m, condensing the curry by saturating it with the meat fat.

It was qualified to be called the leading role and informing people that this was a chicken curry.

Once he noticed it, Alphonse was no longer confused.

Alphonse finished the curry in no time.

[So, how was it? I was worried that it wouldn’t match the palate of people from over there since it was spicier than usual.]

Soon, the owner came to ask for his impression.

Fortunately, it was popular with “people of this side” but since Alphonse was the first person from over there to try it, he was concerned for the impression.

[Umu. You’re right. This is much spicier than the usual curry and is a different thing… but this is really delicious! Owner, I would like another serving.]

—Me too.

Alphonse liked it so much that he asked for another serving.

[Yes. Then 2 servings… eehh!?]

The owner replied pleasantly then realized that there was a sense of incompatibility… and shouted in surprise.


—Is something the matter?


In a voice that directly sounded in their heads, “she” tilted her head and asked the owner.

A girl with transparent white skin, moon-coloured eyes, pointed ears and long jet black hair that reached the floor.

An elf… probably.

The owner had dealt with otherworld customers for 10 years.

The characteristics of the girl resembled that of an elf.

There was one point that was largely out of the owner’s knowledge.

[…Ano, customer… that, where are your clothes?]

Her figure was not covered by any sort of clothing.




From the words that she didn’t understand, Kuro tilted her head and observed her surroundings and the circ.u.mstances.


—I see.


All the other inhabitants covered their bodies with plant threads and animal fur.

Kuro was not familiar with it, but it seemed to be the elves’ unique culture.


—I understand. I’ll prepare it immediately.


As long as this was an elven nest, she would follow its custom.

Thinking so, Kuro prepared “clothes” immediately.

In the corner of her eyes, she saw a surprised female elf.

Kuro decided it was best to imitate her dress.

Kuro concluded so as she made her clothes.

She made the small dust drifting in the restaurant into “clothes” using her magic.

As a result, Kuro was clad in a jet black waitress outfit.


—Is this okay?



Kuro who was now clothed asked the owner.

[E, a, yes… magic sure is great.]

While surprised by the “typical magic” that occurred before his eyes, the owner nodded.

To think she created a dress out of nothing and clothed herself quickly.

He knew that there was magic over there, but this was the first time he witnessed a magic like something out of a fairytale.

[…Umu, as expected of an elf. They are magic users after all…]

Alphonse who also witnessed it accepted the surprising occurrence.

Alphonse who was a master swordman was not familiar with the way of magic.

Nevertheless the magic done in front of them was normal… no, it would be impossible for human mages, but elves were originally better mages compared to humans.

There was nothing wrong if she could do it.

[Owner, chicken curry for this girl. I’ll pay for her share.]

Alphonse said as a thank-you subst.i.tute for a rare display.

He had paid for this restaurant’s curry a few decades ago.

It seemed that this girl had no alternative.

[Yes. It’ll be out soon so please just wait there a little bit.]

The owner agreed with him and returned to the kitchen, preparing a serving for this strange girl too.


Yes, the only person that noticed the magical anomaly that the girl used was the wiseman who had more magic repertoire than elves, and it was no surprise that Artorius spat out his beer who drank too much in surprise.

(Im, impossible… no, don’t tell me…)

The event in front of him was not a dream, Artorius thought with his genius brain.

Even he and other elves couldn’t do it, in a short time even with a special catalyst without any materials.

There was one “regular” who was a pillar that could do so.

(…Don’t tell me, another one?)

Without thinking of its possibilities, Artorius looked down.

…He realized that there was nothing he could do on his own.


[Thank you for waiting. Here are your chicken curries.]

The owner placed two identical chicken curries in front of Alphonse and the seated Kuro before returning back to work.

After seeing it somehow, Kuro reminded herself of how Alphonse ate it when she observed the restaurant and scooped the white stuff with a spoon, soaked it with the sauce, and ate it.




This was the first time Kuro ate a food and was greatly inspired by her tongue and curiosity.

A soup named “chicken curry” which was made of meat, flowers and its seeds with a lot of water.

Certainly, when Kuro was still on earth, it seemed that among the creatures that couldn’t directly absorb the surrounding magical power, those who had their own intelligence were making something similar.


—I see. No wonder this is favoured by Red.


The softened meat gushed its juice inside her mouth, and using the flowers, an unexpected sensation occurred just by eating the food.

To the comfort of that taste, she remembered her compatriots who liked to say that “meals” were not necessary for their kind who could directly absorb the surrounding magical power.

Of the six pillars, the one who strongly dwelt the power of fire, the most aggressive among all of them.

They had not met in 34,684 years but she seemed to be doing well.

When eating while considering such things, the food was finished.


—Another serving.


She presented her empty plate to the girl who seemed to be carrying the role of delivering the food previously, and told the elven girl with the horn.

[Hyaa!? …A, yes, I understand.]

The girl was surprised to receive the telepathy but nodded in confirmation.

Then she waited a moment.

[Thank you for waiting. Here’s your chicken curry.]

She ate the chicken curry brought by the girl.


…Kuro repeated the act 100 times until all the customers went home and the restaurant was closed.


Kuro appeared in the restaurant when half a day had already pa.s.sed.

[What is this? What a rare sight.]

Her voice was transmitted while she was still eating the chicken curry.




To that nostalgic voice, Kuro halted her hands and watched the other person.

There was a former compatriot that changed her figure to match the elves.

[Yes. Indeed. It seems that you haven’t changed.]

The Red Queen smiled wryly seeing Kuro’s unchanging temperament to such extent that it was the same tens of thousands of years ago.

Certainly, it was the same person.

Kuro was the wisest and the most indifferent among all 6 pillars except for her own interests with the power of darkness.

Once, after the destruction of “Myriad Colour of Chaos” by all of them, she chose the end of the sky as her territory and left the earth. Though they had not met since then, it seemed that she had not changed either.

[It seems that a door has appeared in your territory… oh well.]

With a wry smile and serious expression, the Red Queen asked her former compatriot… and her rival, in some cases.

[I have one thing to ask.]


Red Queen knew Kuro’s true nature.

Although Kuro was firmly indifferent to things that didn’t interest her… she was firmly attached to those that did interest her.

Depending on the reply, she could figure out which power was better.


And the Red Queen asked the question.

[What is the most delicious food in this restaurant?]

—Chicken curry.

She responded immediately.

This intense flavor couldn’t be outdone by any other food in the restaurant.

Therefore, the best food in this restaurant was chicken curry.

It was self-evident for Kuro.

[That’s good. You’re mistaken.]

To that reply, the Red Queen decided a ruling with slight relief and great satisfaction.

[Oi, owner! For this girl, everything she eats is paid by me. Understand?]

[E!? Is that fine!? No, if you’re okay with it, then it’s fine.]

The owner instantly confirmed the words and thought about it.


Where did this girl pack the curry… even though she had a slender body and she ate more than her weight with such speed.

Naturally the amount of money she had to pay also reached an abnormal amount for an individual to pay.

However, it still didn’t reach two gold coins; he thought that this customer who regularly paid two gold coins would pay it.

[Absolutely. This is an old friend of mine, so I don’t mind paying for her. So we can make use of this degree of flexibility.]

—I appreciate it.

Kuro said her grat.i.tude to the Red Queen’s dignified words.


Thus, a regular was added to otherworld dining hall along with a new menu.

A mysterious girl who appeared with the opening of the restaurant and left when it was closed.

No one knew her ident.i.ty except for one person.

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