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As it was a rare opportunity for Chun Ying to be involved with Chen Zhao, her appet.i.te would not be satisfied that easily. Coughing up money again and again, Chen Zhao had become embarra.s.singly short of money, however, Chun Ying still cornered him relentlessly. For this reason Chen Zhao silently sold off the first piece of land.

How could one piece of land ever be equal to her? Everyone has a price and Chun Ying felt that her worth was much higher than a piece of land. Chen Zhao, though, felt that Chun Ying was being too greedy. Their arguments became more and more serious, and eventually, one could no longer see the infatuation of the beauty under the moon that night.

Chun Ying had just closed the box when she heard the door open. Chen Zhao impatiently strode into the room.

She stood up immediately, knitting her brows, as she scrutinized Chen Zhao standing in front of her. Just within a few days of not meeting him, his expression had become haggard and his eyes bloodshot. Even the layer of skin on his lips was cracked open. Chun Ying paused for a moment before she said, “You’ve come.”

Chen Zhao

sat down on the chair in Chun Ying’s room, and lifted a teapot from the table casually before pouring the liquid into his open mouth. Chun Ying wanted to stop him but she restrained herself in the end. Only a hint of annoyance flashed past her eyes. Finally, she spoke coldly, “What are you here for?”

Chen Zhao had just sent her some money two days ago therefore it was obvious that this time he was not here to be her G.o.d of wealth. Thus, she did not know the reason for his visit.

Chen Zhao did not answer her. He only wiped his mouth and mocked her, “Despite being a cheap slave, you can afford to drink this high grade silver needle tea from Jun Shan. As expected, you do not need to think twice before you spend the money that I gave you!”

Chun Ying’s greatest vice was her vanity and she was especially resentful of her family background. Chen Zhao’s words were no different than pouring salt on her wound. Instantly, she was enraged. Her eyes glinted, and she snickered, “Yes, I am a cheap slave. But who do you regard yourself as? Don’t tell me that you

you really think of yourself as the son of a wealthy family? Or did you think that as long as you have Miss Jiang, you would be able to claim connections to the minister?”

Chen Zhao’s face paled. Chun Ying’s words had exposed him. Not only that, she worded them so unpleasantly.

Without any consideration to his expression, she continued, “We are the same. As servants, we have to act according to our master’s wishes. Moreover, didn’t you willingly give me the money to spend? Or did you think that your future plans were not worth this much money?”

“You-” Chen Zhao balled his fists tightly. He squeezed a few words out from between the cracks of his teeth, “You shouldn’t go overboard in taking unfair advantage of me.

“It was you who took advantage of me,” Chun Ying beamed as she walked to his side. Her pair of pale hands slowly caressed his neck, “But why did you come here today?”

A strong fragrance from Chun Ying’s beautiful body invaded Chen Zhao’s senses. He was turned on at once and his att.i.tude softened, “Give me a break, I came here today to inform you that I am not someone who has more money

more money than brains. It is impossible for you to continue taking advantage of me like this for the rest of your life. Let’s settle this once and for all since it was something that we were both willing to do.”

Chun Ying’s hands tightened. Her nails left a bright red streak on Chen Zhao’s neck. She slowly smiled, “Don’t tell me that you want to renege on your responsibility to me? We were both willing? It is clear that you forced yourself on me. Everyone in the residence can bear witness to the fact that, in general, I never a.s.sociate with you. You want to claim that we were both willing, but when we are at court, do you really think that the magistrate will believe you?”

Even Chen Zhao knew that his words would not convince even himself. He gritted his teeth and asked, “What do you actually want?”

Chun Ying’s eyes swept over Chen Zhao. It was clear that although Chen Zhao had some money, the majority of the wealth was in Zhang Lan’s hands. However, she could never let Zhang Lan know of this matter. Zhang Lan was someone who was formidable. If that were to happen, it was happen, it was uncertain who would be the one to suffer the most. It’s just that as a source of easy money, Chen Zhao would eventually have a day when he would be wrung dry. If she could capitalize on this situation, she would not get the worst of it in the end.

At midnight, the moon was curved like a hook. The cold wind rustled through the wild, overgrown branches in the backyard. A Eurasian jackdaw perched on one of the higher branches of the tree and cawed twice, before flapping its wings and disappearing into the night.

Eurasian Jackdaw (pic credits : www.

In the courtyard, a maid who was carrying a laundry basket scuttled by. Hearing the m.u.f.fled sound of an object falling into the water from the veranda, she turned her head in alarm. In the darkness, there was the sound of soft, muted crackling. She even heard a few indistinct meows. After thinking about it for a moment, she must have heard a wild cat that had come into the residence to catch rats. The maid tightened her sash. Feeling an eeriness from the courtyard, she quickened her steps and left the area with haste.

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