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Yan Gexin was slightly surprised that the call was cut off. Why had that happened? If Yan Fei did not want to call him, how did he know that he was trying to call? Wait a minute, was he working right now?

Yan Fei facepalmed at seemingly figuring out the issue.

He had finally solved one thing today, had to take advantage of the momentum to solve an issue that has been entrenched in his heart since the apocalypse. Whether is was Liu Xianyu or colleagues taking the chance to add pressure and seeking trouble, both could affect his future career.

Although Yan Gexin did want to fix the relations.h.i.+p with his son, tempers had flared the last time the two had met. His dissatisfaction would likely touch Yan Fei's bottom line. After a night's deliberation, he felt Yan Fei would not reject his proposal – the matter of h.o.m.os.e.xuality not leaving descendants could be touched upon after the father-son relation had been fixed, perhaps surrogacy?

Seeing Yan Fei hang up, Luo Xun whispered in confusion while waiting for the car to reach the barracks. "Who called?"

Yan Fei shrugged. "Don't know."

…Didn't know so he just hung up?

Luo Xun grimaced, then his mind remembered someone. "Was it your parents?" Yan Fei had met with his father yesterday, if they had exchanged numbers…

Wait if Yan Fei had given his number, wouldn't he know the other person's number? Or had his father handed over the phone to someone else?

Then he thought of the few encounters with Yan Fei's mother…Luo Xun's temple began to pound. That had told Luo Xun that Yan Fei's mother was not a simple character.

He did not fear supporting Yan Fei's parents, after all he was rather rich, having one or two idlers was not a problem. But he did not like factors in instability and also disliked trouble.

While Luo Xun was secretly calculating if his parents lost their ability to work and the couple had to help rent a house, the monthly support and other practical problems. Yan Fei rubbed Luo Xun's hair, "What are you thinking about? Get in the car."

"Oh, right." Luo Xun stepped into the car and began to calculate how much food an older person needed each day, the portion of vegetables, meat, eggs, oil and so on.

They drove the car back and Luo Xun lamented as he locked the car, "We could afford if it's only one." But two was slightly more difficult.

After all, they had already divided all the spoils, so if he and Yan Fei wanted to support one or more people, they would have to use their private resources. He was afraid that they could not be able to save many points from the two's work pay.

"Eh? What do you want to keep?" Yan Fei was confused – wasn't there already a dog at home? Who knew what Luo Xun was muttering about.

Luo Xun shook his head with a smile. He would wait for Yan Fei to bring up the topic himself before taking action.

The two people climbed the usual stairs up to the 16th floor.

Around 7:30 pm, the two were eating fruit shaved ice in the living room in front of the fan. Crushed ice cubes were mixed with the home's ripened watermelon cut into small pieces. The two ingredients were mixed together before eating.

This watermelon was the first harvest of fruit this year. Since the fruit was pretty big, it had been picked after fully ripening and everyone brought home a portion.

While the two people and a dog were eating watermelon, the cellphone on the table started ringing. Luo Xun looked over, sure enough it was Yan Fei's cell phone, he looked at his lover.

Yan Fei thought for a little before picking up the phone. It was the same number who had called during the day. He blinked, got up and answered the call.

"Little Fei?"

A man's voice came from the phone, Yan Fei's eyebrow rose. In fact, Luo Xun had a similar reaction. Yan Fei's parents had a simulated relations.h.i.+p, but after the two fell out, the other party would call to stir the pot.

After all, they worked with the army, Yan Gexin would not be able to find someone without knowing where to look. But after last night, he must have known that Yan Fei was in the metal squad. A random search would be able to find his new name. Although the address would not be revealed, he could find the phone number. If the phone was not able to go through, he could bother people at the workplace.

"What's the matter."

Yan Gexin choked at hearing Yan Fei's calm, quiet voice. "Little Fei, are you busy tomorrow? Can you visit dad?"

Yan Fei smirked, the corner of his mouth lifted, "You already know that I am very busy with work."

The only reason the metal team had a few days of vacation each month was because the captain had forced the issue without regard for face. Otherwise, they would not have had even half a day's holiday at the end of a major project, regardless of length. Projects could take anywhere from half a month to more than three months, it depended entirely on work efficiency and the size of the project.

Yan Gexin responded patiently, "Then, when do you get off work? You can come over to the barracks when you get off work tomorrow…"

"I'm afraid I don't have much time or energy – especially after day's work. You've heard that ability users who use their powers for long time will consume more mental energy."

Yan Fei did not give Yan Gexin the chance to speak, directly cutting off his words, "If there's something, just say so."

Talking about important matters over the phone was not Yan Gexin's style, nor Yan Fei's before the apocalypse. But he knew that Yan Fei's current att.i.tude meant he wanted nothing to do with his father. Especially since the two almost fell out with each other on the spot.

He took a deep breath, he had some cards to play. He believed his son should agree – according to his pre-apocalypse knowledge.

"Little Fei, you're a metal ability user, right?"


Hearing Yan Fei admit that made Yan Gexin relieved, this proved that the data obtained today was correct. "Last night I heard you were walking with a wind ability user working in a hospital? A young man with the surname Zhang…"

Zhang Yi was too famous and easy to identify. Although they had left early and relatively low-key, a lot of people had noticed Zhang Yi in hindsight.

But people who did not deliberately pay attention to Luo Xun and Yan Fei did not recognize them. Unfortunately for Yan Gexin who had wanted to use the meal as a chance to speak with his son again, to repair their relations.h.i.+p, the couple had left early. Another inquiry revealed that Zhang Yi seemed to have left with two members of the metal team, maybe one was him?

Yan Fei raised an eyebrow with narrowed eyes – it was only for this reason he had been contacted? "What?"

Yan Gexin remembered that his son had said yesterday that he likes men, then he thought of Zhang Yi, who even he had to admit was really…pretty. This kind of beauty was probably attractive to men who liked s.e.x. It was not entirely incomprehensible that his son would be in love with the man, especially since Yan Fei's appearance was very high was well.

Stamping down his disgust, Yan Gexin began to earnestly say, "Zhang Yi…has a strong ability. Dad thought about what you said yesterday. You are an adult and know what you want. Although I still do not agree with your choice I understand you have your own way life and yearning for a partner." Yan Gexin paused, giving his son time to digest the words.

After hearing those words, Yan Fei, who was seldom surprised, looked at his phone like a ghost – and them put it back against his ear. Had this old man lost his mind? He thought he was having an affair with Zhang Yi?

What were the advantages of that psychopath other than his looks?! Yes, he had an ability, and the power was strong…But what could compare to Luo Xun's strength?

Yan Gexin was completely unaware that he was off the mark. With a fatherly tone, he pointed the most suitable road that would give him the most power. "You're both ability users and were key players in the defensive siege. Little Fei, I know that you are a clever child, although the apocalypse is very dangerous but also a great opportunity. With your abilities, have you ever thought of forming a team of ability users? With father there it will be more convenient, I can get you a lot of information in advance! You can use your fame and power to build up a powerful team. As long as you have your father's help, you will be able to get a pivotal place on base!"

"You've never paid attention to these things, so it might not be clear but many of the power squads are now trying to ally with the military. Not only to get a lot of information, but also to get a share of the resources. Right now, the world is the oyster for young people with abilities! As long as you want something I will get it for you, just come and visit dad…"

The little dog  was chowing down with smacking noises.

Luo Xun's expression was tangled. Although he could not hear what was being said on the phone, he knew it was a man's voice, guessed it was Yan Fei's father. Yan Fei had leisurely left the phone while his father kept on speaking…was this actually real?

Yan Fei noticed the worried glances. His father actually thought he and that demon Zhang Yi were together…were his eyes rotten? That demon could never be better than his little Xun!

His appearance? What kind of 'beauty' had be not seen? They were nothing compared to the mild and lively person presently in his bosom.

Yan Fei rubbed Luo Xun's head, then lifted his chin before firmly kissing his lover – the fresh, natural taste of watermelon was much better than that demonic man!

The other party on the phone was still blabbering on while the two people became more and more intimate on the sofa, gradually heading towards R18 territory. Luo Xun heard the noise and fixed his s.h.i.+rt. He poked Yan Fei's forehead than jabbed at the phone on the coffee table.

Yan Fei took a deep breath and grabbed the phone. The voice said, "Little Fei? Little Fei? Are you listening?"

Yan Fei put the phone to his ear and said annoyed, "If I was interested in forming a team to dominate the base, I would have done so before you even arrived. In addition, I have no interest in people like Zhang Yi. If you fancy him, go find him yourself – see if you can endure his family's insanity." After finis.h.i.+ng, he immediately hung up, picked up Luo Xun who was suppressing laughter and went to the second floor!

Yan Gexin looked stunned at the phone in his hands, before the apocalypse Yan Fei had never been rude enough to hang up. Of course, he would never blame himself but a taunt was a taunt. He had never been so rudely rejected…Wait, there was only one reason he would say those things about his mother. He had no interest or patience for his proposal, did not even want to listen!

"This, this unfilial son…is going to be the death of me!" Yan Gexin slammed the phone and began to pace around the room.

Who was he doing this for? Yan Gexin was worried for his son's sake?! He was in the government while Yan Fei was in the army, with the two together on base, they could have a good life even with the apocalypse. He was willing to go out everyday for construction work to repair the fence, clinging to a man who could not have offspring in order to live?! How could there be happiness!?

Yan Gexin remembered when his son was in school, his final exam results were never lower than the top 10. Unlike other people's children with insufficient results that needed their parents to find a solution. After he graduated university, although the family had pushed, he refused to find a home as a result of career plans.

How could a man with such a compet.i.tive heart be calm? Especially with the apocalypse and all the dangers outside. So Yan Gexin could not understand why Yan Fei rejected his proposal. Was his son not similar to himself? Not reconciled that the little people on base had no real power. He hoped to be able to grasp some power, maybe not in the army but there were other areas where he could use politics and step up.

Therefore, even if today's conversation was not successful, he did not think of cutting Yan Fei off while he had to deal with Liu Xiangyu. After all, who made Yan Fei a rare, metal ability user?

Yan Gexin was not clear about Yan Fei and also completely did not want to understand. Yan Fei understood the man's idea. When received the call he realized after the first few words – Yan Fei was wanted only to form a team of power users. Yan Gexin hoped that him helping out would be enough to face off against other groups.

It was a pity that he had no interest in these things at all, he would not waste his time with these time-consuming and wasteful actions.

Life was short, not to mention during the apocalypse? Perhaps for Yan Gexin, happiness was stepping on others to climb up and look down from the top. But for Yan Fei, happiness was living with Luo Xun in their home, farming, raising a dog – a sweet life filled with kisses.

Luo Xun was lying in bed, his entire body was sore and in pain. Yan Fei was all smiles since he had eaten his fill. He pressed a hand to gently ma.s.sage Luo Xun's waist.

"Was your father looking for you?" Yan Fei had hung and brought him upstairs, with the atmosphere, Luo Xun could not ask about the matter.

Now that someone had…*cough* eaten and drunk his fill, it should be enough to satisfy Luo Xun's curiosity, right?

Yan Fei had not deliberately avoided the problem, he laughingly explained, "His hands are empty, so he wanted me to create a power team for bargaining chips."

Luo Xun looked up with a surprised face and after a while responded, "I thought he could recruit his own staff, find someone to help form a team. That would work better."

Others might not understand but Luo Xun and Yan Fei had lived together for so long and they had in-depth discussions – the two had similar goals. They wanted to live on base in peace without getting swept into trouble.

Of course, they would try and improve their own strength, so Luo Xun secretly cultivated the mushrooms on a large scale. Tried to get all the team members proper weapons and equipment in order to hunt zombies once a month. This would exercise their awareness and cooperation while fighting.

But just as they had discussed and agreed upon – they did not want to cling to any force.

Luo Xun knew that in the future, the base hierarchy would become more complex and layered. Precisely because of this complex, layered, complicated hierarchy, it was better for them to remain low-key. When necessary, they would display their strength, but only so that others would not dare to attack their team.

As a regular person, Luo Xun knew that the teams involved in annexation, alliances and factional battles had not been able to maintain themselves. Even if some teams stuck for a long time and gained fame and power, the squad members had long since changed.

Luo Xun understood what Yan Fei's father wanted to do. Unfortunately, the couple and their squad had no interest. More importantly, his son was not interested at all.

Yan Fei could not help but laugh, "You're right, but I guess he has no one with him, otherwise he would not have called today." After all, his att.i.tude had been clear and he did not want to deal with his mother's drama, why would he call?

At this time, Yan Fei did not know that Yan Gexin had fallen out with Liu Xiangyu. Also did not know that the family had become the source of many jokes.

The couple did not live in the barracks. They went everyday but did not know the people living in the residences. So long as they did not deliberately ask around, they would not know the news for a short time.

Ever since Yan Fei hung up on his father, he had not been hara.s.sed for a long while. After all, the work and rest times of the metal team were not the same as regular people. Especially in the camps where the leaders had been busy.

What were these people working on? Of course it's finding news about other bases.

Since southwest zombie siege, the smaller bases scattered around the country had no good news. Most of the smaller ones were completely wiped out during the nationwide siege. Some survivors were lucky enough to flee to nearby, stronger bases. But only the best would be able to reach and live in the bases.

The number of people that a base can hold was limited, and it was impossible to expand in order to accommodate more people while being attacked by zombies. Towards these fleeing outsiders with empty hands, unless they were ability users or were useful to the base, otherwise they could only be refused entry.

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