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Hao Ren should not have told them about "traffic police". He had to spend additional time and effort to explain the concept to the four ascetics. After they finished their long explanation, Hao Ren and Becky got a little thirsty as well as tired. The burly, bearded man with grey hair meditated in silence for a while. He was the eldest ascetic among the four of them. Hao Ren eas beginning to think that the old man could not understand him. He was about to explain again when the old man suddenly looked up and said, "I understand all of it. There are two worlds—one is on the surface while the other exists subtly with a fragile link. The process of teleportation and umm... the 'traffic police'; I understand all of it."

Hao Ren was immediately relieved and said, "That's good…"

"You mean, we come from another dimension that you call The Plane of Dreams," another male ascetic with a short beard said as he looked at Hao Ren deeply, "and you call your own world the Surface World. These two worlds shouldn't be connected, but because of a crack in a barrier called the Wall of Reality, a s.p.a.ce tunnel was created and we were 'dumped' from our world, ending up here as a result. And, you are the one who controls access of this nature?"

Hao Ren nodded. Then, he heard the man ask in an unusually serious tone, "So, what is the position of the G.o.ddess in your system?"

Hao Ren was stunned. He felt like he was f*cked, and thought that he was finally experiencing the most likely situation one would experience when communicating with a religious fanatic. How does one explain the ascription of a G.o.d, whose rank was not much higher than a village chief from a macrocosmic perspective, and at the same time not provoke their hot and fragile faith?!

He had given a little thought to this sensitive issue, so he did not mention that there was a real G.o.d standing behind him. He mentioned Raven 12345, but did not s.h.i.+ft topics to the troubled field of "real G.o.d" and "false G.o.d", because he knew that Raven 12345 did not care about such labels. However, the ascetics in front of him would very likely fight with anyone for the "Authentication of the Real G.o.d". He had carefully bypa.s.sed sensitive points when answering their religious questions, but he did not expect to face this problem head-on: when their worldview suddenly expanded from one planet to two universes, where would the supreme G.o.ddess stand?

Watching Hao Ren's stiff expression, the four ascetics surprisingly did not pursue the question. Hao Ren thought he was going to get involved in a religious debate. He did not expect the bearded man to just nod indifferently and say, "It seems that this is a complicated problem, the glory of the G.o.ddess is limited to our land."

Then, he just stood up and asked, "When shall we leave?"

Hao Ren was not the only one. Vivian was just as surprised and she asked, "You're not pursuing this topic, huh? Isn't your G.o.ddess supreme?"

The big, bearded man shrugged and said, "She is our supreme G.o.ddess, but she may not necessarily be yours. It is enough that the glory of the G.o.ddess s.h.i.+nes over her people. Where glory cannot reach, we consider it a test of our pious faith."

The moment "Big Beardy" finished talking, the other three ascetics put their hands on their chests and whispered, "Keep the light in the dark and remain silent in the light."

Hao Ren did not really understand what Big Beardy was talking about. He just scratched his head and said, "Oh, since you have no objection, let us go then. I'll take you to my house. After that, I have to take a group of people to the Blood Lake."

"Blood Lake?" Big Beardy immediately frowned. He was very sensitive to this and asked, "Why are you taking people to the Sacred Grounds?"

Hao Ren spread out his hand and said, "You were sent to this world, and in exchange, there's also a group of people from this world fell into your world. It's a disaster. You are lucky to survive this, but the people who are sent there are dead. Can we at least get their corpses home?"

The ascetics were devout believers, but the Disciples of Glory's belief in the G.o.ddess did not seem as extreme as it might think. When Big Beardy heard Hao Ren's words, he no longer stubbornly pursuing the issue of the Holy Land, but again put his hand on the chest and whispered, "G.o.ddess, please have mercy on those poor souls! We have been tested here, but the people of the Otherworld have been implicated! May their souls be comforted by G.o.ddess in the Sacred Grounds."

"I don't think I can keep up with their train of thought," Lily suddenly poked Hao Ren's arm and whispered, "Landlord, you are so smart, you can actually communicate with them!"

Hao Ren rolled his eyes and thought: Usually, it was them who could not keep up with Lily's train of thought, and finally today, it was Lily's turn.

The woman, who was slightly older among the ascetics, looked at Becky curiously asked, "Wait a minute, I wanted to ask just now, this young lady... You're from Holletta, right? Why are you here? With this... traffic police?"

Becky was immersed in the excitement of seeing the fellow from her hometown, suddenly reacted and said, "Oh yes, I haven't said anything about me yet. I'm also being sent to this world. But you are here because of natural disaster, I'm here because of the casting failure of a noob plus natural disaster…"

Hao Ren muttered, "I'm not noob. You're here because of the natural disaster."

"Looks like we're not the only one in trouble?" The older female ascetic said and looked as if she was thinking of something, "This is really a mysterious field that n.o.body has ever dabbled in. I never expect that there's such a mystery in the world... And this man, however, has the power to control the pa.s.sage across the two worlds. She looked at Hao Ren with a slight subtlety and said, "It seems we should respect you, you are the one who holds the mysteries we do not understand. Although I don't quite understand your work, obviously you're in a 'higher' position than us."

These words immediately made Hao Ren feel a little shy. He did not expect it. These ascetics were not as rigid as he had imagined. On the contrary, they had a strong understanding and were able to accept new things quickly. Although they always used the doctrine of the G.o.ddess to help explain everything, they were undoubtedly open-minded and sharp: this was very different from the image of the ascetic in many stories.

In fact, this was exactly the distinguis.h.i.+ng feature that the ascetic of the Disciples of Glory should be: they were not only devout and fanatical believers, but also thoughtful thinkers and knowledgeable scholars who mastered various secrets. The ascetics devoted their life to their faith, not to marry, not to have children, not to own the estate and any form of private property, not to partic.i.p.ate in any secular fight for power, or even the human justice. All their energies were devoted to the study of knowledge in addition to their combat skills and divine spells. The Disciples of Glory believed that all knowledge in the world was created by their G.o.ddess. Therefore, the ascetics also regarded the process of learning knowledge as a kind of wors.h.i.+p activity.

Therefore, the ascetics of the Disciples of Glory had the qualities of a scholar--a rarity in other denominations.

Of course, the stubborn, fanatical ascetics also existed, but most of them were in the forefront of the crusade against heresy and belong to the pure combatants. They would not become the keeper of the Orb, and certainly would not be here.

This has saved Hao Ren lots of trouble.

However, when Hao Ren was watching them talking, he suddenly thought of something. He realised that there were still lots of trouble waiting for him. "Wait! I almost forgot! You all can't go back!"

The four ascetics turned their face and looked at Hao Ren at the same time. "Forgot to tell you all… the teleportation between the Plane of Dream and the real word is a one-way teleportation. Currently, the two-way teleportation is limited to objects only, not human. You guys… Probably can only go back to stay for 10 days," Hao Ren said helplessly.

Then, Becky also looked sad and explained the bad situation of The Wall of Reality clearly. She then heaved a deep sigh and said with a mournful sound, "I'm still waiting to be knighted and rewarded with a big land to bring glory to my ancestors!"

The four ascetics looked at each other and realised that neither Hao Ren nor Becky had lied. The big, bearded man pondered for a while and then looked at Hao Ren and said, "You mean we can't stay in the Plane of Dream for a long time, but it's ok to go back for a short while?"

Hao Ren nodded. Big Beardy then looked calm and said, "That will do, it doesn't matter if we can go back or not, as long as the Orb back to the sanctuary of the G.o.ddess. It is a hard time, we readily accept this test."

Lily poked Hao Ren's arm and said, "Landlord, I can't keep up with their train of thought again…"

Hao Ren grinned and said, "You don't have to, it's a good thing anyway."

Then, he looked at Big Beardy, trying to make himself looked sincere and asked, "By the way, can I have a look at the Orb of the Holy Synod…?"

Big Beardy immediately looked tense and asked, "Why?"

Sure enough, this was a touchy topic.

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