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[Next] Arge 160: What cannot be done by just letting it flow in hot water

『…and, as you can see, even though I have claimed the king t.i.tle, but my body itself is a woman』(Subaru)

『Ha, that sounds right』(Arge)

The king stretches his chest while the steam drifts.
He figure which exposed the whole body was certainly of a woman.
Because it will be rude to keep staring at him so I choose to talk instead.
(T.N: I don't make a mistake here, Arge doesn't fix he to she and him to her yet)

『Your Majesty is…』(Arge)

『You may call me by name, I will allow you』(Subaru)

『…Why did Subaru-san keep silent about being a woman?』(Arge)

『The reasons are external political and moody.
To be precise, because I was brought up as a man because of external reasons, I just feel like a man as moody』(Subaru)

He talks so … No, she talks so.
I can feel sadness from her tone and it seems to be true.
In other words, she was treated as a man for the appearance as her country, and she recognized that it as natural.
That's how it was.

I was asked to marry naturally at the King’s bed but I was stuck for a reply.
I couldn't think of an answer so suddenly.
Then Subaru-san has forced me to the bath when I was lost in thought, and now we were talking as we both sank our bodies in the hot water.

『It's only a handful of kingdoms who knows this.
It will nice if you accept it』(Subaru)

『I’m sorry, but it's something I was really concerned about』(Arge)

『I don't care, I will allow it.
Let’s talk about that again later…
But, please give it some thoughts』(Subaru)

『Well, ugu…』(Arge)

I can understand from her your eyes that she is serious, it's not a joke.
Although I don't understand the meaning of her explanation, I understand that her word is honest.

『Let’s calm down a bit』(Arge)

『I have been always calm』(Subaru)

『I want time to settle down myself. Please tell me a bit about it』(Arge)

『… Good. I am planning to be a sincere husband. You are allowed to ask questions』(Subaru)

She was aggressive, kind of different compared to Samaksan.
Even though I am a little bit amazed, I talk to her to understand more about the situation.

『First of all, it's a major premise… Why did you tell me to get married?』(Arge)

『Well …Because I am studying the color of love now』(Subaru)

『Do you marry suddenly at the study stage …?』(Arge)

Wouldn't it be too much to leave the process?
Although I wanted to 【tsukkomi】 in, I should collect more information so I decided to continue listening.

『I heard something about Samaka, people in the castle, my acquaintance Arlaune, something about the color of love, and I also heard from Arge today』(Subaru)

『…Ugu, did I say such a thing?』(Arge)

『 Didn't you say that you want to be married to someone who embraces you with as much love as the bed does?』(Subaru)

As I was told, I remembered I did say that.
But I mean to play it safe or something like that.
When I remembered vaguely, Subaru-san nodded in a good mood.

『I tried sleeping next to you like the trial.
I felt very comfortable and I realized that was because Arge is a woman as well.
It will be quicker to get you into my family.
And you are a goodwill amba.s.sador from a country rich in resources, marriage is a good thing to do outside as a proof of mutual friends.h.i.+p, more than that you are someone who was called the angel of the sea breeze.
It will be greatly beneficial to my country』(Subaru)


『Uhm, what’s wrong?』(Subaru)

『… I thought that you got ahead of yourself (metaphor), but now that I heard from you, I'm surprised that you think carefully about it』(Arge)

As she heard my impressions, Subaru-san sank into hot water…
Her golden hair is spreading in the hot water.
She is like in the midst of swimming.
And then she is sitting as if it's next to nature.
Her eyes that stared at me were deep enough to think that I could be sucked in.

『Indeed, I might be going ahead a little bit, but I asked after thinking deeply within myself』(Subaru)

Her facial expression shows that she is serious, there's no lie.
Perhaps she is thinking much more quickly than a man.
She might be able to process countless troubles down to the answer at high speed.
It seems like she is the people who can draw answers suddenly from the point of view.

However, in reality, she reaches a conclusion after thinking firmly in her head about it.

『So that’s why I can prepare for a wedding even tomorrow』(Subaru)

『Wait a minute, it’s too early to count the chicks (metaphor)…』(Arge)

I am in a big trouble now. Let’s calm down a little.
As I relaxed a bit, Subaru-san also returned talking.

『Uhm… no good?』(Subaru)

『No good, I guess… Uhm…』(Arge)

『I am not proud, but I am the king of this country.
As the king of this country, I have power.
There's a problem under the wartime, but I planned to end this war soon in the future.
With a Royal wedding, I think it is quite nice to calm the citizen』(Subaru)

『… There are many things I have to do.
I want to have 3 meals a day and nap anytime I want』(Arge)

『…Hmm… Indeed, it might be a bit difficult in the position of a queen…』(Subaru)

As Samaksan told me, I knew the benefit of my existence to the country and it seems that Subaru-san intended to use it exactly.
But she doesn't hide such a calculation, she doesn't seem to be a bad person.
She is loved by her people and subordinates, and even if she hides the fact of being a woman, it's no doubt that Subaru-san is a good king.

However, no matter how good she is, her way of thinking will fall out of my purpose.
My purpose is to have an easy life with 3 meals a day and sleep anytime.
Now that I have become a vampire, it might be better if I add blood supply there too.

It is true that Subaru has financial strength, power, family structure and so on.
But if I must work hard every day for that, I have no choice but to say no.

『… giggle』(???)


Suddenly, I heard something.
It was a woman’s laughing together with a tolling bell, it was a somewhat familiar sound.
The girl reflected from the hot water has green skin.
Her skin color isn't of a human being, that alone enough to announce the girl in front of me is a demi-human.

Subaru-san opened her mouth with a keen eye on the person who appeared.

『… Did you come to me again in the middle of a hot water bath?』(Subaru)

『No way, I came just because the king made me happy.
I was just also worried.
And as I said it before…
For the flowers to bloom, is there a need for permission?』(Arlaune)

『…I allow it, you knew about it when we met already.
And we aren't in a relations.h.i.+p that you need to hide』(Subaru)

『Tee Hee hee… Thank you』(Arlaune)

The girl closes her red eyes as she smiles and bows her head to Subaru-san.
With that action, the two bells tied to her black hair play a sound, *Chirin*
Her green skin was decorated with countless flowers as if it were a gorgeous garment.


At that moment, my eyes were glued on her.
Because I saw something terribly nostalgic in that figure.

The girl who smiled at me from the back of the iron cell.
Even for someone who considered dead like me, I was able to live.
A warm feeling left in my palm.
The flower girl who promised to have cherry blossom flower view with me someday.

『Allow me to introduce, Arge.
This is the Queen of Sherwood, which is in an alliance with my country… Arlaune Aoba』(Subaru)

The name Aoba that should have been left in Kuon's family cell.
I didn't think I can listen again.


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