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"Don't worry about us. We're doing fine. We're only here to visit a friend," Chu Zhiyuan's voice came through with an unnatural tone.

Chu Feng felt somewhat apprehensive. Why would the two of them suddenly go and visit a friend at Greatwoods Temple? He also felt his father's voice sounded somewhat odd. Could something have happened during this time?

Chu Feng used a secret code they had prepared for such situations. They had already discussed how they would communicate under such circ.u.mstances.

"Don't make blind guesses. We're treated quite well as guests here," w.a.n.g Jing spoke from the side and was even making fun of Chu Zhiyuan.

What was happening? Chu Feng felt quite puzzled.

"We're old friends with the Elder Ape of Greatwoods Temple," w.a.n.g Jing explained.

Chu Feng soon understood what had happened and was somewhat dazed. There was actually such a hidden story.

Back when the upheavals began, Chu Feng had walked from Mount Taihang to Shuntian. It was also during that period that the Greatwoods Temple shook the world as the Elder Ape established a sect.

Chu Feng still remembered how his father was quite upset at the Elder Ape of Mount Song.

He felt it was somewhat comical because his father, who was usually refined and dignified, couldn't keep his calm.

w.a.n.g Jing revealed that they had visited Mount Song when they were young. Chu Zhiyuan had wanted to feed the apes with fruits but was scratched by one of them instead and returned soaked in fresh blood. His impression of apes had never recovered since then.

At that time, Chu Feng took it as a joke.

But now he was flabbergasted to discover that the ape was, in fact, the Elder Ape's grandson!

That ape had gone to Shuntian some time ago. He was first stunned after seeing Chu Zhiyuan and his wife at the Roaming Jade Temple but was actually able to recognize the two of them.

At this time, Chu Feng was also dumbfounded. There was such a case?!

"The ape lineage had established a sect and built the Greatwoods Temple on Mount Song. They can be considered to have converted to Buddhism after obtaining the Golden Arhat breathing technique. They seem to be quite particular about karma. After meeting us, it can be termed reaping the fruits of the virtuous karma sown in the past," w.a.n.g Jing spoke with a chuckle.

Chu Feng was speechless. This was quite the mess!

No wonder Chu Zhiyuan's tone was somewhat unnatural. Chu Feng wanted to laugh after coming to understand the situation.

He felt thoroughly relieved and told the two that he would come over as soon as possible. He also wanted to visit Mount Song since it was one of the five sacred mountains.

Chu Feng was quite satisfied after wrapping things up at Xijing City and obtaining the Demon Flood Dragon Fist.

Chu Feng, Yellow Ox, and the black yak activated the inheritance with their blood essence that very day. They were finally able to brand the complete Flood Dragon Fist in their hearts.

This was of considerable significance to the current Chu Feng as it raised his combat strength by a huge margin!

"We should lay low for a while. I'm heading to Greatwoods Temple at Mount Song. Do you guys want to go?" Chu Feng inquired.

"Not a chance!" The black yak shook his head as his expression turned dark.

Yellow Ox was inwardly delighted because he knew what was going on.

"Aren't you and the Elder Ape sworn brothers?" Chu Feng poked a sore spot.

Back then, the black yak had sneaked up to Mount Song to steal the Vajrapani Bodhi Fruit but was beaten black and blue by the Elder Ape. The black yak was unwilling to go due to the deep resentment.

Yellow Ox said, "Let's find a place to practice our fist techniques first and then head to Jiangxi. I heard the marine race are planning a large-scale a.s.sault on Mount Longhu. Let's see if we can fish in troubled waters.

Yellow Ox reminded Chu Feng in whispers to check if they have monkey wine on Mount Song.

"Do the monkeys really know how to brew wine?" Chu Feng was astonished. He had always thought it was just a legend.

Yellow Ox told Chu Feng that the value of monkey wine and honey was quite difficult to gauge after the upheavals. Some of them might even be exceptional treasures.

Chu Feng understood the situation after some thought. The product would be exceedingly precious if the wine was brewed using divine fruits or if the honey was fermented with divine pollen.

Finally, Chu Feng parted with them. He didn't make the Golden Condor King carry him and set out alone.

The distance between Xijing and Mount Song was roughly 5000 kilometers after the great upheaval, a seemingly endless distance for ordinary people.

Chu Feng, however, could arrive within an hour if he maintained his top speed of five and a half times the speed of sound.

Naturally, he could only sustain this speed for the first half hour. He would have to slow down after a set period of time or else he would sustain injuries from the internal heat.

Chu Feng reached the base of Mount Song that evening.

The towering Mount Song was one of the five sacred mountains. It had become exceptionally vast after the upheavals as if it was connected to both the earth and sky.

Azure pines and green cypresses grew atop the mountain amidst auspicious purple clouds.

The whole mountain appeared dark red under the twilight glow, dotted with light golden specks. The scene was simply divine.

Chu Feng climbed the mountain at a leisurely pace. His fleeting and silent figure soon reached the peak of Mount Song.

The group of temples, basking in the afterglow of the twilight, appeared to have been embedded in gold. The scene was peaceful and silent. An ancient bodhi tree was swaying in the wind, producing Buddhist chants.

Dong... Dong…

The evening drum rang out. The whole place was seemingly isolated from the world and had transcended the affairs of the mortal world. This allowed Chu Feng to find calm and peace.


A certain figure suddenly appeared. It was precisely the Elder Ape in his human form. He was thin but not very tall and hadn't shaved his head despite having accepted a Buddhist inheritance.

The Elder Ape possessed a head of short hard hair and eyes which flickered like golden lanterns.

This was a peerless expert and was also the first among the beast race to establish a sect.

He was the first to sense Chu Feng after his arrival and appeared in a flash. This was enough to prove how powerful the Elder Ape was.

"Greetings, senior," Chu Feng spoke.

The Elder Ape smiled and didn't act self-important because he understood that this youth before him was extraordinary. He possessed astonis.h.i.+ng strength and had already established himself among the peerless experts.

"I had set out towards Jiangxi to help you and realized a meritorious deed. I hadn't expected you to sweep through the host of beast kings on your own," the Elder Ape stated.

Chu Feng knew that several beast kings, including peerless experts with six severed shackles, had appeared in Jiangxi and some had not left ever since.

"Thank you for your good intentions, senior!"

The two chatted while walking. Chu Feng met his parents and confirmed that they were unharmed. He was truly flabbergasted after finding out the inside story in detail.

Chu Feng felt it would be pretty good to stay on Mount Song. The scenery was exquisite. The whole area was inundated with dense vitality and auspicious purple mist. It was indeed a suitable place to stay.

Lu Tong had moved the Chu couple to the Roaming Jade Temple due to safety considerations.

The Elder Ape inviting the couple here might not necessarily be for different reasons.

"Perhaps senior wasn't too optimistic about me." Chu Feng smiled. He suspected that the other party might have decided to take care of his parents in case he encountered misfortune.

"No, I'm very optimistic about you," the Elder Ape replied. "Buddhism focuses on karma. Inviting your parents over was something that should be done. Think of it as a diversion for them."

With that, Chu Feng stayed at Greatwoods Temple. Greatly satisfied with the environment, he planned to lay low for a period of time and cultivate.

Dawn. Amidst the pensive toll of the bell.

"Dharma, in essence, is no Dharma. A state of no Dharma is also Dharma. If today, we are deprived of Dharma, which Dharma was ever Dharma?"

Chu Feng was absorbed in reciting Buddhist hymns and observing true scriptures. He would rise even earlier than the apes of the Greatwoods Temple.

There were thousand-year-old ancient temples and an abundance of Buddhist scriptures. There was also divine trees coming back to life. All of this allowed one's mind to achieve tranquility.

"Various characters originate in the mind and matters give birth to reason. Only when the Bodhi circle is fulfilled will the world bloom full of flowers."

Chu Feng didn't leave for several days afterward. He frequently recited scriptures and enjoyed the ambiance of Mount Song in leisure.

During this period, he completed the Flood Dragon Fist and merged it together with the Demon Ox Fist. This raised his power a great deal.

Chu Feng was relaxed and carefree from dawn till dusk. He would practice his fist technique once at dawn and then again during twilight—his strength was gradually improving.

Additionally, Chu Feng had also progressed while practicing the Xingyi Fist. He could now imprint seven true forms when he summoned the bell.

True forms such as the dragon, tiger, and falcon rotated around him, resonating with the great bell. His defensive power had increased substantially and almost seemed impenetrable to myriad attacks.

Days ago, he could only utilize six true forms with the golden bell but now he had grown much stronger and truly indomitable.

Sometimes, Chu Feng would seek out the Elder Ape to practice martial arts but naturally didn't fight too intensely. He only sought to develop his fist technique.

He came realize that the Golden Arhat Grade Breathing Technique that the Elder Ape grasped was actually the Tendon Changing Scripture.

"Senior is truly extraordinary. You were able to conquer one of the five sacred mountains on your own." Chu Feng sighed in admiration.

"I've occupied only a small portion of Mount Song. The true mountain is still hidden within the mist." The Elder ape sighed as he pointed to the sky.

Only then did Chu Feng thoroughly understand that all famed mountains were similar in that regard. Their true forms hadn't appeared yet!

For several days, Chu Feng isolated himself on Mount Song and disappeared from public eyes.

However, the outer world hadn't calmed down along with him. Storm clouds were gathering over Jiangxi as the marine race launched a large-scaled invasion of Mount Longhu.

The marine race experts had decided to join forces and divide up the place. They went with great momentum and wanted to take down the mountain in one fell swoop.

Even the Peac.o.c.k King had appeared along with the Golden Crow. Additionally, the White Snake of Mount Taihang and the Wudang Grandmaster had all made their appearance.

The Eight Visions, Hollow Jade and Roaming Jade Temple Masters had all rushed over.

That was because everyone felt Mount Longhu would really fall.

Before long, Yellow Ox contacted Chu Feng, telling him that the Golden Roc King and the Mastiff King of Mount Kunlun had also gone there. Additionally, there were more king level ent.i.ties arriving.

Jiangxi region had become thoroughly chaotic. The host of kings wanted to kill their way towards Mount Longhu along with the marine race.

"Is senior not going?" Chu Feng asked the Elder Ape.

"The ancestral court of Taoism isn't that easy to deal with. I won't join in the festivities this time." The Elder Ape was determined.

"Chu Feng, hurry over here. A deviant treasure is about to come into being. No wonder all these experts with six severed shackles have come running over. It should be worth fighting over," the black yak urged him to move.

Chu Feng reminded him with a solemn expression, "You guys should avoid joining in on the commotion with all these peerless experts. With so many people vying for supremacy, it's easy to be dragged into danger at the slightest mishap."

He could no longer sit still. He was worried that the others would encounter misfortune.

Chu Feng didn't want to partic.i.p.ate. He had gone there before and believed it impossible to fight their way up at this point. He wanted to improve his strength first.

"Chu Feng, can you come and rescue the temple master? He's in deep trouble over there." Lu Tong suddenly contacted Chu Feng, asking for his a.s.sistance.

"What situation is this? Isn't the marine race busy conquering the mountain?" Chu Feng frowned.

"A deviant treasure has appeared and is now in the temple master's hands!" Lu Tong informed him in secret.

Chu Feng could only set out with a sigh. "I'll return all the favors this time!"

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